15 Dumb Things Teens Did Because Of Movies

Movies can be inspirational. They can help kids learn empathy and help them figure out right from wrong. But sometimes kids are influenced in some pretty dumb ways by the stories.

Instead of being scared by the blindfold experience in "Bird Box," some crazy teens decided to get behind the wheel with their eyes covered, for example. And "Fight Club" inspired a number of people to set up their own underground boxing groups. The things that a teen will do because of a movie has even ended tragically for a number of kids who thought that "Jackass" stunts were a good idea.

Teens can take a good movie and turn it into a dumb trend like we never imagined. Here are 15 dumb things teens did because of movies.

15 Teens Get Project Ideas From 'Project X'


All teens dream of going to an epic party, but the movie "Project X" gave kids ideas about a project that goes way beyond the typical Friday night rager. Teens in Texas and Florida ended up causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, and in Utah and Texas, the results were even more tragic, according to a Dallas News articles.

14 Teen Goes 'Into The Wild' And Doesn't Come Back


Roughing it can be fun for a weekend, but the movie "Into the Wild" left some people dreaming about ditching the real world and living in the wilderness. One teen, Johnathon Croom was so inspired by the true story of Christopher McCandless that he decided to live in the wild in Oregon. Unfortunately, he met the same fate as the character portrayed by Emile Hirsch, according to the Atlantic.

13 Teen Dons 'Scream' Mask For Ill Intents


That Scream mask was the ultimate Halloween costume for the late '90s and into the 2000s. And it creeped us out every time, especially since some people were up to no good. According to the Guardian there has been more than one copycat criminal who has donned the mask and tried to reenact the plot and ended up hurting people.

12 'Bird Box' Challenge Ends Badly


Teen drivers are dangerous enough, but last year things got even worse when kids went behind the wheel and tried one of the dumbest challenges ever. Sandra Bullock barely made it out alive in "Bird Box," yet a Utah teen blindfolded himself to get a thrill. It surprised no one that he crashed — the police described it as a "predictable result" in a CBS news article. Luckily, no one was injured.

11 13-Year-Old Steals Car Because Of 'Fast and Furious' Franchise


Plenty of teens have burned some rubber, and they didn't need to see a movie to be inspired to speed. "The Fast and the Furious" franchise may have caused some more kids to get tickets, but the biggest copycat came in Russia. There, a 13-year-old started boosting vehicles, and he said he was inspired to steal at the movie theatre, according to Sputnik News.

10 Friends Copy Ben Affleck's Big Heist Movie


Ben Affleck's heist movie "The Town" got more than Oscar buzz — it got a group of four friends talking about teaming up for their own crime spree. According to NBC New York, the crew was linked to robberies at 62 locations in Brooklyn and Queens from a candy store to more than one bank. They got away with six figures before they were caught.

9 Indian Teen Learns Elephants Aren't So Friendly Outside of the Movies


Sometimes movies make animals look a lot nicer than they actually are. One teen learned the hard way that elephants aren't to be trifled with when he tried to recreate a cool scene from the Indian movie "Baahubali." The kid tried to run up an elephant's trunk, and the animal went wild. It was pretty scary, but luckily he ended up OK, according to arynews.tv.

8 14-Year-Old Real Life 'American Psycho

via:Springback Magazine

The thing about psycho movies is there usually ends up being someone not quite right in the head who takes them a little too literally. A Florida teen plotted to be like the kid from "American Psycho," and he put some elements from "The Silence of the Lambs" in there. His defense attorneys tried an insanity plea because, well, God told him it was all right, according to the ABA Journal.

7 Scary Clown Costume Popular Because of  'It'


Clowns are just creepy, so people became concerned when a bunch of people started spotting clowns in communities in North and South Carolina. When you added on the fact that a new "It" movie was about to hit theaters, then people got even more worked up. The sightings definitely brought even more attention to the movie — and it was totally scary.

6 'Jackass' Bike Stunt Goes Wrong


"Jackass" — both the television show and the movie — inspired a lot of teens to try their own ridiculous stunts. Unfortunately, many of them were really dangerous, and some ended up in tragedy. According to the Daily Mail, one teen's bike stunt went horribly wrong and it all happened on camera since he wanted to go viral like Johnny Knoxville.

5 Kids Derail Train For Movie Stunt


Railroad officials had to issue a warning after a bunch of teens pulled a dumb stunt based on the movie "October Sky." The kids stole about 150 railroad spikes, which the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen said could have caused a derailment. It also caused a lot of money in damage, and the kids ended up in trouble with the law.

4 People Actually Start Their Own Fight Club


Most people try to avoid fights, but Brad Pitt made it cool for a while to blow of steam by beating your friends up. According to complex.com, a string of fight clubs broke out all over the world — from New Jersey to Australia. One person was so inspired by the movie "Fight Club" that he even tried to pull off Brad's big plan. Luckily, the police were able to thwart him just like Edward Norton did.

3 One 'Enchanted' Promposal


Promposals are huge among the teen set, and as kids go for unique ideas they have gotten more and more dumb. Some ended up getting the kids in trouble, but we didn't pick one of those today. Instead, we are going to highlight an elaborate plan to ask a girl to prom by staging the big singing scene from "Enchanted." It was over the top but also pretty dumb.

2 '13 Reasons Why' Teens Should Watch The Show


"13 Reasons Why" is an acclaimed show that has helped parents talk to their kids about a really big issue. But unfortunately, it has also started to inspire teens to harm themselves. The show creators have made changes to try to stop this trend, according to The Atlantic. But unfortunately, some teens took things too far.

1 'The Program' Causes Kids To Lay In Road


In the movie "The Program," the teen proves he is brave by laying down in a busy street at night. Several teens tried it, and many didn't make it through unscathed like the hero in the movie. According to the New York Times, it wasn't the smartest thing that a movie has inspired a teen to do.

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