15 Things That Change In Your 30s

In your 20s you come to believe that life will forever be filled with energy, great skin and it will be absolutely fantastic forever. You’re young, beautiful and have the world at your feet because you have all this time to figure life out.

Don’t get me wrong, life doesn’t get horrible after 30, but many things do change, some for the better and others… lets just say they take a different turn. Wise people say that the only constant thing in life is change, when you hit 30 you understand how true this is and will remember the person that you were in your 20s as a completely different human being.

15 You have less energy

In your 20s you can party all night long, go to sleep at 5am, wake up the following morning at 8am and go to work or school like nothing happened. Napping is something for babies or grannies but definitely not for you. You’re running on an endless battery that never seems to run out. Tired is a word that doesn’t really fit in your vocabulary when you’re in your 20s

But when you hit 30 say goodbye to that long lasting energy because it WILL subside, significantly. You’ll want to take naps if you can find the time and you’ll feel grateful for those extra 20 minutes of sleep that you can get, they’re the equivalent of plugging your phone into the power outlet. You think twice before saying yes to a dinner party on a workday because you know that if you don’t go to bed early you won’t be able to pull through the following day.

14 Your Metabolism gets slower

If you’re in your 20s right now then enjoy it as much as you possibly can, eat that extra spoon of ice cream and don’t think twice before ordering that burrito. You won’t have that fantastic metabolism forever. Maybe you still have to watch what you eat because you want to sport some killer abs, so your biggest concern is maintaining a smoking hot body. When you’re in your 20s it is like all year long is summer, because it doesn’t matter which season it is, you still find a way of showing your body off to the world. And who can blame you because it's gorgeous!

Suddenly in the blink of an eye you hit 30 and you’re wondering why even eating one grape makes the cellulite in your butt grow like fungus on an old potato. Your metabolism gets slower! That’s why. In your 30s you can still, sometimes, on the rare occasion have an ice cream cone and you keep working out but the idea of getting those six-pack abs has become history, now you’re just trying to keep a decent weight.

13 Your Love Life Gets Amazing

During your teenage years and your 20s you are a lot more self-conscious. Which is actually weird since you’re looking your best. Nevertheless, sex can be awkward. It’s hard to feel comfortable with your partner or with a one night stand because you want to look sexy all the time. Sex is also kind of weird, because you’re still trying to figure out what is it that you like and how you like it. Your twenties includes a lot of self-exploration, even though you’ve had your body your whole life you still don’t know exactly how it works.

But when you are in your 30s you feel more comfortable in your own skin, you develop this deeper sense of self-identity that allows you to explore your sexual side with a lot more freedom. You’re no longer scared of showing your naked body to your partner, you feel comfortable in bed, not only because you’ve been having sex for a longer time at this stage, but because you know what you want, you know how you like it and you’re not embarrassed or self-conscious about exploring your sexual side.

12 You’re More Confident

Maybe you don’t have the flat tummy that you had in your 20s or the perfect and flawless skin that went along with your youth. But experience and life have taught you that there’s so much more to feeling good than looking perfect. You learn to accept your body for what it is, even if it’s not perfect, you feel more comfortable in your own skin and this is reflected in your attitude, which gets so freakin smoking hot. You walk like you own the world and even though you look at twenty-something year-olds and admire their flawless beauty, you don’t envy them, because you know that it doesn’t really matter how beautiful you are, it matters how beautiful you feel.

11 You Have Fewer Friends

During your teenage years you find it hard to find the time to hangout with all of your multiple friends and acquaintances. Your contact list looks like the Yellow Pages.

In your twenties you’re still pretty popular, it’s easy to find someone to hangout with on a Friday night or even a Tuesday night. It seems like you have more friends than you know what to do with. Being a social butterfly comes naturally and you feel blessed to have so many friends.

During your 30s most of your friends will be married or even worse, married with kids. Which means they won’t be able to hangout with you anymore or as often. You have fewer friends but you also have more quality friends. You no longer waste time with people whom you don’t really care about. Time becomes so precious that you’re selective when it comes to who you give your time to.

10 People’s Opinions Don’t Matter As Much

In your teenage years and your twenties you care too much about the image that you portray. About who says what about you. You care too much about what you wear and what people think and say about you. A bad comment or some criticism can feel brutal and can easily break your heart. You struggle constantly with what other people think of you and make sure that you’re always doing your best to live up to other people’s expectations.

But as you get older and settle into your 30s you come to understand how insignificant it is what other people think about you. You no longer care about the opinions of others and you’re more interested in feeling good about the person that you are, regardless of what the world thinks about you. You suddenly don’t feel the need to be pleasing everyone except your own self and by doing this you find a beautiful sense of freedom that had been unknown to you before.

9 You’re More Independent

You experience your first air of independence during your teenage years when you move away from your parents’ house to start college. You live like a student, which means, you’re broke. During your twenties you still find it hard to stand on your own two feet, you have killer student loans and you realize that the world economy is not the best. It's inevitable that you will ask your parents for some money from time to time. But when you get into your 30s you have a lot of work experience under your belt, which means that you can make a lot more money. This is the time where many start buying their first home/apartment, you pay all of your bills and use your money to do only what you want and buy whatever you want.

