15 Things That Will Make Him Instantly Lose Interest

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15 Things That Will Make Him Instantly Lose Interest

For those women looking to keep their fellas, be sure you don’t blow it by making him lose interest. For lots of guys, patience is not going to cut it when they want the most bang for their buck from their babe. Unless you are deliberately trying to get your guy to dump you and move on to someone new (and far more interesting), partaking in any of these 15 less-than-likeable actions will be sure to have him running for the hills.

Sure, not every man will leave his woman if she does not please him at every turn, but it is no fun being in a relationship where one (or both) of the people in the couple has lost interest. Where’s the joy in couple-hood when your guy is sick and tired of your antics and probably wants out? If you are bored or not your best self, he will notice it and probably not like it very much. With so many other fish in the sea, you may be the one to lead him to the water.

Here are 15 things that may make a man instantly lose interest. Some are worse than others, but they all can have the same outcome… a man who is just not that into you anymore. And the longer things go on this way, the harder it will be to get the relationship back on track. Are you guilty of doing any of these 15 things? You better look out because your man may start to look elsewhere.


15. You Nag Him Constantly

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Do you ever give your poor guy a break? He is trying to do his best, but all you ever do is criticize and nag him to no end. He is not going to put up with the nitpicking forever. In fact, he may not put up with it for another moment. A man needs to feel appreciated and accepted, not put down and ridiculed for everything he does that is not to your liking. Nagging only makes matters worse and puts your man in a bad mood. He knows when (and how) to take out the trash, pick socks up off the floor, and marinate the steaks. Your nonstop nagging does not make anything happen faster or better. If your man is always completely wrong and can never do anything to please you, then why are you with him? He is surely thinking the same thing.

14. You’re Rude To His Friends


You do not have to love every one of your fella’s friends, but being unnecessarily rude to them is uncalled for and unacceptable, particularly if they have never done anything to deserve it. If you think your man’s friends are immature, weird, annoying, or dull, then so be it. Being rude to them shows lack of character on your part and is sure to make your man think you are not the right woman for him. Give these guys a chance. If your man likes them, then perhaps they have a few traits that you will find interesting and appealing as well. Try to relate to them on some level and you may even be able to develop a friendship, or at least a tolerance. But never be rude to the friends of your dude.

13. You’ve Stopped Working Out

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You used to care about your health and fitness and you would even go on runs and hikes with your man. But now, you never work out anymore and do not seem to care about the resulting flabby belly and double chin. Of course, a woman can look beautiful at any size, but your man just isn’t into your new lazy ways and growing lack of motivation. You certainly do not need to work out every single day of the week, but what happened to the energetic and fitness-minded old you? He loved that you once wanted to play a game of tennis, take long walks, and bike ride into town. Now the only exercise you get is walking from the couch to the refrigerator. Get moving again and you’ll feel recharged and invigorated in no time.

12. Your Partying Gets Out Of Hand


There is nothing cool or sexy about a lady who is a lush. Your man doesn’t like the fact that you drink to excess and make a fool of yourself in public. A nice glass of wine with dinner or a few drinks with friends is fine, but you don’t seem to know when to call it quits. Rule out any serious issues with alcohol and figure out why you feel the need to hit the bottle to such an extreme. If your man is not into your beyond-buzzed behavior, it will change the relationship drastically. He is surely looking out for your well-being, but if your drinking is causing him to lose interest, he may find a way to end the relationship. Curb the cocktails and fill yourself with love instead.

11. You Dress Like A Slob

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You used to care about your appearance and dressed nicely and neatly. When you would go out on dates with your man, you always looked well-put together, classy, sexy, and polished. These days, your go-to look is baggy sweatpants, a stained T-shirt, and your hair thrown into a stringy ponytail. This look may be OK for a lazy weekend morning or when you have the flu, but as an everyday, all the time appearance, it is not doing you any favors. Why have you given up style for sloppiness? You don’t have to be dressed to the nines every hour of every day, but show that you have some self-respect and take care of yourself. Your man wants to be with a confident woman he is proud to be seen with, not someone who looks like she just crawled out from under a rock.

10. You’re Insanely Jealous

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There is no reason for a woman to be jealous when she is in a trusting, committed relationship. If you constantly accuse your man of cheating or doing something wrong, he is not going to be too pleased about it, especially if he’s been a great guy to you and doesn’t deserve it. No man wants to be wrongfully accused of straying or playing around, so your comments and questions may drive him away from you. He is doing his best, so if your jealousy gets the best of you, he will be sure to begin to lose interest. There is not much that is appealing about an insecure woman who is jealous of other women. And by making it your man’s fault that you have these envious tendencies, it only makes matters worse. Believe your man, or find another one who you can trust wholeheartedly.

9. You Spend Money On Useless Crap

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If you make your own money, you have the right to spend it however you wish. But your man may think you are wasteful and irresponsible if you spend your dough on useless junk rather than saving it or spending it on something worthwhile and useful. A treat here and there and an impulse purchase or two are fine, but if you always throw your money away on stuff you don’t really need, then you are proving that you are not very mature when it comes to money matters. And if you are spending your man’s money on this pointless crap, then he is sure to get annoyed. Be mindful of your spending and be more reliable and smart when it comes to purchases. Wouldn’t you rather save up for something special than go broke with nothing to show for it?

