15 Things Kylie's Lip Kit Factory Workers Have Had To Endure

With all of the attention on Kylie Jenner giving birth to a baby girl, we have almost forgotten that she also runs a makeup empire. We have to say almost, only since  Kris Jenner quickly reminded us of it again on February 1st the day that Stormi Kardashian was born. As the youngest of the sisters, Kylie, was in labor when mama Kardashian took to Instagram to reveal a special edition lip kit celebrating the shade Posie K's anniversary. Of course, this led fans to believe that Kylie had named her daughter Posie, but alas, they were misinformed.

Not only is Kylie now a young mother, but she is also a successful entrepreneur running a business that is set to be worth one billion by 2022. Although the young reality television star didn't have a lot of business experience prior to Kylie Cosmetics, that hasn't slowed her down. In fact, every time she releases a new lip kit, it sells out in a matter of hours or even minutes sometimes. Kylie and makeup fans alike can't get enough of her products. But what is it really like to work for Kylie at the Lip Kit factory? Well, some former employees and consumers have expressed their concerns via the Internet, and it's allegedly not all roses and butterflies.

15 Working Conditions Have Been Said To Feel Like A Sweatshop

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Former employees at the Lip Kit factory have alleged that the working conditions sometimes mimic a sweatshop. One former employee, in particular, took to Indeed to express her frustrations about working at the company.

She titled her review, "sweatshop" and said, "the pay is very minimal for the amount of work that is requested with no benefits and along-term of achieving until you are even reconsidered to be an actual part of the company."

Another disgruntled employee shared that they keep you there for so many hours that you have no life. The factory is located at Spatz Laboratories, and the CEO took to the internet to dispute the claims. She said, "these allegations are completely false and fabricated."

14 It's Been Revealed That Employees Recieve Little To No Benefits And Are Being Paid The Minimum

While it undoubtedly takes a lot of manpower to run such a big business like Kylie Cosmetics, some employees claim they are not compensated properly. Former employees shared their angst online at Indeed, saying that there are no benefits offered. Regardless of the number of hours that you work, if you are an assembly line worker, benefits are not offered to you. Although it is unclear how the pay structure and benefit structure works for the higher up positions. One employee stated, "Early morning shifts long hours…No benefits. The turn over rate was high." The same reviews also revealed that the employees are being paid minimum wage. One employee said, "minimum wage was about all you can get. Minimum wage in the state of California is currently $10.50/hour.

13 In Some Cases, The Products Have Made Employees Ill

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Some employees have claimed that the products and the work environment were making them ill. One employee took Indeed to say, "Early morning shifts long hours...was only provided with a lab coat, hair net, and safety glasses. No benefits...I love that I could see how makeup was made from start to finished but the downfall is that the makeup particles made me cough and sick."

According to an online report, Spatz laboratories where the Lip Kit factory is located was not inspected by the FDA since 2006.

They have since released a report though outlining some of the negatives of the factory (which can be seen below). A rep for the company has negated the claims, saying that they "passed the most recent, third-party social and responsibility audit."

12 Facilities Have Been Said To Be Dirty

Some employees have also claimed that the workspace is dirty and that there are too many people working in too small of a space. One employee said, "Unclean work environment with little room to advance." Another employee claimed in a review, "Oily floors. Dangerous place to work. Smells of gases. Dirty atmosphere." It must be noted though, that not all of the reviews were bad. On the other hand, other employees said it was a "nice working environment." The rep for the company denied the claims, saying their employee's security and safety was their number one priority. Another employee also revealed that it could be rather hot in the factory. This individual claimed, "Hardest job was trying to stay focus because it can be hot in the place."

11 Allegedly, The Managers Are Noted To Be "Aggressive"

Some of the negative reviews on Indeed were solely focused on the management team at the Lip Kit factory. One individual claimed, "great people to work with but management needs improvement. Doesn't care about employees." Another individual said, "The work was fast-paced, product had to be packaged, and quotas had to be made."

"Some of the managers were persecuting towards other employees making it uncomfortable to work there."

"It was hard to interact with fellow employees as everyone worked individually. Expectations were unrealistically high for new hires if you did not meet the standards you were fired. The workloads were intense, so the most enjoyable part of working there was the breaks."

Another employee also said there was rivalry among the 'alpha females" working there, which makes it tough to move up in the ranks.

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10 The Products Are Very Similiar To Color Pop, Which Sometimes Leads To Confusion

Kylie Jenner has experienced a lot of slack over the years in regards to her products being too similar to other companies. In particular, she was called out for her Lip Kit line resembling the Color Pop line. A side by side comparison of the consistency and colors of the makeup by some fans, reveals that there are some similarities. Kylie also came under fire for her Lip Kit advertising, as it was alleged she took imagery from a Los Angeles based make-up artist. Kylie posted a photo on Instagram showing off metallic rose gold lips and the make-up artist instantly took to Instagram to call her out. Kylie later added the woman's name to the credit of the image but then later removed the image altogether.

9 At Times, Eyeshadows Have Caused Employees To Have Migraines

When Kylie Jenner diversified her makeup line and began offering eyeshadows, it wasn't necessarily met with the reception she had hoped. Both from customers and employees alike. Employees who were part of the assembly line for the eyeshadows claimed that it was giving them migraines.

One complaint to the Better Business Bureau stated that the eyeshadows "gave off a strong chemical odor." While another person said that the smell leads to a "horrible headache."

