15 Things Guys Find Way Hotter Than A Thigh Gap

Over the past few years there has been an obsession with women trying to attain a thigh gap. For those of you who are unsure what that means, a thigh gap is a visible space between a woman’s legs so that the thighs don’t touch. How this thigh-gap craze started, no one really knows. Women have been told that a thigh gap is something to get because guys find it extremely sexy. Although that may be true for some guys, not every guy would say a thigh gap as the hottest thing he likes about a woman.

If you don’t have a thigh gap, don’t sweat it! Every guy has a different preference for what he considers sexy. There are so many other parts of your personality, the female body, and the accessories that are worn that are sexier than a simple gap between your legs.

Don’t let society and the media determine your attractiveness based on a thigh gap. Know that beauty and looking hot come from more than one aspect of who you are! Check out these 15 things that guys find way hotter than a thigh gap and let your worries fade away.

Remember these things that guys find hot and focus on what you have got rather than what you don’t have! And perhaps even more importantly, remember that you do not have to do anything to please men. If you are healthy and comfortable in your own skin, that is far more important than changing your figure to attract a man.

15 Confidence

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If you are a confident woman who is confident in herself, her values, and her life, you have got a lot going for you. Demi Lovato recently came out with a song saying “what’s wrong with being confident?” The answer: NOTHING!! Guys find self-confidence way hotter than a thigh gap and would prefer to find someone who is confident in themselves rather than just has their thighs not touching. Confidence is sexy. Of course that doesn’t mean that you need to take your confidence to the level of rudeness. Keep your ego at bay and simply be sure in yourself and know that if a guy has any brains at all, your confidence will be one of the most attractive things he sees in you! Hold your head up high, be good with who you are as a person and the guys will be flocking to your attractive sense of confidence!

14 Soft Skin


Something that guys find way hotter than a thigh gap is soft skin. Something about the look of clean, moisturized skin is appealing to men, as it should be! The softer your skin looks, the more he will want to touch it! It is the same concept as seeing a fuzzy blanket in a store; you just need to go and touch it! For guys, knowing you are taking the time to lotion up, take care of your skin and keep it soft is that much more attractive! If your skin is dry, cracking, and rough, most likely they won’t want to be reaching out to touch you every moment. Soft skin is also sometimes a result of less skin (therefore no thigh gap) because your skin isn’t so thin and is able to hold more moisture! Keep your skin soft and you may notice that he is coming closer to you!

13 Luscious Lips

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Soft skin is just one thing that guys are attracted to and find hotter than a thigh gap. Another part of you that is hot is your soft lips! Guys are attracted to luscious looking lips. Your lips are smooth, shimmery, soft and appear totally kissable! Lipstick is great for giving your lips a bit of color to stand out on your face, but if you are also taking care of your lips with lip balm and keeping them hydrated, you are definitely doing yourself a favor! Guys find luscious and soft lips way hotter than a thigh gap. If they notice how soft and luscious they are, their minds will be focused on just how attractive your lips are and how nice it would be to get close to them! Keep your lips moisturized, healthy, and sexy looking and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you have a thigh gap!

12 Curves

Many women live under the misguided assumption that to be beautiful and sexy, they have to be thin. For those of you who do have curves, don’t try to push your body so hard to get rid of them! Guys actually find curves way hotter than a thigh gap! There is something about them being able to hold on to you -- the more skin the more they can get their hands on. History has proven that men enjoy curves, but the media has changed our view of curves. Don’t believe the media -- curves are not bad, they accentuate your womanly parts and guys love that! Show off those curves (waist, hips, butt, etc) and be proud of what you have! Be confident in what you look like and you will be amazed that guys find that way hotter and will take your curves over a thigh gap any day!

11 Your Voice

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One of the strangest things that you may not know of is that guys find your voice hot! For some reason, men are attracted to women with higher voices. It is assumed that it has a femininity to it that is attractive. It is just one more difference that puts you apart from a male and they like that difference! That doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a high-pitched voice, men won’t find you attractive; it just means that if your voice is higher than theirs (at any octave) it identifies that you are a woman. Guys may not really know that they are attracted to your voice, but if they think about it enough, they will agree that it is an attractive trait! So if you are embarrassed by your feminine high voice, be proud and let them hear it because guys find your voice way hotter than a thigh gap.

10 When You Wear High Heels

Heels have been around for ages! Some women love them and rock them like no one’s business and others struggle to stand in them. But the reason heels are around is because they are attractive! Men love the way that it makes women taller, extends their legs, and flexes their calves. Guys will prefer a woman in heels versus one in sneakers any day. Heels have often been represented in our society as a symbol of sexuality, beauty, and classiness. They elongate your legs by raising you up and putting you on your toes, which in turn accentuates your butt because you are using different muscles to stand! If you are ashamed that your body does not have a thigh gap, have no fear! Throw on a pair of sexy black stilettos and you can let your worries fade away. When you are wearing heels, that is way hotter to guys than a thigh gap!

9 Wearing Red

Time and time again, temptresses in films are often wearing red! Well ladies, it is true! Wearing red is something that guys find way hotter than a thigh gap. The color red draws the eye in and creates feelings of desire and attraction. It is also a statement color, one that will stand out in a crowd of people because of its boldness! It is the same reason that many brands and advertisements use red, since our eyes are drawn to the brightness and we are attracted to it! Be the one who stands out and you will be sure to draw the eye of your man! Get a red dress or blouse for your next date and you will find he can’t stop staring at you. Don’t stress about a thigh gap and instead add some red to your wardrobe; it is something that guys will find way hotter!

