15 Things It's Okay To Have Not Learned By 30

What is it with 30? As if there isn't enough internal pressure about turning 30 and being a real, actual adult, there's endless lists online about things you're supposed to do, see, and know by 30. Since when are we supposed to have our lives figured out by 30? Who made this rule?

There's also a feeling of pressure because our generation is a bit different from those before us. We're putting off marriage, buying a house and having children until later in life. It's no longer odd to still be 30 and renting an apartment, even though most of our parents were on a different path by 30.

Also, even those people in their 30s who are married with children and a mortgage don't have it all figured out. People in their 40s, 50s, and 60s don't have it figured out either. There’s really no ‘right’ way to do life, but there are countless articles listing things that you have to learn and know by 30. Well, forget those lists. All those lists really just makes people feel bad about not having mastered something by 30 and that’s total bs. Everyone is welcome to living their own life and we shouldn't judge anyone for not knowing if they want children or how to ride the subway by 30.

So, here are 15 things you can totally feel fine about not knowing by 30.

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15 Exactly What Work Out You Love

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Do we all really need another reminder that our metabolism is slowing down? At 30, we officially cannot eat French fries or dessert without paying for it. We’re supposed to start counting calories and working out four times a week. It honestly all sounds really exhausting and makes me want to eat even more French fries.

We’re told that working out is easier when you find the work out you love, and that this is something that should be accomplished by 30. Well, what if you don’t find the work out you love by 30? What if you’ve only really found that you love binge-watching shows on Netflix? That’s completely fine. You don’t have to ever like working out, but you do, unfortunately, have to do it if you want to maintain your weight as you age.

It’s completely fine if, at 30, you dread going to the gym. A lot of us do, and a lot of us always will.

14 How To Roll Out Of Bed Early On The Weekends

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Being a functioning adult seems to mean that you have to be productive on the weekend. The general thought is that people who are 30 or older will rise and shine on the weekend. By noon, it's assumed that anyone over 30 has already gone for a jog, had brunch with friends, read the New York Times, been to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a new shower mat, and volunteered at an animal shelter. Just thinking of doing all those things makes me want to stay in bed even longer.

If, by 30, you still use your weekends to relax, that’s completely fine. Some of us have stressful jobs from which we need Saturday and Sunday to unwind. Also, some of us may not have hobbies, which is okay too. If your weekend hobby is ordering Chinese food and scrolling through your Instagram feed, there’s no judgment there. 30 year olds should totally be entitled to down time on the weekend too.

13 What You Want To Do For The Rest Of Your Life

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If you still don’t know what the hell you want to do with the rest of your life, that’s completely fine. In fact, some people never really know what they want to do and that’s okay too. The important part is that you are a happy, healthy person contributing to the world in some way. If you’re working as a coffee shop barista, you are contributing in a large way to the mornings of many customers - and bonus points if that coffee shop is a small business.

Never underestimate whatever it is you do for a living and don’t worry about the rest of your life. At 30, Harrison Ford was a carpenter and Martha Stewart was a stockbroker. They eventually found their paths and so will you. The pieces will all come together and pressuring yourself to have everything figured out will not help one bit.

12 How To Cook Complex Meals

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Not everyone is a world-class chef. In fact, not everyone can even make a dinner. By 30, you should know your strengths and your weaknesses. If you aren't a good cook, that's fine. Don't beat yourself up about it. Don't pressure yourself to cook for guests if even you don't enjoy eating the food you cook. Instead, go to a restaurant or order take out. In our modern world, there are a ton of alternative options to cooking your own food.

Of course, ordering out all the time can get kind of pricey but you pick and choose your battles. If you don't feel like battling with the stove, you're going to have to battle it out with your wallet. Also, take pride in whatever it is you can whip up. If you're the mac and cheese queen, be proud to be the mac and cheese queen.

11 If You Want To Have Kids

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If anyone says anything to you about a biological clock at the age of 30, you should probably punch them. Okay, that's not great advice, but, really, you shouldn't have to worry about whether you'd like to have children yet or not.