Customers took to Twitter to share their disappointment about the product. They compared the smell to "paint", "bleach" and "sharpies." One Twitter user stated, "why does the royal peach pallette smell like death and bleach?" Lip Kit's rep defended by saying the odor was from the packaging and not the product. Research has shown that it is common for strong chemical odors to cause headaches.

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8 In Certain Cases, Ants Have Been Found In The Packaging

A woman took to Reddit horrified after she claims she discovered ants in her Lip Kit packaging. As the box was sealed upon delivery she concluded that the ants must have come from the Lip Kit factory. The woman shared the images of her ant-covered lip kit online. Followed by a statement which read, "I received this package on August 21st and noticed a bunch of ants inside and outside the package. With weird food particles inside." The woman then said she reached out to the Kylie Cosmetics customer service team who apologized and said she would receive a new package. After twelve days she had still not received the package, so she took to Reddit again, which is when the manager contacted her apologizing. It is believed she has since received the new package.

7 Unsanitary Store Displays Have Caused An Outrage In Certain Retailers

After launching a Kylie Cosmetics Pop-up across Topshop stores, it didn't quite get the anticipated reaction. Customers took to social media to share their disbelief about how dirty and unsanitary some of the store displays were looking.

People shared that the displays were "disorganized" and "'gross" and shared images like the one above to showcase it.

A YouTuber named Halsey visited the pop-up in Atlanta and said, "I don't know how or why makeup got all over this Kylie Cosmetic sign, but this is only the terrible beginning." She then shared images of the product she purchased and claimed that its packaging was also stained, "bent and beat up." One customer asked a Topshop employee about the display who told her to talk about it with the manager.

6 Fans Have Been Enraged By Empty Packages Being Shipped

It is alleged that the Better Business Bureau had received multiple complaints about people receiving empty Lip Kit packages. Although based on the evidence this may not be the fault of Kylie Cosmetics. Sources report that it appears that the product is being stolen from the boxes by thieves before customers have a chance to open them. Apparently, this has to do with the fact that the packaging is so distinctive and because there is such a high-demand for the product. The companies rep have reportedly contacted the BBB and told them they would work toward resolving this issue by changing the packaging. Reports said that they would make the labeling more subdued as well so as not to attract attention from thieves. They will allegedly start packaging the product in a plain brown box.

5 Kylie's Letter Fundraising For Children With Cleft Palates Caused Outrage

A letter written by Kylie's team in a bid to raise money for kids with cleft palates came under serious fire. Within the letter, kids with cleft palates are allegedly compared to Halloween monsters. The charity called Smile Train sent a letter to individuals seeking donations with the following question: 'What if every day felt like Halloween?' They then had a photo of a child with a cleft lip and beside it the text: 'You have the power to end their nightmare!'

Since sending out these letters endorsed by Kylie Cosmetics, the company has been under a lot of scrutinies.

In particular, some parents are speaking out against them and saying that they will no longer be donating to the Smile Train charity. Critics believe they need to be more mindful of their marketing campaigns.

4 Kylie Has Open Spoke About Asking Her Housekeeper To Act As A Swatch Model

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When it comes to promoting her Lip Kit, fans continuously see Kylie painting the colors on her skin. However, she has recently revealed that it is often not her arm but her housekeeper's arm. This statement has infuriated her fans, which have shared their disdain for the comment on social media. Kylie shared, "My housekeeper, I use her arm for my Snapchats. She has the best arm for swatches. She's so nice and just sits there and has her arm ready and lets me do my thing." This revelation has led fans to questions whether Kylie is paying her housekeeper to do this extra bit of work. Fans are saying how the business is worth about $400 million now and that they would hope that Kylie is paying her to model her lipsticks.

3 Allegedly, Employees Work In A Crowded Space

Employees on indeed have noted that they work in very cramped quarters at the Lip Kit factory. One employee stated that it was because they were hiring too many people without enough room to support all the new hires. This employee said, "My Experience at Spatz was really good socially but work-wise the company was really unorganized when it came to the parking lots and hiring people. They would hire too many people and not have enough parking spots for them!"

Another employee added, "Ownership of the company is focused on the bottom line and not very concerned with the quality of life of their employees."

"For example, no PTO is allowed to be taken during the months of November and December. They are also making several Saturdays and Sundays mandatory to work."

2 The FDA Has Noted Negative Reports About The Factory

According to FDA records, there were some questionable things that they discovered about the way things work within the factory. The report revealed, “the batch production and control records do not include a statement of the actual yield and percentage of theoretical yield.” Another part of the report revealed “batch production and control records do not include complete labeling control records.” Lastly, the reports also claimed, “Equipment used in the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of drug products is not of appropriate design, of adequate size, and suitably located to facilitate operations for its intended use.” Since this report was listed, it had been claimed that the company has resolved the issues as they have not been cited for them since. Although, it is unclear if they have inspected them since.

1 Kylie Has Already Shipped Out Defective Products

Kylie Cosmetics has apparently shipped out defective products to multiple people. Makeup artist Jeffree Star took to Twitter to share the defective brushes that he received upon ordering one of Kylie's Lip Kits. As can be seen in the image above, the brushes were bent out of shape.

Jeffree first posted on his Twitter saying, "So I got the new @kyliecosmetics lip glosses...SO disappointed in this product. This wand is unacceptable."

Jeffree revealed that after posting about this on his Twitter, he was flooded with other customers similar stories. He claimed that the other customer complaints were being ignored. The reps at Kylie cosmetics, however, released a statement saying that anyone who received defective wands would get a new set in the mail. There are no reports on how long the deliveries took and if everyone did end up getting them.

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