8. You’re Never “In The Mood”

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Not too many guys are going to last long with a woman who never wants to get romantic. He has his needs and hopes they will be fulfilled by you. It is certainly acceptable to not be in the mood every now and then, but if the mood never returns, you’re going to have problems in the relationship. While your man may not stray, he will certainly be unhappy with this no-sex arrangement. What is the issue? If you are attracted to him but no longer want to get it on, there has got to be a reason why. It is time to get down to the root of the issue asap because he’s not ready to throw in the towel in the lovemaking department. It’s time to get your groove back before he turns his back on you.

7. You’re On Your Phone All Day And Night

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Your man is in a relationship with you because he wants to spend time with you. If you are constantly on your phone, he feels ignored and left out. It doesn’t matter if you are chatting it up with a friend, texting, scrolling through social media, or something else, but when your attention is aimed at your phone rather than your man, he is going to be annoyed. It is certainly OK to have some time to yourself to check Facebook, call your mom, reply to a few emails, etc., but when your phone is in hand ‘round the clock and you never look up, your fella is going to have an issue with it. Give that phone a rest and talk to the man who is in front of you. Instagram can wait.

6. You’ve Stopped Shaving

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It is a woman’s prerogative to groom her body in any way she sees fit, but if you started out smooth and decided to let your hair grow like a chia pet, you can’t expect your man to be A-OK with it. Just because you no longer care to shave or wax, it does not mean your fella loves the new “natural” you. Some guys love a woman with body hair, but others find the look unappealing and unattractive. You know which of the two you got together with, so you can’t blame your guy if he misses your soft and silky skin and is not into stubbles. If he can’t learn to love the hair, then he is going to lose interest. You will either have to shave to keep him attracted to you or ditch your man along with your razor.

5. You Watch Far Too Much Reality TV

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We all know that reality TV is ruling the world, but your viewing habits have gone to the extreme. You constantly tune into Bravo and E! and talk about the Kardashians as if you actually know them in real life. Your man has no issue if you tune into a program every now and then, but when the television is on all the time and you get anxious when you miss and episode of The Real Housewives of wherever, your reality TV addiction is in need of a swift and serious intervention. Your man is tired of your 24/7 TV viewing and wants you to step into your own reality rather than watching others live their lives in front of the cameras. Turn off the TV and tune into your man!

4. You Hate His Pets

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“Man’s best friend” is his dog, so if you and Fido can’t see eye-to-eye, don’t be surprised if your man picks his pooch over you. Unless his pet is a monster, why would you have an issue with him or her? If you are not a pet person, then you should probably seek out a mate who is pet-free. But if your man has a pet, then you will have to learn to accept it or else the relationship will have trouble. After a while, you may surprise yourself and warm up to the pet and grow to love it too. But pets know when humans are not friendly or kind, so you better start stocking up on toys and treats. Your man will not tolerate a gal who doesn’t love his pet, and you’d better believe there are lots of other gals who would fully embrace a man who has a soft spot for animals.

3. You Flirt With Anyone With A Pulse

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It is one thing to be personable and friendly to others, and an entirely different one to be overly flirtatious and embarrassing to your mate. If you can’t seem to be able draw the line between the two, then you are probably being too flirty, which may be something your man finds unacceptable. If you are in a committed relationship, then why all the heavy flirting with every guy who crosses your path? Would you be OK with your man flirting with females all the time? Probably not. You would be embarrassed, angry, and give your guy a piece of your mind if you caught him giving another woman a charming wink and a sly smile. Tone it down and only flirt with your fella. He’ll love the attention for sure.

2. You Never Want To Go Out Anymore

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You used to be a fun-loving lady who loved to go out on the town with your man. You would step out for drinks or dinner, catch a movie, go to the dance club, and attend ball games and musicals. But these days, all you want to do is sit on the couch like a baked potato and watch TV or stare into space. You go to bed at 7:30 and you spend every night at home, even on the weekends. Your man is bored of the same old routine and wishes you were more like the former you who loved to socialize. He wants to go out but wants to do it with you. Try to have at least one “date night” a week to get out of this rut. You are sure to have fun if you allow yourself the opportunity.

1. You Can’t Carry On An Intelligent Conversation

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A beautiful woman is only interesting for a while. Once a guy gets used to her looks, he is going to need more than a pretty face alone to keep him on his toes. A dopey gal is not going to keep a good guy’s interest for long. Maybe a one-night stand will work out just fine, but for a long-term relationship, a woman needs more than a hot body to land a respectable guy. Not everyone is a top-notch conversationalist, but you’ve got to bring something to the table. Many men will pass up even the most beautiful woman if she is totally uninteresting. Personality goes a long way, while beauty can fade. Chat up an interesting fella and let your wit shine through. You want a man who is more than just a handsome face too.

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