15 Things Men Do That Women Are Jealous Of

They say that men and women are super different, and while that may not seem super feminist to admit sometimes, we have to say that it's pretty true. Us ladies definitely have more advantages, resources, and career and life opportunities than our predecessors had, and we never take that for granted, not even for a single second. But it's okay to admit that men and women not only think and behave differently in certain ways, but that society expects that to happen, too. When we're in a serious relationship, it can be hard to admit that we act differently than our boyfriends because we're so close to them, they're like a best friend, and we want to share everything in our lives. It's like losing a part of ourselves if we admit that we see the world differently and act differently, too. But sometimes we just have to give in and say, yeah, we're not as similar as we would like to think. Here are 15 things men do that women are super jealous of. While we do things that they are definitely envious of, we don't want it to go both ways. Sigh.

15 Watch A Ton Of Sports

Are you a girl who watches sports on a regular basis? Girls can totally watch sports too, of course -- girls can do whatever they want! But for some reason, society has created this massive stigma where it's considered not super cool for girls to like watching sports. We tend to think that girls only watch hockey or baseball or basketball if they're tuning in with their boyfriend (such a stereotype!) and we don't seem to understand that yeah, a lot of females just straight-up enjoy watching these games. We're pretty frustrated by this fact because a lot of us are huge sports fans and we'd love the respect and understanding that we deserve. Girls who watch sports, we totally have to unite and make people understand that this is no big deal and it's completely normal.

14 Eat Whatever They Want

UGH. Don't we just hate guys?! They can totally indulge in any kind of junk food, any time of day, anywhere they want. And they take full advantage of this fact. They're eating pepperoni pizza for breakfast, Italian sub sandwiches for lunch and massive plates of ribs and French fries for dinner. They also snack on potato chips (we're talking all the flavors) and candy and can eat ice cream like it's seriously going out of style. They never think about gaining weight and they never really seem to gain all that much weight, either, even though they pretty much eat more unhealthy food than healthy stuff.

13 Gain Weight And Still Look Hot

Okay, so this is kind of controversial, but hear us out. We are not body shaming at all -- it's completely normal to be all kinds of shapes and sizes. But we each have a normal weight range (usually of around five pounds) that is where we feel most comfortable and confident. So when we get above that weight range, we do want to work a bit harder in the gym and eat a bit healthier (so less French fries, more veggies, basically). We just want to get back to our healthiest, happiest self, that's all. But guys can gain some weight and still look incredibly hot. After all, the dad bod is super in right now, and a lot of us are super into that kind of thing. This is just one of those uncomfortable double standards that is probably always going to exist, no matter how annoying it is.

12 Drink A Million Beers

Okay, so when we drink even just half a beer, let alone a bunch of them, what happens? We're talking 100 bathroom breaks. Okay, okay, maybe not quite that many but it sure feels like that. So we don't usually drink beer when we go out whether it's to a bar with our friends or a party, because we want to actually enjoy our evening and not spend the entire time peeing. Sounds pretty fair. But guys, oh guys -- they can drink about a million beers and not seem to have to pee even once. Seriously, it's a talent. Just observe any male in your life next time you're grabbing drinks or celebrating something. They can knock them back like nobody's business. Even if they do have to pee, they're not going to admit it, so it's basically like having superpowers or something.

11 Fight With Friends And It's No Big Deal

When we have an argument with a friend, it's a massive, massive deal... especially if it's a bestie. We are incredibly sad, upset, hurt and dramatic about the whole thing, and anyone within a half mile radius of us knows that this is a huge problem in our lives. Nope, that's not how guys fight. Guys fight verbally and physically (but it's usually pretty tame/part of a sports game or just messing around) and within five minutes, all is totally forgiven. Yeah, that's not how we operate. We wish that we could, because girl friendships are really hard sometimes and we fight with our friends way more often than we want to. If we wanted to take a page from the male book, though, we could, and just apologize right away and tell our friends that we want things to be back to the way that they were. Worth a try, right? Our friends won't exactly mind that we want to just move on and be peaceful again.

10 Look Sloppy Yet Good, Too

We can't go to Starbucks with unwashed, unbrushed hair, no makeup, and wearing our PJ'S. We just can't. It's against our womanly nature and beliefs or something. But guys? Yeah, they'll walk around in sloppy t-shirts and jeans and look super hot. We can't get over how great and cute they look, right? It is totally and completely unfair, and yet this is probably not going to change anytime soon. We couldn't go to the office looking unpolished either, but guys can pretty much do that too and it's considered to be hipster or something. Why does this happen? We have zero idea but we would really like to know why so we can stop it. Not that we think we'll be successful, but just because it bugs us so much and we think that this injustice needs to end already.

9 Burp/Scratch In Public

Look, we have a lot of bodily functions and for the most part, they're the same, whether you're a guy or a girl. But it's somehow societally acceptable for guys to burp or scratch when they're in public, whether at the movies or just walking down the street. It's not super attractive and it can seriously gross us out. But it's just the way that it goes for guys, or at least that's what society tends to think. What a double standard, right? If a guy burps, sure it's disgusting but everyone accepts it and moves on without a second thought. If a girl burps, well, everyone completely freaks out. It's just not considered ladylike and it's one of those stereotypes that rears it ugly head but will never go away. It's not that we wish we could do this, because yeah, it's gross. But we just wish it wasn't considered okay for guys to do it. Sigh.