With all of the medical advances, women aren't having too much trouble getting pregnant much later in life. In fact, the average age for a woman to get pregnant now is 29. 29! At 30, you're not even that far from average, ya know? To cut everyone some slack though, the whole 'biological clock' thing is still a thing and women used to get pregnant much earlier in life. In 1968, the average age was 23. At 23, most of us were having a difficult time nursing our hangovers so nursing a child was, like, so out of the question.

This, like everyone else on this list, isn't something that should keep you up at night. If you're meant to be pregnant in life, you will, someday, be a mother. You just need to trust in that and ride the wave.

10 How To Give Yourself A Blow Out

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Personally, I’m going to die without knowing how to give myself a blow out. I’ve read so many articles about how to give myself a blow out. I’ve even watched YouTube tutorials about how to give myself a blow out, and I still have absolutely no idea. I, of course, can blow dry my hair and make it look okay, but it’s no Blake Lively level blow out.

If you don’t know how to give yourself a salon quality blow out by the age of 30, that’s fine. You may never learn. I’m never going to learn and that’s just something I’ve come to terms with, even though having Blake Lively hair without having to go to a professional would be kind of nice. Instead, what you can focus on is mastering certain hairstyles for your hair length and texture, whether it be how to straighten your hair, how to give your hair the perfect wavy curls, or how to create the perfect ponytail.

9 To Design An Instagram-Worthy Apartment

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Some of us don’t have that amazing eye for interior design and that’s fine. You don’t have to figure out how to have an Instagram-worthy by 30 and, yes, you're still an adult even if your place doesn't resemble the above photo in the least.

Of course, you should master some hacks for having an apartment that looks like an adult lives there. For example, your mattress should be on a bed frame and not chillin’ on the floor. It’s also time to take down posters and only hang framed things on the walls. These are tiny things and they won’t really make your apartment 'Instagram-worthy', but that's fine. Being 30 doesn’t mean you have to live in an envy-inducing apartment. You deserve a pat on the back just for remember to pay your rent on time.

8 How To Walk In Heels

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At 30, you should actually be over the idea of learning to walk in heels if you haven’t learned yet. Seriously, there are so many wonderful shoes in the world that don't have heels at all. Besides heels, there are sneakers, flats, sandals, and boots. You may not be able to rock heels but you can rock some sick over-the-knee boots and, honestly, I'd take OTK books over heels most days of the week.

If you can't balance with an extra four inches under your heel, that's nothing to worry about. It also doesn't make you any less of a woman, not matter how Sex and the City makes you feel about it. Instead, you should just invest your money in some solid shoes that you enjoy wearing for special occasions. There's no point in stumbling into an interview or wedding in heels you can't balance in. Accept that you can't rock heel and rejoice that you can rock anything else.

7 Where You Want To Live Forever

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By 30, you should be married, buying a house and ready for kids, right? Um, no. Not at all. In fact, if you have no idea about where you'd like to live in the future, that's totally okay. Don't think everyone around you knows what they want at age 30.

At 30, it's likely you haven't done all of the traveling you'd like to do, and that is okay. Whenever you finally do have that girls weekend in Nashville, you may love it so much and want to relocate there. You could also be relocated for work or move for a relationship. If you don't have a mortgage yet, it's best to keep an open mind about what the future holds in the terms of where you'll live because you never know where the next chapter of your life will take you, and that's the great thing about life.

6 Your Most Perfect Skincare Routine

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Yes, it would be nice to have perfect skin for just a little bit between the blemishes of your teens and twenties and for the wrinkles of your later years. Sometimes, though, that's just not the case. Your 30s can be a weird time in terms of skin. You could still be breaking out so that's something you have to deal with. On top of that, you may not have wrinkles yet but it's time to start preparing for them. Like I said, your 30s is a weird time in skincare.

