15 Things Only Your BFF From High School Understands About You

There is no one quite like you high school BFF. As you move forward in life, you’ll certainly have other besties, like your college bestie who knows all about that late night meltdown you had in the dorms after accidentally dying your hair green. You'll have your work bestie who has seen you through one or two happy hours, during which you drank a bit too much. You’ll also end up being BFF with another mom from your son’s preschool and maybe some woman from the spin class you take every Wednesday. As we progress, we collect more and more “best friends” from different stages of our lives. It’s only natural, as we happen to have a lot in common with different people at different point in our lives.

But, that bestie of yours from high school is someone you will remember forever, even if you drift apart. Whether you still talk on a daily, weekly, yearly basis or not at all, this is a person who knows you better than most people in your life, because she was there when you were figuring out who you were. She’s seen you at your best and at your worst, because we all had one or two horribly awkward phases in high school. Below are 15 things that your old school bestie from high school will understand about you.

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14 Your Self-Tanning Phase

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It may not have been self-tanner that made you look like an oompa loompa. It may have been the time you dyed your hair pitch black and didn’t realize that without coloring in your blonde eyebrows, it looked awful. You may have plucked your eyebrows too thin or gone through a phase when you thought clumpy mascara looked hot AF. We live and we learn when it comes to beauty and self-care.

When we’re young, we may be obsessed with being tan, instead of embracing our fair, freckly skin. People tend to try very hard to fit in, instead of finding what fits them particularly. In your 20s, 30s and beyond, you may be one hot boss lady, who knows exactly what wigged eyeliner gives her eyes that extra pop, but in high school, you may have deeply rimmed your eyes in black eyeliner. Only your high school bestie will remember all of these beauty mistakes, but she’ll always think you’re beautiful anyway.

13 How Much Your First Heartbreak Hurt

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Everyone has a first real heartbreak, and many of them happen during high school. In elementary school, you may ‘date’ someone but high school is when hormones really kick in. You may have dated someone and lost your V-card to them, only to then go through a messy break up. You may have lost your virginity to someone you were not dating, and were devastated when they started dating someone else. You may have still been a virgin and had gotten cheated on by your boyfriend. Whatever the case, the most intense heartbreak in your life may very possibly happen during high school.

Of course, in our adult years, we may suffer heartbreaks as well but we have a better understanding of the world. The naive innocence and hopefulness only found in teenagers can lead to the most devastating heartbreaks. The thing is they seem so insignificant when you tell someone about said heartbreak later in life. Your bestie from work won’t care or understand the deep pain you felt in high school. It seems immature and little. Only your high school bestie will really know and appreciate how deeply hurt you were after your first heartbreak.

12 Your Cringe Worthy Fashion Choices

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We don’t just make beauty mistakes in our youths. The fashion mistakes are just as bad. Depending when you grew up, you most likely wore whatever was awfully trendy at the time – be it flannel shirts, grunge, bell-bottoms, Ugg boots and leggings, or Hollister everything. You and your bestie wore the same horribly trendy clothing and though you looked so hot. Of course, once the trend was out and you had live and learned a bit, you were probably like, “What the hell was I wearing back then?

You’ve probably grown to only indulge in the really good trends, right? Because rompers and jumper are a trend that should totally stay around forever. It a whole outfit in one piece. Anyway, your bestie probably dressed like an idiot too so she’ll be able to laugh about it with you.

11 Your Misadventures In Womanhood

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Those awkward teenage years are when you learn all the odd parts about being of woman. You may shave your bikini and find out the hard way about knicks or razor burn. You may go swimming with a tampon in and realize that tampons are not always the savior they seem to be. You may lose your virginity and realize all the weird and funny things about sexual intercourse because if we’re all being honest, sex is weird, especially when you’re in high school and figuring out how to do it.

By the time you make other friends in life, you probably won’t be discussing these things with the same wonderment you did with your high school bestie. You may simply complain about your razor burn but your won’t be in shock and awe by it as you once were.