8 Seem Clueless Yet Adorable

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When we don't know what we're talking about, we look super dumb and ditzy. Just look at any female-centric reality series. There are recaps and memes and all kinds of people laughing their heads off. People make fun of us, even if we were making an honest mistake or said the wrong thing or something. But if our boyfriend or best guy friend or male coworker is clueless, he still seems totally adorable and charming. We don't hold it against him and we're totally cool with setting him on the right path or explaining the info to him. But when we don't know something, it's a massive deal. We're not always going to know everything, of course, so it would be really nice if this double standard would stop happening. Please and thank you.

7 Terrible At Making Plans

Is there a male in your life (boyfriend, husband, friend, brother, cousin, whoever) that is good at making plans? If you say yes, you're a liar. Sorry. But men can't make plans. They just can't. We get super sick of trying to get our boyfriends to plan dates because they just aren't all that into it, for the most part. They don't quite get the concept that if you want to see a movie and go to dinner before, you kind of have to think about it ahead of time. You can't just show up at the movie theatre and try to see whatever happens to be showing in about five to ten minutes. Men basically suck at making plans, and we're super jealous of that. Why? Because they can be lazy and get away with it. We, on the other hand, have to make all the plans. Seriously, all of them. It gets pretty exhausting.

6 Sleep In Super Late

We have to give it to guys. They are really, really good at sleeping. Like really good. They can sleep in until 1 or even 2 or even 3 p.m. It's a talent, right? We're not exactly like that. We can maybe sleep until 8 a.m. on Saturday or Sunday morning, but because we're so used to getting up early for work and our minds are always moving a million miles a minute, well, our brains just won't let us sleep in. We hate it but it's just a fact of life at this point. We remember the good old days of high school and college when weekends were completely made for sleeping in. So yeah, we're a little bitter and jealous of guys who can sleep in like it's no problem at all. They know it too, because they're always pretty smug about it. When we ask them what we did that day, they're all "Me? I slept until 4. Not much."

5 Talk About Literally Anything

We have to admit that guys are pretty much Kings Of Small Talk. They are really, really good at talking about basically nothing at all. They can take any topic under the sun and beat it to the ground. Seriously, think about any jerk you met at a friend's birthday party, in a college classroom or even on a bad date. That guy could talk, right? Right. Of course we can chat a lot (like, a lot) but we tend to talk about things of substance. Well, hopefully, anyway. But guys are great at talking about random stuff like how tired they are or how much they want to grab a beer or how excited they are that it's finally summer. We try to humor them but for the most part, sorry but it's not really that interesting or exciting to listen to. But they're pretty cute so we do like to keep them around.

4 Be Mysterious

When we're mysterious, we're told we need to open up and we're too afraid of our emotions and that this needs to change ASAP. But when guys are mysterious? They're super hot. They're boyfriend material and we want to find out more about them as soon as possible, but we're also okay just going along for the ride. Ugh, yet another annoying thing about the opposite sex. We don't think it's fair that we get tons of flak for being mysterious but men are even more attractive to us when they hold back. We think it's a conspiracy or at least a strategy on their part to make sure that we fall for them. Of course, it works, which is even more irritating. If only we could just walk away when a guy refused to share his entire life story with us. But that's much easier said than done.

3 Hide Their Feelings

When we hide how we feel about someone, it's considered really unfair, because you're not supposed to play games. But guess what? Guys hide their feelings every single day. It's considered totally fine for them to play their cards close to their chest when they meet a new girl and not decide how they feel about her for ages, sometimes even weeks or months. Their friends congratulate them on being so cool and collected, pat them on the back and then they go back to playing video games (or whatever guys do in their spare time -- again, a total mystery). We think it's a shame that it's become so cool for guys to hide how they feel because if they don't tell us, we're going to just turn right around and assume they're not into us. They don't seem to understand the consequences of their actions (or inaction, as the case might be).

2 Have Messy Apartments

OMG. Have you ever been to a guy's apartment? Maybe it was your college boyfriend's dorm room, or even just his childhood bedroom. You were super shocked, right? It's incredible how messy a guy's living space is... and what's even more amazing is that he totally gets away with it. No one tells him to clean it up. No one says it's disgusting and he should really take more care with the appearance of his apartment. Nope, it's considered just part of his lazy charm or something. But when we don't wash our dishes for even a day or forget to vacuum, we never hear the end of it from our roommates or mom. Hey, sometimes a girl gets super busy with work and life and TV. It's hard to keep our apartments as nice as we want to all the time, but guys don't even care and it's totally fine.

1 Charm Us No Matter What

We don't have this kind of effect on the opposite sex, but oh, how we wish we did. Any kind of guy, no matter what his background or life story or whatever, can totally and completely charm us. We can be super mad at him but if he's sweet or cute or just super smart, well, it's hard for us to stay mad at him for a long time (or even five minutes), and it's harder for us to walk away and push him out of our life. Guys are charming, let's just go ahead and admit that fact. It's not the best thing in the world, it's not the worst, it just is what it is as they say. It would be nice if this wasn't true, because we don't always want to like who we like, but this is just one of life's little mysteries that we don't think we're ever going to solve. So we'll just go ahead and keep being charmed by the guys in our life. And totally and completely jealous that they have this effect on us and so many others.

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