15 Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

We love to compare men and women. We like to see who is, stronger, smarter, more creative, better at languages, etc. Studying the sexes never gets old. And we will continue to evaluate our differences until we get bored or until we’re blue in the face. We like to learn about each other because in doing so we can learn more about ourselves. The 90s relationship book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus didn’t lie –even the symbols that represent us show that we come from different planets. However, just because two things vary doesn’t mean commonalities won’t exist. Clearly, we have some things in common with men, more than we’d like to admit. By studying men we learn about women, but we can also just, well, learn about men. As if it’s not enough that we study and analyze them to death already. We are obsessed with understanding the male species because despite commonalities, they feel, look, and act in contrast to us. They annoy us, but attract us. They confuse us, but we care for them anyways. You can learn more about the male species by having a read below.

15 Dudes have Estrogen too

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Women are not the owners of estrogen; and we’re not the only ones who have a decent amount of the hormone running through our bodies. Men require estrogen to be at their optimum. Estrogen in their bodies helps to preserve bone mass and peaks brains functions that are related to verbal memory and neuron connections. Would it surprise you to know that as men age, or at any age, estrogen is the hormone, not testosterone, that prevents erectile-dysfunction. Without a balance of both testosterone and estrogen men’s libidos drop significantly and their ability to perform is greatly decreased. Estrogen also controls mood and weight gain in men. So a man who’s a bit shy of estrogen could be lacking in several areas. How’s that for a fact. So when all is said and done, both hormones vibe off each other making the manly men and sensitive dudes we know and love.

14 They also have sensitive nips

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Ladies, ladies, ladies, you didn’t think that we were the only ones with the gift of sensitive nipples, did you? Oh, dear naïve friend, don’t be silly. Men can also be erotically stimulated in the exact same way as women. Just as there are some women who are not into nipple play whereas others are –men follow the same patterns. Some women are über sensitive and can even orgasm from nipple play. While there haven’t been too many men documented in claiming the same magical power, there’s clear evidence that men are equally turned on by getting their nipples stroked, kissed, licked, or bitten. It’s an erogenous zone, so it makes sense that men, too, could have the pleasure of being pleasured by nipple stimulation. Of course, you’ll want to ask the guy if he’s into it or if it hurts. No one wants a bruised nipple, not even guys who are super tough. Well, some people do, but that's another story.

13 Men can also produce milk

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Who knew? Like seriously, who the hell knew that men could also produce milk. It seems bizarre and from some other planet, but science has proven to us that men can also lactate. Now, there’s no real proof that the milk serves a purpose except for situations where the mother cannot breastfeed her own child and the father must step in, but those cases are few and far between. Men can lactate because their chests are not just muscle, they also, like women, have mammary glands which are the center for milk-production. Surely this makes us look at the male nipple in a new way and it might even make us feel weird –but not in a bad way, more so in a curious, let me test this theory out way. The truth is, most men don’t even know they have this super power and most would probably deny it. After all, the idea of producing milk has been so tied to the female body that this would put masculinity to the test.

12 (Hand) Size doesn't matter

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It’s a straight up myth ladies. Yes, you heard me right, it’s a lie and a liar. While some coincidences have been found between hand/foot size and the male penis, science has proven us wrong. We’d like to think it’s true. We swear it’s true. We’ve had experiences where it’s true. And we’re convinced it’s true. Don’t be disappointed. It’s just the way things are. If you want to continue with your belief system, do whatever works for you girl. But to get to know him more intimately, you’ll have to actually be more intimate with him. Studies have proven that more than 70% of men are growers and not showers, so there’s another piece of information for you if you’re trying to bag yourself someone who is well-endowed. Nothing is as it seems, and even less so when it comes to the male penis.

