15 Things Only A&E Can Tell Us About Brandi From Storage Wars

Brandi Passante was born in 1980 in Harris County, Houston, Texas. She, later on, moved to California. While working for a cleaning company, she met Jarrod who was a sales manager at the same company. The two hit it off almost immediately, both romantically and business-wise. They ventured into business together and although some of their businesses failed, the couple has managed to stick by each other’s side.

Currently, the pair co-stars as auction bidders in A&E’s reality TV show, Storage Wars. Jarrod was the one initially cast by the show but producers only started filming after Brandi got on board. On the show, Brandi appears not only reasonable but also cautious in her job. Here are a few more facts about the star not known by many.

15 Her Brain Is Always Full Of Info

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Unlike her storage units, which are full of valuable stuff, Brandi’s brain has a lot of useless information, useless in the sense that she cannot use it in her business or in real life. However, her fun facts as we have come to know them, come in handy during dinner conversations which thethings.com agree with.

14 Brandi Approached Jarrod

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Brandi and Jarrod met in 1999 at a carpet cleaning company. According to Jarrod, Brandi was the one who made the first move and approached him. The couple has two kids together but they are not married according to Marathi.tv. Jarrod has also proposed to Brandi on the show but we are not sure if the duo has solemnized their union.

13 She Stumbled Upon Storage Wars

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After Brandi and Jarrod left the cleaning company, they tried running a mortgage business, which ended up failing. It was at this point that Jarrod's aunt introduced the couple to storage auctions as stated by thethings.com. Storage Wars producers approached the pair while at an auction and since that day have never looked back.

12 She Is A Good Cook

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We guess that her cooking skills are some of the reasons Brandi has managed to win over the heart of Jarrod and keep it. She is an excellent cook according to ibid4storage.com to the extent that she might be a chef in another life. One of her favorite meals to prepare is chicken stroganoff. Chicken largely features in her soups and potpies.

11 Her Storage Units Are Salted

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Brandi’s love for flavor does not end in the kitchen. According to Fame10, Brandi allows the producers of the show to add valuables to her storage units before the auction begins. Thom Beers, one of the producers has even admitted to this. They do this to keep things interesting on the show.

10 Brandi Has Kinetosis

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Brandi does not let her motion sickness deter her from doing her job. She has had kinetosis for the longest time as revealed by thethings.com but she still gets on the road to attend her auctions, interviews and other business-related errands. However, Brandi advises passengers to sit far from her in case she gets nauseous.

9 She Also Has Escalaphobia

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Escalaphobia or escalatophobia refers to the fear of escalators. Experts believe it is the result of the fear of heights but knowing Brandi and the fact that she suffers from motion sickness, it is no surprise that the moving stairway gives her the jitters. Thethings.com also says that she is afraid of escalators because they can swallow her toes.

8 Brandi Hates Golf

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Brandi does not only hate golf but she loathes it. She says on ibid4storage.com that golf is, “humiliating and there isn’t a more infuriating sport as far as I am concerned.” We are not sure whether this is because she is not good at it or she just does not see the fun of the sport.

7 She Does Not Wear Lipstick

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Most TV stars wear makeup including lipstick but you will never spot this Storage Wars star with a colored lip. She does not hate lipstick per se; she just thinks that it does not look good on her. According to thetalko, Brandi believes that she has chicken lips, and they cannot look good with lipstick.

6 Brandi Is Wealthy

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Selfstoragefinders.com discloses that Brandi has a net worth of $1.5 million. Together with her husband, the duo operates under the business name Now and Then and has a second-hand store in Long Beach, California. Although Brandi is one of the lowest-paid casts on the show, she has managed to strike gold in storage auctions.

5 She Was Caught Driving When She Was Not In The Right State Of Mind

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Brandi was once arrested for driving when she was not in the right state of mind. It's possible to get a mug shot of the reality star online. Her husband is no saint either; since Jarrod has served time for possession. However, those days are behind them. The two now seem like responsible drivers and parents.

4 She Once Sued A Website Owner

Brandi’s reputation was once on the line when Hunter Moore, the owner of a website, posted supposed photos of her. Luckily, she was able to prove that the photos were not real. Tvovermind.com reports that she sued Hunter and won the case. However, she received much less than what she had asked for in damages.

3 She Owns A Thrift Shop

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Brandi and Jarrod are not only life partners but business partners as well. They met on the job and since then they have opened a number of ventures together although not all have been successful. As revealed by selfstoragefinders.com the have a store in California that sells second-hand items that they bid for.

2 Her Spin-Off Show Was Cancelled

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Jarrod got a role on Storage Wars on condition that he would tag his partner along. Brandi and Jarrod appeared to be such an attraction on Storage Wars that they even got their own show, Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job. According to thetalko, the show aired eight episodes before cancellation.

1 She Does Not Want Her Kids To Follow In Her Footsteps

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Although Brandi has been successful both as a storage unit auctioneer and a reality TV star, she does not want any of her two kids to end up like her or take on the business. As much as she appears to be good at her job, thethings.com reveals the Brandi finds her job hard. She wants her kids to try other things and make their own minds about their individual career path.

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