15 Things Guys Will Actually Do When They're Into You

The beginning of a relationship usually starts off with a fine degree of curiosity. The butterflies seem to be all over the place and the attraction is certainly there, but even then, women tend to wonder off into their thoughts and really examine if the guy is truly into them or if they're being played.

The sad truth, is that it is almost normal to over-think these types of situations, especially for women who produce less testosterone, which causes them to think on more of an emotional level than men. Women will create scenarios in their minds, searching for the moment or sign that confirms he's into her.

Well, if you face that concern, you’re in luck! In this article, we take a look at a variety of ways a guy will show that he is actually into you. The signs can be obvious and not so obvious as well. We start the article off with some of the things you probably overlook. Enjoy these 15 things guys do when they're actually into you.

15 Invites You Over To Netflix And Chill 

Although it may not seem like a big deal, it really is. If a guy invited you over for some Netflix and chill, it’s really code for “I like you, I like chilling with you even if that means we’re doing nothing."

At first, guys will go leaps and bounds to impress a girl that they like but once things start to settle down they will open up and become more comfortable with someone they really like. When it comes to comfort, it really doesn’t get any better than watching Netflix after a hard day’s work and being comfortable enough to relax alongside someone you truly care about.

The Netflix and chill invite is a rarity at first and you should take it as a compliment. Usually, guys will choose to invite their friends over to chill and watch TV, but when he invites you instead, that’s when you know things are going pretty well. A guy wanting to spend time with you while he does absolutely nothing is surprisingly one of the biggest signs that they’re actually into you.

14 He Calls You

Remember the good old days when calling someone was actually a thing. Technology has certainly grown leaps and bounds since then causing communication to change drastically. Seriously now, think of the last time you actually answered your house phone? It rings, but you don’t pick up, because it’s a house phone.... Do people under the age of 30 even have a house line nowadays? Ok, enough of the ranting but seriously, times have changed and people now text or email. Instead of talking we text... Imagine telling that to someone 20 years ago.

Although the trend has changed, some men still use the phone to talk to someone they’re really into. Talking on the phone is much more personal and allows a relationship to connect on a deeper level and not one that features happy and sad emojis. If he calls you, that’s a definite sign he’s into you.

13 Invites You To Do Guy Things

Under the coveted Bro Code, Rule 67, line three reads, “a bro will leave his woman at home when engaging in bro like activities." Whether it be chilling with the dudes, hitting a workout or watching some sports, the norm sees the bro leave his significant other to the wayside.

If he instead opts to include you in such activities take it as a huge sign. Guys are typically creatures of habit that love doing their “bro like things” on their own or with a fellow bro. Including you in these types of plans just shows how comfortable he is with you and how much he values your presence even if it’s for something as simple as watching a game next to him in utter silence. He doesn’t want you to talk, but he values your companionship and presence which is a pretty huge deal.

Remember ladies, smile, nod and limit your conversation when partaking in a bro activity.

12 Wants To Make It Official

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“Bro he put it on Facebook, its official." That line has probably been uttered by several men around the globe when assessing their friend’s relationship status. In terms of making it official, this is not what we’re talking about.

Yes, updating your Facebook relationship status is cool but the real thing needs to happen internally and not over an app or website. If a guy really likes you, he’ll want to make things official by letting you know in person. Officially locking you down is an opportunity for a guy to show just how much he likes you while proving the relationship is actually going somewhere.

Without that type of conversation or label, a guy might not be ready or interested in seeking a long term commitment from you. Making things official is a huge sign that a guy is not only into you but looking to the future.

11 He Checks Up On You

Although most women enjoy their space, it’s always nice however to have someone check up on you and make sure you're okay. Knowing someone is always by your side is a huge pillar to a strong relationship. Now we’re not saying he needs to be messaging you 24/7 cause that’s a little much, but what we will say is having him reach out every now and then will certainly show that you’re on his mind and that he sincerely cares for you.

On the contrary, not checking up on you is a bad sign. This probably means he likes to do his own thing and really doesn’t think of you as much as he should be. If that’s the case, make sure your actions are not making him do so. Before passing judgment make sure things seem to be fine on your part. Once you’ve established that, then and only then can you confront him for not reaching out enough.

10 He’s Nice to Your Friends

It certainly doesn’t hurt when a guy makes a good effort to be nice to your friends. Even simply inviting them for supper and seeing the dude go out of his comfort zone is a huge sign on its own. When a guy really likes you, he tends to want to make everything work and being good with your friends is one of those areas.

Again, keep in mind your friends have a huge impact on your overall outlook so chances are if he’s mean to them or doesn’t get along with them, the relationship will falter on one of the sides down the line. This is something you don’t want, unless you really hate your friends and the guy you’re seeing, in that case, it’s an entirely different story. Now let’s say you’re a normal human and you want your friends and your boyfriend to get along, in this case his efforts will be important to you.

Judging by his actions and efforts with them, you’ll get a clear indication if he’s into you or not.

9 Takes You Out On Nice Dates

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Yes, Netflix and chill shows that he’s into you but for the love of God don’t make that the only form of entertainment you guys engage in. If that’s the case, cancel your membership and set his PlayStation on fire. Too harsh?

In all seriousness, when a guy really likes you he puts in a valid effort to make you have a good time. One of his platforms to use is a date. A nice date can range from a variety of things whether it be going to eat at a nice resto, watching a movie or even going out for a nice walk and just enjoying the scenery life has the offer while being side-by-side. These types of situations are special because they create moments, after all, life isn’t about the events we attend but the moments they create. Just think back to a wedding you went to, you tend to forget what happened that night but your remember specific moments that stuck with you. That is exactly what a date does, it creates a series of special moments that you’ll remember for a long time. If a guy really likes you, you’ll have a plethora of those moments to remember.