10 Your First Real Boyfriend

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Oh, that high school sweetheart. Sure, some of us are late bloomers and may not have our first boyfriend until later in life, but for a lot of us, we have our first real boyfriend in high school. This is epic to our young, little lives. When you’re in high school, you think that this is the romance of all romances. Everything is a huge, huge deal. He held your hand in the hallway! You guys went to third! He said I love you! Coupling the thrill of this being the first time you hit many of these relationship milestones with the hormones in your body, everything seems like a really big deal.

Your high school bestie will be the only person who knows about everything via late night phone calls and notes past in the hall. She’ll know about every stupid fight and every super hot make out session. Once you grow up and get involved in much more mature and serious relationships, you’ll likely stop bringing up stories about your high school boyfriend, leaving your high school bestie as the only person who knows all about the time you made out with your high school sweetheart in that hall way no one ever walked down.

9 About All The Guys Who Rejected You

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Relationships in high school aren’t always so much fun. They can also be filled with rejection. Oh, so much rejection. The rejection along with the hormones can make for some seriously sad emotions.

When you made out with Pete at a keg party and the next week Pete started dating Tracy, your world felt like it was ending. But Pete made out with you and you liked Pete. Perhaps even worse is the time that you asked Mike to dance with you at a school dance and he straight up said no to your face. These are little pains that we eventually get over, but at that young age, you can start to question your self-worth when rejected.

Later in life, the bigger issues become getting a promotion or paying off your student loans. You won’t still be hung up on being rejected by Mike at a school dance, but your high school bestie will remember the tears you shed over it.

8 Your Secret Dreams And Aspirations

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Oh, how we all think our lives will go when we’re young. We’re destined to win Pulitzers and Oscars. We’re going to marry Leonardo DiCaprio. We’re going to own six houses and summer in the Hamptons. We’re going to use summer as a verb, like rich people do. The things we will do.

It is only while we are young that we can have these crazy aspirations. Sometime after college, reality sets in. Leo only dates six-foot models and you’re 5’2” and so very clearly not a model. You might use summer as a verb, but you’re certainly not going to a house you own in the Hamptons any time soon. It’s more like a house you Airbnb-ed for a weekend.

While our lives may not end up being as glamorous as we may have dreamed due to an obsession with Sex and the City, they are still very exciting. I mean, being able to afford your student loans and a pair of shoes from the summer sale at Nordstrom’s is exciting. Your high school bestie will be the only one you shared those unbelievably high aspirations with because telling your friends now is just straight up embarrassing.

7 The Movies You Would Never Admit To Loving

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We all grow up loving movies, only to later find out how entirely corny they are. If you’ve never held your bestie and cried to the end of Tristan and Isolde or Cruel Intentions, what were you ever doing with your life in high school?

We all grow up and get more refined in taste. Yes, we’ll go to the movies an watch Leo in The Revenant for six hours. Oh, it was only two and a half hours? Well, it felt like six. Sure, you see all the good movies these days, but if Tristan and Isolde is on TV on a Sunday afternoon, you’re going to watch it and cry like a baby, damn it!

Some of your newer friends may not understand your obsession with the mediocre James Franco film but your high school bestie most definitely will.

6 Inside Jokes About Your Chemistry Teacher

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Remember your insane chemistry teacher, who had hawk-eye abilities to find anyone chewing gum and would give them detention? Or that teacher who always wore ugly Christmas sweaters even though it wasn’t even December? Or that hot algebra teacher you totally had a crush on? There are so many goofy little things about high school that still make you laugh. Even trying to take the principal seriously was always a task in itself.

Of course, telling these stories to people now, leaves them bored or awkwardly laughing. They simply don’t understand how hilarious it was that you could never open your locker. Luckily, your bestie was there and will still totally find every story hilarious. She’s really the only one you can talk to about these little inside jokes. Everyone else just doesn’t seem to get the humor. Oh well, guess they had to be there.

