15 Things Guys Are Most Attracted To

You probably already know that guys are attracted to a woman’s legs, bum, chest, hair, eyes, lips – you get it. Physical stuff. Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have been told at one time or another that guys actually look beyond the surface, and are even attracted to a woman’s laugh, sense of humour, or her intelligence! Well, let us tell you about more than those three things that guys find themselves inexplicably drawn to (although, full disclosure: we have included a couple physical attributes as well, because #biology).

From the non-surface things we’ve already mentioned, there are also other items that make you attractive to a man that you may have never previously considered. For example, did you know that guys are actually really attracted to your ability to communicate? Seriously, guys love it when you’re able to talk and listen, and they can’t help but be drawn to you! So instead of relying on your physical appearance as the be-all and end-all of your self-esteem (and girl, we know already that you’re beautiful!), check out these 15 things about you that men are attracted to!

15 Your voice

As women, we’re generally more attracted to men who have deeper, lower-pitched voices, because we perceive them to be more masculine and attractive. Well, according to Psychology Today, the opposite is true for men! For them, they perceive women with higher voices to be younger, more feminine, and even thinner! For guys, a woman’s voice is (usually) the exact opposite of their own, and since they perceive higher voices to be associated with femininity, they’re more prone to being into you even if they haven’t yet seen your face. However, there’s also something to be said for the husky-voiced women of the world, like Scarlett Johansson, since lower voices in women can be perceived as more seductive and sexually aggressive. To put it bluntly, a husky-voiced woman may not be considered attractive sight unseen, but once that voice is attached to an attractive woman, that deep-throated rumble becomes super sexy! So even though you may not like how you sound on recordings, just know that a lot of guys are into it!

14 Your hair

Flipping your hair, playing with a few strands, winding it around your fingers, or tying it up in a messy bun: all of those are moves that make a guy go weak in the knees. Again, long hair is something guys generally don’t have, and so they’re more interested in it on a basic level, but there is also a biological association of long, luxurious hair with fertility, health, and youth. That means his caveman senses go gaga when he sees you toss your silky tresses over your shoulder!

That doesn’t mean short-haired girls have to feel bad for going for a dramatic cut, because there are definitely dudes that are into a more androgynous look, or sometimes you’re just killing it because you’re putting your stellar bone structure on display! Either way, a woman’s hair usually smells great, looks great, and is the kind of thing most men can’t help but imagine running their fingers through and messing up if the night goes well.

13 Your kindness

According to a major study, one of the most important qualities men look for in a mate is kindness, so don’t get the idea in your head that nice girls finish last or that guys don’t like good girls, because science is here to prove you wrong! Little gestures that show your affection or interest rank big with him, especially because society is usually putting the onus on him to pull out all the stops in the romance department. At their core, pretty much everyone wants a nice, kind person who won’t screw them around, because duh! Kindness is something most men are extremely attracted to, as long as your nice nature doesn’t turn you into a pushover. Helping others, taking care of things, etc. all tap into the nurturing element that makes him realize you’re a truly decent person (and they also probably kind of remind him of his mom, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if kept in check).

12 Your smile

It’s a fact that guys are often drawn in by a woman’s smile, because a smile symbolizes general happiness and a comfortable ease in situations. Even a nervous smile in high-pressure scenarios can reel a guy in, because that sort of smile displays a vulnerability that men find very appealing. You just seem like a nice person when you smile, and who doesn’t want to get to know that?

In order to really crank up the level of attractiveness for this asset, studies have also shown that guys are more interested in a healthy set of white teeth. Probably as a symbol of good health and good hygiene, a set of pearly whites looks like a woman takes care of herself and refuses to indulge in less savoury habits, like smoking. Any variety of smiles – lopsided smiles, silly smiles, wide grins, or a quick nervous smile – are proven to attract men, so don’t be afraid if yours is a little crooked or doesn’t reach Hollywood standards – he’ll love it anyway!

