15 Things Miz & Maryse Don’t Want Fans To Know (+ 5 They Flaunt)

Currently known as the “IT" couple, both Miz and Maryse have endured quite the ride to get to where they are today. For the Miz, making it with the WWE was a long shot from the very beginning.

Surprisingly, Miz entered the business through the Tough Enough reality show. Unlike the others, he wasn’t an athlete or anything of that nature. He was just a regular guy trying to live out his dream.

The same holds true for Maryse, who entered as a part of Diva Search. Ultimately, neither Miz nor Maryse won their respective competitions, but they would go on to enjoy fame far greater than the actual winners of the shows.

However, Miz himself will admit that it took a lot in order to find success. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the unforgettable moments from his ride to the top, like getting kicked out of the WWE locker room and being forced to change by himself in the bathroom.

We’ll also document forgettable moments from Maryse’s WWE work. The Montreal native faced a lot of adversity and some heated moments with her fellow co-workers.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 things Miz and Maryse don’t want fans to know and five they flaunt. Let’s get started!

20 Keep Quiet - The Miz Bombed As The Diva Search Host

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Right around 2006, WWE was headed in a different direction. They wanted to get younger and they wanted to push the reality card given that it was just starting to become a big trend.

With that in mind, the company launched the Diva Search competition. The competition itself did pretty well and lots of the winners would go on to have promising professional paths. However, it didn’t look promising for the host of the show, The Miz, who completely bombed in the spot. Miz struggled as the host and he was even caught reading a telephone number from his hand. It wasn’t all bad for Miz during this experience, though; he met his future wife on the show.

19 Keep Quiet - Miz Wasn’t A Great Athlete Growing Up

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In a lot of cases, wrestlers that enter the WWE with no prior experience have at least an athletic background. For Miz, however, this wasn’t the case. Miz briefly played basketball for his high school team, Normandy High. As Miz mentions in his special WWE documentary, he had plenty of heart and was the captain of the team–though he was definitely never the most skilled. Kind of describes his WWE work, as the guy just never gives up.

Perhaps Miz should have gotten into baseball instead. In 2018, he was deemed the celebrity All-Star MVP for his excellent bat skills.

18 Keep Quiet - Maryse Started Working As A Realtor In 2013

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Due to inactivity, Maryse was let go by the WWE in 2011. It was time for both sides to move on at that point. Maryse briefly continued on in the business after that, though ultimately her independent run came to an end.

There were rumors in 2013 of bringing Maryse back for a new concept, the Total Divas reality show. But when that didn’t happen, Maryse completely switched professional paths, becoming a realtor out in Los Angeles. Maryse isn’t the only WWE star to obtain this license; Nikki did the same back in 2014 as evidenced by her admissions on Total Divas.

17 Keep Quiet - Maryse Had Beef With Some Of The Other Divas

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Maryse had some close connections prior to her WWE release. However, when she left the company, things started to fall apart, at least in terms of personal relationships. According to Maryse, the Bella twins held her back from a big opportunity. Years after the fact, she finally confronted Brie Bella about it. Brie denied the claims, stating that Maryse couldn’t stand the fact that Brie was given something while the same opportunity wasn’t presented to Maryse.

Nonetheless, despite the beef, the three seem to be on good terms today. It's likely that they wound up resolving their problems behind closed doors.

16 Keep Quiet - Miz Lost The Tough Enough Competition

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In 2004, Miz partially achieved one of his dreams. He wasn’t signed to a WWE just yet, but he entered a competition that would see the winner earn a WWE deal.

Miz became the villain while the other hopeful, Dan Puder, became the fan favorite. What fans tend to forget is that Miz ultimately fell short of winning the contract. He came in second place, losing out to Daniel Puder. Things would work out quite differently for the two though. Puder would be phased out of the company shortly after while Miz was quietly offered a deal. Miz would go on to main event WrestleMania–clearly, he won the ultimate reward!

15 Flaunt - Their Wealth

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One thing the Miz and Maryse aren’t afraid to do is flaunt their wealth. Yes, the two are known as the A-List couple on-screen, but they act the same way in their everyday lives. The couple flaunted their old California home and they’re doing the same thing with their beautiful Austin, Texas residence, which resembles a castle.