If you're still experimenting with what works best for you, that's actually preferable in your 30s. With your skin changing and maturing, it isn't a great idea to have a skincare routine that you are stuck in your ways with. You're better off adjusting your routine to what you're dealing with at the moment. Also, with all the articles online, you're bound to hear about a new amazing face oil or mask that you want to try. Having flexibility in terms of skincare is major. Of course, for most of us, if we knew the secret to Kerry Washington's skin, we probably do that every single night. Seriously, look at that perfect kin.

5 How To Manage Your Money

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I’m going to level with you, learning how to manage your money by 30 is great. That’s a great goal to have in mind. If you haven’t learned how to manage your money by 30, though, that’s okay too. First of all, most people are still working to pay off their student loans at the age of 30 so that could be a factor. If you're trying to make rent and pay off your student loans and have a life, money can be tight. You may not have a spare nickle to invest into savings for the future. That's not ideal but it's not a life sentence either.

Being 30 is still young, don't think otherwise. You still have plenty of time to figure out the whole finances thing, overwhelming as it may seem. You will eventually pay off your student loans and your credit card debt. You'll eventually be able to look at your checking account and not cringe. Handling your finances is a marathon and not a sprint.

4 What Faith Your Believe In (If Any)

via answersfromscriptureonline.com

While many people practice the religion that they were raised to believe in, some people do not. In fact, you may have been very faithful to your religion until you went away to college. Without your parents around to force you to worship, you may have relaxed a bit on praying or even started looking into other religions.

Once you start to meet new people in life, not just those you grew up with in your neighborhood, you start to find that there are many, many different religions one can practice - or, you can not practice a religion at all. This is now a choice and it's one that is a very deep and spiritual. It takes a while to commit to a religion - be it a new one or the one you were raised practicing.

If you're not sure what you believe in faith-wise, you're not alone. Many people feel confused about this. It's a process of self-exploration.

3 Exactly What Style Looks Best On Your Body

via thefashiontag.com

Knowing what works for your body in terms of clothing is nice, for sure. Learning exactly how to compliment your figure is truly a talent. If you know how to dress yourself well, you can look 10 pounds light and make your legs look 5 inches longer. That being said, if you don't possess this talent by 30, don't fret.

While knowing high-waisted bottoms do wonders for your figure is great, there's also a freedom in not being so committed to certain styles of clothing. You're only 30. You can still, and should still experiment. What better time to try a jumper or a sequined vest than right now while you're young? Even if you are someone who knows what works for her body, sometimes you should just put that little piece of knowledge away and rock an A-line skirt, not because it look the best on your body but because you freakin' want to.

2 How To Make Small Talk

via fanpop.com

Some people are naturally great at talking to anyone. You know the kind. They’re usually described as being able to talk to a wall or something. That’s great for them, but if you’re naturally a bit more shy, you shouldn’t pressure yourself to break out of your shell completely by 30.

Not everyone is a social butterfly. Being more introverted isn't something you should be ashamed of but, rather, something you should celebrate. If you'd rather spend your Saturday night reading a book, don't pressure yourself to get out there more. That's why online dating was invented. You can totally stay home Saturday and meet someone new online. It's 2016. We can find dates on our phones while we're deep into a Gillian Flynn novel. Oh, what a time to be alive.

1 The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

via vogue.globo.com

While this is about eyebrows, this is also about makeup in general. These days, we're bombarded with YouTube tutorials and Instagram posts about makeup and, for some reason, it seems that 14-year-old girls can do their makeup better than us. It's frustrating and confusing. We should have the perfect eyebrows and perfect makeup routine by 30, right? Hell, no.

If you're still experimenting with your makeup, more power to you. We should all pity the girl who has her routine down pat by 30. Makeup is about having fun. Sure, it makes you look pretty, too but it can also be a creative form of self-expression.

As for the the eyebrows, when did they become such a big deal again? Of course, eyebrows have always been on faces and we’ve always have to deal with shaping them, but now, it seems that eyebrows are, like, really important. We can probably blame the Kardashians for that - and, the makeup thing too, if we're being honest. No worries though, at 30, there is still time to grow and groom your eyebrows. If you take only one thing from this piece, remember that, even at 30, there is still hope for your eyebrows.

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