15 Things He Shockingly Finds "Disgusting" About You (But Won't Admit It)

Let’s face it ladies, there are just some things that men can’t handle – which is why they decide to put the “disgusting” label on things that baffle them. Given, there are things we don’t like about ourselves and we work at changing those specific things, but when some dude points out our flaws to us, it can crush our self-esteem like a soft pretzel in a rock slide. But you know what? That’s on THEM, not us strong women. Nevertheless, we’re going to take a look at 15 things men find shockingly disgusting while *I*, a strong minded lady, will come up with a rebuttal to shut down the said complaint (and yes, there ARE a few I agree with in this piece, so prepare yourselves for those). And why would I do that? Because we have enough to deal with in regards to EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN (fighting for equal rights, literally growing life inside of us, being absolute goddesses, etc. etc. etc) so we don’t have time to hear your silly complaints, males.

15 Too Much Make-Up

You can commonly find men saying (out loud) that they prefer a fresh-face as oppose to all the contouring going on in the world today. They see a woman who is sporting the natural look and are drawn to them like a silly little moth to a flame… or so they tell us. Um, excuse me, do they not know it takes ACTUAL WORK TO LOOK NATURAL??? Sometimes it takes more makeup to get that breezy “I look this way all the time, tee-hee” look. But do they understand that? Hell no, they don’t. They just whine and cry when we contour. Hi, boys. We contour FOR US, not to impress your dainty “look at the size of my truck!” selves (yes, we’re well aware of your auto compensation for what tiny affairs you have going on south of the border). If we want to wear makeup, we will. If we want to pack on that foundation because it helps our self-esteem, we damn well will . If we want to go natural, we will because we freaking rock every single look we try. So there. Deal.

14 Can't Hold Your Liquor

We all know that liquor isn’t good for you. It’s a vice – and we all have our different vices. Sure, consuming alcohol in a minimal fashion in a safe space can be enjoyable. Having a mimosa with the girls during a weekend brunch? More power to you! Now along comes a dude who shakes his head at you whenever you order that third drink while on a date. “You can’t hold your liquor” he says whenever the tipsiness kicks in. Um, hi – I didn’t ask for your opinion on my booze consumption, but thanks for the observation. It’s cute that most men on first dates go out of their way to say this to a girl, a girl who should just call an Uber and ditch the guy. We usually know what we can and can’t handle when it comes to liquor – we wear big girl panties and do big girl things, we’re well aware of our limits. And take a look at the times, buddy: we live in an era where it’s the men who can’t hold their liquor and use it as an excuse for rotten behavior these days. Nice try, though.

13 Acting Stupid Or Helpless

Being a strong woman, I find when a women does this (I’ve only seen it on rare occasions), it takes us back 50 more years. Straight men fall into two categories: The ones who enjoy playing the white knight, and those who like when women play the knight. However, you won’t really catch a strong woman playing the part of a damsel in distress in order to soothe a man’s weak ego. It’s not something we do. So when I hear a dude say “it’s gross when a woman acts helpless or stupid in order to get a man” I’m wondering what sort of reality they’re living in. Hey, maybe we’re deathly afraid of spiders and want YOU to kill it (I’ve noticed that with most of the men I date – they’re too freaked out themselves to kill the spider and it turns into a shouting match of who’s the least afraid enough to face off against the stupid spider), but that shouldn’t been seen as a damn disgusting vice.

12 Acting Too Hard To Be Cute

Oh sure, like dudes don’t do this too, gimme a break. We ladies can catch a break: either you’re complaining we don’t try hard enough when it comes to our looks, or trying way too hard. How come you just can’t cut us some freaking slack over here? I once read a guy complain in a text group convo that a chick he was seeing would try too hard to act “cute”. What does this even mean? That she put her hair in pigtails and giggled out loud? While I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone over a certain age who wasn’t Lolita, however, if a girl wants to do this, I’m not gonna question it or whine about it. Again, that’s her prerogative, bro. Also, men tend to have a broad definition of what they consider “cute” as opposed to what a girl considers cute. Hey, if a chick is trying too hard to be cute like a puppy is cute, who the hell is gonna complain about it? Not I, that’s for sure.

