15 Things He Will Subconsciously Do That Prove You’re The One For Him

Sometimes, a guy’s heart knows you’re his forever person before his mind does and that’s totally normal because our soul picks up on things before our mind does. Some guys take their time in figuring out that you are the one for them because they don’t see the need in rushing things. Other guys would take it slowly because they’ve been down that road before when their impulsiveness didn’t do them any good. Unlike girls, guys base love and relationships on logic, not love and feelings.

He might be madly in love with you but won’t tell you until he knows you’re the right person for him. But, what he doesn’t know is that he might be showing you signs he sees you as his partner for life without him even realizing it. Some guys are in denial about their feelings until something major happens that either wakes them up or forces them to be honest about how they feel for you. Maybe he’s skeptical who wants to test the water first. Maybe he knows you’re the one, but isn’t ready to tell you yet. So, don’t freak out if he hasn’t told you yet because we’re here to help you out! Here are things he indirectly does that show you’re his forever person.

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15 He’s His Real Self In Front Of You


When a guy subconsciously knows you’re the girl he’s spending forever with, he lets you see the real him. He doesn’t build his guard up, he brings it down. He doesn’t push you away, he brings you close. He doesn’t pretend to be the best version of himself because he’s too busy being real with you. He doesn’t try to act like he has his shit together or that he’s living the perfect life when he’s not. He lets you see him when at his different moods like when he’s tired, sick, wounded, or ecstatic. He lets you see him the side of him that not a lot of people appreciate like his silly side, his childish side or even his serious side. He’s not afraid to show himself to you because he knows that you accept him for who he is.

14 He Accepts You For Who You Are


You feel safe around him to be your true self. You don’t put a fake persona that you’re doing well and everything is so great when it’s the complete opposite. He gives you space to express yourself without judgment or perceived expectations. When you are together, you feel like you are your best self because he always encourages you to embrace who you are. Whenever you are feeling sad or down, he’s there for you to support you and validate your feelings. He never tells you that you’re being dramatic when you’re being emotional, he doesn’t tell you that you need to toughen up when you’re being sympathetic to someone else’s pain, he doesn’t tell you to get it over it when you’re hurting. And because he loves all the parts that make you who you are, you are yourself with him rather than trying to be the person you think he wants you to be.

13 He Tells You Everything


When a guy is serious about you, he tells you what’s up. He opens up to you about his past relationships, his childhood and his life experiences. He tells you how he feels about the people that are in his life and you understand the nature of these relationships. He talks to you about what he wants in life; his goals and future for the plan. He shares with you things that he wouldn’t usually share with other people like the issues he’s having with his family or the argument he recently had with a close friend of his. When he feels like you’re going to stay together, he acts like. He’s transparent about his finances and doesn’t mind telling you how much he makes or what his savings are.

12 He’s 100% Committed To You


He doesn’t play mind games or hard to get because he’s emotionally secure with you. He knows that you are the person he wants to be with and he’s not going to fight it or make it complicated. In fact, he’s going to make the relationship as simple as possible. Yes, you have your own share of problems and issues because every healthy couple does. But, you don’t argue over things that are just toxic like having trust issues. He makes the relationship a priority of his. You don’t worry about where it’s going or how he feels about you. He puts in effort in building a future with you, so you never feel like you’re the only one trying, the only who cares, the only one who’s in love.

11 He Makes You Feel Comfortable


When you’re a guy’s forever person, you feel at ease because all he wants is to make you feel good whether he knows it or not. He goes out of his way for you which is something a guy doesn’t usually do unless your comfort means something to him. He also financially contributes whether that he pays the bills, puts gas in your car, lends you money when you need it, you name it! When a guy sees forever with you, he puts your racing thoughts to bed. Speaking of beds, he makes you feel safe, secure and confident in the bedroom. He answers all your questions about what you mean to him, his social circle dynamic and family life, his past and his future plans. When a guy feels comfortable with you, his one goal is to make you just as comfortable.

10 He Gives You His Credit Card


When a guy sees a forever with you, he acts like it because he will not risk not having you in his life overtaking his time to figure things out. He will trust you with his credit card: he’ll tell you the passcode and he’ll give it to you to use. He won’t be vague about what he does for a living and how much savings he has. In fact, he’ll be very open about his finances and where he hopes to be in 5 or 10 years. He’ll share his money with you in the sense that what is his, is yours. You will feel that whatever money he makes, he makes so that you can enjoy it and use it to invest in your goals and dreams.

9 He Buys You Gifts


Being a guy’s forever means that you have a lifetime ahead of you to make memories. It means that you have a lot of stories to tell: the funny, the embarrassing, the difficult, the beautiful and the magical. And what is the best way to treasure memories than gifts? When he sees you long term in his life, he gets tangible memories that relate to or remind you both of the special moments that you had together, the things that are a representation of your history together. He also starts to buy you things that you have been dying to get, but couldn’t afford because he wants to put a smile on your face. You never feel like he gets you something out of obligation.

