16 Things CVS Employees Are NOT Allowed To Do (+ 5 Reasons Customers Love CVS)

Everybody has a go-to pharmacy where they can rush to in a pinch, fill their prescriptions, and load up on all sorts of health and body products at. It's nearly impossible to walk into a corner pharmacy and not grab a pop, snacks, and maybe a new eyeliner or some mascara.

Some pharmacy lovers prefer Rite Aid while others remain Walgreens forever. Still others will only get their goods at mom and pop stores, never giving their business to the big man.

CVS is another favorite store among health and beauty shoppers. CVS stores draw in customers with their super organized aisles full of everything shoppers never knew they wanted and then some. The chain also offers delicious snacks and treats, minute clinics on site to help ill folks in a pinch, and handy dandy apps designed to make life more convenient. For shoppers, there are a whole lot of reasons to love the local CVS store.

As much as customers adore their one-stop shop, the employees of CVS don't feel the love as strongly. In fact, the overall tone and climate for those who work there seem fairly hostile.

This might be in part because CVS puts so many restrictions on the people who help to make the magic happen. Here are fifteen things that CVS employees are banned from doing (and five reasons why the customers adore CVS!).

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21 Not Allowed To Do: Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Back in December a CVS store in Indiana was held up in a pharmacy robbery. The store's employee, Zac Phillips, and the pharmacist decided that they weren't about to let some punk take their store down, so they took matters into their hands and took the would-be robber to the ground.

They saved their beloved store by putting their safety on the line, but in the end, they received no medal of honor. Instead, CVS fired both of them! According to CVS policy, the store employees broke protocol by initiating a physical confrontation. It seems that stopping a store robbery is not allowed at CVS.

20 Not Allowed To Do: Dress To Impress

According to Indeed.com, CVS employees have to adhere to a dress code anytime that they are on the clock. Everybody working there has to wear the CVS polo shirt or the curb-side tee shirt along with khaki or black pants.

The chosen uniform isn't the most flattering or glamorous thing that you'll find in any given employee's closet, but then again, working at a drug store isn't the most glamorous place of employment. At least employees can get some great products to put on their face and in their hair there. That will help jazz up the day's look a little bit.

19 Not Allowed To Do: Choose Their Hours

Some of the former and current employees at CVS chains across the U.S. have complained that the chain doesn't do a stellar job at allowing their employees to create a work-life balance. One disgruntled employee complained that the store schedules over student hours and even the part-timers have to work close to forty hours a week.

More so, the managerial team doesn't follow its employee availability very well. It sounds like when you choose to work here, you have to accept the fact that your life will be work, eat, and sleep with very little time in between to try and do anything else.

18 Not Allowed To Do: Get Paid To Eat

Most places will grant their employees a lunch break on their dime, but not CVS. According to the handbook, employees receive one of the following:

-one paid 15-minute for each four-hour period you work;-one paid 15-minute break and one unpaid 30-minute meal break for each six-hour period you work-two paid 15-minute breaks and one unpaid 30-minute meal break for each eight-hour period you work.

If you are finding that you need more than that to get through the workday, you'll have to start loading up on giant breakfasts before you clock in. A few employees even noticed that the chain changed their meal policies and never bothered to update the employees on the store changes.

17 Not Allowed To Do: Take It Easy During Their Shift

via jestPic.com

CVS will often schedule only a few employees to work the floor at any given time, but each employee is expected to perform the work of ten individuals. Expect every second of your shift to be busy; there is no slacking off here. Former employees have complained that employees have incredibly demanding expectations placed upon them, but little recognition or appreciation ever gets shown for all of their hard work.

Having a work environment where employees feel overstretched and undervalued is always a cause for concern. On top of long hours and little appreciation, employees must attend store meetings once a month, which they don't get paid for.

16 Not Allowed To Do: Move Up The Ranks

Employees have griped that even when they have dedicated years to the store chain, they have gotten overlooked for specific in-store promotions. When the time came to move up the ranks, store employees were overlooked for managerial positions, and new individuals were brought in to fill those positions instead.