8 Invites You To A Night Out With The Bros

If he’s comfortable enough to invite you alongside his fellow bros, you’re in! A bro, in his bro element is a totally different person that you’re not accustomed to seeing on a daily basis. His voice suddenly changes, his posture seems to be tenser and he laughs a heck of a lot more. Yes, this is the darker side to being a bro. Typically, bros like to stay within themselves, they like to gossip about their biceps and how much money they spent at Zara that past weekend. They’re a special bunch.

Inviting you to join in on these activities means he’s comfortable enough to show you that “other side”. Something that take men a bit of time, but once they allow it, it really shows how into you they really are. Soon enough, his bro ways are out the window and he’s able to be a normal human around his friends and that’s all cause of you.

7 Asks Questions

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Just imagine your guy hardly asking you anything about what you like, dislike and other bits of information. If that happens, chances are you met a self-centered egotistical human or he simply might not be that into you. That’s a pretty awful sign and one you should be picking up on right away. This is usually regarded as the “it” moment for women, so if he doesn’t ask those necessary personal questions run, and run fast.

If he does like you however, he’ll likely want to know more. It’s like when you eat a banana, the goal is to uncover the banana so you can expose it and eat it all. A guy is the same way with a girl, if he wants all of you, he’ll try to get as much information as possible to really find out what you’re all about. Remember, curiosity is what makes relationships work, without it, it’ll only suffer over the course of a given time period.

6 Shows His Emotional Side

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Yes, guys do have emotions, it’s not all about lifting weights and chewing gum, some guys actually crack under the pressure of life and fall into an emotional state at some points.

Exposing this type of behavior to a girlfriend is a huge sign that he’s into you. The gesture will not only show his comfort level but the most important factor of all, it shows that he trusts to confide in you with such information.

For some men, this tends to be a bit of a rarity as some males prefer to bottle it up inside which isn’t the best idea. Doing something like that will only push the problem back even further, it will just cause it to show up on a later date. Expressing a problem to a woman can eventually bring you closer together, as divulging personal issues takes trust and working on them together creates bonds.

5 Compliments You

In order to fully thrive in life you must live to serve others. Whether that be helping someone out with something or simply throwing a compliment their way, that simple act of kindness can go a long way in not only improving the day of the other person but improving the energy for yourself as well.

The same thing goes for a relationship, a guy throwing a compliment your way is a definite sign he’s into you. Taking the time to say something nice not only goes a long way like we just discussed but it can intensify a bond between two people, adding value to one another. Even if you’ve been with someone for a long time, you should still expect to hear some compliments that show just how much he appreciates you. Hearing those lines will definitely show his interest. Hearing them in the bedroom is another good sign and definitely doesn’t hurt things!

4 Takes Your Advice Seriously

For some guys, advice goes in one ear and out the next. This probably means he doesn’t value your opinion enough.

On the flip side, if a guy takes you advice seriously, it’s a clear cut sign he’s into you. Taking your advice can really stem from anything whether it be a guy asking you for clothing advice or any other aspect of life he might seek out info for. Particularly emotional advice can go a long way in a relationship in terms of building trust with one another. If he trusts your opinion on touchy subjects, it’s pretty clear he’s into you and values your presence on a whole new level.

Caring about each other’s opinions is crucial and really shows how highly a guy thinks of you in a relationship. He doesn’t need to agree with everything you say, but just listening and asking for your opinion  is a huge sign on its own at the end of the day.

3 Makes Time For You

Living a strong life and maintaining a healthy relationship has one crucial factor in common, time management. In life, if you’re going to succeed, you must manage your time appropriately throughout the course of a day. Make time for both work and play, that’s the goal to life.

The same goes for a successful relationship, you must properly balance both aspects when it comes to everyday life and spending time with someone you love. If a guy truly is into you, he’ll manage his time properly and make the situation work to the best of his abilities. If he does this, the relationship will blossom and it’ll prove just how much he values his time with you.

Doing otherwise will prove that his priorities may revolve around something else. Be vigilant when looking at this situation in particular and make sure the proper amount of time is being put into the relationship. If it seems like it is, that’s a great sign.

2 Wants You To Meet His Family

At the end of the day, family truly is everything. Getting their approval on pretty much anything is extremely important for any guy. As per usual, when things start to get really serious, a guy decides to pop the question (no not that question) and will ask a girl if she wants to meet his family. That is basically a huge validation that he’s really into you.

When he allows you the meet the family it shows two things; how proud he is of you and how comfortable he is to be by your side. These are two enormous factors that really set a relationship apart. Meeting the parents will not only strengthen the bond allowing you to grow an even deeper connection, but when family gets involved that’s always a plus especially if you plan on having a future together. Speaking of the future, we conclude the article with our final point pertaining to that very topic.

1 Talks About The Future

This factor is probably the most crucial of all, if a guy discusses you in his future plans, things look really good for you. Whether you’re aware or not, your thoughts predict your future. Everything you do in terms of thoughts and actions releases an energy into the universe, those different types of energies help govern your future in the way you want it to unfold.

Something guys tend to do is visualize who will be in there future, if he sees you in it, chances are things are running pretty smoothly. In addition to that, if a guy discusses his future plans with you openly, that’s another great sign that he’s really into you. Future discussions strongly indicate his intent, if they don’t include you, it might be time to move on and find an ideal formula that includes yourself at the very forefront of his plan.

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