16 Things Every Girl Must Do Before She Settles Down

Oh to be single. To be the commander of your own ship and to do whatever you want, whenever you want. It's great to have "you" time but let's admit it, it can get lonely sometimes. But before you settle down, have you done everything you wanted to do with your freedom?

Get your pen and paper out. Let's make sure that you have partied enough, flirted enough, made mistakes and learned how to fix them before you meet 'the one'. Here's 16 things every single girl must do before she settles down.

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16 Be spontaneous


Try something new, from a festival to an event in your city, tag along with some friends or ask someone adventurous to join you. Trying something new can open doors for you to meet new people and may help you in discovering more about yourself. For example you might continue this adventurous approach and decide to try new things more often.

15 Live alone

Think of the privacy!

This goes for any single adult, living alone can be a wonderful experience. Before settling down with someone, move out on your own and enjoy it. This is the time when you can become the independent woman you have always wanted to be. Wake up dance around, who cares this is your home. Living alone will teach you a lot about yourself and will give you the chance to explore and discover your needs. You won't have to answer to anyone but yourself and you will certainly learn how to get your sh*t together.

14 Have a one night stand


Let's keep it real ladies, this is a must in order to experience all that life has to offer (LOL). Keep protection in your bag and scope out your next adventure. You want to taste what's out there before you find 'the one'. Don't be shy! You will thank yourself later.

Of course responsibility plays a big part in this decision. Aim for someone who you do know, maybe you aren't friends, but you have encountered one another in the past. Send his address and information to a friend, so someone knows where you are and with who. Other than that, go wild and have fun!

13 Increase your network


This is the time to meet new friends and people who can possibly help you get to that next step in your career. When you're in a relationship you have to watch who you exchange numbers with, even if there isn't any interest on your part. When you are single you don't have to feel guilty for giving your number away, especially if you know it's for business purposes.

Inviting new people into your life is a part of your growth process. The different personalities you will meet are sure to take you into settings that you might not have explored on your own. This is all part of getting to know what you like and don't like.

12 Fulfill a naughty fantasy


Let's get naughty. One option is a threesome which is a fantasy for many guys and girls, but most partners would never agree to it. Why wait to fall in love? Just do it now with someone you aren't overly attached to, with your choice in gender of your third.

Of course, this isn't for everyone, and if you aren't into the threesome idea. Try something new, next time you are getting down and dirty. Try new places or a sexy outfit, try toys or whatever you are curious about just give something new a try.

11 Learn how to cook


The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. There's something about putting together a good meal that just makes us feel good. Food is the key to being alive. The fact that you can prepare it deliciously is something you should be proud of.

Cooking at home also has multiple benefits. Not only is it key to financial balance, it also gives you control over what you eat. Because you decide all the ingredients, you can make healthier choices. Plus, your s/o will love coming home to a cooked meal.

10 Learn a new language


Take advantage of your free time to impress your girl/guy in the future. Learning a new language doesn't only expand your mind and culture, it multiplies your options. You never know, you might meet and fall in love with someone who doesn't speak your language.

Intelligence is one of the sexiest parts of a woman. Learning a different language is a great exercise for your mind. This is all a part of becoming a better you, which increases your level of awesomeness to your future person.

9 Decorate your home, your way


One of the things you will love most about living alone will be not having to ask someone's opinion when it comes to decorating.

Get your Marilyn Monroe prints, candles and paint brushes out because this space is all yours to decorate! Having the freedom to style your space your way is priceless. Take this time to have your home looking fabulous without having to compromise on beige walls instead of that baby pink you love so much.

8 Finish school


Impress him/her with your mind. Having an education is an important part of development. Although success is not always measured by a college degree, an education is pivotal to even carrying on a conversation.

School can be great for most of us, but it does take up a lot of time. Learning requires focus and dedication, which can be tough to balance while being in a committed relationship. Get school out of the way so that when you meet that special someone, you can spend a stress-free and prosperous life together.

7 Party hard


Go out and party while you have no one to come home to. Life is all about the experiences you have. You never want to look back and wish you had done something "while you could." Regret is the worst feeling to have, so go party until your feet can't take it and the bouncers know your name.

The party girl "thing" is probably not going to work for your fiancé(e). Have your 4 AM ladies nights now and rock that itty bitty dress while you can. Squeeze the fun out of being single and dance the night away. You will have plenty of nights to Netflix and Chill with him/her in the future.

6 Get in shape


Fitness is very important to living healthy. You should always aim to be fit and look your best, but while you're single, you will have more time to work on it. Confidence is the key to it all. If you look good, you'll feel good. If you feel good, you can conquer the world.

Also, if you think highly of yourself you will not settle for just anyone. Your future partner needs to be a great person who meets all the qualities you require as a strong and beautiful woman. If he/she has to be hot, why would you even think you don't have to be? Our bodies are a temple, now go get it right, girl!

5 Focus on you


Imagine how much more you can give if you are satisfied with yourself? Having a stable lifestyle before you meet that special someone is key to success in a relationship. With a successful career you will have more to offer. Being a contributor to your mutual growth, instead of a burden, will give you peace of mind.

It's just better when you are equals. The less you worry about money, the more you can focus on loving one another. Stress can come with not being happy with yourself, so a career that you actually enjoy is important - It can even bring amity between you and your partner.

4 Travel the World


See the world on your own terms. Travel abroad and spend some time exploring other cultures and lifestyles. Traveling is a way to open your mind and see outside of your circle. This is also a way to grow as an individual, and you will have even more to offer to someone else.

You also never know who you might meet in France or Costa Rica - Maybe someone might steal your heart (just think of the accents mmm!). Life is an adventure! Go out there and lose yourself in everything nature has created.

3 Make sure your bank account is on fleek


Financial stability means peace of mind. It feels good to know that you can bring something to the table, even if your chivalrous partner would never allow you to pay for anything.

Ladies, rely on yourselves first. You never know what might happen months or years into your relationship. Make sure that you can take care of yourself in your partner's absence. Besides, everyone respects a woman more when she is responsible and bright enough to hold her own.

2 Spend lots of time with family and friends


Time is of the essence. Family and true friends must be cherished dearly at all times. Often, when you start seeing someone, they tend to take over your free time. Once you meet someone, your time will be compromised, so take this time to share lots of special moments with family and friends.

Guys come and go but friendship is forever. Well, until you find the one who doesn't let go. Make sure you have sleepovers, cocktail dates and long conversations about Chris Hemsworth now! Spend as much time with the people you love because even though they will still be around, it will be harder to dedicate the same amount of time once you're hitched.

1 Discover who you are


What makes you happy? What takes you over the edge? Who are you really? Being single is the absolute best time to get to know yourself. It takes some people an entire lifetime to answer the question of who they are. Spending time alone will help you find the answers to that question faster.

Discovering who you are and what you want out of life might even help you find him/her quicker. Once you know who you are, you can offer sincerity, trust and most importantly love. Look at how lucky s/he is to have you, all because you took the steps to discover yourself.

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