8 He Makes Time To See You


When you’re on a guy’s mind 24/7, it immediately shows. He’s constantly getting in touch with you whether he sends you good morning texts, random Snapchats throughout the day, or good night phone calls. He lets you know that he’s thinking of you and he’s not afraid to show it. He tells you that he’s getting in touch because you’ve crossed his mind on his busy day at work. He lets you know that he misses you, that he wants to see you, that he wants to spend time with you. He drops by to give you your favorite coffee in the morning because you rushed to work that day and he wanted to make you feel okay. He meets up with you in your lunch hour so he can catch up with you before he leaves out of town.

7 He Asks You Questions All The Time


When a guy is hooked on you, he’s hooked for good. He asks you questions about everything. What’s your favorite song? What’s that perfume you’re wearing? What’s a place you’ve always wanted to visit? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? His questions show curiosity in knowing you more, in understanding where you come from, and in getting to learn about your life. He asks about your parents and what they have been up to. He asks how’s your best friend is doing and how’s everything in her life going so far. He wants to know how are things at work. He listens and pays attention to what you say because he cares more than you think. And he doesn’t shy away from asking you hard or uncomfortable questions because he cares about your well-being nonetheless.

6 He Spends The Weekend With You


When a guy wants to spend his forever with you, he just does. He balances his priorities really well, but you are always on the top of his list. He loves being around you so much that he would rather stay in on a Friday night with you than hitting the bar with his squad. He spends lazy weekends with you just like he spends the busy ones. He makes plans with you and your family like he does with his own. He plans a road trip for you two to go on and just zone out from everything else. He spends the weekend connecting with you rather than disconnecting from what you have. He’s emotionally secure to getting used to the idea of having you with him most of the time.

5 He Lets You Use His Phone


When a guy wants you in his future for good, he trusts you with the most valuable item he has; his phone. If it’s on lock, you know the passcode. He doesn’t have an issue you with you using his phone because he’s open. He doesn’t have anything to hide from you because his intentions for you are genuine and he wants to build a life with you that’s based on trust. When he’s talking to someone on the phone for a long time or when you glance at him smiling from a text he received, you know it’s innocent. You don’t question his loyalty to you because he doesn’t give you a reason to. He doesn’t get defensive or aggressive, instead he just shares personal things with you because love is about sharing.

4 He Takes Plenty Of Pictures With You


I know this sounds silly, but it’s a little yet huge indication of how he feels about you deep down. He takes pictures of you when you’re looking all classy heading out to that dinner or house party because he’s proud of the woman you are. He takes pictures of you when you are laid back and chill on a Sunday afternoon because these are the moments that he just falls more in love with you. He takes pictures of you when you’re not looking because he wants to capture your beauty on camera forever. He takes pictures of your dates or the silly things you do together because he wants to look back at them and smile. He takes a picture of you with his friends and family because you mean to him just as much as they do, if not even more.

3 He Unintentionally Scares You


Meeting your forever person is terrifying because the wait is finally over. The person who you’ve always wanted to be with is standing right in front of you. Where do you go from here since your prayers have been answered? How do you make it work? And is it going to hurt? He doesn’t intend to make you feel anxious about all the things that could wrong. But, you’re still scared because you don’t want to lose what you the love you have for each other and you don’t want to lose him. Sometimes in life, we’re scared from the things that mean the most to us. And because you’re crazy about him, you can’t bare the idea of a world without him in it. When he doesn’t text you fast enough, you worry when he gets sick, and you worry when he’s not himself. You worry because that’s what lovers do.

2 He Has Difficult Conversations With You


When a guy cares for you, like really cares for you, he talks to you. He talks to you about the stuff he doesn’t want to talk about because he doesn’t want to sound weak, needy or vulnerable. He talks to you about the things that have been weighing him down. He talks to you about what you said the other day that bothered him. He reflects out loud on his past experiences. He opens up about the things that cause him pain, discomfort, or shame. He talks to you when you want to talk, but he’s tired and just wants to go back to sleep. He talks to you because he wants to make it work and he knows that the right way to do that is, to be honest and emotionally strong.

1 He Plans His Future With You


This is a pretty obvious sign, but you probably won’t pay attention to it because you think it’s a given while in fact, it’s a privilege. You might think it’s not a big deal when he has the conversation with you on marriage and kids. You might think he’s just being a good guy when treats you right and shows you that you’re the one for him. When a guy wants you to be his partner in crime, he involves you in the planning and the execution. He tells you what his plans are, he asks for your opinion and he makes decisions with you together not on his own. He compromises when it comes to drawing a picture of your life together because he understands that successful relationships are about support and balance.

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