In addition, both Miz and Maryse also flaunted their cars via DUB Magazine. Most WWE stars keep their personal purchases on the down low, but Miz and Maryse tend to do the exact opposite. Given Miz’s net worth alone—totaling over $9 million—he definitely earned the right.

14 Keep Quiet - Miz Got Kicked Out Of The WWE Locker Room

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This is one of those moments Miz wants completely forgotten about. Back in his earlier days, he was kicked out of the WWE locker room. Poor Miz was forced to change in the bathroom of the arena away from the other wrestlers for quite some time.

Miz recalls the story with the WWE Network, claiming Chris Benoit kicked him out of the locker room after it was deemed that Miz spilled his food on another wrestler’s bag. It wasn’t a calm kick out either. Miz claims the late Benoit was yelling and caught the attention of the entire locker room. Talk about a moment best forgotten...

13 Keep Quiet - Maryse Started Her Own Clothing & Jewelry Line

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Following her WWE release, Maryse tinkered with a couple of different options. One of them was starting her own clothing and jewelry line, at least briefly. It was a bold attempt and an admirable one at that. Most fans forget about this—which really explains how well it did...

At the very least, Maryse had a successful launch for the company back in 2012, one that even featured lots of WWE Divas. We’re not sure what went wrong but ultimately, the company slowly faded away. Who knows, maybe she’ll revive the brand once things settle down in other parts of her professional and personal life.

12 Keep Quiet - Maryse Worked As A Model Before The WWE

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Before Maryse joined the WWE, she wasn’t working in the wrestling business. In all likelihood, that’s what she wants fans to believe. Instead, Maryse had a background in the beauty business. She took part in various pageants including the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada, a competition she won in 2003 and was the runner-up for in 2004.

She also did lots of other modeling work. It all changed for Maryse in 2006 when she tried out for Diva Search. Despite her unrelated background, Maryse made the claim that she was a lifelong fan and that it was her dream to join the company.

11 Keep Quiet - Miz Got Caught Reading A Promo Off His Hand

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We touched on this earlier in the article. Miz’s time in the WWE spotlight didn’t get off to the best start. He was caught reading a phone number off of his hand. In Miz’s defense, up until that point, he had no experience as a host and he was asked to remember a heck of a lot of details.

Poor Miz froze in front of the live audience, and let’s just say the WWE crowd didn’t go easy on the newcomer, booing the WWE Superstar for not remembering his line and reading off of his hand. This is definitely one of the better glossed over moments in his otherwise strong WWE stint.

10 Flaunt – The Championships

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From a troubled WWE reality host to multi-time champion, Miz definitely climbed up the ranks. Of course, he isn’t afraid to let the fans know, especially given his history with the IC Championship. Miz won the title eight times and he’s now regarded as one of the top IC Champions of all-time. He definitely has a Hall of Fame resume, winning the WWE Title and enjoying multiple runs with the Tag Championships.

As for Maryse, she did pretty darn well herself, too, winning a Divas Title Tournament in 2010. The Montreal native is a two-time Divas Champion, giving her man a run for his money.

9 Keep Quiet - Miz Was Snubbed By Triple H After His Title Win

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On November 22nd, 2010, Miz enjoyed the biggest night of his professional life. He cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, defeating Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. That’s the pinnacle of any WWE appearance.

He was met by applause from his peers backstage after the match. That was all great until he met Triple H. It was an awkward moment as Triple H was clapping for Miz–Miz then tried to shake Hunter’s hand only to get snubbed. Thankfully, it might have been just a miscommunication as Triple H shook his hand shortly after. Nonetheless, it’s an embarrassing moment he wants us to forget about.

8 Keep Quiet – WrestleMania Victory Tainted

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This was another huge moment for The Miz. Only a select few get the honor of main eventing WrestleMania. For Miz, that lifelong dream became a reality back in 2011 in front of over 71,000 fans at the Georgia Dome. Miz walked in as the champion, taking on John Cena in the main event.