11 Your manners

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Yep, when we say a guy is attracted to manners, it might sound a little boring, or even unbelievable, but it’s true! Having good manners, saying please and thank you, opening a door for him for a change – all of it is supremely attractive to him, because it signifies your ability to think of others first, and how you’re aware of how you present yourself to the world. Good manners are also a sign of “good breeding”, for lack of a better phrase, and it makes it easier for him to see you two together in more formal or stressful scenarios (like, say, meeting his parents or attending a fancy work dinner). When you act like a grown-up who knows how to take care of herself, he knows that he’s dating a grown-ass woman and not a girl, and that is attractive as hell! So don’t neglect your “please”s and “thank you”s just because you’re in a hurry, because it’ll certainly pay off!

10 Your quirks

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Finally, your Harry Potter obsession pays off! Being 100% you, weird quirks, obsessions, habits, and all is appealing to a guy, because it shows you’re not the same as everyone else! What guy doesn’t want to think that the woman he’s in love with is one in a million, or that no one else is like her? No one wants to get involved with someone who tries to be like everyone else, because that is B-O-R-I-N-G!

It may seem like a scary idea to unveil your nerdy side before you’re totally ready, but when you do so and admit that you know all the lines to The Simpsons or are crazy aggressive on your friend’s dodgeball team, you let him know that it’s okay for him to be himself too, with his own set of weird habits and hobbies. Your quirks make you who you are, and that’s the person he was initially attracted to, not the random girl down the street, so own your weirdness!

9 Your appetite

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Stop pretending to eat like a bird to appear delicate and feminine, because first, guys can see right through it, and second, they like it when you eat! Having an appetite is an incredibly sexy, sensual thing in a woman, partly because it stands in stark contrast to the amount of ladies who are constantly watching, discussing, and agonizing over their weight. Seeing a girl indulge in food – whether it be a plate of hot wings or a drippy ice cream cone that lets him pay more attention to your lips and tongue – is hot, hot, hot. It’s also true that men associate an appetite for food with an appetite and enthusiasm for some bedroom action, because you’re not about depriving yourself of what you enjoy! Plus, if what you’re eating is more, um, phallic in shape, then you’ll end up giving him all sorts of dirty images in his head! (Hey, it’s true!)

8 Your laugh

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Finding the humour in something and letting out a big laugh is adorable, according to guys. Girly giggles or charming guffaws – both signify happiness and lightheartedness, and that positivity is undeniably attractive. When a woman laughs, she appears more cheerful, open, and secure in herself to throw back her head and enjoy life. They say that laughter is infectious, and so if a guy catches you laughing, odds are he’ll at least crack a smile in response.

Plus, laughter is good for you! It released a whole bunch of healthy hormones, so in addition to making your abs and face hurt, it can also help to boost your immune system! The other thing about laughter is that, when a woman laughs at a man’s joke, she’s automatically giving him approval and the go-ahead to continue their conversation or flirtation – which is a pretty big deal if you’re unsure as to how you’re doing on a date! So let loose with the laughter, ladies, and a guy will definitely find you more appealing than if you kept those giggles in.

7 Your curves

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Blame biology and evolution for this one, but it’s simply a fact that a guy will be drawn to a woman with curves. Curves in all the right places tap into the part of his brain that is all about going forth and multiplying, because healthy curves are a symbol of fertility, so he can’t help that the Cro-Mag part of his brain starts drooling when he sees someone with a Kardashian kind of figure. (For those who are lacking in the boob department, don’t worry: the curves that are a man’s biological catnip are more of the waist-to-hip variety.)

We’re not skinny shaming over here, either, and so it’s true that more svelte women can still draw the guys in due to curves in other places. Think: the curve at the base of the spine, the slope of a neck to a shoulder, and the rounder curves of the shoulders themselves. Simply put, men love curves of all types, as long as the woman rocking them is healthy!

6 Your communication skills

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Maybe it’s because men often suck when it comes to communicating their thoughts and feelings, but guys are actually really into a woman who can express herself and her ideas coherently. A lady who can hold her own in a conversation, incorporating wit, humour, and intelligence is super attractive to a guy beyond the initial surface encounter, because it lets him know that there’s more than meets the eye ­– and he wants to know more!

