15 Secrets Only TLC Knows About 90 Day Fiancé

Just because a television program claims to be based on real life does not mean that all truths get revealed. Many of our favorite reality television shows have closets packed with skeletons. Some of these skeletons end up making their way onto our television screens while others stay tucked away, thanks to hard-working writers and producers bent on only depicting what they choose.

TLC's 90 Day Fiance offers a glimpse into whirlwind courtships for some eager couples, but the network doesn't let everything make it into the public eye. Here are fifteen secrets that only TLC knew about their famous show and the cast...until now of course!

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15 No Wedding, No Problem

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Per sportsretriver.com, Molly and Luis's canceled television wedding did not, and was never going to, result in his deportation to The Dominican Republic. Most viewers assumed that he would be on the first plane back to his tropical homeland once he and Molly supposedly called it quits. It turned out the couple had already married in secret, and everything viewers saw was for ratings and drama. In a twist, the pair did divorce six months into their union, but Luis remarried only five months later. Agenda much?

14 The Payout Is Poor

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Reality television stars make mad bank, right? Some do, but clearly not all of them. The cast of 90 Day Fiance rakes in far less dough than many of their other reality television counterparts. One source revealed to radaronline.com that the show's participants pull in about a grand per episode, while cast members on the spinoff Before The 90 Days only make 500 dollars for a single episode.

13 Also, No Green Card, No Paycheck

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While many of the show's cast members make peanuts for their appearances on the popular program, some show favorites might now make squat. If a cast member doesn't hold a green card, then they make absolutely nothing. Those who hold a K-1 Visa can not technically work in a country that they are not a citizen in, so they must wait for their work permit to come through before many a single penny for their on-camera appearances.

12 Sometimes The Show's Stars Use Pseudo-names

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The show has had more than its fair share of speculation when it comes to what is real and what is made up. One thing that writers and producers seemed to stretch was the actual names of the show's cast members. Fan favorite Chantal was known by her birth name SeaAir before the show changed it. Jorge's real moniker is Andrew. Writers gave them both more relatable names before they were about to work through their storylines.

11 Anfisa's Questionable Work Paths

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It seems a challenge to get a straight answer in regards to what Anfisa did exactly before becoming a reality television star. There are murmuring circulating that the beautiful wife of Jorge worked as a "Cam girl" entertaining men online from behind a lens, and this is precisely where she met her future hubby Jorge.

10 TLC's Scripted Court Scene

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The video that Mohammad released between himself and producers made many fans of the show question the reality program's credibility. This is primarily because viewers caught glimpses of dialogue taking place between a soon-to-be-divorced Mohammad and show producers discussing courtroom retakes. Perhaps the courtroom emotions were far more scripted than we were led to believe?

9 Partners Playing The Field

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More than one couple on this hit reality television show has proven to be less than faithful. Moroccan man, Azan, spent plenty of time making sure the universe knew that his lady love, Nicole, could not be trusted. It turns out Azan had some of his own skeletons in his closet, however. Per sportsretriever.com, while he was accusing Nicole of being unfaithful, he was perhaps entertaining several different women himself.

8 Show Producers Have A Certain Seated Position Request

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Per sportsretriever.com, TLC producers working on the show require the ladies of 90 Day Fiance to assume a specific seated position while being interviewed. The women are often seen sitting with their legs up in a far more casual manner than other reality show stars. The writers and producers require this stance so that the women appear to be more relaxed and relatable during their interview sessions.

7 Hands Off Approach

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After the couple finishes their stint on the reality show, they are left to take care of completing the Visa application process on their own. Viewers only catch a small snippet of what couples go through to bring their spouse into the states legally. Some couples never make it to the finish line due to the lengthy hoops that must be jumped through. Being a part of the show isn't a shortcut to citizenship.

6 One Cast Member Sued The Show

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Mark Shoemaker of Season Three didn't love how the producers chose to portray him, so he turned to the law for help. Per thelist.com, Shoemaker and his partner Nikki sued Discovery Communications, TLC's parent company, as well as the production company Sharp Entertainment. Their case was eventually thrown out by the presiding judge.

5 Cast Members Use Their Short-lived Fame To Their Advantage

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Many cast members might be using their stint on 90 Day Fiance for reasons other than finding love and settling into domestic bliss in the states. Several of the show's cast members, including Russ and Pao Mayfield, Chantal Everett and Molly Hopkins have all jumped on product promotions of one kind or another. Whether it be health-benefit teas or subscription boxes, everyone seems to have a sideline agenda.

4 Background Checks Do Not Reveal All

The show does engage in background checks, but this doesn't mean that skeletons are not still lurking in cast member's closets. Sure producers working on the show want to gather as much information about their stars as possible, for safety and liability purposes, but in reality television, everybody seems to have a history.

3 One Couple Got Down To Business To Early

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Oh boy. Underage engagement is never good, especially for such a public television show like 90 Day Fiance. Show stars, David and Evelyn, who have nine years between them, might have gotten to know each other long before Evelyn turned eighteen. Per Intouchweekly.com, Evelyn Cormier might have been only fifteen when the pair struck up their flirtatious relationship.

2 Reunion Round About

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We know Anfisa as Jorge's lady, but it seems another cast member tried to scoop her up and make her all his at a reunion show. During Ansifa's spousal split,  Mohamed Jbali attempted to score the European beauty's digits. His tactics didn't work though, and Anfisa and Jorge decided to give their love another try.

1 Stellar Marriage Sucess Rate

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You would think that having your marriage played out on television would automatically up your chances of divorcing early on, but not so. When it comes to 90 Day Fiance, only 3 of the 25 married couples have decided to divorce. It's surprising to us that so many of these seemingly doomed pairs have managed to stay the course.

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