8 Sense of Humor

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There is nothing sexier than a girl who knows how to laugh and joke around. Some of the most charming women in our day and age are those who know how to be goofy and laugh at themselves. Some prime examples are Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone! Guys love it when a woman knows how to have fun. If you are serious all the time and find no enjoyment in humor, men will probably be turned off by your lack of joy in life. Be able to laugh! Who cares if you have a quirky sense of humor? That is exactly what guys will find hot about you. Being different and having a unique sense of humor is what will make you stand out to them. Let your sense of humor show and you have no need to worry. Guys will find that way hotter than a boring thigh gap!

7 Wide Hips

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Usually, if a woman has a thigh gap, they will have slimmer hips and a tinier waist. But what guys find hotter than a thigh gap is a woman with wide hips! Something about wide hips on a woman makes men go crazy. It is said to have something to do with a survival instinct: women with wider hips will be able to bear children better. Although it seems weird to think of it that way, it may just be an instinctive subconscious thought. Studies have also been done and it is said that men like a ratio of 7:10, waist to hips. If you have a smaller waist and larger hips, that is exactly what guys find attractive. Don’t be embarrassed that you have to buy wider jeans because of your hips; that is exactly what guys like! Flaunt those hips you have and be confident that you have what men want!

6 Willingness To Please Him

Another trait that men find way hotter than a thigh gap is a willingness to please him. That doesn’t mean you have to put out right away. Willingness to please him can come in more forms than just doing the deed! Go out of your way to brighten his day: bring him a coffee at work, give him a massage, or do that chore he absolutely hates! Being willing to please him in more than one way is an attractive trait that guys like. It shows them that you are not selfish and that you are interested in them and willing to do things for them! There is no better way to feel appreciated and loved. Of course with being willing to please them, be sure that it is also reciprocated sometimes! If you are the only one working hard for the other, it isn’t a healthy relationship. A willingness to please him is something he will find hot!

5 Your Smile

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It is human nature to be attracted to happy people. Never has someone said they were attracted to a grumpy angry person right off the bat. We are drawn to kindness and joy. With this being the case, guys find your smile way hotter than a thigh gap! Why wouldn’t being happy be sexy? It means you are willing to have fun, smile and enjoy being with them! Put a smile on your face, and not just a fake or forced smile. Get your teeth shining for the world to see. Guys love seeing you genuinely happy and not just giving them a grin here and there. Let joy and love radiate through your smile and you will be in awe of just how attracted he will find your smile. It could be your smile that makes you light up a room and has him picking you out among the crowd!

4 Less Makeup

Although the media pushes beauty products at us every day, guys have actually confessed to finding women with less makeup more attractive! Many times, women get so caught up in the ability to accentuate and contour their faces that the makeup becomes heavy. The more that gets applied, the more guys begin to think you don’t look like yourself anymore. They want the natural beauty, the person under the makeup. Women will also agree that when they see someone with makeup caked on all over their face, it isn’t attractive -- the less makeup, the better! Of course that doesn’t mean you have to go naked-face everywhere. A bit of mascara, eyeliner, and blush never hurt anyone. Just make sure you aren’t applying it on so thick that you no longer look like yourself! Less makeup allows you to show your natural beauty and lets your guy know that you don’t need makeup to show you are beautiful!

3 Intelligence

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In films ,we sometimes see men attracted to the dumb blonde characters or the ignorant hot girls. In reality, men find intelligence way hotter than a thigh gap! They love being able to hold a conversation with you and know that you have your own thoughts and understandings. If they are struggling to explain every little thing to you, why would they waste their time? It is exhausting to be with someone who doesn’t understand anything and men find intelligence way sexier. It shows a woman can be self-dependent, make her own decisions, and have opinions on things! Men are usually only attracted to women who lack intelligence for brief periods and those relationships almost never last. Just because you can’t talk rocket-science with him doesn’t mean you aren’t intelligent. Intelligence comes in many different forms. Let your intelligence show and guys will find you that much hotter!

2 Ambition

The female body is definitely high on the list of what guys find hot, but that is not all! Many guys (who are serious and not just wanting some fun) are looking for traits about the person. These are not necessarily physical! Many men will agree that a very sexy quality is ambition. Guys find ambition so much hotter than a thigh gap. Some women are the types of people who sit on the couch and just let life do its thing, These women are far less appealing to men then those who have specific goals and strive to achieve them. It exudes confidence and we've already learned that is another trait men appreciate in women. No one wants to go through life with someone who could not care less about what happens. Men want someone who is going to strive to be better and take life by the reins!

1 Sexy Eyes

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“Eyes are the window to the soul,” they say. This is also true for what guys find hot about you! Many guys recognize that a woman's eyes can be extremely sexy! Women who are shy often have their eyes downcast or avoid any eye contact. This comes from being insecure in who you are. Use that confidence you have and look deep into their eyes. The gaze will have them captivated and caught in your stare and their jaw will drop at the beauty of your eyes! When you have your eyes up, you are also showing a form of confidence and strength, whereas if you have your eyes staring at the ground, it shows insecurity, shyness, and weakness. Let him see the beauty in your eyes and make that eye contact! Do yourself another favor and if you use makeup, find colors that accentuate your eye color and make your eyes look even sexier! The guys won’t know what hit them!

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