15 Things To Enjoy About Being Single This Summer

Summer is basically the best season there is (okay, maybe besides fall -- you do love your pumpkin spice lattes and boots). But the months of June, July, and August are all about pool days (if you're lucky), cocktails, burgers, and ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. It's hard not to be in a perpetual good mood when the sun is constantly shining, even if you still have to be a responsible adult who goes to work and all that stuff. But summer is also special for another reason: it's pretty much the greatest time of the year to be single. Truly. If you don't believe us, just read on, and we bet you're going to totally and completely agree. Here are 15 things you should enjoy about being single in the summer. Turn that frown upside down, as they say, because you have the rest of the year to feel sorry for yourself!

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15 The Freedom

You feel much freer in the summer than in the winter, and the first reason is super obvious -- because you're not wrapping yourself up in about a billion layers. You can literally walk out your front door in a cute sundress and sandals and that's all you need. So if you combine the summer season with being single, you will realize that you feel freer than you ever have before. You don't have to deal with boy drama, wonder why your boyfriend isn't acting the way you wish he would stress out about why his mom and dad hate you. You don't have to worry about anything and you can pretty much do what you want. That's pretty awesome -- how often can you honestly say that?! So go ahead and bask in the glory of how much freedom you have this summer. It doesn't come around often.

14 The Optimism

There's something about sunny days that honestly make you feel super optimistic and positive. You have a sense of hope that isn't around when the sky darkens at 4:30 in the afternoon and you haven't seen the sun in weeks. You don't have to stress over icy streets or how you're going to get to work since your city pretty much shuts down when it snows. Nope, you can be super optimistic in the summer, and that definitely means that it's the greatest time ever to be single. You can feel really good about yourself and enjoy your days, and you don't have to think that it will be this way forever or you'll never meet a nice guy ever again because you know you will. You can force yourself to be positive because it's not really that hard -- just look outside. How can you be in a crappy mood?!

13 The Fun

There's no doubt about it, being single in the summer is a lot of fun. You're not being roped into going to your boyfriend's family's barbecue or birthday party or Canada Day/Fourth Of July bash. Nope, you're super lucky and you have zero commitments. Okay, you still have work and all that. But besides your job, you can have as much fun as you want to... and you should definitely want to have a lot! This is your summer and this is your time. Grab your friends and go to a concert, outdoor festival, farmers' market, stroll around your neighborhood -- whatever you think is fun. The sky is literally the limit and that's an understatement! Once you start having more fun instead of wondering why you're still single, you're going to realize that being solo in the summer is the greatest.

12 The Girls Nights

If there's one thing you love about being single, it's that you can go out with your girlfriends, chat, gossip, talk about boys, and of course, enjoy some alcohol. That's pretty much the best thing in the world to do when you don't have a boyfriend. You appreciate your BFFs so much more when they're the most important people in your life (though of course, you should always think of them that way!). You should honestly remember how completely amazing a girl's night out is in the summer. It's just so much more fun than going out with your friends any other time of the year. You can wear your favorite dress, break out your summer wedges, wear that adorable fedora you're obsessed with, and order sangria on the patio of your all-time favorite bar. Sounds like total heaven.

11 The Options

People love to talk about how it's awful that we have so many options these days -- when you scroll through a dating app or use a website, you see literally endless people. It can be pretty overwhelming! But it can be good to have the chance to talk to and maybe meet so many different people, because now that you're single and it's the summer, you're free to mingle with as many people as you want to! Why not? What's the worst that's going to happen? You're going to hate a bunch of them and be super bored? Big deal, right? If you can shift your POV and think it's good to be single in the summertime, you'll enjoy yourself so much more which is really the whole point of this thing called life anyway.

10 The TV Binges

No doubt about it, when you're single in the summer, you have the right to binge-watch. You literally have to, there's no way around it. So go ahead and watch TV to your heart's content. Watch the cheesiest teen dramas you can find, whether you feel like diving into a Dawson's Creek re-watch or you want to watch as many Real Housewives episodes as you possibly can. Ask your best friends what they're into and make decisions accordingly. You really want to take your summer binges seriously since this is the best time to watch TV without worrying about boys or dating or any of that stuff. Being in charge of your own entertainment options and your TV remote is honestly the best thing about being single in the summer, so make sure you're really taking advantage of this.

9 The Trips

If you're on your own this summer, why not travel as much as you possibly can? Go ahead and ask your best friends to rent a cottage with you for a weekend or week in August -- it'll be the best, most casual and chill vacation ever, and you won't have to travel super far either since you can probably find something that's just a short road trip away. If you want to do something more exotic, why not book a lavish vacation? Okay, maybe not super lavish since you might not exactly want to break the bank, but you can definitely find something that works for you, your wanderlust and your budget, too. It's great to take a break from dating and travel since you can't exactly go on crappy first dates when you're in an airport or in a car or in another city or country altogether!

