15 Things To Do After A Breakup Instead Of Breaking Down

We all know that break-ups are the worst. But just because you broke up with someone doesn't mean you have to totally breakdown, too. It's fine to give yourself some time to cry it out and wonder where things went wrong, but after that, you have to regain your composure and move on. Take advantage of this time and use it to your benefit. There are plenty of constructive things that you can do to get your mind centered in the wake of a bad breakup. You might even be surprised to find that some good can actually come from the end of your relationship. If you allow yourself to focus your attention toward positive things, you'll be able to get over your old flame sooner than you think and ultimately be a better person because of it. Don't let your past get the best of you. Here are 15 things to do after a breakup instead of breaking down.

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15 Work On Your Revenge Body

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One of the better things that can come from a bad breakup is a sizzling hot revenge bod. Sometimes going to the gym and letting out our frustrations in a physical way is just what we need to feel better. Get some cardio in and run on the treadmill and you'll clear your head. Lifting weights can make you feel empowered and stronger than ever before, and hitting a punching bag can help you release some pent-up aggression, especially if you’re envisioning his face while you work on your left hook. Whatever kind of exercise routine tickles your fancy, it’s liberating to drop all of your worries at the door and do something that improves your fitness and overall health. Even if getting a more toned physique isn’t your main goal, it’s great to do something active to get your mind off of him. Knowing that you look better than ever is just an added bonus that will make him wish he held onto you when he had the chance.

14 Find A New Hobby

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Now that you’re finally single, you can use this time to explore other activities that may interest you. Have you ever tried painting? You might love it. Maybe running a marathon is more your speed. Maybe you’ve always had a passion for writing but never got around to doing it because you’ve had other priorities. If you’ve ever been curious to try something new, the time is now. The best way to forget about something (like your past relationship) is to replace it with something new. A new hobby is just what you need to make you remember how to enjoy yourself. This is a great way to try everything to see what sticks and find things you didn’t even know you were good at. Developing new interests can serve as a great break from whatever else is bringing you down. It’s a great way to get through bad times and see the upsides of being in a new situation.

13 Focus On Your Work

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One thing that will definitely benefit from your broken heart? That would be your career. Odds are that your productivity will skyrocket because you'll have more time to focus on your job. While you may not see the positive side to your breakup just yet, this can actually be great for your career. You can put more energy toward certain tasks and responsibilities and make work a greater priority. You might even work so hard that you earn yourself a promotion or a land a better job all together. Maybe you were devoting too much of your time to your relationship and now you see the bigger picture. There’s a chance that you could see more value in your work and put more effort into bettering your skill set. Work can be a welcome distraction from reality, and honestly, this breakup might help you put your priorities into perspective.

12 Reclaim Your Independence

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It feels good to be independent. You put a lot into making your relationship work and, let's face it, you lost a bit of yourself in the process, too. That happens to the best of us, but when you’re finally able to bounce back and reestablish your confidence, there’s no better feeling. Once you actually get comfortable with being an independent woman, it’ll leave you wondering why you ever wanted to be in a relationship at all. You’ll realize that it’s kind of fun to be solo, and okay to be a little bit selfish at times. You owe it to yourself to enjoy your currently single state and bask in your ability to do things without needing a man. You’re wildly independent and you’ve got what it takes to carry on without him.

11 Enjoy Some Girl Time

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Your true friends are valuable assets who are there for you when you need them, and that's especially true after a terrible breakup. When your heart is broken, your girlfriends are the ones who will be right there helping you put the pieces back together. There’s no better occasion than right now to have some serious girl time. Grab a coffee or a bite to eat and just talk -- trust us, they’re willing and ready to listen to your feelings. After you’re done doing that, go out for the night with the sole intention of having fun. You deserve it! It’s been too long since you’ve just let loose and had a blast with your girls by your side. They will make you laugh even when you feel like crying, and they can make you forget all about what’s-his-name in no time. Being in the company of good friends is the best way to divert your attention back to what’s really important instead of focusing on the negative. They can help you turn a breakup into a wake-up call, and get you back on track to being happy again.

10 Go On Vacation

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Sometimes we just need to get away. If you’re having a difficult time digging yourself out of the trenches and getting your priorities back in order after a breakup, it might be the right time to splurge and go on a much-needed vacay. Don’t worry about the expense (as long as it’s within reason)… just pack your bags and go. Travel somewhere you know makes you happy. Maybe you want to lay out on a sandy beach while sipping on a pina colada. Maybe skiing is more your speed and you find peace and serenity gliding down a snowy mountain. Or maybe you just want to take a road trip because driving gives you some time to think. Whatever your guilty pleasure may be, plan a getaway and go for it. You’ll come back feeling rejuvenated and ready for a fresh start.

9 Spend Time With Family

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You’ve been so busy with work, school, and juggling the responsibilities of everyday life that you’ve probably spent less time with your family recently. On top of that, you were super wrapped up in a relationship that consumed a good chunk of your attention. Now that that’s over with, you have a chance to bond with the people who love you unconditionally. Go get your nails done with your mom, watch a sports game with your dad, play some games with your cousins, nieces, and nephews. These people care about you, so enjoy their company every chance you get. Life is so hectic that sometimes penciling in time to hang out with your own family can fall off your radar. But now you can totally make up for lost time and really appreciate being around them.

