15 Things Diva Moms Actually Requested In The Delivery Room

Labor and delivery is a physically and emotionally tough situation, and it takes a strong woman to get through it. Every mom-to-be has their moments, but some go beyond and insist on special treatment. These divas don't let hospital rules or anything else get in their way of giving birth the way that they want.

Many diva moms can be spotted by one look at their very detailed birth plan. They don't like to go with the flow, so they make a plan and insist on going through with it, even if it's harder on the doctor, nurses or even their own family. Divas insist on things like nice sheets, even though they are bound to get messy. And all too often they are bound to be disappointed.

Here are 15 things diva moms actually requested in the delivery room.

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15 Doula On Demand


Doulas are an old-fashioned idea that have been used in many cultures for centuries to support the mom through labor. But some moms these days take advantage of their doula and make it all about themselves. Doulas are willing to do a lot to help the labor progress and the mom more comfortable, but they shouldn't be taken advantage of.

14 Delivery Playlist


Diva moms are all about creating the mood, and that means that they can think for months about the details of their birth plan. They even make a personalized playlist for the occasion. Some moms might like to give birth to "Push It." Others prefer something more inspirational. You can tell in the music how big a diva the mom is.

13 A Special Delivery During Labor


Diva moms don't always like to follow hospital rules, even if they are in the mom's best interest. Most doctors recommend that women avoid food during labor because of the possibility they could need a C-section. But a diva mom might ignore those rules and insist that somebody brings her some food. That can make labor more difficult and add extra risks to the process.

12  A Makeup Artist


We get that women don't want to look messy in their first photo with their newborn baby, but hiring a makeup artist or even doing their own contouring is too much, even for a diva mom. Most of the time, the makeup will wear off or streak during the final stages of labor and delivery anyway.

11 Room With A View


Labor and delivery rooms in many hospitals these days are pretty nice. But a diva mom isn't satisfied with any room with a bed and medical equipment. They insist on having the best room in the place. It's all about having a room with a view and making sure that they have to the best place in the hospital.

10 Get Me The Anesthesiologist!


All moms experience pain during labor, but they don't have a personal anesthesiologist to take care of them the moment they experience the first contraction. In fact, they are going to have to get in line. A diva might try to demand her epidural at once, but that can't happen if there is another patient in the hospital in need, such as a car crash victim going into surgery. The diva will have to wait like everyone else

9 Placenta Pills


The placenta is a necessary part of completing the birth process, but most moms don't give it a second thought past having to give one or two little pushes while they hold their newborn. Diva moms, though, have high expectations from their placenta. A growing amount of moms decide to have the organ preserved so they can consume it later. It might help avoid postpartum depression, but it might also make you a diva mom.

8 A Detailed Birth Plan That Cannot Be Ignored


Birth plans are fairly common these days, and that's okay. But birth plans need to be tools for thinking through birth decisions, not a very stringent guide to what happens in the perfect scenario. A diva mom will be very specific, making her birth plan her list of birth demands, and unfortunately, she's probably setting herself up for disappointment.

7 An Extra Stitch


There can be some damage to the mom down below during delivery, and that sometimes means that the doctor needs to stitch the area up after the birth. Diva moms—and often their partners—might insist on an extra stitch. Some Kegels would do the trick, but a diva wants to take the easier route.

6 1,000 Thread Count Sheets


Hospital sheets aren't the most comfortable. There is a reason for that, of course, they tend to get pretty gross between the amniotic fluid and the plasma that comes out during the delivery. But some diva moms insist on laying on some fancy sheets. It's all about comfort but it isn't very practical.

5 Luxury Massage


When a mom is going through labor and delivery, a massage can go a long way to making her feel more comfortable. Using some tennis balls to the back can make a big difference, but diva moms insist on more. They want the full body treatment and maybe some special oils. That definitely goes above and beyond.

4 Demanding The Doctor At Once!


After nine months of prenatal care, moms might be surprised how little time the doctor actually spends in the delivery room. Instead, it's the nurses who check on the patient. The doctor might come in every few hours, more often if the nurse alerts them to an issue. But a diva mom insists on seeing the doctor. They might even throw a fit about it, insisting that they deserve better care than anyone else.

3 Special Exceptions For Friends


For some people, giving birth is a pretty private experience. Others think that they need a whole crowd for support. Sometimes, though, the doctor needs to limit the amount of people in the delivery room. A diva mom will insist on special exceptions, and she might go further and make sure that they get treated to a luxury experience as well.

2 Mood Lighting


Lighting is usually one of the last details that moms worry about in their birth plan. But for diva moms, it can be really important. Most doctors want to have a lot of light to see what they are doing, but they might allow for less during the labor. Their needs might clash with a diva mom who wants everything to be special for her delivery.

1 Too Posh To Push


Natural deliveries are difficult, and they require a lot of work on the mom's part. Some diva moms don't want any part of it. They insist on having surgery, even though it's riskier for the mom and the baby if there isn't a medical reason for that kind of delivery, many doctors are against elective C-sections, but a diva mom might insist.

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