15 Things He's Dying For You To Notice

You might think you know everything about your boyfriend, but do you really? Sure, you know how he likes his coffee and that he hates apple pie, but are you aware of everything he’s trying to show you? Believe it or not, there are certain things we turn a blind eye to that our men are dying for us to notice. Unlike us, they could care less whether or not you notice their haircut or new pair of shoes. But they do wish you would notice when they’re trying their best. Whether it’s the effort he puts in at work or with your family, he wants you to see how hard he is working to make your life better, together.

Perhaps most importantly, he wants you to notice when he is displaying any traditionally masculine trait. His physical toughness, athletic ability and survival instincts are all things he hopes will turn your head his way.

It’s in our nature to simply roll our eyes and laugh off the boyish games he plays to try to get our attention. However, it’s more important than you may think. He wants to show you everything he has to offer and if you simply laugh off all of his demonstrations he can quickly become defeated. Read on to find out what your man wishes you would notice and whether or not you’ve been turning a blind eye.

15 His Culinary Skills

It’s a pretty clear sign a guy is into you when he cooks for you. Believe it or not, they take a lot of pride in their ability to prepare a nice meal. Even if he doesn’t come right out and tell you, he’s hoping you’ll notice how easily he maneuvers around the kitchen.

Although traditionally women do a lot of the cooking, more and more men are stepping up to the plate. Cooking you a meal is often his way of showing you that he can take care of you. This is why it’s important to acknowledge his efforts even if he doesn’t whip up the tastiest meal you’ve ever had. It’s the effort behind the meal that is most important. Sure, he could’ve taken you to a fancy restaurant, but the fact that he wanted to make you a home cooked meal speaks volumes about his feelings for you.

14 His Manscaping

It’s no secret most men have A LOT of hair, which means any sort of manscaping requires a ton of effort. Whether it’s his freshly trimmed face or newly manicured chest, he wants you to notice that he cleaned up for you. If you’ve ever witnessed a man with a full chest of hair shave, you’ll know that trimming things up is no easy task.

Unlike women who simply clean up in the shower, men have much more hair to deal with. Facial hair, nose hair, chest hair, and even back hair are all areas your man must maintain in order to look good for you. No wonder there’s hair trimmings all over the bathroom when he’s done! He’s essentially groomed a shorthaired dog in there! Give him a break on the messy bathroom and compliment his freshly shaved body.

13 His Muscles

Just like us, men want others to notice when they’ve been working out, especially his significant other. After all, chances are that he’s not dragging himself to the gym just for himself. He wants to look better for you, too! You know nothing is worse than working really hard on something only for it to go unnoticed. Men feel this way too.

So, if your man has been kicking his butt into gear and hitting the gym, give him some encouragement. Let him know that you see the difference and that you’re digging his new bod. A simple squeeze of his bicep or tap on the butt will go a long way towards encouraging him to keep with it. Compliments will obviously benefit him as he gets into shape, but don’t forget that it can also benefit you. It’s tough to complain about a six-pack popping up as a result of your encouragement.

12 He Tidied Up

Whether it’s because of genetics or sheer laziness, men hate cleaning up. As men transition from their mom taking care of them to their live-in girlfriend, not a whole lot changes in regards to housework. As annoying as this can be for the woman who continually finds rolled up socks in the couch, it’s a reality that most of us live with. As much as guys hate to admit it, most of them know they’re slacking in the clean up department. So, once in a blue moon when he does tidy up, he thinks he’s done a pretty good thing.

Even if he’s put the dishes in the wrong cupboards or made the bed completely wrong, the effort is worth something. The only time men even consider helping out is usually when they notice that we are stressed and don’t havethe time for it, which makes it a nice gesture. Acknowledging his efforts can encourage him to tidy up more often, which is a definite bonus for you.

11 He Puts You First

It’s a pretty clear sign that a man loves you when he starts putting you first, especially in the bedroom. Taking the extra time and effort to make sure you’re enjoying yourself is not something you should take for granted. Not only does he want you to notice that he got you “there”, he wants you to notice that he let you go first. It can take a lot of restraint and patience to do this consistently so out of all the things on this list, this is perhaps the most significant.

A lot of men pride themselves on their bedroom skills which means they’ll never turn down a compliment. Letting him know that he’s pleased you is something every man wants to hear. Even if you’ve snagged yourself a gentleman that routinely put’s you first, don’t take it for granted. A compliment goes a long way in keeping the chivalry alive.

10 His Athletic Ability

As you’ve probably noticed, most guys are obsessed with sports. It’s why they take every sport they play seriously. It doesn’t matter if it’s a championship game or a silly pickup game with friends; guys always want to win. Or, at the very least they want you to think they’re the best guy on the field.

Ladies, even if your man isn’t the best player out there, he wants you to notice his skills. A man’s athletic ability is in some ways tied to his masculinity. The better he is, the more masculine he’s considered. Taking this into consideration, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why he would want his woman to notice his athletic ability. It’s almost instinctual for men to want to show off anything they can do to seem like the manliest man you’ve ever met. Go ahead and humor him. Boast about the touchdown he scored, he’s dying for you to notice!

9 He Doesn’t Notice Other Girls

This is a big one, ladies! Your man is DYING for you to notice how much he doesn’t notice other women. It’s true; I got this point off of a real-life male! The thing is, when a guy is in love, he’s not looking for the next best thing. Although you may have noticed the gorgeous blonde that just walked by, chances are that your boyfriend was looking at you.