In addition to the speaking part of a conversation, men also like a woman who can be a good listener and who shows real interest in what he’s saying. She makes him feel heard and offers comments or advice that applies to whatever he’s discussing without coming across as condescending or as a know-it-all. Hey, it’s something both parties want out of a relationship, so it makes sense that it would be majorly attractive to the men in our lives!

5 Your ballsiness

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Cliff-diving, skydiving, bungee-jumping – all are extreme sports that show off your fearless nature and daring streak, and guys couldn’t be more into that. Getting in touch with your adventurous side appeals to him because it means that not every day with you will be the same as the one before, and variety is the spice of life! (Plus, it makes him think that if you’re willing to try new, adrenaline-pumping things in your everyday life, you might be willing to incorporate your thirst for adventure in the bedroom.)

It doesn’t even have to be in the form of extreme sports – your ballsiness can be shown when you take a chance on things and put yourself out there without having a safety net. Men are attracted to a woman who is willing to go after what she wants, especially when it means stepping outside your comfort zone. It signifies a passion and lust for life, and who wouldn’t want to be around that?

4 Your energy

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Chilling out at home, being lazy, and sleeping in all have their merits, but a guy can’t deny the attraction he feels to a woman who has a lot of energy. A high-energy woman has him thinking that she’s more youthful and active than other women her age, and it also has him believing that you’re generally a more positive person to be around, since you regularly have those happy endorphins pumping through your body. This isn’t to say that you need to be hyperactive and bouncing off the walls to get his attention, but a woman who appears to be the life of the party and stoked for the next best thing is definitely more attractive than the girl who prefers to hang out in the corner, staring at her phone. If he’s a guy who is also energetic, he might see your matching energy levels and think, “Ah, it’s meant to be.”

3 Your brain

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Calling all smart girls! Turns out, all those outdated magazine articles you read that told you to play dumb to attract a man were hella wrong! Guys are into women who can be their intellectual equal – and even superior, because it shows that you have more going on in your head than simply thinking about him. Showing off your intellect is attractive to guys because, no matter what movies and TV shows says, they know that a woman with a brain will keep him interested longer than a woman with a body. The only time a guy might not be as into an intelligent woman is when he is intellectually inferior, and easily intimated by accomplished women. If that’s the case, you definitely don’t need to be wasting your time on a dude who’s looking for a trophy wife with the brain power of a coat rack! Keep reading, keep studying, keep learning, and never play dumb because you’re only limiting yourself (and the possibility of meeting someone awesome).

2 Your confidence

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One of the things guys are attracted to the most in a woman is without a doubt her confidence. A woman who can carry herself with pride and security is incredibly appealing, because the way she holds herself signifies that she doesn’t need anyone’s approval of her – she already approves of herself! Being confident in who you are lets him know that he doesn’t always have to be reassuring you about how you look or what you wear, because you’re so self-assured already. A woman with confidence turns heads no matter what she looks like, because she walks like all eyes are already on her – and if they’re not, she certainly doesn’t care! Guys want a piece of that, because they want to be the one who snagged the girl who caught everyone’s eye. Owning who you are is irresistible to a man, because he wants to be pulled into the orbit of a lady who is remarkably self-assured and able to rock what she’s got.

1 Your sense of humour

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For both men and women, we prize a sense of humour as among the top qualities we look for when first meeting someone, and as something we desire in a long-term partner. Laughter lasts a while, and to have a connection through humour is a powerful thing that should not be underestimated. Guys know that women are funny, and they love a woman who can make them laugh (probably because they think it’s an accomplishment, since they believe themselves to be the height of humour). When you crack a joke, you let him know that you don’t take things too seriously, and so he can relax a little. Getting goofy makes him perceive you as more youthful as well which – you guessed it – lights up that baby-making part of his biology. But really, a woman’s sense of humour means that there’s something beneath the surface, and so it’s your ability to tell a killer joke or find the funny anywhere that makes it the number one most attractive quality men look for.

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