15 Things Men Don't Understand About The Female Body

Men and women might be equal in terms of what we can accomplish in life these days, but there will always be some differences between us based on our physical anatomy. We not only look different but the way that our bodies work is different based on the fact that we have a different makeup and hormones flowing through us. Then there's also the societal aspects of what we choose to do with our bodies and faces, which also tends to be quite different between the genders. Try as they might, there will just always be some things about the female body that men will not understand, simply based on the fact that they can't truly understand what it feels like to be a woman. They can try to imagine it, but the experience is different. Here are 15 things that men don't understand about the female body.

15 That Not All Of Us Can Eat Whatever We Want

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Many men have a vague awareness of the difference between healthy eating and not eating healthfully... but they don't always have to stick to a diet to keep their bodies looking and feeling great. A lot of men seem to subsist on pizza and stay ripped in the process. Some women also are blessed with super fast metabolisms, but the truth is that most of us are not. For many of us eating an entire pizza in one sitting would seem to show almost immediately when we try to put on our jeans the next day. For those of us who try not to let our weight fluctuate too much, that's an annoying side effect of a delicious diet. For some reason, guys don't always get this. They like to poke fun at the salad order or roll their eyes when we pass on dessert, all the while forgetting that for us to look good we have to also feel good. And gobbling everything in sight doesn't always support that.

14 How Strong Our Physical Intuition Is

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Women know stuff. We just know. We feel things super strongly in our guts. We can tell if something is off or if we have reason to be suspicious of someone, and when things are really off, it can literally give us a stomachache. Guys don't always understand this because they aren't always quite as in tune with their intuition or with their body. We have to be since our bodies go through so many changes on a regular basis. Male bodies just don't in quite the same way. They don't really need to know how powerful female intuition can be since we get to pick and choose when we reveal those thoughts or not. But it's best when they can respect this fact about us since it's not going anywhere and trying to lie against that intuition isn't going to get them anywhere fast. They can always try to spin a tale, but we just know.

13 How Much Cramps Hurt

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Haha. They have no idea. None at all. But we can't really blame them for it, right? It's not like there's any way to simulate the pain of a uterus contracting and shedding a lining of tissue. Well, there is that pad they can stick on to their abdomen and get shocked to simulate the concept of childbirth, but that's still just a simulation. The actual experience is a bit different. Some women experience menstrual cramps so bad that they have to stay home from work or school which is crazy when you think about the fact that we deal with this on a monthly basis without fail. If that sort of pain came out of nowhere without explanation anyone would be terrified for their well-being, but since it's natural for women we just expect to deal with it as we can. Well, we deal with it with lots of chocolate and TV.

12 Why We Get Cold

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Men tend to have more body mass on average than women do and they also don't have to deal with the same type of fluctuations in hormones that we do. For those reasons, they tend to have a little more stability in the temperature department, and where we're likely to get cold they might not be bothered by the temperature alone. It's hard to explain why one minute we're totally fine and the next minute we need their jacket. Or why we didn't bring a jacket at all when we always end up getting cold. That's just the way our bodies work. Luckily for everyone, guys often bring along jackets and then don't really need them, so it usually works out when we need to go snag one from them. We love to dress cute and have as much freedom within that outfit as possible, but we also sometimes regret not bringing a coat. Just sometimes. Yup, we're pretty complicated.

11 That We Feel More Pain


Research has found that women actually feel more pain than men do... but we  just have higher thresholds for handling it. Not only are guys unaware of some of the unique aches and pains that we as females experience from time to time, they honestly wouldn't feel it to the same extent even if they could experience it. In addition to the fact that we have different hormones that make us feel pain differently, there also seems to be a difference in the way that male and female brains process pain. Research on mice has found pain is transmitted from the place of inflammation through an immune system cell called microglia. But in female mice, the feeling of pain is transmitted through T cells, which means that the way that we treat pain might at some point take into account the differences in genders.

10 What It Takes To Get A "Natural" Makeup Look

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Some of us feel naturally beautiful and confident enough that we don't need to wear any makeup. The rest of us like to look natural but more enhanced. Men don't understand how much work it can take to look like we're rocking a totally natural face. When you really go through the steps from skincare to makeup application and everything in between, it can be quite a lot. Curling the eyelashes, trying to grow out the eyebrows, filling in the eyebrows, finding the perfect foundation coverage that doesn't look like foundation at all, finding a lip color that actually enhance our looks instead of taking away from them, etc, etc. It can honestly go on forever. Men often think that a woman is rocking a natural face when she's actually wearing tons of makeup, so they don't really understand all of the tools and steps that are involved in looking great without being obvious.

9 That We Carry Life In Us

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Okay theoretically they get that when a woman is pregnant she has a human inside of her, but the concept is super trippy. It's miraculous, it's totally insane, and it's also a little stressful. It's a lot of responsibility, let's put it that way. The biggest thing that a guy would have to worry about when it comes to intentionally creating a child is whether or not his little guys are swimming. Often they are regardless of what he's eating/drinking/doing to his body, etc. Everything that we as women put into our bodies from the point of conception has the capacity to effect the entire future of that human being. Taking care of ourselves becomes intertwined with that person, which is an odd physical and emotional bond that can't exactly be replicated. We also have to deal with what happens after that baby comes out.