11 Drama Queens

I’m remember taking being called a “drama queen” when I was a teenager as a compliment. Spoiler alert: I was a dumba$$ kid. Given, there’s no problem with a little drama, everyone goes through that crap sometime in their lives. But do drama queens deserve that “disgusting” title? No. If that were the case, so many of them wouldn’t have their own reality TV shows on E!. Why do you think the Kardashians are the most watched family in television history? It’s not because they lead hum-drum lives and make frequent trips to the super market every weekend. No. It’s because they’re a bunch of glorified drama queens just sticking their noses in everyone’s business. And they’re filthy stinking rich because of it. So be your drama queen selves, ladies. You might get a reality TV show contract out of it.

10 Attention Needy Broads

First of all I have to point out this little factor: I, myself, am not a needy broad. I enjoy my space in a relationship (sometimes the more space, the better) and want you to enjoy your space as well. I don’t like crawling all over a dude, begging for attention if I feel unloved and I don’t like for dudes to do that to me either. I always thought that being needy was a sign of weakness, but I grew to find out that it’s not. I’ve noticed the most needy people are that way because of some sort of emotional abuse or lack of affection in their past (this isn’t always the case though, some people just need that constant reassurance). But hey, this is a two way street and men are guilty of this too.

9 Ugh, All The Spray Tanning

HEY, SOME OF US WEREN’T BLESSED WITH A NATURAL GLOW AND NEED A LITTLE BIT OF HELP IN THAT DEPARTMENT, OKAY? I love it when men complain about the spray tanning once they find out that the glow ISN’T natural. Sure, you have those few people who look like they were attacked by a batch of rogue, man-eating oranges, but that goes for men too (*waves at the President of the United States*). Yes, you CAN go overboard when it comes to fake tanning, but I’d rather go overboard with that rather than lay in a tanning bed and get skin cancer. I’d also rather do that than go outside and harm my alabaster skin and turn into a tomato. Out of all the fruit, I’d rather look like a glow-in-the-dark orange peel rather than a candy red apple. Safer for me in the long run.

8 Rudeness

I believe it was the great Hannibal Lecter who once said “I prefer to eat the rude” (yeah, so I quoted a fictional cannibal serial killer – what’s it to you?) and I have to agree with him. But not about that whole cannibal thing, gross – I mean when it comes to rude people I tend to be harsher with. But what exactly does a guy mean when he says “she was rude, so it was a turn off”. Wait, are you just b*+ching because she turned you down because she wasn’t physically or mentally attracted to you so your go-to method is to refer to her as rude? Nope, sorry, not buying what you’re selling. A person is rude when they shove a handicapped person down the street or ignore a crying child at a Target who just lost their parent. They are NOT rude when they turn you down – they’re honest.

7 Posting EVERYTHING About Your Fights On Social Media

Oh hey, something else we can agree on, guys. I can’t tell you how many countless times I’ve stumbled across an old friend’s social media post where she “subposts” about the guy she’s dating without actually naming him. She complains about arguments and airs her dirty laundry out in a very public venue. My favorite is when they’re all vague about what’s going on whenever someone asks a more personal question about it in their comment section. Now THAT’S a drama queen. Dudes do this too, though, but in a more round-about manner (that’s what probably makes Twitter more fun than Facebook, to be honest). How about taking a second to actually work your problem out with the person who is causing said problem instead of complaining about it on Facebook, folks?

6 When You're Cruel Toward Animals

OH LOOK, SOMETHING I AGREE IS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DISGUSTING – YOU’RE WELCOME, MEN. This just isn’t disgusting when women do this, it’s utterly disgusting when all humans do this. I’ve gotten into fights over this. Literal fights. If I see any man or woman treating an animal with cruelty, you can be sure that I’m going to confront this person (not always the best course of action considering the danger factor that plays a role here). All animals deserve affection and love from humans. If they don’t get it and are treated poorly, they become like their owners and turn vengeful to the outside world. I always judge potential mates by how they treat animals, it’s a good tactic. So whenever I hear someone say “this is purely disgusting” I have to give them a well earned high-five.