8 Hangovers Become Your Worst Nightmare

You think you’ll be able to handle drinks on a Wednesday night in your 30s? NEVER!! Not if you want to feel alive the morning after. In your 30s you handle your booze a lot better, you rarely binge drink anymore, that’s a thing of the past or for twenty-something year-olds. You drink for the pleasure of tasting a good wine or a good scotch and even if you can handle your alcohol well and won’t be dancing on tables, it doesn’t mean your body won’t resent it the following morning.

If you drink a bit too much you’ll feel like the Walking Dead, you've come to realize that something in your body has changed and you simply can't keep living the reckless life you once enjoyed. Life does get a little bit more boring, but at the same time you simply wouldn’t have the energy to party all night long anymore.

7 You Look For Different Qualities In A Partner

When you’re young you look for more superficial things in your other half; a nice car, a cute face, a hot body and maybe some popularity, because you’re not really thinking about getting married. Maybe you are, just a little bit but you know it might take a while, which is why you don’t really look for husband material in a partner. But when the clock starts ticking in your 30s you know you have to look for more in a man than just a pretty face that will be stolen by time. You start looking for qualities that will last a lifetime and someone you get a long with outside the sack as well.

When you get to your 30s (if you’re single) you feel grateful you didn’t marry any of the guys you dated in your 20s because you would probably be divorced by now. Not only because you would have chosen someone based on superficial qualities but because you have changed so much that you look for entirely different things in a man.

6 You Start Looking For Deeper Interests

Shopping, labels, dancing, getting wasted, having one-night stands, partying and living like there’s no tomorrow, was your way of living in your 20s and it was all fun. It doesn’t mean that you regret these times in your 30s, you look back and you feel grateful that you had a youth full of experiences that you’re happy to leave behind. You mature and you discover that there’s more to life than living wildly and freely, you don’t know exactly what it is that you’re looking for but you know there’s more to life than buying a nice pair of shoes and making out with a stranger at a party.

Even though you’re not having a mid-life crisis in your 30s you’re trying to avoid one in your 40s by focusing on finding a stable lifestyle that you feel happy with.

5 Responsibility Becomes a Pain In The Butt

Yes! You’re independent, but with independence also comes a lot of responsibility that becomes a pain in the butt. You sometimes miss the careless days of your 20s when you could just quit your boring job and look for a new one. In your 30s you have a mortgage, maybe you have kids and a lot of bills that need paying. You can't just quit your job and go to Daytona Beach for spring break.

Vacations also become tighter because you don’t get spring break, summer holidays and Christmas holidays. You have to ask for specific days and you definitely have to come back from vacation, you can't just decide to take an extra couple of days. Because you’re now a “responsible” adult that needs to act like one, even if deep down you still want the freedom of your 20s.

4 Saturday Nights Become Boring

It’s not that you hate Saturday nights when you hit 30, they simply become boring to the eyes of a twenty-something year-old. Back in the days when you were young, Saturday nights were meant to PARTY! Getting drunk and making out with a cute stranger. When you hit 30 Saturday nights are still fun, but in a different way. You spend them in bed watching the latest episode of your favorite Netflix shows, wearing your pajamas, with no makeup and maybe a hot man by your side.

Saturdays become a resting day when you hit 30 and partying seems to much of a hassle. You might have the occasional party or wedding to attend to, but the truth of the matter is that you prefer to be at home than rocking the dance floor.

3 Exercising Becomes More of a Challenge

You’re not exactly old in your 30s, but you certainly start feeling ‘older’ than how you felt in your teenage years or your twenties. When you could run up and down the stairs with no problems, or when you could do 300 crunches with no problem. In your 30s you still have the power to exercise but you also get tired easily and you find it a lot harder to tone up and loose the extra pounds. The amount of exercise you did in your 20s to rock a hot body is not enough when you hit 30, you need to do more even though you get tired faster. But this is not an excuse to not exercise, because the fitter that you get in your 30s the easier that it will be to stay fit in your 40s.

2 You Learn To Value Your Time

When you were younger time felt irrelevant, you didn’t really put attention into how much time you wasted doing your hair or laying in the grass watching the night sky. The days seemed endless along with time. Your 30s seemed so far away and for some inexplicable reason time moved a lot slower. Then… POW!! You’re 30 and time is racing, you have work, children or maybe a husband. Even if you're childless and husbandless time moves fast and you start to realize that your life is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Every single minute of your day is important and you start to appreciate time like never before, because you have so many responsibilities that you know you can't waste endless hours trying to get your hair right or your makeup perfect. Time becomes crucially important and valuable and you envy the days when you got to waste time.

1 You realize your 40s Are Just Around The Corner

Your teenage years are further away from you than your 40s are and you feel like you’re aging by the second. It’s a scary thought knowing that you’re closer to being middle-aged than being a teenager. That’s when it hits you that you’re actually an adult, even if you don’t feel like one. We might be in our 30s and we might look like we’re in our 30s but deep down we still have that wild teenager inside of us and we feel like we’re pretending to be adults. But it’s not a game anymore, it's real life and we can't switch off adulthood. Being in your 30s make you realize that there are so many things that you need to start taking into account like saving for your old age and taking better care of your health because youth is escaping from our bodies every passing day as we're getting closer to being middle-aged.

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