The seasoned employees then end up training the new managers when they should have been considered for that position all along! It has to be very frustrating to devote yourself to a place that never even considers you for a managerial position within the company. Everyone should have a fair opportunity to move up in the world.

15 Not Allowed To Do: Tell A Customer They Are Wrong


At CVS, the customer is always right. Former employees swear that if employees inform customers about basic store policy, and the customer then complains to the managerial team, the employee might get written up and the whiny customer ends up with a CVS gift card.

Essentially, customers can walk into CVS and make wild demands, and employees then have to neglect store policy and bend the knee to the angry shopper. Everyone working in retail wants to know that if they have to stand up to an out of line customer, and are following store policy, then management will be there to back them up. No one will be taking the side of the truth-telling employee at CVS though.

14 Not Allowed To Do: Take Leave For Maternity

via yelp.com

Of course, the chain has a maternity policy set in place for female employees, but it isn't exactly stellar, from what we understand. One employee claimed that maternity leave only gets granted if the employee has worked a minimum of 2000 hours. The managerial team is also pretty unsympathetic to those expecting.

Unless there is a doctor's note in place stating that a person cannot work, then you are coming in to do your shift. No one cares if your head is in the toilet or your feet are super swollen. There isn't a whole lot of patience and understanding when it comes to employees who are expecting.

13 Not Allowed To Do: Spend Holidays With Family

CVS is open on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, so if you are scheduled to work during those holidays, then you will be missing the magic with close friends and family. If you love your pumpkin pie and Christmas morning magic, then working at CVS might be a hard pass for you. There is no guaranteeing that you'll get the major holidays off of work.

Another kick to the gut is that according to one Reddit user and CVS employee, working on Christmas Eve doesn't even qualify an employee for holiday pay! The store managers aren't even up front about this and allow employees to believe that they are making bank for giving up the holiday.

12 Not Allowed To Do: Score Great Discounts

One of the best bonuses to working retail is the employee discount that most stores offer their loyal workers. One Reddit user explained that at first, he thought he was getting an excellent perk by switching to CVS from Walgreens, but his discount turned out to be all smoke and mirrors.

The angry employee claims the discount could never be applied to sale items, and everything is always on sale. Besides this, the store tends to have higher priced items compared to similar franchises. CVS also doesn't offer points like Walgreens does, which is another boo if you are working there and buying lots of the store's products.

11 Not Allowed To Do: Complain About Wage Differentiation

Generally speaking, CVS has made strides in raising what they pay their employees. Where nine dollars an hour used to be status quo, eleven dollars an hour is the new normal. While we are all about helping people make ends meet to support their families, some employees of CVS say that this raise is deceiving and women working at the franchise still come up short.

One miffed employee had a supervisor tell her that the company mostly hired women, which showed that they were equal employers and progressive. What the employee discovered, later on, was that the company paid women less, which was the real reason for taking on as many females as possible.

10 Not Allowed To Do: Pierce The Face

Plenty of people on discussion boards like Glassdoor and Indeed.com claim that CVS doesn't care whether or not they have facial tats. Many are employees of CVS themselves AND have several piercings. Some employees have chimed in saying that in general, piercings are accepted, but the tolerance to such facial decor depends on store managers and their attitudes towards adornments.

Regardless of what some store managers allow on their watch, the CVS handbook does state that employees will not have facial piercings. It's best to check with management on the policy before ever taking a job at CVS, just in case your piercings have to come out.

9 Not Allowed To Do: Fall For The Manager


Love stories that take place in the work environment rarely turn out to be pretty. When the relationships finally end, the work environment can get pretty uncomfortable for everyone. This is especially true when employees at different levels of status decide to take up with one another.

The CVS handbook strictly prohibits employees from developing romantic relationships with employees who report indirectly or directly to them. In other words, you can't date your boss or both of you will end up jobless. Whether it be CVS or some other retail store, dating the manager is never a great idea in our opinion.

8 Not Allowed To Do: Work With Relatives If One Is A Manager

The Boston Globe

CVS is perfectly fine with brothers and sisters or husbands and wives making employment at CVS stores a family event, under a couple of conditions. According to the CVS handbook, the employees must be on equal footing when it comes to status. This basically means that if they are both planning on working the floor, or the stock room, then more power to them.