5 Nagging

I simply adore it when I ask someone to do something, it’s considered nagging as opposed when a man asks you to do something it’s not considered the same word. Sure, we get the “you’re shrill” line when you raise your voice slightly or the “you’re nagging” line when you ask someone to do something more than once. How about men are just “lazy” when we have to ask multiple times to not throw your wet towel on the bathroom floor and just leave it there for weeks. IT’S CALLED MOLD, PETER – IT’S A THING. Yet when you get on our butts for not doing the dishes, we’re suddenly the criminal. Quit! Double standards! Do the female race a huge favor – if you don’t use those words on your dude friends, don’t use them on us.

4 When You Lack Confidence In Bed

Ugh, can we do anything right in the bedroom according to you dudes? If we’re too shy, you complain. If we’re too experienced, you call us unnecessary names and just beg to be punched in the nose. Sure, confidence is super sexy on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to both men and women, but women shouldn’t be crucified if they’re shy in the bedroom. I constantly see magazines with articles about how YOU can be more confident in bed. Wait, what? Take a second to ask yourself this instead of jumping to conclusions: “but why is she shy in bed?” Did someone else make her that way? How about instead of complaining about it or “being turned off” in some cases, you do what you can to make her feel more comfortable. Ever think of THAT? The more comfortable she is with you, the more she'll open up in every aspect of her life, including in the bedroom, you dummy.

3 Unnecessary Yelling

Um… wait what? Whenever a man hears a woman yell, his go-to complaint is that this chick is shrill. SHRILL. But yet when a man does it, it’s manly and stuff. What’s with this double standard? Currently, I’m also a sports writer and cover the Dallas Mavericks on a regular basis, so I have something to say to men who complain about “shrill” women yelling: Hi, I see men like you every day at sporting events. I see women too, but I notice you don’t complain when your date is right there with you, screaming her favorite team along. But suddenly when she raises her voice in an argument, SHE’S the shrill one? I think not, sir. Sure, if she suffers from Tourette syndrome and yells randomly because she can’t help it, that might be somewhat annoying, but it's not her fault. But we’re not supposed to call you out when you scream, cry, and break your own TV when you watch the Patriots beat your team in the playoffs? How about NO.


I really don’t have a rebuttal for this one. Smoking is disgusting. My mother used to smoke when I was little and once even tried to toss her cigarette out of a moving car, only to have the still-lit butt flying into the open window of the back seat and land in my older sister’s lap. I assume it was painful (yeah, I’m one of those jerk little sisters who points and laughs). I remember the horrible smell of smoke and worrying about my mother’s health. Her mother, my very grandmother, died of Stage 4 lung cancer, so I’ve seen the end result of that vice first hand. But does that mean I’ll walk up to someone I’m dating and pluck the cigarette from their lips without warning? Um, no. Like drinking, if a woman wants to smoke, that’s her own prerogative, not mine and not yours. Sure, it can be like kissing an ashtray, but she has to learn on her own and it doesn’t help when you’re spouting off how gross the habit is – or secretly judge her for it. Shut it down, y’all.

1 Crappy Oral Hygiene

Sure, we all want to date a person who is the entire package complete with a gorgeous smile. But this train goes both ways, my friend. Both girls and guys care about oral hygiene and would probably not want to date someone who looked as if they’ve been indulging in illegal substances since the age of four. We don’t really want to kiss someone who has constant morning breath at every time of day, it’s, well, not pleasant. But we also don’t know what issue the person is suffering from in terms of oral health (if it’s not just laziness- we’ve all been there, don’t lie) and it’s not always polite to ask “what the hell is going on with your funky breath, yo?” so this you’ve got to take this particular disgusting thing with a grain of salt.

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