15 Things Only Indecisive People Will Understand

Being an indecisive woman is pretty much the worst. You can never give someone a straight answer... even when you're just trying to make drinks plans with a friend. You always wonder if you made the right choice, regret is basically your middle name and dating gives you hives. It can be tough to be single and dating when this is your personality, but it's actually a much smarter idea to stay solo... at least for as long as you can handle it. If you can relate to any of these 15 signs then you're super indecisive, and it's time to take a good long hard look in the mirror and start building up your confidence again. You shouldn't be so afraid to make decisions because life is meant to be lived, and you shouldn't have to mull over every single tiny decision for hours and hours. You're honestly not doing yourself any favors there.

15 You Never Know How You Feel

You just went on a first date... but how was it? You actually have no idea, even though of course you should, because you're the one that actually went on the date, right? Was it out-of-this-world amazing and the best night of your life, or the worst one ever, the kind of date that you'd be much better off pretending never even happened? Is this guy your personal Prince Charming or the biggest jerk on the planet? You honestly have zero idea. You can't decide how you feel to save your life. If you don't stay single when you're super indecisive, you're just going to keep dating the same wrong people, and that helps literally no one -- not you and definitely not them. You got to figure out what it is you like or are looking for because if not, then you'll never be happy. If you never know about you feel about anything or anyone, you're way too indecisive.

14 You Hate Dating

If you're an indecisive person, that means that you hate dating, because the thing is that dating is actually indecisive by nature. Modern dating has no idea what's going on. It doesn't know if people should be casual or serious, ghost or be honest, be brave enough to be emotionally vulnerable, date one person at a time or a bunch of people. Dating in 2016 is unfortunately all about keeping your options open because you have no idea who you could meet or how you're going to be treated. If you're already indecisive, good luck. In all seriousness, though, it's a shame if you hate dating because you can never decide how you feel about guys and never know what's right and what's wrong, because dating is a huge part of life, and you deserve to find love, just like everyone else.

13 Each Choice Feels Massive

Should you quit your job or stay the course, even though you're miserable and you wake up every day groaning the moment your iPhone alarm blasts through your bedroom? Should you break up with a long-time friend who's a super toxic influence, even though she's seriously dragging you down and making you feel about yourself? You just got asked out by a cute co-worker -- where should you go for your first date drinks? Is a weeknight or Friday night better? If you're online dating, was the most recent guy you chatted with funny and kind enough in his online messages, or should you only go out with guys who have boring chats because then hopefully they're better IRL? Life and love are both absolutely jam-packed with decisions big and small, and you just can't decide anything, because you think every decision is massive.

12 You Have Daily Nervous Breakdowns

Let's just be real here. If you can never make a real decision and you regret anything that you do decide, you're going to have a nervous breakdown. You can't keep going back and forth about your feelings and options on anything and anyone. That's not going to be great for your mental and emotional health. You need to be confident in the decisions you make. Why worry about it being the wrong one if you enjoy yourself with the decision you make. No regrets is the motto. You're going to have super low self-confidence and feel like you can't trust yourself, and no one needs that. You know you're indecisive if every day you're upset about something that is totally weighing on your mind. Do you head to the cottage with your coworkers and boss this weekend, or should you stay home and not mix business with pleasure? It's honestly too much for your brain to take, and that's a real shame because you're not enjoying yourself enough.

11 You Lead People On

This totally applies to friends, work friends, and guys, too. You are never really sure who you should become friendly with and who is not worth it at all. You bail on plans because you thought at the time that you wanted to go on a first date with a new guy or you wanted to check out that new Mexican restaurant around the corner from your office, but when the time comes you realize you'd rather stay home and rest. You're kind of the worst, to be honest. Don't be that person and stop leading people on. Make plans and stick to them, or you might be left without anyone, and that's no way to live. You may not realize how your crazy indecisive nature is going to affect other people, but it's time to figure it out. Live and learn, right?

10 You Waste Your Own Time

You spend so much time wondering about whether or not you made the right decision or if you should totally backtrack and choose another path that you basically waste your own time. You reschedule plans on a daily basis, you spend too many months dating total jerks that couldn't be more wrong for you, and you're pretty much miserable all the time. You owe it to yourself to figure out who you want to spend your precious moments with, and what activities and hobbies are actually worth it. If you hate yoga, for example, don't force yourself to go because you're unsure if you really like it or not. If you're not into horror movies but your best friends are all obsessed, don't watch them even if you think that maybe you just haven't been in the right mood or frame of mind when you watched some.

9 You're Never Present

The best thing you can do in life is forget the future, say goodbye to the past, and focus on the present. You always wonder if you should be doing something else other than what you're doing in the moment, and that's not great because you can never be fully present. You should definitely be savoring the moments that you share with your boyfriend, a new guy you're just getting to know, your best friends, your parents, and the list goes on and on. Chatting over wine and fries with your girlfriends on Tuesday evening and having spaghetti and meatballs with your parents on a Sunday night is what life is all about. It sucks that you can't really enjoy the people that you love and that you're so worried about everything that you don't focus on who and what is right in front of you.

