15 Things Prince William Wishes He Knew About Kate Before Getting Married

Kate Middleton is the ultimate dream woman for both men and women. Men want to be with her and women want to BE her. She has achieved the unachievable by marrying a real prince and assuming her role as a princess, living out a life of luxury behind palace walls. It's the happily ever after that everyone craves, but so little get to actually have this dream realized. But for Kate, the world rooted for this presumed "commoner" to be given the tiara and become our modern day princess we always wanted.

William claims that he immediately knew that Kate was special when he first met his future wife, but is that all there is to this story? Kate just seems too perfect in every way that we're getting a little suspicious about how this romance came to be. With a little research and digging up of information, we've found a few examples that make us speculate whether or not the Will and Kate union was a matter of "love at first sight" and a friendship evolving, or was it all part of a more elaborate scheme for Kate to weave herself into the lives of the royal family?

Given the information we know now, we're left to wonder. With the data we have about the Duchess of Cambridge, we wonder if William also gave this information a glance or consideration before saying "I do" and if he's left to regret or defend the shocking history (and present realities) of his wife.


15 She Was Behind The Creation Of A Drinking Society,, &

When Kate was in college, she was the co-founder of an all-female drinking society. That's right. Her Royal Highness pioneered a group that not only encouraged the consumption of alcohol, but actually celebrated and promoted it. Her reasoning for launching this morally ambiguous group was because she was annoyed that the other campus drinking societies were all for men. As a lover of spirits, Kate can apparently drink William under the table. With that kind of background and affinity towards adult beverages, we're sure that the Queen would not have been too fond of the notion that Kate is rooting for getting a little silly. Her redemption here is based on the mere fact that it was honouring the inclusion of women. Go feminism!

14 She Attended A Co-Ed Boarding School

Good Housekeeping & Daily Mail

Due to bullying at an all-girls boarding school, Kate had to leave the institution for reportedly being "too perfect". As a result, she was shipped off to a mixed gender boarding school at the age of fourteen (an age that just so happens to be a time of raging hormones and the onset of puberty). Living on a campus that also housed hormonal boys meant that anything could have gone down after classes ceased and before kids were shipped home for the holidays. This mystery of whether or not Kate got into some less-than-PG antics with boys at her boarding school is probably one that Will would love to have solved, or at the very least, buried, as if to ward off any speculation. You know, like the kind of speculation we have now?

13 She Had A Poster Of Prince William On Her Wall & Good Housekeeping

Rumour has it, Kate had a poster of Prince William on her wall when she was a young girl. Even though she was quick to respond with a claim that the poster was of the "Levi's guy", we are left to wonder. This is not the first time that information like this has come forward. It was her friends from college who often joked with her about being a "princess in waiting" because of her obsession with the prince and for keeping dozens of photos of him tacked to the inside of her closet door. With shreds of evidence to maintain an air of truth to this story, we're under the impression that Kate was totally hooked on the royal gent long before the two met and became a heavily photographed couple. If Will knew about this, he may have thought about whether Kate had noble intentions when it came to the union.

12 Her Family Has Connections To Royalty

Daily Mail

Aside from being born at the ROYAL Berkshire Hospital (c'mon, how weird is that?) and having her first day on this earth play an actual part in her future, Kate's family is actually pretty close to the monarch. The Middleton's ancestors apparently played the role of host to members of the royal family as early as 1926 because the two families were "friends". But what's most surprising is the fact that Kate's grandfather, Captain Peter Middleton, served as a co-pilot with Prince Philip (the Queen's trusty husband and grandfather of William) during a South American tour. Could these two have conspired to connect their grandchildren in holy matrimony even before they were born? It's a truth that is rarely talked about, but maybe William should have dug a little deeper into how Kate came to be in his life.

11 She Complained To Her Lawyer About Being Photographed & Pinterest

When Kate was just starting to hang out with William and take part in some low-key canoodling, the media outlets didn't waste no time in trying to get the latest scoop of the royal pie. They were all over Kate, even before she had time to think about what she wanted from William. She couldn't handle all of the attention, photographs, stalkers, and rumours about her in the tabloids, so she took legal action against the photographers. In 2005, Kate claimed a harassment suit and said that she "did nothing significant to warrant publicity". As a result, she received apologies, cash settlements, and only two UK publications stopped publishing photos of the princess-to-be. As a potential future royal at the time, you'd think that Kate would be more receptive to the life she could be wed into. While nobody appreciates that level of attention, it comes with the territory of being famous for being a monarch.

10 She Used To Be A BIG Party Girl

Huffington Post

Given Kate's appreciation of adult beverages, it's no surprise that she turned to the drink in her early twenties and became a regular at the clubs when her and William split after their five-year relationship. Presumed to be all in an effort to win William back, Kate was loving all of the media attention when she showed up in short, low-cut dresses at the prince's favourite clubs, and with his friends, no less. She always looked happy and like she was having the time of her life, which totally heightened William's interest in her. Even so, that clubbing escape is no manner that any future princess should behave in and might have been a red flag when it came to getting his conservative grandmother's approval of the marriage.

9 She Chose To Go To The SAME College That Prince William Attended Over Her First Choice Of School

Back when Kate was planning out her post-secondary education, she was accepted to the University of Edinburgh, a school that was her first choice to attend. However, when she got wind of the fact that Prince William would be attending St. Andrews the following year, she turned down the offer to attend her favourite school, took a year off to travel, and then started her semester the same year that William did at St. Andrews. Given this information, wouldn't it be assumed that Kate wanted to meet the prince? It all seems a little stalker-ish, doesn't it? Whether she had planned it all out or not, it is definitely suspicious that Kate would abandon her first choice of school and take time off from her studies, only to attend the institution that would be teaching the handsome prince.


