15 Things Pretty Girls Always Get Away With

Let's be honest. Pretty girls get away with a lot. Now, that's not to say they don't have it harder in some ways- because they do. Sometimes, it can be more difficult for pretty girls to be taken seriously in the workplace or perhaps they're judged by "how they look" rather than who they are by certain people. However, in other ways, they've definitely got it made. Because they're so nice to look at, people forgive them for doing or saying things that aren't always "socially acceptable." They look past their flaws and downfalls and instead, look into their enchanting eyes. We know what you're thinking: That's totally unfair. After all, they were born that way. It's not like they did anything to deserve special treatment. And you're right- it can be. That is, unless you're a pretty girl. Read below to find out fifteen things pretty girls always get away with.

15 Being Super Shy


You're in a room and you don't know anyone. AKA it's your worst nightmare. You're beyond shy and get totally uncomfortable around new groups of people. So, you keep to yourself and try to get through the night. Although you try and act normal, it's obvious how awkward you're being. Whenever someone approaches you, it's like you forget immediately how to make conversation and answer in one word. Making new friends for you is the equivalent to pulling teeth and it's always been that way for as far back as you can remember. You wish you weren't as painfully shy and don't mean to offend anyone. However, you're forgiven. Why? You're beautiful. People completely look past you being super awkward because that's not the only thing that stands out about you. In fact, your face stands out above anything else. In fact, it's what people remember about you more than you being so shy.

14 Doing Weird Things


You're quirky. You have weird thoughts and ideas. You get random impulses to do strange things out of the blue. Sometimes, you feel as though you exist in a totally different world than everyone else and people probably think that about you as well. You're the kind of person who sings songs to music that's not playing. You dance on the street because you feel like it. You laugh at inappropriate times. You get emotional in public. You make weird crazy jokes that are only funny to you. You tell people the bizarre ideas that pop into your mind.  You get way too personal with strangers. If you weren't as gorgeous as you are, people might've thought of you as freakish or a bit off kilter. However, because of the way you look, they think of you as totally endearing. You're always forgiven for being a bit on the wild side and don't even get self-conscious anymore.

13 Getting Too Drunk


We've all been there. We've gotten too drunk. You're on a date with a guy. You go out for dinner and share a bottle of wine. Then, you go to a bar and have three or four or maybe five vodka sodas. At first, you think nothing of it. He was drinking the same amount as you. However, then the alcohol hits you and you realize you're plastered. You start talking way too loudly at the bar, making friends with random strangers, and even arguing your political views. Your date realizes you're a bit too drunk so he takes you home. Even if he doesn't want to hook up, you do so you start making out with him. Then, before you can do anything about it, you realize you're going to puke. You spend the rest of the night in the bathroom throwing up. The next day, you're mortified and positive he'll never call you again but because you're so beautiful, he does.

12 Speeding


You are running late for an important meeting, yet again. So, you get into your car and floor it. You know it is wrong to speed but it is vital that you get to this meeting on time. You are passing cars left and right and making up for lost time. Everything is going great until you hear a siren behind you. Yup. You are being pulled over. Of course, you stop. You are upset but you keep your cool and explain the situation to the officer, batting your eyes and apologizing throughout your monologue. If it was anyone else but you, he would've told you that he couldn't care less about your reason for speeding. However, because you are so captivating, he listens. At the end of the story, he lets you off with a warning as long as you promise him you'll be more careful in the future.

11 Forgetting Your Wallet


You've had an awful day at work. The only thing you want to do is go to a bar and get completely loaded to forget about everything that happened. After you get home, you rush back out to the bar down the street from your house. You order the top shelf whiskey and down four drinks in an hour. You feel a little bit better so you stay at the bar drinking the whole night. When it's time for you to leave, you reach in your purse to settle with the bartender only to find you don't have your wallet. Because you live down the street, you tell the bartender that you can run home to get your purse so that you can pay him. However, he just smiles and says, "Don't worry about it. You can pay me next time." He's more than willing to comp all of your drinks just for the chance to see your pretty face again.

10 Being Flakey


You don't mean to be flakey. You want to be the type of girl that shows up when she says she's going to and doesn't cancel on people a million times. However, sometimes life doesn't always work out the way that you want it to. You've been talking to a guy you met online for quite a while. He tries time and time again to take you out. You make plans to go out on the weekend but of course, something always comes up. Even if you don't want to, you end up blowing him off. After the third time you do this, you'd think he'd either give up or get really annoyed with you. But he doesn't. Why? Because you're beautiful. In his mind, he feels lucky that a girl as beautiful as you is even talking to him so he'd wait around forever. When you do finally go out with him, he doesn't even bring up all the times you made him wait.

9 Taking Selfies


Everyone takes selfies. And if we're being honest, taking a million selfies and then posting them can be quite narcissistic. After all, anyone doing that is basically saying, "hey, look how great I look today" or "look how sexy I am." However, if you're a pretty girl, you're totally forgiven. No one thinks of you as way too into yourself and if they do, they justify it by thinking, "well, if I was that pretty, I'd probably take that many selfies too." If you're gorgeous, you pretty much have free reign to take as many pictures as yourself as you want and post them on your Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You know that the only people who are going to judge you are jealous. On top of that, for as many "haters" as you have, you have triple the amount of fans praising you for your beauty and "liking" all of your posts.