8 Netflix Is Your Worst Nightmare

You love Netflix... in theory. You know that everyone is pretty much obsessed with this streaming service at this point in time, and you want to be the same way. But your indecisive nature means that you have barely watched anything on the service. Why? Because you spend your entire evening scrolling back and forth between all the options. You just can't possibly for the life of you decide if you've chosen the right TV show or movie. Sure, people say House Of Cards is good, but what if you give up the next week of your life and realize that, oops, you hated it and wasted your own time? Everyone's chatting about this Orange Is The New Black but maybe it's not for you. With so many options out there how are you supposed to choose one! You want to love Netflix, but unfortunately, it gives you hives and anxiety at this point.

7 People Can't Count On You

You never meant to be the kind of friend or daughter or sister that people could honestly say they couldn't count on, but because you go back and forth about everything in your world, that's exactly what is happening. It sucks but it's just the way that it goes when you're so indecisive. Your family and friends love you, of course, but they're getting pretty sick of always waiting for you to make up your mind or trying to convince you to just go ahead and make a decision already. If you want people to count on you, which you probably do because who wouldn't, then you need to pretty much wake yourself up and learn to make quicker decisions. If your friends want to go in on a cottage one weekend, don't leave it up until the last minute -- they're just going to get all stressed out and worry the entire time, so make the decision at the same time that they do.

6 You're Unproductive

You may love your job, and you try your best to be as productive as possible every single day of the week... but you end up being so much less productive than you really want to be. And here's why: you can never decide what you should be doing. You have daily tasks on your to-do list, of course, along with that mountain of emails that never seems to get any smaller. But you also have to prep for Friday morning's meeting, and you have a huge project that's been ongoing for a few months now, and there's just so much on your plate at the moment. How are you supposed to know if there's something else that you should be doing right now instead of the task that you've chosen? How do you choose what to work on first? It's a whole mess and your indecisiveness is totally cramping your style at the office.

5 You Can Never Relax

Going on vacation? Going on a road trip for a weekend getaway to a nearby city? Or even just going on a so-called staycation and doing what you want, when you want? Well, good luck -- seriously. If you can barely manage to relax in your everyday life, what makes you think you're going to be able to actually calm down, chill out and rest when it's time to take a step back from your daily routine and give yourself a break? If you're super indecisive, you're going to worry about what you should be doing instead of worrying. You're going to regret your vacation destination and wonder if you should have booked a ticket elsewhere. Your brain is a pretty messy place to live, and unfortunately, you just keep getting worse. If you really want to relax, you need to train yourself to stop worrying and wondering.

4 You Feel Tired All The Time

Energy? What's that?! You can't remember the last time you felt like you had enough energy to get through the day, and you're pretty much exhausted 24/7. Your tiredness isn't from working hard or not getting enough sleep -- it's honestly from how crazy you are all the time. Sorry but it totally needs to be said. Your mind is constantly running, exhausting you in the process. You need to learn how to switch it off! You worry so much, wonder so much, that your brain is working overtime, all the time, and that's not good for anyone. Your mental health is suffering, and that's going to make you feel totally exhausted. If you can honestly learn to trust yourself more, have more confidence, and stop thinking that you're not doing the right thing or making the right choice, you won't feel so tired, and you're going to gain more energy on a regular basis. You really, really will.

3 People Don't Give You Advice

Going through an awful break-up? Wondering if you should go on a second date with that cute guy in your life? Figuring out if you should give up on your crappy apartment and find you dream place? Good luck making those decisions because the people you know are absolutely not going to give you any help or advice. Not because they hate you -- but because they know that you are not going to listen. No matter how helpful they are and how well they know you, you're so indecisive that advice just stresses you out. You can never accept that someone knows what they're talking about because since you don't feel that you do, you can't believe it. It's pretty lonely to go through life without getting any help, suggestions or advice because we all need a helping hand sometimes and we all need someone to tell us what we should do. We can't be strong and proud all the time.

2 You Want To Change

When you know that your life is great and you're super happy with how everything is going, you don't want to change. You know you're perfect the way that you are (flaws and all!) and that you're pretty content for the most part, besides the crazy things that happen to each of us on a daily basis. But when you want to change, that is yet another sure sign that you're indecisive because you know that something is up, something is wrong, and there is always room for improvement. So what's stopping you from changing? Well, it's your nature, of course. You worry and wonder that you're okay the way you are and that being more confident could be the wrong choice. But stop driving yourself nuts and start realizing that it's okay to not know if you're making the right decisions, but still, make those choices anyway.

1 You Need To Focus On Yourself More

If people are always telling you that you need to get more confident and learn some self-care habits, then you probably are super indecisive. You often think that you're not really worth that massage or yoga class or early bedtime because you're worrying about all the other things that you should be doing instead. But you really need to focus on you. It's going to give you the strength that you need to really accomplish things in your daily life and finally be able to make decisions that you are comfortable with and feel good about. Once you can do that, you won't be so indecisive... and your friends and mental health will say thank you. You won't believe how awesome you feel every day and how much better you're going to feel about yourself and the people and things in your world, too.

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