If one of the family members works in management or any position where others indirectly or directly report to them, then relatives of that person can not work underneath them, so to speak. Nobody wants to get accused of showing favoritism.

7 Not Allowed To Do: Work In Certain Store Areas If They Are Minors

via wsj.com

You don't have to be eighteen years old to work at a CVS store. The franchise will hire younger people who are itching to get into the workforce early, but those 16-year-olds will have some no-can-dos in the workplace. They can't ring up any adults beverages, nor can they operate a freight elevator, a forklift, scrap paper balers, paper box compactors, or conveyor belts.

Employees under the age of eighteen also aren't allowed to work with photo processing chemicals in their concentrated form. While CVS seems happy to employ teenagers, they must make sure that they are keeping youngsters safe while they are working. Limiting what they can do can sometimes limit their ability to work enough hours, though.

6 Not Allowed To Do: Use Cell Phones

via 10tv.com

These days, cell phones seem to be an extension of our arms and hands. We are now at the point where we barely realize that we are staring at the little screens most hours of the day! But when CVS employees are on the clock, the cellphones have to remain out of sight.

If an employee catches themselves at a slow part of the day where nothing needs to be immediately attended to, they can't just take their cell out and start texting their friends or scrolling through social media. Once you walk through the CVS doors and take your position, your phone is history until your shift ends.

5 Why Customers Love CVS: SO Organized

One Reddit user pointed out that her love for the chain will never fade because of the excellent organization that is set up inside. We have to give it to CVS, they do make sure that everything is orderly and easily located. CVS runs on convenience, so people who go there want to get in, grab their stuff, and get out as quickly as possible.

People like this particular user are more than willing to pay slightly higher prices if that means always knowing where they can find their favorite items. Sometimes handing over an extra dollar is well worth a few precious minutes of free time.

4 Why Customers Love CVS: Behold The Minute Clinic

CVS has a walk-in clinic right in the store. Fans of the chain can get checked and then take three steps to the right to fill your prescription. It's a genius plan. No longer will ill folks in a pinch have to spend a couple of hours in a walk-in clinic only to then have to go to the pharmacy and wait another thirty minutes for a prescription.

CVS got smarter than the other chains and managed to put all of the services together. At the minute clinic, CVS customers can get treated by professionals and most insurance plans are accepted. Heck yes CVS!

3 Why Customers Love CVS: The Cookies Are The Whip!

If you haven't tasted a Gold Emblem CVS cookie, then are you even living your best life? Probably not, because these things are freakishly awesome. Who knew that some of the best-tasting desserts were in a CVS store? One blogger at Simply Sweet Home reviewed the product for her readers and could not stop raving about the delicious flavors that the brand offers customers.

The only drawback to these sweet treats is that they are so affordable, you'll end up buying several boxes each time you visit CVS and accidentally eating at least one of the boxes in your car.

2 Why Customers Love CVS: The CVS App

Who doesn't love a useful app that makes life easier? Apps are a huge part of life these days, so thank you CVS for giving us yet another one that we can obsess over. The CVS app can do so many things to help make a shopper's life extra convenient. With it, customers can refill or fill their prescriptions with the click of a button. They can also track their orders and double check their prescription history.

The app also helps people check for potential drug interactions, check drug costs and coverage, and locate a pharmacy in their network. For people who have regular or multiple medications that have to get filled to each month, this app is an absolute lifesaver.

1 Why Customers Love CVS: They Have A Coinstar

There is nothing more satisfying than taking a bag full of pennies and turning them into bills! People love CVS because they contain Coinstar machines. You can turn loose couch change into bills, people!

An added bonus to the CVS Coinstar machines is that you can choose to have the machine give you green bills for your pennies, nickels, and dimes, or it can reimburse you with a CVS gift card that you can turn right around and use in the store. Seriously, free gift cards for change? You win CVS. Employees might not love you, but we think you are gold.

Sources: CVS Handbook, Reddit, CNBC

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