15 Things That Happen When You Stop Getting "Busy"

There are a lot of reasons why you might stop being intimate for a period of time in your life. Maybe you're extremely single and don't have anyone to sleep with. Maybe you're taking a hiatus from the whole thing in order to clear your mind. Maybe there's a physical reason why abstaining is necessary for now. Whatever the reason is, going from getting it on to not can be quite a journey. Sometimes it's wonderful to have a bit of a break and sometimes it's literally painful. However you think you feel about the whole thing, there are both emotional and physical things that are going to occur along the way while abstinence is the name of your game. Some of them might make you want to stay single, others will make you feel the rush to hop back into the sack. Here are 15 things that happen when you stop getting "busy".

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15 You Might Get Stressed Out


Getting busy is a stress reliever if you're in the right situation and it's a positive experience, and going without that can also mean having less opportunity to burn off some excess energy. Of course, there's always the gym, but it's not quite the same thing. Not really at all. The thing is that being intimate is actually so effective at stress relief that going without it can increase your stress levels. One study actually found that people put in stressful situations (like public speaking) had lower blood pressure levels after they got it on compared to the people who had not. You can imagine that over time those increased stress levels can add up if they don't find somewhere to be let out. When being intimate is not on the table, you might think about other stress relieving options that are, such as yoga and meditation to mix in with those ferocious treadmill sessions. It's nice to have both a physical and mental outlet.

14 You Won't Have To Shave As Much

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Maybe you're the type of person that stays on top of body hair maintenance no matter what, but many of us are not quite as efficient as keeping things smooth when no one else is getting near us. Of course, how much you shave or not is totally up to you and doesn't have to be related to other people or your bedroom life at all. Some people prefer never to remove their body hair. But if you're the type of person who does shave for other people, you might find that you start letting things grow out a bit more than normal. Two-day stubble turns to five-day stubble, that sort of thing. But then what happens after that is that you feel a little too prickly and then you start to feel like you've been neglecting yourself. Then you might decide to commit to a new self-maintenance routine that goes above and beyond anything that you were doing before.

13 You Might Dream About It


Just like how people start dreaming about alcohol when they go without for a while (even if they aren't alcoholics), you might start dreaming about getting intimate with someone if you're not currently. There isn't really any real explanation for why this would happen, but dreams seem to be a way that we process our thoughts and emotions... or at the very least, they point us in right direction. Maybe you're aware that you're not sleeping with anyone but don't really think about it or talk about it, but when you go to bed, you start thinking about it during your dreams. When you go sleep at night, your brain starts processing all of this stuff. What we do know is that it can happen, and these types of dreams can be incredibly vivid. Keep in mind that it doesn't necessarily mean anything if you start dreaming about people that you'd rather not be getting busy with in real life.

12 You Might Get Sick


Being active in the bedroom can actually strengthen the immune system, so you might be more likely to catch a cold or something when you aren't getting it on. It sounds counterintuitive since swapping spit or other body fluids don't seem like the most productive way to stay healthy. But people who are intimate regularly have higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin a (IgA) in their saliva. That antibody can help to keep you feeling well. Of course, there are other ways to help your immune system work at full force, such as reducing your stress levels, getting enough sleep, being happy, and eating a well-rounded healthy diet. Easy, right? Sometimes. Just remember to take care of yourself as best you can and commit to having some you time to keep your mental health in check as well as your physical body.

11 You Feel Like You're Going To Lose Your Mind

On the other hand, there will also be moments during a dry spell of life where you feel like you might actually lose your mind. You suddenly feel like you're powerless against the flood of hormones surging through your body and, ugh, you just want to jump someone's bones. Except you can't... or won't. In some cases, this can actually lead to some pretty intense physical reactions, like having the urge to punch a pillow or repressing the desire to scream some of that energy out of your body. (Either of those things is probably fine to do if you're alone. If you need to.) It's a good idea to remember that those feelings usually pass to some degree and then you go back to peaceful mind again. If they don't pass and you're simply losing it then perhaps you're just heading back into the territory of being ready to start dating again.

10 Your Body Will Thank You


UTIs or bladder infections are super common, and when you're more physical in your life, it is unfortunately one of the most common ways to get one. When you get it on, that means that some bacteria is pushed around in there, which is what can lead to an infection. When you're not getting it on the odds of getting one are much less common unless you're hanging out in your soggy workout clothes a lot or something. It's not that UTIs are that hard to deal with but they are an annoyance and can be pretty painful. Most women experience at least one in their life but many women have them return repeatedly. In addition to having fewer UTIs there's also, of course, fewer infections in general. You certainly don't have to worry as much about getting any STI's if you're not active in the bedroom. What a relief that can be. It would be nice to think that people were trustworthy or knowledgeable about that stuff but since STI's keep going around, clearly they aren't.

9 You Feel A Sense Of Peace


At some point during a dry spell, you might start to feel a sense of peace and freedom from your mind. Maybe it's been long enough that it's just not the first thing that you think about when you wake up in the morning like it is when you wake up next to someone that you're really into. What's actually happening is that your libido decreases when you're not getting it on so it's just on your mind less of the time. Not thinking about this stuff can mean that you have more time to think about other things or just clear your mind in general. Don't worry, your libido will come back when you start getting busy again. It's actually nice that it backs off if your bedroom life has because otherwise, you might get pretty worried about it. It's one of those out of sight out of mind things. Sort of. The edge is taken off. Sometimes people intentionally skip it or relationships to tap into this mental freedom and use for it other things they're trying to accomplish.