8 Being Lazy


You can walk into a fancy bar in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and no one will judge you for being a slob. You can show up on a first date, a job interview, and even to a wedding without makeup on and it's totally fine. You can gain ten pounds and get compliments on how awesome you look. You can have dirty hair, pimples or dark circles under your eyes and men will still hit on you. You get catcalled on the street when you're wearing the same baggy PJ's you wore when you were fifteen. You don't have to worry if your clothes match your shoes or if there's a stain on your shirt. You don't have to spend hours doing your makeup just so you can start the day. Instead, you can show up anywhere in any way that you come and everyone will still think of you as the prettiest girl in the room.

7 Being Gross


You snort when you laugh. You talk with food in your mouth. If you're hungry, you stuff your face with food then pick your teeth with your hands. You don't always use a napkin or have the best table manners. You sneeze into your hand and then wipe your snot on your pants. You burp out loud if you have to. You pass gas openly in front of your friends. Heck, you even pass gas openly in front of guys you date. You smell your armpits in public if you think you might've forgotten deodorant. You pick your acne. You talk about your business or different personal topics people normally try and avoid. You bite your nails and if you have the impulse, you might even pick your nose. In short, you're the equivalent to a teenage boy in your mannerisms but it's not gross to other people because you look so great doing it.

6 Have Temper Tantrums


You know the old saying, "The prettier the girl, the crazier the girl?" Well, it's a little bit truer than pretty girls like to admit. Let's face it: You have temper tantrums and anyone who's dated you for more than a month knows it. If you don't get your way, you freak out and cause a scene. If your boyfriend doesn't treat you like royalty, you confront him and get overly emotional. You cry. You scream. You get mean. You slam doors and you threaten to break up with him. In short, you're completely over the top and tend to be irrational. You can be needy, you can be distant, and you can be totally insane. If you weren't as pretty as you are, any guy would leave you almost instantly. However, because you're so captivating, they patiently stick around and put up with whatever it is you throw at them (sometimes, literally). Why? They assume it just comes with the territory.

5 Not Having A Filter


Because you've always been so gorgeous, you're used to being able to say and do whatever you want to say and do. Therefore, you're someone who says what's on their mind when it comes to mind without thinking. You curse in church. You insult men on the first date by sharing your opinion about them with them. You offend your friends by being totally honest in the advice you give them. You question your boss if you think what they're saying sounds insane. You don't hesitate to confront strangers if they do something to offend you. You share your personal thoughts with people who know very little about you, no matter how strange the thoughts you're having are. Of course, after you do these things, you realize, "hmmm maybe I shouldn't have done that," but at the end of the day, you don't really care. After all, no one ever bothers to put you in your place.

4 Being An A-hole


If a guy hits on you at the bar and you're not in the mood, you don't even bother "entertaining him." Instead, you tell him to "f-off" while still enjoying the free drink he bought you. If one of your friends blows you off, you don't pretend to "understand," you confront them. You let them know it was messed up that they canceled plans with you and that you're offended. If someone accidentally butts in front of you in line at the grocery store, you don't give them a pass. After all, your time is just as important as theirs. If you're in a bad mood, you don't hide it. You let everyone around you feel your wrath. You're not polite because it's "how people should be" and you're not afraid to share your true feelings. If you weren't as pretty as you are, people would be ruder to you. However, because you are, you always get a free "pass" to be an a**.

3 Being Aggressive


If you like a guy, you let him know. You don't hesitate to hit on guys at bars if you're in the mood to hook up with someone. You don't wait for them to approach you, instead, you walk up to them and introduce yourself. In your mind, there's no such thing as coming on "too strong." You shamelessly flirt and at times, you even throw yourself at men. If you go on a date with a guy, you'll call or text him the next day before he reaches out to you. If you want something, you go after it without thinking twice. You're beyond confident and never get embarrassed. In fact, you've never even thought that you might come off as "needy" or "desperate." Why? Because you're so beautiful, you don't. All the men you hit on figure you could get any guy in the world. Therefore, they don't get freaked out by how aggressive you are, they like.

2 Saying Stupid Things


As much as we hate this one, it's true. And if we're being honest, people say stupid things all the time, not just pretty people. The only reason why it's so annoying is because there's a stigma surrounding pretty people. People assume that if you're pretty, it means you're dumb. Of course, they're wrong. However, that doesn't mean pretty girls don't say idiotic, mindless things from time to time. Maybe you get your facts wrong in a political discussion or ask a question to your boss without thinking it through. Whatever it is, it's alway forgiven or laughed off. Why? Because you're naturally charming and your beauty forces whoever you're talking to to forgive your clouded mind. When you say silly things, people don't judge you on your intelligence, they find you endearing and human. On top of that, you know you're not dumb so you're not embarrassed by what you say.

1 Being Ungrateful


You've been hit on a million times. This is why when someone hits on you, you don't feel like the most special girl in the world. In fact, you actually get annoyed. You've been spoiled and treated like royalty by men so then a guy does something nice for you, you almost expect it. When people compliment you, you say "thank you," but it doesn't mean much to you. Why? People compliment you every day. If someone goes out of their way to do something nice for you, you hardly realize the effort they put in. You just think it's normal behavior as people have always gone out of their way to do things for you. You're used to getting lucky breaks, to people sucking up to you, and to others being in awe of you. Therefore, you sometimes have a tendency to take all of these blessings for granted.

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