15 Things Good Looking People Can Get Away With

Why is it that good looking people can get away with just about everything in life? Not only do they have the perfect looks, great metabolism, and incredible bone structure, the rest of the world seems to treat them like they are royalty. A perfect world would be one that judged people on accomplishments, not looks, but here we are, stuck on this blue planet, and trying to make the best of the situation. It’s not easy, but we are all in the same boat, pretty much.

Don’t get me wrong. Not all beautiful people are out to make the rest of us miserable. In fact, there are many good looking people with a long list of wonderful accomplishments who give to charities, work hard every day, and are truly wonderful to be around. But there are also the dregs of the beauty kingdom. There are the mean beauties and the rude beauties. There are beautiful people who use their looks to get away with just about everything, from theft to speeding tickets. We notice them the most because they seem to be everywhere, from reality television shows to social media. They open their beautiful mouths and the poop comes flying out.

15 Being Rude

Have you ever been in a restaurant and heard someone behind you being rude to the waitress? You turn around to shoot them a dirty look and, lo and behold, it is a good looking couple. The waitress runs off to accommodate the couple, while they snicker and make fun of her. They are so rude, but because they are also good looking, no one calls them out on it. The manager doesn’t even step out from the back room to have a word with them. Instead, the waitress tries even harder to make the rude people happy. It is enough to make you sick, but you keep quiet. Not being a part of the gorgeous crowd or not brought up with poor manners, you decide not to create a scene, but, oh, you would love to say a few words to that couple. In a perfect world, rude behavior would never be tolerated, no matter what the rude people look like.

14 Misspelling Words On Social Media

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Have you ever checked out a pretty person’s Facebook page and tried to read their posts? I won’t even try and reproduce their posts, but you probably already know what I mean. Every one of the posts on the page is filled with either typos or some sort of slang that makes absolutely no sense. If I would post anything like that, the grammar nuts would come after me with a vengeance, but that’s because I don’t belong to the gorgeous crowd. The good looking people, on the other hand can slang it up on social media and show the world that they would never be able to pass a middle school English class if their lives depended on it. Granted, there are some good looking people who can spell, but there are oodles more who take the written word for granted by mixing up there and their or has and as. It’s enough to drive a person nuts.

13 Cheating On Their Partner

Is she so pretty that everyone just expects her to fall into the beds of strange men or is he so dreamy that expecting him to be faithful to one girlfriend seems almost unreasonable? I get it. When someone is one of the gorgeous people, everyone seems to want that person naked, in bed, and totally into it. This may be great for some, but how about the person they are in a relationship with? Let’s face it. If you are dating a total hottie, you expect him to be into you and only you. Cheating is not tolerated, and yet it seems like good looking people get away with having affairs outside of a committed relationship. Why is that and why do we accept that type of behavior? Are their genes better than the rest of ours? Maybe in the looks department, but it is obvious that anyone who cheats on their partner has a few character flaws that shouldn’t be passed on to another generation.

12 Taking Way Too Many Selfies

It is fun to take a selfie now and again to share with friends online, but does it need to be every five minutes? The pretty people are so in love with themselves that they think the rest of us should love seeing them, too. That means selfies with wake up bed head, selfies putting on makeup, selfies of the finished look, eating food selfies, and so on. The list just goes on and on. It is almost as if they are inviting a stalker to come and find them because they are detailing all of their day to day habits. That is totally uncool, not to mention unsafe. While there are plenty of “average” people who follow the beautiful people online, there are more people that don’t follow them and who create their own lives, keeping things real. It is not about how you look or who you date, but what you do to make the world a better place that counts.

11 Getting Free Stuff

It does not seem fair. A good looking person can walk into a small business shop and get handed a ton of freebies, especially things like food freebies, whereas an average looking person will get totally ignored. It is the same with makeup. If I call up someone who sells makeup and they come to my house, I might get one or two freebies. The opposite is true for one of my gorgeous friends. The makeup woman leaves her with gobs of free samples. Another time I took my young adult son out to get him some good cologne for his birthday present. My son is fairly good looking, so the woman behind the counter gave him a huge bag of free samples to take home and try out. Me? I walk away with zilch, even though I am honestly out looking to buy fragrances. It is all a matter of looks. If you are good looking, you get hooked up. If you are average like myself, you may as well be chopped liver.

10 Not Thinking

Who says you have to think if you are beautiful? Just think of all those beautiful celebrities we love to watch on the big screen. They are great actresses and actors, but take away their lines and get them talking and you will soon discover that many of them are a bit empty in the brains department. That’s all fine and dandy if you plan on making your dream person a mute in your bedroom fantasies, but come on now. If you are fortunate to be one of the good looking people, hone those brain skills while you are getting a manicure. Brains are just as sexy as any other delicious body part, if not more so as the rest of us grow older. In the meantime, the beauties on reality television just get, like, more and more, like, dumber. Like, wow. The future is starting to look pretty bleak in television land.

9 Bad Hair Days

For most of us, a bad hair day means that we walk around feeling about as miserable as our hair looks. Honestly, since I work from home, if I am having a bad hair day, it all goes up in a ponytail and I don’t leave the house. That’s because a bad hair day for me means that my natural curls have turned to frizz and the weather outside is miserable. Beautiful people, on the other hand, seem to pull off the bad hair days. You could put them in a watermelon hat and they would still look lovely. So, the good looking people can get away with crappy hair days and walk around town, still getting the come hither looks. I know that it is far from fair (especially for those of us with curly hair), but that is just how it goes. It doesn’t matter what is done with their hair, they have the bone structure and the attitude to pull it off.

