15 Things To Look Out For On Your New Guy's Facebook Profile

The social media age is upon you… Well, in fact, it’s been here for more than a few years now. The age of posting every minute detail of your life online and judging the quality of your friends from the number of likes each photo receives is here. Having lives online has its perks though. Creeping opportunities is definitely high up on that list. Especially, when it comes to online dating. Never before have you had the chance to peer into (most people’s) personal lives without even having to talk to them. This secret online glimpse allows you to decide if the guys you are dating are worth your time, or if they’re putting on a one-man show, just for you. As flattering as that is, most ladies prefer the truth. Since that’s the case, here are some of the things you need to look at on his FB profile.

13 His Friends List

DING DING DING! Sometimes, you deliberately choose to match with a super cute guy on Tinder because you have mutual friends and sometimes you don’t because you have mutual friends. Either way, let’s suppose for a second that you’ve already had your first date or two and they went fairly well. You’re at least entertaining the idea of date number three. So you fire up the old Facebook machine and go to work. If you have mutual friends, it’s perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to go poke around and see what kind of dirt your joint connection has for you.

12 Too Many Selfies

But first… let me take a #selfie.  Let’s face it, selfies are very much a thing that more girls than guys do, mainly because girls feel this strange need to be accepted for the way that they look. It’s not that guys don’t feel that way, it’s that they don’t want anyone to know. If you’re doing some searching on his profile, and it’s littered with selfies, and not the cute, self-deprecating ones he took with his baby cousin or French bulldog, Fritz, then chances are, this guy’s got either: a HUGE ego (cocky isn’t sexy) or he’s super-duper insecure and will need you to compliment him every second of the day.

11 If All Of His Pictures Are Of Him With Girls

The first, and most important thing with this is to check their last names. If they’re the same, it’s probably family and a guy being close to his family is definitely a good thing. Or maybe it’s a best friend, childhood friend, lesbian friend, the list goes on… If it really bothers you to see him with other girls this much you have two options: one, click on all their pages and check out their relationship statuses to see if you need to be worried, or two, move on, because chances are, he’s close to his female friends and he’s not going to let you come between him and them anyways, so it might be time to try to get over it.

10 His Work Or Education

So his dating profile says he’s a doctor, but his profile says he works at the burger barn, isn’t that strange… Though some people don’t post particulars like their workplace on their profile, it’s definitely something women check for. And education? Intelligence is trés sexy and being lied to sucks, so you’re going to double check that he went to Yale and not community college, not necessarily because you’re snobby, but because you deserve to be told the truth.

9 Lots Of Recent Photos Of Him Kissing The Same Girl

Depending on how far back you go into his photos, you may see photos of him with other girls (smiling, happy, in love, etc). Or you may see a ton of photos with that one girl, who you instantly hate just by looking at her. Take a moment to remember that that’s okay. He had a life before you, and if things don’t work out, he’s going to have one after you. Just make sure that pic of him cuddling up and kissing that girl was from a year and a half ago and not three days ago. It’s pretty clear from most photos if they are 'friendly photos' or 'couple photos'. If they’re super recent, chances are, he’s got a girlfriend and doesn’t think you’re smart enough to do your research.

8 Is There Even Any Photo Evidence Of The Ex?

You already know she existed. It was briefly mentioned on the first date… so where is she? Along the same lines as the previous point, if he has completely (or almost completely) wiped all history of him being with his ex from his page, and his life, then it’s almost a bit fishy. What happened? What doesn’t he want people to see? As mentioned earlier, girls know he had a life before them, and though they don’t want it flaunted in their faces, it’s better to know it existed and didn’t work out than to see how he ended those relationships. How easy it was for him to put them entirely out of sight and out of mind.

7 His Relationship Status

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This one might almost seem too obvious, but you never know. Some guys aren’t the sharpest crayon in the box. If his relationship status is either set to “in a relationship” or completely hidden from his page, you may have a problem. Some guys just hide their relationship status because they have nosy family members on their friends list and like to keep their personal lives private. But you’ll know pretty quick if he gets upset when you post pics of the two of you or he un-tags posts you tag him in. Either way, it’s always good to take a look and see what you’re working with.

6 His Public Facebook Fights

Everyone’s got drama. It’d be surprising to meet someone who had absolutely no baggage. But most mature adults know that it’s best to keep the fighting and drama off Facebook. If you’re skimming his wall or feed and notice him publicly (and rudely) calling out (or even tagging) people in personal posts, he’s probably not mature enough for a relationship. If he’s often posting rude things or having fights with women, it’s possible he’s got some issues and it might be best to steer clear of this one.

5 His Profile Photo And What It Means

The type of profile photo he has says an awful lot about him. Does he have a professional business photo as his display pic? This could mean that he has his boss or coworkers on his friends list, or it could mean he’s very serious and a buzz kill. Does he have a party photo? This guy is either the heavy partier, who likely has the dating-lifestyle or "fwb-lifestyle" to go along with it, or he wants to seem far more exciting than he actually is. Is his display picture one of him with a girl? Refer to the previous point about photos with girls and assume he just really likes the picture. Most guys aren’t dumb enough to give you their real info if their Facebook pic is of them with their girlfriend. Oh well, at least it’s not a #selfie.

4 Places He Has “Checked-In” At

The Facebook check-in feature is extremely useful. Many businesses actually give you credit or a discount if you post on your Facebook page that you were there. It’s also a useful tool for female stalkers, cough, women on a research mission. Is he checking in at some bars with his guy friends or lots of nightclubs that are popular pick-up spots? Did he check in at the new hot bar in town last night, after he told you he had to reschedule your date because he wasn’t feeling well? Good thing this tool exists.

3 Who His Recently Added Friends Are

You can usually see recently added friends (from the last 30 days or so) when you become new friends with someone on Facebook. Take a quick glance at his. Are there a few people from different places (work, hockey, class, etc.) or are there a plethora of beautiful, single girls? If the answers the latter, it’s pretty clear that he has little to no intention of being in an exclusive arrangement with you. He’s playing the field. Just make sure you are clear with your intentions, and hopefully, he will be too.

2 His “Likes”

“Hobbies” or “Interests” on Facebook are a great way to find out what you have in common with someone new. Maybe you both really like a certain artist who’s playing a show next weekend. Great, it’s a date. Or maybe you both love a certain TV show, which gives you something to talk about on your dates. If he likes sports, you can plan to watch a game or go to a sporty activity together. But if his interests consist of “drinking”, “getting high”, adult film stars, misogynistic organizations, or anything you find particularly sketchy or offensive, maybe it’s time to say something or move on to the next guy.

1 How Much He's Posting

Most guys aren’t as obsessed as women are with their online existence. Girls often post on their own wall daily, if not more, with anything from selfies, shared articles, complaints, what they had for breakfast, the list continues… Guys on the other hand, may post something funny, something they’re sharing for a friend, or an event they’re attending. If he’s posting more than you, he may have no life or no job, or maybe, just maybe, he’s the social media manager you always wanted to date. If he’s pretty good at keeping up to date on posts, chances are, all the friends, and photos you see are recent and the hobbies he has are current and he’s probably pretty authentic.

Sources: glamour.com

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