Adding to the prestigious moment, Miz walked out of the event still WWE Champion. Unfortunately, all fans remember is The Rock costing Cena the match. Those events would jump-start a huge feud between Cena and Rock. Unfortunately for Miz, he’s practically an afterthought when it comes to one of the biggest victories of his professional life.

7 Flaunt - Miz’s Talking Smack Promo

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Back in the summer of 2016, it all changed for The Miz. Although he was still a popular name, his star status was fading a little bit. That was a bummer given that he was the Intercontinental Champion.

The night of the popular Talking Smack segment, Miz completely unleashed his woes as he was furious with Bryan’s comments about his resume. Miz was praised for his promo, and what made it all that much better is the fact that it was done on the spot with no script or writer behind it. Miz earned the respect of his peers and the fans with this promo.

6 Keep Quiet - The Reason Behind His Talking Smack Promo

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Some fans don’t know the real reason behind Miz’s Talking Smack promo. He detailed what led to the outburst on WWE.com. According to Miz, he was frustrated that creative had nothing for him that night. That was a big shot considering that he was a title holder. Miz was angered even further that he was passed up for character introductions on the SmackDown show that night.

Miz channeled all his anger for the Talking Smack promo later that night. Everything Miz said wasn’t scripted, and even Daniel Bryan walking off the set was all genuine emotion and not a scripted part of the show.

5 Keep Quiet - Miz’s Movies Didn’t Do Too Well

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Some fans might have forgotten this, but Miz starred in several films for the WWE. John Cena was initially the main character for its The Marine franchise. However later, the company would pass the torch to Miz. He was the main actor in The Marine 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Most of the films really didn’t do all that well and went straight to DVD and Blu-Ray. At the very least though, Miz got his wife Maryse in the fifth film, The Marine 5: Battleground. In the most recent Marine film (Close Quarters), Shawn Michaels and Becky Lynch also enjoyed roles.

4 Flaunt - Success On Reality Television

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Miz and Maryse definitely let everyone know about their new reality series on the USA Network, Miz and Mrs. WWE has a lot of success with reality programming, and given the Miz and Maryse’s busy lives, this definitely seemed like a great idea.

WWE was right. The show was a big success and of course, Miz and Maryse let us know about it constantly on social media. Season one featured six episodes. The show is set to return for a second season in April, this time doubling the number of episodes. The “It” couple seems to be just getting started.

3 Keep Quiet - Miz Grew To Fame On The Real World

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Miz actually grew to some level of fame prior to his WWE path. He took a big leap of faith dropping out of college and joining the cast of MTV’s The Real World in 2001. On the show, Miz showed everyone that he was a huge wrestling fan, though he had no relationship to the WWE at that point.

He would continue on reality programming from his fame on The Real World. Miz took part in Fear Factor and Battle of the Network Reality Stars, too. In 2003, he would finally change paths starting wrestling with the independent promotion Ultimate Pro Wrestling.

2 Flaunt - Longevity

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In particular, Miz loves to gloat about his longevity in the business and in truth, he has reason to. Miz barely takes any times off unless he’s working on another project for the WWE–like one of the Marine films. He joined the company in 2004 and 15 years later, he is still a part of the company and one of the main acts on SmackDown Live.

Like Chris Jericho, Miz seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. He continues to reinvent himself which is huge in the wrestling business. Miz once again recently changed personas turning into a babyface as opposed to his old villain ways and arrogant persona.

1 Keep Quiet - Maryse Was Released By The WWE While She Was Hurt

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This is something that you won’t see happen today. However, when Maryse was released, she was nursing a wound–this is something that is frowned upon, letting a wrestler go while they’re recovering from an ailment. Maryse actually had surgery for an abdominal hernia, and she was inactive for quite some time recovering from it.

Ultimately she was released. Though a lot of it had to do with her card placement. There wasn’t much for Maryse to do at the time–she was managing Ted DiBiase in a lower card role. She finally returned in April of 2016 aiding her husband–Miz walked out of RAW as the IC Champion thanks to Maryse.

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