8 That Our Feet Hurt

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Finding a cute pair of high heels that don't hurt our feet is honestly like the holy grail. No matter how comfortable a shoe is, the heel will still hurt our feet based on the fact that there's a lot of pressure on our foot when we hold it at weird angles in our shoes. Add to that the fact that tiny straps are trying to hold our feet in and often digging into us. Cute shoes just hurt. It's really as simple as that. Men have absolutely no idea what this feels like. Maybe they would experience walking all day or getting a blister while running or something, but honestly, it's nowhere near the same experience. Not that we would want them to understand how painful it can be to wear heels by putting them through it, of course, but the empathy is always nice. Some of us are just willing to adopt that "beauty is pain" thing.

7 When We're Hairier Than Normal


We ladies are usually not as hairy as men but we do sometimes have some hairs pop up that just don't belong. Ideally, we handle these as we feel necessary before someone else gets a glance at them, but it can be hard for guys to understand that we also might have some sprouts on the happy trail area. Or the chest. Or the nose. It happens. A lot of women go through extensive hair removal processes like laser and waxing to get rid of hair on their bodies, while others can get away with the occasional plucking. (Of course, some women also leave it be and let it do its thing.) Men don't necessarily have any idea of what we deal with on a regular basis when it comes to hair maintenance. Guys can look great with a few days growth of facial hair but many of us don't feel quite as fresh when we have days of hair growth on our legs.

6 Our Digestive System


Men and women just experience some differences with the digestive system, especially when it comes to the, uh, releasing. Our hormones can totally effect how often (or not) we're going number two, and during that time of the month, a lot of women experience some pretty crazy stuff. Guys don't always understand that everything about the way our bodies work can fluctuate throughout the month. It's also hard (or impossible) to explain how getting it on can aggravate certain other aspects of the digestive system. Doing the deed while constipated is definitely a strange experience. So is doing it while having to go to the bathroom. Yup, TMI. It's just all so close together and when something gets shoved in there, things can happen. It sounds pretty bizarre when you actually think about what's going on at any given time.

5 How Complicated Birth Control Can Be

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A lot of guys hate using rubbers, but they have no idea how much they would really hate all of the crazy things that we do for birth control. When you really think about it, we go through a lot. Many birth controls are hormonally regulated which of course means that we are putting hormones into our body. The ebbs and flows that can occur from that both physically and emotionally can be hard to explain to the gender that never goes through it. In addition to the purely hormonally based birth controls, there are also the kinds that get stuck inside of our bodies. Implants and IUD's both get placed somewhere inside and stay there for quite some time. Can you imagine a guy getting something inserted somewhere in his body? Not so much. They don't always understand that these things can hurt during the insertion and also hurt throughout the process of being used. But we do it because we're responsible.

4 Boobs Are A Lot

Where to Get It

Boobs might be sexy and fun but having them can be pretty complicated. For one thing, those twins can hurt quite a lot when we're PMSing. That's a hard sensation to explain, as is our tendency to get super offended when someone actually pokes a sore boob. How dare you brush against me at my time of the month. Then there's the whole having to wear a bra thing. Those can pinch and dig and just be super uncomfortable. Boobs can be heavy and offering them support can be somewhat helpful, but they're still hanging off our bodies. Guys also don't understand that while running with big boobs might look fun, having those babies slap against the body is not as thrilling as it would seem. The closest thing they can compare the experience to is having junk dangling down there, but really they just don't get it.

3 How Easily Agitated We Get Down There

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The layout of the female anatomy makes it sensitive in a variety of ways. Some of those are good ways and others not so much. Whether or not we're getting busy or doing anything fun, your lady garden is still up for infections at any given time. Some women are just more prone to getting UTIs and yeast infections no matter what they're doing with their body and it can be hard for guys to understand what it feels like when things don't feel right. Women wear super tight yoga pants and that sweat can go to town down there. Not peeing after the deed can get us as well. Even simple hormonal changes can throw off the pH level of your box. Add to that the actual aspect of the deed and things being inserted into the body and it's kind of amazing that your garden is in good shape as much of the time that it is. Some days are just more sensitive than others which is probably hard for guys to imagine.

2 Adult Acne

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Men don't go through the same types of hormonal fluctuations that women do, so they don't always understand why we don't look flawless 24/7. Having a zit or five as an adult can be really annoying and it doesn't always have to do with how we're treating our skin. Those things come from deep inside. Men might have to deal with something like that once a year or something, but most of the time their skin looks consistently fresh and clear without having to do a lot to take care of it. Odds are good that a lot of guys don't even wash their face before they go to bed since they don't have as much to wash off from the day. We have to wash our faces since most of us put makeup on them. Leave that on overnight and you're just asking for trouble. In addition to washing the stuff off, we might also have to put some products back on in an effort to really get that beauty rest.

1 Our Lady Parts

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Sure, many men are quite knowledgeable about the female anatomy and what to do with it, but none of them can actually know what it feels like to have a lady box. And, of course, we'll never have the experience of carrying around their junk. But since the female anatomy is a bit more tucked than the male variety, there seems to be less awareness about what to do with it. Men don't always understand that gentle can be better in some cases since that's not necessarily the case with them. Plus, everyone has their personal tastes on top of our physical differences, so of course, the best stuff happens in the bedroom when people are just simply communicating and responding well to both verbal and nonverbal cues. Cheers to the men who know that they will never exactly understand what it feels like to be a woman but are interested in learning as much as we'll tell them.

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