8 Enjoy Some Alone Time

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As you get older, you don't have as much free time as you did before. Bask in the glory of your newly single status and be solitary and silent. It’s totally okay to be alone sometimes. We all need some time to recharge and be alone with our thoughts. Get some extra rest, treat yourself to a luxuriously relaxing bubble bath, do some yoga, listen to music or get lost in a book. This alone time is precious and necessary to the healing process that follows a breakup. Use these rare moments to relax and focus on bettering yourself. You’ve given so much time, effort, and heart to your relationship now is the perfect time to center in on your own wants and needs. It may take some adjusting on your part, but you’ll soon see that alone time is actually awesome.

7 Be Successful

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They say that success is the best revenge, and trust us, it actually is. You might not think so right now, but this breakup could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Just because you aren’t tied to a relationship at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. If you’re struggling to get over him, there’s no better thing to do that to show him that you’re better off on your own. Not only are you capable of surviving without him, but you’re actually able to thrive without him. That dead-end relationship was only holding you back. Now that you’re officially single, you can put more time and effort into other aspects of your life. After a while, you’ll forget why you were even with him in the first place because you’ll remember how good it feels to make progress on your own. Though the door may have on this relationship, many other doors will open because of it. Look at each goal you reach in your post-relationship stage as a personal victory - it shows him that you’re doing better than ever.

6 Flirt Freely

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So you're enjoying your newly discovered freedom... and then you start to get curious about seeing who else is out there. Now that you’re single, you can mingle all you want. You can flirt with whomever you want, have fun swiping left, and just enjoy meeting new people. While you may have initially been heartbroken after your breakup, you will soon remember that being single does have its perks. You have the ability to flirt and have fun without the obligations of being in a relationship – don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Being carefree and single is a total rite of passage.

5 Cuddle With A Pup

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Of course dogs and cats are adorable, but did you know they are more than just cute companions? Multiples studies have shown that spending time in the presence of animals can actually make you happier. Seriously though, you're not going to be upset when you're around a furry friend. They're just so silly and so easy to love, so it's no  surprise that they have the ability to cheer us up when we’re feeling down. If you don’t have a pet, don’t worry. You could try hanging out with a friend who has one, or take a trip to a local pet shelter. Maybe you could even volunteer - helping animals while helping yourself heal can be mutually beneficial. This is an easily enjoyable way to get over your ex by focusing more on what makes you happy.

4 Give Yourself A Makeover

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You have two choices: you can stay sprawled out on your couch in your pajamas feeling sorry for yourself, or you can pull yourself together. What's it going to be? Just because the first choice is easier doesn’t make it the right thing to do. Dealing with the emotional aftermath of a breakup sucks, but that’s no reason to let yourself go. Give yourself a mini-makeover by doing your makeup or trying a new color, cut, or style with your hair. If you feel amazing on the outside, it can improve how you feel better on the inside. You’re allowed to be happy and feel confident, even after breaking up. Switch your look up and inflate your own ego, show him what he’s missing and feel sexy in your own skin.

3 Indulge In Some Retail Therapy

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When all else fails, shopping always seems to make everything better, right? There’s nothing wrong with indulging in some retail therapy if buying a few new things helps you get over a bad breakup. As long as you don’t spend beyond your means and can afford the occasional lavish purchase, then by all means, go for it. Sometimes we could use a little pick-me-up in the form of a new pair of shoes. Spoiling yourself can give you just the morale boost you need to make it through the tougher parts of your breakup. If you’re still holding onto any sentimental gifts he may have gotten you over the course of your relationship, don’t be afraid to toss them when the time is right. You can buy your own jewelry - you don’t need a man for that. Every now and then we can find comfort in substituting a boyfriend for a new handbag, and you don't need to feel guilty or bad about that.

2 Pamper Yourself

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Head over to the spa, go get a massage or treat yourself to a mani/pedi. You're definitely worthy of looking and feeling your best even if you’re going through a rough patch. Take a few moments in your day to take care of yourself and take an interest in lifting your spirits. There’s no need to stay at home and dwell on your former relationship when there're so many other things you could be doing to better yourself. Now is your time to cater to your own needs because before you were too busy catering to someone else’s. You are entitled to some positive reinforcement, especially right now.

1 Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Now is your chance to shake things up by trying something adventurous that you normally wouldn’t. You're free and you don’t have anyone to stand in your way, what better time to get your adrenaline pumping? Go skydiving, go on a hike, or get that tattoo you always wanted but never had the guts to actually follow through with. Whatever the case may be, now is the perfect opportunity to live a little without letting fear or doubt get in the way. If being this much of an experience junkie is a tad too extreme for your taste, do something that will make you feel empowered and courageous. You are going through a few changes, and sometimes change can be good. Live in the moment and challenge yourself to love life again - as a single lady.

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