11 Men have bigger brains

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Yes, the male brain is bigger, but that doesn’t mean it’s better or smarter. That would be silly. And it wouldn’t make sense, plus, thanks to science yet again, it isn’t true. Men’s brains are bigger because they are bigger. They have larger bodies to manipulate and thus require more neurons to keep all systems running. Their large muscle mass demands more neuron firing, but that doesn’t mean the excess firing makes them any smarter. On the contrary, what has been proven is that during most tasks, men only utilize one side of their brain while women engage both hemispheres. Men are not apt at using both hemispheres at the same time which results in poor multi-tasking skills. It’s not that he doesn’t want to multi-task, it’s that he can’t. So next time you see him struggling with walking and talking, don’t be so hard on him.

10 They don't have huge amounts of testosterone

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Men and testosterone are a likely pair, no doubt. We have been told all our lives that men are teeming with testosterone and as a result are more competitive, aggressive, and sexual. We’re told to be warned of testosterone and men while in a testosterone fit. But in reality, the amount of testosterone in a man’s body, at his prime, only measures to about a full shot glass. It’s a myth that men are raging with testosterone at any given time; it increases during puberty, but returns to normal levels shortly thereafter. However, studies have shown that the amount of testosterone a man has can be measured by the size of his ring finger in comparison to his index finger. Those who have a longer ring finger are said to have received more testosterone while in the womb; this means an increase in physical agility and strength.

9 They aren't more likely to cheat

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Men have been outed as the unfaithful sex. This is no truer than women being the more faithful sex. Neither gender is more or less when it comes to being faithful. While men are more visual and tend to have a more constant libido than women, this does not make them more promiscuous. Studies have shown that men play the field in order to spread their gene pool around; maintain their genetic line. But studies have also shown that women play the field in order to find an optimal genetic match that will give her stronger, smarter, faster, offspring. What has been proven is that men who cheat have a lower IQ score. So praise be to the gods for proving to us that we are not crazy or inadequate, but rather that guys who are unfaithful are not just dogs, but dumb dogs.

8 We were all female once

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Until around week 6 or 8, all embryos are female. At around this time, the Y chromosome is distributed. But before that time, all embryos are equipped with X chromosomes. Scientists even call embryos in the beginning phases of development proto-female. Science gives us the facts; and while men might not like the facts, facts are facts and science tells us that all embryos were once female. There’s no denying it or calling scientists liars. To look on the bright side, men can say they’ve had, even if they don’t recall it, a female experience. This, in essence, makes men more well-rounded than we or they give themselves credit for; men have had the experience of being both genders –we women cannot say that. It’s a blessing, perhaps in disguise, but a blessing nonetheless to have the experience of both sexes.

7 They talk less

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Men are not known for being big talkers. While they might give eloquent and inspirational speeches that fire us up from the belly, they are not always great conversationalists. Men do not talk as much as women do as proven by a study that reports the average words per day for men is around 2,000 whereas the average word count for women is 7,000. If you’ve ever studied men, whether it be your father, brother, lover, or best friend, you’ve surely seen that they spend an awful lot of time in silence. No one knows exactly what’s going on upstairs or if anything is even going on upstairs, but whatever the case is, we know one thing –they sure don’t share their thoughts with us. We almost have to drag it out of them. We ask questions and get one word responses. That is the extent of much of our verbal interaction with men. Interestingly, while men clearly talk less, they are notorious liars beating women out by double; a man can lie 6 times in a day compared to 2 lies that a woman will produce. Much of what they say, then, seems to be fraudulent. Best they stay quiet, then.

6 Men get Period pains too

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Crazy, I know. It seems so crazy that it can’t be real, but it is because, yet again, science has proven it. Science has proven that men can actually feel PMS and other menstruation side effects. This depends on the man and his bond to his female partner; however, science has proven that many men suffer from bloating, headaches, even cramps alongside their partner during her time of the month. This pair bonding shows a side of menstruation that could be psychosomatic and raises some important question about empathy. Psychologists still have a long way to go in investigating how or why this happens. There are even studies that show men feel contractions and birth pains. Men literally go through hormonal changes during pregnancy. Their ability to be so connected and empathetic might be shocking, however, this concept seems to stem from the fact that we consider the sexes in opposition to each other and only in contrast, when in reality there is much more sympathy between the sexes.

