15 Things Pregnant Moms Did Ten Years Ago (That We Wouldn't Do Today)

Pregnancy trends change quickly. Thanks to new research and a new generation of moms, moms of kids as young as 10 had a very different experience than moms-to-be do these days.

A lot of shady things happened back then. Moms wanted to do their best for the babies, but they didn't realize that exercise was important and they didn't feel like they could talk to the doctor about mental health issues. They skipped the dentist and their appointments at the hair salon to the detriment of their looks — and terms like birth plans and self-care weren't ever spoken in the maternity ward. It wasn't exactly the Dark Ages, but moms still made a lot of mistakes in those days.

Here are 15 things pregnant women did 10 years ago.

15 Caffeine-Free Soda Wasn't The Best Idea (Should've Switched To Water)


Moms have been warned about caffeine during pregnancy for a while, but that doesn't mean that they made healthy choices about their drinks 10 years ago. All too often, they would stop drinking their caffeinated soda and just switch to the caffeine-free kind. The chemicals aren't so great for the mom or the baby — they should have just switched to water like moms do these days.

14 Quitting Meds Cold Turkey Had Risks


Ten years ago, moms were just as interested in doing the right thing for their baby, but they didn't have all the best information. Doctors would warn them against taking meds for issues like depression, and they would quit cold turkey. But that isn't always the best idea. Sometimes it's best that the mom takes care of her health first, and doctors like to discuss the situation first these days.

13 Skipping Peanut Butter Just Made Allergies Worse


Peanut allergies have been on the rise for a few decades, and that might have been because moms did things 10 years ago that made things worse. Doctors used to recommend that moms avoid peanut products during pregnancy and wait to introduce it to the baby, but in the past few years, they figured out that it's best to go ahead and let the baby be exposed early on to avoid getting allergic.

12 Folate Became A BFD


There have been a lot of breakthroughs in research related to pregnancy over the decades, and one of the best from a decade or so ago is the importance of folate. It wasn't a part of every prenatal vitamin regimen back then, but now doctors are sure that moms consume enough of the mineral, which is known to help the baby avoid a neural tube defect during early development.

11 Pregnancy Message Boards Were Huge


Before the Gram became a huge deal for pregnancy related info sharing, moms lurked on message boards. They were huge a decade ago, so moms shopped for information, reviews on their favorite products and baby names. Yes, there was just as much mommy shaming going on there, maybe even more.

10 Gender Announcement Was NBD


The pressure can be on these days for an epic gender announcement, but just a decade ago, it was no big deal. Of course, moms were excited to find out if they were having a boy or a girl, but they didn't plan big parties for the occasion. That means that they missed out on some extra presents, but they also didn't have to go to the extremes that some parents go these days.

9 Stopped Exercising


One of the best things that women can do during pregnancy — for their own health and the baby's — is to exercise. But that's not what moms did 10 years ago. They were told to take it easy, and often that meant skipping the gym and just kicking their feet up. They know better these days.

8 Judgy About Drinks Before Research Showed Some Was OK


Moms went through a lot 10 years ago when it came to getting judged. Some might have wanted to relax with a glass of wine, but doctors big time frowned on it. New research has revealed that an occasional drink doesn't harm the baby, so now the judgy moms don't have as much to gripe about.

7 Got Cavities Because They Skipped The Dentist


A decade ago, women thought that dental work was too dangerous during pregnancy — so they ended up getting cavities. People used to worry about the x-rays, but many offices use digital these days. And cleanings are critical, since pregnancy can cause extra bacteria in the mouth. Moms might want to put off major work in the first trimester, but they shouldn't skip the dentist like they did a decade ago.

6 Episiotomies Were A Thing


One of the worst decisions that moms made a decade ago came in the delivery room. Doctors used to recommend that they get a surgical incision down below before the pushing began to make more room for the baby to come out. These days, research shows that it's better to just tear on your own. But back in the day, episiotomies were a thing, unfortunately.

5 Kept Silent On Mental Health Worries


Moms worried a lot about their physical health when they were pregnant a decade ago, but they didn't pay the same attention to their mental health. Women are a lot more open to getting help with depression and anxiety these days, and they are much more likely to tell their doctor, both before and after the birth of the baby.

4 Didn't Stress About Birth Plans


Birth plans are so big these days that moms might not realize that just a decade ago most women just winged it. That was a good thing and a bad thing — bad in that they often didn't inform themselves of all of the possibilities that could come in the delivery room and good in that they were more flexible. Still, a lot of moms ended up disappointed, and a birth plan might have helped them achieve their goal.

3 Didn't Keep Up With Their Roots Because Products Were More Toxic


A decade ago, moms-to-be often had truly tragic hair. The word on hair dyes in those days wasn't so good, so moms could be spotted by how much their roots were showing. These days, more organic options are on the market, and a good balayage do means that moms can wait until after the first trimester to touch up their hair.

2 Oils Weren't A Trend — They Can Be Dangerous These Days


There are a lot of dangers from a decade ago that don't exist today; likewise, there are some new ones that weren't an issue then. That's true of essential oils. Lots of women swear by them, but there are a number that might seem all-natural and good but could pose a risk to the baby. The pressure to be zen just wasn't there a decade ago.

1 Didn't Believe In Self Care


A decade ago, moms-to-be felt the pressure to take care of the baby, but they didn't take care of themselves. It was a lot more about the stereotypical sacrifice that women did for their families back then. Now, moms understand the importance of self-care. Moms these days relax and pamper themselves before the birth, which means that they often feel happier and more fulfilled.

Sources: Live Science

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