8 You Might Be Making Fewer Neural Connections


Some research has found that people who hook up on a regular basis tend to make more new neural pathways in one area of the brain. That kind of means that getting busy can make you smart. This seems a little unfair if you're not being intimate, but don't worry, there are plenty of other ways to increase your neural connections. The more you train your brain the smarter you can be. Increasing your cognitive ability (at any age, by the way), can be accomplished by being creative, networking, challenging yourself regularly, finding new experiences, and things that you can learn from the ground up, and not shying away from any challenges. Doing things that are new and challenging feels, well, challenging, because your brain has to try and learn how to catch up as you're doing it. But that's a good thing for you and your brain.

7 It Won't Hurt


A lot of people believe that how tight or not tight your lady garden might be is relative to how much action a woman has, but this just isn't true. Being intimate isn't going to loosen things up, and not being physical is not going to tighten anything, either. It's just the way your body was made. You can, of course, work on strengthening those kegel muscles which can change the way things feel a bit but only to a certain extent. Sometimes when people don't become intimate for a while the tissues of your box might feel tighter since they aren't in the habit of relaxing for the deed, but they warm up pretty quickly. It's not something that you'll ever to think about consciously, other than perhaps using something for a seamless experience when you do start getting busy again.

6 Your Cramps Could Get Worse


It is actually good for lady cramps, so not being intimate means that you might start having much worse ones. When you have regular bedroom fun, it can cause the uterus to have a contraction. That contraction causes the blood to come out faster and can relax the muscle. You might have noticed this if you've ever gotten busy during your time of the month. You think it's basically over or on the way out, then have a little fun, and suddenly everyone is totally covered in blood.That's also why getting bus during your time of the month can be a little painful in that way that hurts and feels good at the same time. It also causes the body to release a bunch of endorphins so when you're in pain of any kind it can help increase the feel-good feelings in the body. Of course, you can try and alleviate your own cramps a bit by giving yourself a good time, which brings us to the next point.

5 You Could Learn About Your Body


Just because you're not intimate with another person doesn't mean that you'll stop having these experiences. Some people aren't big on solo action while other people do it every day in order to fall asleep. You'll definitely figure out how you feel about it when there's no one else around to help you out. It's always good to be in touch with your own body for a variety of reasons, so think more about what you're gaining then focusing on the fact that it's your only option. Being self-sufficient in any way is a great thing and the more self-sufficient you are, the more productive you are at getting what you want in social relationships as well. When you know how you like to be touched down there, it's a lot easier to help guide someone else on how to do the same. The better you know your own body, the better the bedroom fun is when you do when it with someone else, plain and simple.

4 You Change Your Sheets Less Often


To be clear, it's generally suggested that you change your sheets every couple of weeks no matter what, but when you're having a lot of bedroom fun, that definitely means that you should be swapping out your sheets much more regularly. Like it or not, it can be a bit messy and any sort of liquid drying on a sheet whether it's sweat or anything else can start to stink. Sorry but we're going there. When you're not involved with anyone, you're most likely sleeping alone and releasing fewer scents into your sheets. That means that you can get away with doing your laundry less often and enjoy that fresh sheet feeling a bit longer. Washing the sheets and pillowcases is basically an entire load in itself so washing the sheets a lot is really doing quite a lot of laundry. Anyone who doesn't have a laundry room in their apartment can understand the pain of that situation. Dragging the laundry downstairs and even to an off-site laundromat can be quite the task.

3 It Can Change


This might sound a bit strange, but when women go through a dry spell, your body changes. There are muscles in there, and when your lady box is not exercising those muscles (aka when you're getting busy with someone), the muscles can weaken a bit. This is another reason why it's important to do kegel exercises to keep those muscles strong. This is mostly only an issue for older women who are going through menopause but it's something to keep in mind at any age. It doesn't mean that you have to get busy to keep it strong, but it does mean you should think about other ways to keep the walls strong every once in a while. Kegels are a totally simple and private way to do that. Simply squeezing the muscles for some sessions every once in a while is enough to stimulate them and keep them active and strong.

2 Men Are More Likely To Have Issues


One interesting finding is that when men don't get it on for a while, they're more likely to experience issues down there when they do start getting busy again. Most of the studies that have been done on this topic have looked at the intimate function of OLDER men, but it's something to keep in mind for men of any age. It seems to be the sort of thing where if they aren't being intimate and working their member, then its functioning happens less often. Although, this is not super relevant if men are still getting excited and enjoying some solo fun during periods where they're single or not getting any action in the bedroom, so you should know that this isn't necessarily always the case. But it is one way that men and women are actually similar when they're taking a break from hooking up. Something to think about, right?

1 You'll Start Having It Again


Those dry spells never really last. They might feel like they could last forever since it can be hard to imagine when you're going to meet someone that you want to get busy with since right now you definitely have zero options. But if you look back at your dating history, you will see that always changes. You've probably experienced dry spells in the past that ended much sooner than you thought, and that will definitely happen to you again. When you start being intimate again and look back on this phase, you'll hardly remember the good and the bad of it. Thankfully, you should know that all the bad stuff that happens to the body when we stop getting busy is reversed as soon as you start again, so don't worry about that. Just enjoy the time without a partner if it's possible and keep in mind that even if you feel like you're not, you're actually totally normal.

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