15 Things Lazy Celebs Do That Will Have You Burning With Envy

Sure, celebrities have absolutely no privacy and can barely go to the bathroom without someone dissecting their every move, but there is a lot good stuff that comes with that kind of fame, too: most notably, the money! This money allows celebrities to do a lot of things most people couldn’t. Some celebrities are more inclined to use this money for good and donate it to charity or other philanthropic programs, but some celebrities like to use their money to make their life as easy as possible. A lot of the time that means hiring people to do even the most basic and mundane every day tasks for them.

If you aren’t a multi-millionaire, you might be thinking how silly it is to spend money on someone walking your dog for you every day, but it is also nice to imagine not having to lift a finger because you had someone else to do it for you. Many celebrities are given a hard time for hiring people to do everything for them, but until we’re in the same situation, it really isn’t fair to judge them for it. Imagine all the time you’d have to play Candy Crush if you didn’t have to shop for those darn groceries, or all the emails you could get done if you had someone else to drive you during rush hour. Maybe the novelty would wear off quickly, but either way, it’s fun to imagine! Here are 11 things lazy celebrities do that will make you majorly jealous!

15 Live-In Housekeepers


Wouldn’t it be nice to know that when you’re done with the towel, it’ll be swept away to be cleaned immediately and you won’t even have to lift a finger? Or that your every step will be followed by a devoted housekeeper making sure you leave no mess or destruction in your path? Okay – having your every step followed might not be so fun, but having a full-time live-in housekeeper is a dream for so many people! This frees up so much extra time in your home and you never have to worry about surprise guests showing up to a messy home. Many celebrities opt for full-time housekeepers, and considering how big many of their homes are, these housekeepers likely have to work very hard!

14 24/7 Nannies


Some people not only work full-time, but also have children to care for that they can’t pawn off on a nanny. Anyone who has done this knows how challenging raising kids is, whether you’re working at the same time or not. Some celebrities and other wealthy people have nannies that are around 24/7 to do everything for a celebrity’s children. Some of these children end up bonding with their nannies more than they do with their parents because they spend so much more time with them than they do their parents. It has been rumored that Kim and Kanye hired a $2,000 per night nanny when North was first born so she wouldn’t interrupt their sleep. This kind of news is always disappointing when you think of how many people would love to have a baby, and all the ways that money would be better spent!

13 In-Home Trainers


Looking good can be a full-time job, and if your paycheck and your career relies on you maintaining your figure, or shaping up for a new role, you’re going to hire the best of the best of celebrity trainers. While having world class trainers is a great luxury to many people, some lazy celebrities take it one step further by having the trainer come to their home so they don’t have to go to a gym. For some celebrities who have no privacy, it’s understandable why they wouldn’t want to be photographed and followed constantly at a gym, but others could toss a ball cap on and go for it if they wanted to.

12 Errand-Running Assistants


Maybe it’s a Sunday morning and you were out a little too late the night before but you’re dying for a hangover meal and an iced coffee. It might seem torturous to drag yourself out of bed and get dressed to satisfy your cravings, but just imagine having an assistant whose job it is to run these kinds of errands for you! Celebrities who hire errand-running assistants like this tend to be A-list celebrities who are bombarded every time they leave their home so it’s easier to have someone else do it. If being someone’s assistant doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, imagine getting to be George Clooney’s right-hand woman and even getting to live in a detached house on his properly so you’re available whenever he needs you! Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

11 Hair and Makeup Team for Everyday Use


Most, if not all, celebrities hire hair and makeup people to glam them up for red carpet events, but some celebrities (ahem, the Kardashians!) have hair and makeup teams that get them ready every day! Just like working out and staying in shape can be critical for a successful career, always having your hair and makeup done perfectly can make or break your career in the same way. This is especially true if you’re a Kardashian who is known for looking good, and to be honest, not much else! That’s probably why the Kardashians have a dedicated beauty team consisting of makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, Joyce Bonelli, Jen Atkin, and others.

10 Interior Decorators


Decorating on a budget is certainly possible, but for a person with millions of dollars and the coinciding budget to hire a world-class interior designer, it's no wonder celebrity houses are impeccably decorated! Some people hire interior designers and decorators to give suggestions for improvements and changes in their home once it is already set up, but some celebrities hire interior decorators to do their entire home. The decorators will be given free reign to decorate as they please and with celebrity houses being as big as they are, this is no small task. Having all of the shopping, decorating, and moving taken care of when you move into a new home has got to be one of the greatest perks of being a celeb!

9 On-Demand Drivers


Think of the thousands of hours you'll spend in the car over the course of your life and all the things you could get done in that time if you didn't have to focus on driving. Celebs have thought of this and many hire full time drivers to be at their beck and call. Considering how many celebrities have been known to be charged with drunk driving, hiring a professional driver is a smart choice for keeping the roads safer. People often book a car for trips to the airport, but to be able to have a driver for every day tasks would sure give you a lot of extra time to catch up on other things.