5 What they eat affects their taste

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It is true that we are what we eat. This goes all the way down to down there even. What we eat influences how we smell and taste and the same goes for men. Our pores and mucus membranes expel the odors of the foods we eat; men are greatly affected as they are known to sweat more than women due to higher body temperatures and lower body fat percentage. The secret to smelling and tasting nice is in what we consume, therefore men should eat sweeter things and avoid certain items. Pineapple, strawberries, and mangoes have been suggested to increase sweetness of the body and bodily fluids. Likewise, to keep the sweetness high, foods like meats and cheese should be avoided as they produce chemicals that cause sour tastes. Water also plays a huge part in how we smell and taste and helps maintain a healthy pH balance and cleanse the system.

4 Heavier men rule

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Yes, we love our men all buff and muscular and whatnot. Sure, even a svelte man gets our motors running in high gear, but don’t underestimate the heavy set or chubby man. Studies show that heavier men are happier which makes women happy. We like happy not grumpy. Studies also show that despite the extra weight that might prevent them from seeing their penises, heavy men are less likely to get depressed or commit suicide. Heavier men also are known to last longer in bed compared to their slender counterparts; a whole 7 minutes in comparison to a little over a minute and a half. So it’s worth a second or third look and/or consideration when it comes to heavy men as it seems they outshine thin men. Heavy men got more to love, but it looks like they got more love to give, too, which only bodes well for us. Having a happy guy who lasts longer in the sack is surely a winner by any measure.

3 They age better

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Sorry, ladies, but men tend to age better than we do. Our creams and regimens might make minor changes and help us pull back the hands of time just a bit, but what really affects aging, whether male of female, is collagen. As we age collagen production drastically decreases. Even as early as our 20s collagen starts to diminish rapidly; and once a woman is menopausal collagen production almost stops hence the sagging and wrinkling one sees on the face of a mature woman. Men don’t have this problem and their facial aging is less noticeable than a woman’s. Their aging is also affected by the fact that they don’t wear makeup and they have thick skin. Men, on average, have thicker skin than women which means that environmental factors such as pollution and UVB and UVA rays could take longer to show up on their faces. This doesn’t seem fair, especially considering all the pressure society places on women to be beautiful, but we can’t really compete with genetics now can we.

2 They don't live as long as women

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Mortality rates are higher among boys in infancy and childhood. Globally, they are 25% more likely to die in infancy that girls. While more male babies are born around the world, it’s the female babies who end up surviving well into adolescence and adulthood. Not only are males more likely to die young, they are also likely to die earlier than expected. Men take more risks than women and men tend to be under more stress than women; the leading cause of death among men is heart disease. Men also die before their partners. On average a man will die approximately five years before their female partners. It could be related to genetics or something in their blood, but studies lean more toward external stimuli that play a huge role in how men live and how men survive. Being put under tremendous amounts of stress in conjunction with risky behaviors is surely to lead to a shorter life than, for example, someone who manages stress well and avoids danger.

1 Men have a special spot

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Yes, we got your bedroom game here. Men, the sexual beast, the bedroom dominator –we want to know more about this aspect of him than any other. And they say men are the sexual ones, ladies. Men have a g-spot. Yes, they do. And it’s called their prostate gland which is tucked away nicely just inside their anus. If you are curious about this, google it and you’ll have plenty of pages to study. More men are circumcised than not, but that number is changing. Uncircumcised men have foreskin which is as sensitive as the clitoris; if you’re man is not cut, ask him about what feels good to him and be sure that you’re not applying too much pressure to this sensitive area. And men orgasm for approximately 6 seconds which is a little sad in comparison to our whopping 23 second average orgasm. Sorry guys, but again you can’t argue with nature or science –clearly we’ve got the better end of the deal by having been given that additional X chromosome.

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