8 She Turned Him Down When He First Asked Her Out

As if to help strategize the future union, Kate made sure to appear off limits as she befriended the prince. She was dating Rupert Finch, a senior at St. Andrews, at the time, making her appear to be unavailable and uninterested in William. As Kate got closer to William, she made sure to hook his interest by appearing nearly nude in a charity fashion show. William took the bait and he decided to ask her out right after her appearance on the runway. Because she had a valid excuse of dating someone else, she took the high horse and declined Will's offer. How noble of her! This action bruised William's ego, made her appear to have values that meant more to her than dating a prince, and also made her harder to get (a challenge any man would accept). Kate's plan went off without a hitch, because the next year, as "friends", she and others were invited to share a flat with the prince, and the rest is history.

7 She Dressed Up As An Adult Baby In College


Whatever you do, do NOT let the Queen see these pictures! While displaying another act of Kate being a fan of a great party, she loved to get up to some crazy antics while at college. And her idea of fun included the defacing of public property, while dressed up as an adult baby! While the disrespect of public grounds is awful enough – and if you look closer, you can see that she's holding a can of foam, which shows that she did take part in the mess – the shocking sight of seeing the bare legs of a future princess, covered in party foam, and wearing a bib, is downright unladylike. While she probably never anticipated being a princess at the time that this photo was taken, it proves that Kate is more about having fun than preserving her modesty.

6 She Is Allergic To Horses

Elle UK

It's no secret that the royal family loves themselves a good horse! In fact, you could say that they're fairly obsessed with the four-legged creatures. Between their affinity for polo matches and horseback riding, the family also regularly travels in horse-pulled carriages. As such, bringing a new member of the family who is allergic to horses to various horse-filled events will be a problem, to say the least. While Kate rarely fails to make an appearance, she'll have to endure the anguish of runny and itchy eyes, hives, and sneezing every time she is around the hairy beasts. This definitely doesn't make for a presentable princess for photographs, especially not when she's caught mid-sneeze.

5 Her Cousin Is Highly Into An Erotic Line Of Work

New York Post &

If you've ever heard of the burlesque dancer, Katrina Darling, you probably know why this scandalous pin-up girl is so popular. This erotic dancer is the second cousin of Kate, once removed, but it hasn't stopped the media from directing their attention to her after this relationship was revealed. During the frenzy of the royal wedding prep, Katrina quit her bank job to pursue a life of burlesque entertainment, which has totally blown up for the royal cousin. Since she's quick to remove her clothes, she's also posed for adult magazines, such as Playboy and Loaded. While she apparently hasn't attempted to reach out to the princess or her new royal family, it is still an unflattering family member to have ties to the royal family. We think that if the Queen knew of this cousin's career path prior to the wedding, she may have called it off.

4 She Can't Handle Pregnancy

National Enquirer & India TV

Since marrying Kate would mean her having to carry the royal bloodline in her uterus, it might have been good to know that the princess can't handle the first trimester with as much grace as Princess Diana or Queen Elizabeth did. As part of pregnancy protocol, it is not wise to announce a pregnancy before the twelve-week mark, but because Kate was admitted to the hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), a severe form of morning sickness, before those twelve weeks were up, the royal family were forced to announce her pregnancy with George. And since the royal family hates being forced into anything, the Queen was probably pretty upset by the break of protocol. Not only that, but Kate is sick a again, for the third time, which means that she will continue to be dismissed from all her royal duties and commitments and having to cancel appearances and events because of her ongoing ailments.

3 She Is Related To Prince William (Creepy, We Know)

Vanity Fair

Alright, so this one is a doozy. William and Kate are cousins! While many royal bloodlines have a history of keeping marriages in the family, and marrying cousins wasn't that offensive, we're a little shocked that it's still going on today! Even William, who is a super progressive prince, would probably have had second opinions about his marriage had he been aware of how close he really is to the mother of his children. While they are technically distant cousins – they are twelfth cousins, once removed – it all still seems a little too close for comfort. Maybe it's due to the sharing of genetics that Kate has been suffering from such intense morning sickness? Deep down, the two just weren't meant to procreate with one another.

2 She Is Not Entirely Of English Descent


While William probably thought that he was going to marry a legit British lady with ancestral ties to the UK that went as far back as his royal roots, he was oh so wrong. While Kate's family have long been London natives, her ancestors have included prominent American influencers, including US President George Washington – her eighth cousin, removed eight times – and US General George S. Patton, who served and commanded in WWII, fighting on European territory. Is it because of these famous George's that Kate decided to pay tribute to these American ancestors with her first-born son? We'll never know, but it does seem peculiar!

1 She Has A Crush On Tom Cruise

Pinterest & Style Savvy

For all the Hollywood hunks that exist in the world, including many of English decent – dare we name Tom Hiddleston or Kit Harington, who is a royal descendent of Charles II – Kate had to go and choose Tom Cruise as her heartthrob of choice. Yuck! With his ties to Scientology, crazy outbursts, and misogynistic mannerisms, Tom is definitely not the best man to have a crush on, nor does this bit of information speak very well of Kate's ability to judge people or situations. Not only is Tom Cruise American, but he's not always in the best frame of mind, nor does he display an honourable form of character. Kate's desire for this man may be innocent, but really, what does this attraction say about her and her perceptions of the world?

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