8 Dog Walkers


We all love our furry friends, and with the busy schedule celebrities keep, they tend to hire dog walkers to make sure their pooches are properly exercised every day. If you can relate to the feeling of coming home and being exhausted after a long day's work but knowing you still have to walk your dog, hiring a dog walker probably seems like a dream come true. Walking your dog is a great bonding experience, however, and it helps build the relationship between you and your dog so if you are always missing out on walking your dog, your bond could suffer and the dog could become more attached to its walker.

7 Hire Someone to Grocery Shop for Them


Another every day task that is inconvenient and monotonous for a lot of people is grocery shopping. Several celebrities choose to have someone else do their grocery shopping, but not just because they are lazy. A-list celebrities can't do anything without being followed, and that includes grocery shopping, as boring as it may seem. By paying someone to do it for them, they save time and the hassle of being recognized or hounded by the paparazzi for pictures. If you are someone who succumbs to temptations at the supermarket, hiring a grocery shopper might be a good health choice, too!

6 Pay Someone to Do Their Children’s Homework with Them


It's been a long time since we've done elementary school math, so having to teach a child to do it can be challenging. Still, most parents enjoy getting this opportunity to help their child and further their bond. Celebrities, however, have been known to hire people to do their children's homework with the child instead. This isn't the worst decision, as these professional tutors can likely help the children more effectively and teach them things that their parents couldn't. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin sought a tutor for their children to teach them things like Mandarin Chinese, French, Greek, chess, sailing, and other skills most children (or even adults) never will!

5 In-Home Chefs and Servers


As fun as dinner parties may be, they are a lot of work for the hosts! You're not only stuck cooking and preparing drinks, but it is your job to entertain your guests and make sure your home is clean and organized. To spare themselves the work and stress that dinner parties can be, celebrities will often hire cooks and servers to prepare and serve drinks and food. To take it one step further, some celebs have full time servers and cooks to bring them their every meal and satisfy their every craving without them having to lift a finger. Unless cooking is your passion, this is one thing lazy - errr. busy... celebrities do that might be more useful than all the rest!

4 Have Someone Dress Them

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Having someone dress you for special events isn't exactly uncommon, but some celebrities are so lazy they have someone dress them every day. They will hire stylists who lay out all of their clothes for the week ahead so all they have to do is wake up and put on their already ironed clothes and go! Some celebrities also like to bring a stylist on vacation with them, and if they don't do that, they'll have them pack their suitcase for them with the perfect vacation outfits. Dressing oneself is a basic skill we learn at a young age, but with so much money to spare and the ability to hire a person who knows what will look best on you is a big perk of being rich and famous! When you look at pictures of celebrities before and after they hire stylists, it often shows why it's a good investment! Some people don't naturally have a great sense of style so they hire help, while other celebrities prefer to style themselves.

3 Paying Someone to Tweet For Them

Tweets can only be 140 characters long, so you might think handling a task like updating your Twitter account is something anyone with a phone and fingers could handle. But some celebrities like to hire people to handle all of their social media accounts, including tweeting about mundane, every day things that seem so boring it's inconceivable they would pay someone to do it for them. Many people like to hire social media professionals to handle big launches or movie premieres, etc., but getting someone to tweet pretending to be you and describing what you had for lunch is just plain lazy and a waste of money. Although, when you have that much money to spend, it can't hurt.

2 Hiring a Companion

Ready to hear about the easiest job ever? Being a celebrity friend-for-hire! Okay, if the celebrity you're working for is a total nightmare to be around, this may not actually be the easiest job in the world, but getting paid to hang out with a rich and famous person still sounds pretty good to most of us. Although celebrity lives seem so glamorous and busy, they often have a hard time finding friends or people to trust who won't sell them out to the press or use them for their money. If a celebrity hires a companion, they can legally bind them to not share any information they learn about that celebrity. Still, knowing that someone is hanging out with you because they are being paid to do so probably doesn't make them feel all that less lonely.

1 Anything Mariah Carey Hires People to Do

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Mariah Carey is known for shamelessly owning her diva status, and nothing solidifies that status more than the large staff she has hired to do the most basic things for her, that most of us do without thinking twice. Among the things she has apparently hired people to do are: a chauffeur for her dog, a person to follow her around with a glass of water if she's thirsty, a person to wipe her hands clean when she touches anything, and to wipe things before she touches them, a cleavage monitor, a masseuse, and a dietician. That's right: someone's literal job description is a "cleavage monitor" and they're likely paid handsomely for it. As silly and unnecessary as all of these jobs seem, Mariah Carey has the funds to support them, and she single-handedly contributes to decreasing unemployment rates.

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