8 The Dreaming

Summertime is for dreamers. You can spend a blissful weekend afternoon lying in the cool grass in your local park, reading a fun book or just staring up at the sky and clouds if that's what you want to do. You can lie on your bedroom floor if it's super hot and you want to be in the cool A/C (or under a fan if you're a poor soul without A/C!) and think about what you want out of life. It's the best time to dream about your future and start coming up with some real goals that you can work toward on a regular basis. It's not a bad idea to use your single time wisely, so by the time you get into your next relationship, you feel like you've got your stuff together and like you really know the way that your life is going. It's not great to meet a cool guy but feel like the rest of your world is falling apart! So take advantage of the season and become a total dreamer.

7 The Parties

The best thing about summer? The parties, of course! You at least know one person that's going to have at least one party this summer, and it's so much more fun to go when you're unattached. Sure, you feel super comforted when you can bring your BF to your friend's rooftop patio jam, but the thing about going to a party solo is you only have to worry about yourself. You can drink what you want, eat what snacks you want, leave when you want. You can stay until 4 a.m. if you're having the greatest time ever and can't imagine cutting it short, or you can go home at midnight if you want to get to bed at a decent hour. It's all up to you. You don't have to worry about whether or not your boyfriend is having a good time and you can strike up a conversation with anyone that you want.

6 The Work

Sure, at first glance you might not think that focusing on your career this summer sounds like a whole lot of fun. But it honestly should if you really like your job and what you do on a daily basis. If you like what fills up your time, you won't mind being single in the summer because you'll have a chance to really dive into your work and make sure that you're doing what you want to be doing. If you're not so into your job, this summer when you're without a boyfriend is honestly the best time ever to find what you really do what to do with your life. There's no time like the present, after all! When you get your dream job by September or get the courage to start your own business, you'll be super grateful for this summer when you were totally single and chose to focus on yourself.

5 The Junk Food

Hey, why not indulge in some of your favorite junk food this summer? You're free to do what you want, after all, so you might as well. Go ahead and order your fave cocktails with your best friends and get some chips and guac or nachos, too. Don't worry about the sugar in the drinks or the extra carbs and fat in the snacks. This isn't the time to freak out! Forget all that talk about your summer body and fitting into a bikini. Indulging a few times a week isn't going to break your healthy streak or make you gain a billion pounds, no matter what you might think. Summer is all bout fun and sometimes having fun means eating something fun. Don't listen to anyone who tells you to stick to your normal healthy diet because it's summer. You have to enjoy yourself while you can.

4 The Confidence

When you're by yourself in the summer months, something pretty amazing happens: you get super confident. You realize that it's totally okay to be on your own for a bit -- or for a long time, no matter what your own journey is. You don't have to be jealous of your friends who are in stable and steady relationships or even getting married next month. You don't have to be envious of your single friends who seem to go on more dates than you or meet better guys than you do. You don't have to worry about anything at all. You realize that you're totally enough, just the way that you are, and that any guy would be lucky to have you in his world. Now you just have to meet him! You're super confident that you will, though, because being solo in the summer makes you think that this is totally possible.

3 The Childhood Activities

When you were a little kid, you loved spending the whole summer in some form of water, from the lake to the ocean to the pool. You even loved those small kiddie pools that your mom always set up in the backyard for you. Now that you're older, you still miss those days and look back super fondly, so you're going to spend as much time in a pool as you possibly can. You bug anyone that you know to let you come over and use their pool and you pretty much are on a mission from June until September to find any pool that you can. You feel like a kid again and you're having a ton of fun being super nostalgic and remembering how great it can be to just be on your own in the summertime. Who's sad about being single? Definitely not you.

2 The Packed Schedule

Don't freak out -- there's literally no reason to be overwhelmed by how busy you get in the summer months! Remind yourself that you're lucky to have so many commitments, from your job to your friends to even those pesky and annoying doctors' appointments. You have a full and fabulous life that no one can take away from you, and that doesn't change just because you don't have a boyfriend right now. So stop worrying over your packed calendar and start enjoying each and every minute of all the plans that you have. You're not supposed to hate your life, after all! You should love what you're doing all the time and stay positive, because if you can stay upbeat, you won't mind being single this season -- or any other time of the year.

1 The Magic

The thing about being single is that most of the time, you don't exactly love it. You're confused and frustrated by the fact that it seems to be taking you so much longer to find a good guy than everyone else that you know. Of course, you totally get that other people feel the exact same way and this is not unique to your life. But you can't help but feel how you feel and think how you think. But when you're single in the summertime, there's a certain kind of magic in the air. You honestly feel like anything could happen. You could meet the love of your life tomorrow... or just a super hot guy who's going to be a fun summer fling. Sure, maybe nothing super exciting will happen. But isn't it cool to think that it totally could?! Isn't that a better way to think instead of being so down all the time? If you're sick of being without a boyfriend, try being solo in the summer. You might surprise yourself by how much fun you have.

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