Okay, maybe on an off day your man falters and notices a good-looking girl walk by, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world. The important thing to know about men is the person they are with is always the most perfect in their eyes. So even if he does occasionally check out another girl, he’s probably comparing her to you and whethere you can believe it or not you’re coming out on top.

8 He’s Making An Effort With Your Family

We’ve all heard horror stories about meeting the parents. It’s true that sometimes things don’t always go well. Considering the two of you come from different backgrounds it’s understandable that he may not mesh perfectly with your parents. However, it is important to notice when he’s making an effort with your family.

Whether it’s in the form of a thoughtful Christmas present, or showing up to Sunday night dinners, your man wants you to notice when he’s trying. It may not always go as planned, but as long as he keeps showing up and making an effort, it’s worth applauding. It never hurts to do your best to put in a good word for him with your parents. Since they only want what’s best for you, knowing that you think he’s the best could go a long way towards creating a positive relationship.

7 He’s Had A Bad Day

Nothing is worse than having a bad day at work and coming home to someone chatting your ear off about something you don’t care about. For this reason, guys really want you to be able to notice when they’re in a bad mood. A lot of guys are really good at keeping everything inside and shutting down instead of sharing their feelings. This makes it really important to be able to read when your man is in a bad mood without having to be told.

As subtle as his hints may be, he really wants you to be able to notice when he’s had a bad day. He doesn’t want to have to start a fight in order for you to get the memo. If he’s being quiet and standoffish, give him some space. When he finally cools down, he’ll appreciate that you were aware of his feelings and left him alone.

6 His Work Ethic

Any good man wants to provide for his family. Even if your just dating, if he sees a future with you, he has probably started to prepare. Not only does he want you to notice his strong work ethic, but he also wants you to notice that he’s doing it for the both of you.

Rather than complaining that you don’t see him enough with the long hours he spends at work, show him your appreciation. Men want to be rewarded for their hard work, not scolded for it. Let him know that you are proud of all his hard work and drive to succeed. Having a supportive partner at home will enable him to be even more successful at work. Is it annoying that he's three hours later for dinner? Sure. But a man with a strong work ethic will always land on his feet regardless of what life throws at him and that is a man worth reheating dinner for.

5 His Survival Skills

Have you ever wondered why men often fight over who gets to start the fire when they’re out camping? Well, it comes down to their primal nature. They want to be the man with the best survival skills. While you may think it’s silly that he wants to start a fire with two sticks instead of the lighter in your purse, it’s important for his masculinity. He wants you to know that he could provide for you in the wild if you ever ended up in such a circumstance.

Men have an innate desire to be able to survive in the wild. It’s why Bear Grylls’ show ‘Man Vs. Wild’ is so popular. Regardless of how fruitless it may be to know how to turn his urine into drinking water, he wants to know how to do it. Instead of rolling your eyes as he rubs together two sticks until his hands bleed; he wants you to be impressed when it finally ignites. You never know, it could end up coming in handy one day.

4 He’s Making Room For You

You’ve probably been in at least one relationship where leaving a toothbrush at his place was a battle. Some guys can’t help it. Change is a scary thing and often men resist it at all costs. Other guys make huge efforts to make room for you, both in their lives and their apartments. Your man wants you to notice when he’s making changes in his life for you and the significance of it.

Whether it’s a dresser drawer or space in the closet, making room for your things signifies that he’s serious about the relationship. Clearing out a drawer for your stuff means he wants you around more. It’s important to appreciate the steps he takes to bring you into his life, however, small they may seem to you. Guys have a tendency to move at a glacial place, so if you’ve managed to wrangle yourself a shelf in the closet within a few months of dating, count yourself a lucky girl.

3 His Finances

Unlike women, men often act like they make more money than they actually do. They never want to admit they make the least amount of money in their group of friends. So, instead of counting pennies over the meal like most women do, they’ll split it, regardless of what they had. This can get men into a bit of trouble if they’re constantly trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Since he’s unlikely to admit to his friends when he’s having financial problems, he wants you to notice and help out. As much as men want to provide for their woman, knowing that you’ll be with him regardless of his money means a lot. If you’ve noticed your man cringe lately when he pays for a bill, offer to help out. Admitting that he needs your help financially can be humiliating, but offering it before he asks can help soften the blow.

2 His Pain Tolerance

Men are raised to be tough. They’re encouraged to play in the dirt, roughhouse with their friends and avoid crying at all costs. It’s no surprise then that this desire to be tough carries over into adulthood. Although it may seem animalistic to you, he wants you to notice how tough he is through how much pain he can tolerate.

We’ll never know whether our shoulder punches actually hurt them because they’ll never tell us. Laughing at our weakness and their ability to take the pain are ways to show how tough he can be. Sure it’s silly and immature but men really can’t help it, since it’s the way they were raised. Expecting a man to admit that your “girly” punch hurt him is like expecting a woman not to cry during the Notebook, it’s never going to happen. As long as you’re with a man, he’ll be showing you how tough it is, just accept it and move on.

1 He Needs Your Help

Believe it or not, one of the most important things guys want you to notice is when they need your help. Men find it really hard to ask for help, especially from their partner. Whether he’s having problems at work or in his personal life he wants you to be able to know when he’s struggling. Since he’s unlikely to ask for help on his own, it’s important that you know when to offer it.

Sometimes your man just needs someone to talk things out with about a problem he’s had at work. Other times, he may directly need your help with a problem he’s having with his family. Whatever the struggle is, knowing that he can rely on you to back him up whenever he needs it will go a long way in your relationship. Bonus points if you’re able to help before he even asks.

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