8 Not Working

In school, beautiful people, when put into a group project, will kick it back and not contribute any work to the group. This was especially true of the good looking guys I grew up with. They all seemed to act as though everyone should do the work for them just because they are so wonderful. After growing up and entering the workforce, things don’t change all that much. I have heard complaints about the pretty girls standing around, waiting for one of the guys to come over to do their work for them and I still see the good looking guys just milling about, giving everyone else their work for the day. While I have met some good looking people who do above and beyond their fair share of work, good looking people who are also lazy tend to stand out more. That is probably one of the downsides to being good looking: all eyes are on you.

7 Asking For Money

We average folks know better than to go around and ask people for help with our lunch money. The good looking kids were able to do it and get away with it back in their school days, but while the rest of us grew up, they didn’t. In fact, you will still see the good looking folks standing at the soda machine or snack machine, staring at the change in their hands and waiting for some average person to walk up so they can ask them if they have any spare change. Of course, most of us are polite enough to hand out a few quarters or even a dollar on pay day, knowing full well that we will never see that money again. What do us average looking people do when we don’t have enough change? Well, most of us are smart enough to not get ourselves in that situation, but if it is an all around bad day, we just suck it up and deal with not having enough for the snack machine.

6 Dressing Like Crap

Beautiful people can throw on sweat pants and a ratty old t-shirt and still look good. It absolutely sucks. If I do it, I would look like a crazy housewife that hasn’t slept in a week. No one would do a double take. They, on the other hand, get all the looks, the perfect body, and the cockiness to pull off the worst clothing in the world. And speaking of the worst clothing, have you ever really looked at the “good” clothing they wear when they are out? On the rack, the outfit looks terrible. Throw it on my body and it is a train wreck. Put the outfit on them and for some reason it looks like the latest trend. Why is this? I am convinced it is not the outfit itself, but the way that good looking people carry themselves that seems to make the dingiest rag look perfect on them.

5 Being A Mean Girl

“Like OMG. What is up with all the mean people in the world? I mean, like, normally it is just mean people posting stupid stuff on political articles, but now people are, like, posting mean sh!t all over Instagram.” Welcome to a brave, mean world where the gorgeous people rule on social media. Since nothing is said or done in front of other real people anymore, everyone can be as mean and rotten as they like, and this is especially true for the shallow beauties of the internet. Yes, it must be great being good looking and rotten at the same time, but then they complain that they can’t get any dates because none of the guys are “confident” enough to date them. In truth, the meanness scares most of us off, unless we are digging the mean vibe because we have a nasty case of PMS. Otherwise, the meanness just sucks.

4 Speeding

I am so boring that I have never been pulled over by a cop in my life. I don’t even speed while I am driving, but my friends on Facebook are always posting about showing the extra cleavage to get out of a speeding ticket. That dooms me right there because I barely even have that going for me. It turns out, though, that all you really need to get out of a speeding ticket or any sort of traffic problems with a cop is good looks. The word is, good looking people get out of speeding tickets and can talk their way out of paying them. Even worse, some people claim that the gorgeous people of the world can get away with murder. Honestly, I will have to take their word for it because I am not testing out the theory. I am such a plain Jane most of the time that a cop would gladly throw my butt in jail for doing anything stupid or illegal.

3 Not Brushing Their Teeth

Good dental work is expensive, so why not keep your teeth in the best condition you possibly can? It makes sense, right? Then how comes I meet so many beautiful people whose teeth look like they haven’t been brushed in a few days? Maybe they have been out on a party binge or maybe they just don’t smile in front of the mirror, but whatever the case, so many lovely people don’t take care of their teeth. Listen, at the end of the day, I don’t care if you fit society's ideas of gorgeous or butt ugly. Your teeth, however, have to last you your entire life. If I had the gorgeous looks of one of the beautiful people, I would definitely want a top notch smile to match. As it is, I am happy with having clean, white teeth that I brush twice a day and oil pull every morning. It’s just the best thing to do for yourself and if you are skipping out of dental care, you really aren’t getting away with anything. It will catch up on you.

2 Being Boring

Are good looking people boring? When they stand at the center of the room, giving the world their “look at me” smile, do you want to walk up and engage them in a conversation or do you just want to gawk? Maybe it is better to just take a mental photograph of them and take that image home with you tonight for some alone time. But to talk to a gorgeous person? You might be in for a real treat there, and I say that with full on sarcasm. Sadly enough, good looking people tend to be boring. They are often all about themselves, what they can do, how they look, and how far they jog each morning for that perfect body. About 15 minutes into a conversation with them, and you know everything about them and there is nothing more to explore. While I have met some interesting beautiful people, their conversations almost always seem one sided and get dull very quickly. Give me the nerd or the broken person in the room. The conversation is so much more interesting.

1 Eating Junk Food

Some people can get away with eating junk food and still look like they work out every day. The rest of us can simply look at junk food and feel the fat cells begin to expand. We work out, try and eat the best we can, but we know that if we give in to a snack treat, we will spend the rest of the day worrying over it. Enter the beautiful person, stuffing her face with doughnuts, cupcakes topped with mountains of icing, and every type of fatty chip in a bag, and it is time to get supremely jealous. Some good looking people have the best metabolism you could ever dream of. It is not fair, but by the luck of the draw, they seem to have gotten all the good fortune in the body appearance department. The only upside to this is that the rest of us know that while we don’t look model thin, we are putting the good stuff in our bodies that keep our organs healthy.

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