5 How Corny Your Notes Were Back and Forth

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Bonus points if you had a sentimental bestie in high school and she still has all the notes you passed back and forth. Most of us loved to pass notes, not like we spent enough time talking at school, on the phone after school but during class we also needed to pass notes. If you are one of these people who shared notes, here’s a tip: get a bottle of wine and read through said notes. You will laugh at how serious you thought everything was. If you didn’t do well on a test, it was the end of the world. If the guy you had a crush on didn’t like you back, it was the end of the world. If you had a zit on your chin, it was the end of the world. Basically, the world was always ending while you were in high school. Your notes were filled with the drama and stress that filled your young life and they were, above all else, so, so corny but your bestie still loves you anyway.

4 What You Were Like In High School

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We’re all so different from the people we were in high school. If you were a shy, bookworm, you’re probably more outgoing and confident these days. If you were a cheerleader, who only cared about how she was going to get drunk and who she was going to hook up with, you may be a social worker who is passionate about the work she does now.

We all evolve and turn into very different people. If someone meets you in your late 20s, they may laugh when you tell them what you were like in high school. They may not even believe you. But your high school bestie will not only believe you, she will 100% know exactly how you were in high school. She will be able to help you recount old stories from those days. After all, she was the one who held your hair back every Saturday night after you did your sixth keg stand.

3 Your Most Embarrassing Moment

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High school can be horribly painful. Even those who seem like they enjoy high school probably go through some severely embarrassing moments. Even the homecoming queen probably cried herself to sleep over something that embarrassed her. The thing is we don’t usually tell many people about these embarrassing moment because we’re, well, embarrassed. We’d prefer to die keeping these moments close to our chest.

If you’ve shared those moments with anyone in the world, it was probably your high school bestie and it was probably while the wound was still new. When you get older, you’re less likely to share that embarrassing story or you may from a different more detached perspective. What would once make your cheeks flush, now makes you laugh so when you tell your friends now, they’ll never really know how you cried yourself to sleep over it. Only your high school BFF will know how deeply embarrassed you were.

2 Why You Love Soundtrack To Your Adolescence

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The music you listened to when you were in high school will always have a magic little place in your heart. It was the music that you cried to, the music you danced to while drinking the vodka you stole form your parents. These are the songs that touched your soul more than any other music in your life. They helped you through dark times. Most of these songs can be linked to first experiences, moments you will never, ever forget.

In our teenage years, music can be everything because we’re so desperately trying to be less lonely. The lyrics that make us feel less alone in the world will always be special to us. There is no body that understands your obsession with Taking Back Sunday quite like your high school bestie, who probably listened to their album on repeat with you and probably loves the same music just as much.

1 Your Painful Family Stories

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For some reason, family issues seem so much worse in high school. As we get older, there are usually more dramatic issues to deal with, like sicknesses, death, divorce, unemployment, what have you. Sure, some of these issues may come up in high school too, and they will suck big time then.

Dealing with your parents’ divorce in high school seems almost cliché right now but it’s very painful for those who have to go through it. Also, even the smallest family issue can feel mega painful at a young age. In high school, we’re more likely to open up to our besties about these issues. As we get older, we tend to tell fewer and fewer people about our personal lives. Instead of telling your best friend, you may tell your boyfriend or spouse what is going on with your family when you're older. In high school, your bestie was probably your life raft when you were drowning in family drama.

How Much You Loved & Hated High School

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We all both loved and hated high school. High school is a difficult time for some, with trying to figure out who you are as an individual, all while trying to fit in. Regardless of if you were in the band, an honors student, a cheerleader, a pot head or the student body president, you probably both loved and hated high school. It is the best and worst time in most people’s lives.

While there is the joy of little responsibilities, a lot of time for friends and the excitement of everything being so new, there is also the pain of relationships, judgment from peers and growing pains. While most people may have also loved and hated their high school experience, your high school bestie will be the only one who understands what exactly about your experience made it both the most fun you’ve ever had and sheer hell.

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