15 Things Couples Do That Are Illegal

We can definitely agree on the fact that the majority of us are law-abiding citizens in general... at least when it comes to the big stuff. But the truth is that there are some really weird laws out there that you have never even heard of (and that you might not even believe are true). So you could definitely be breaking more of them than you realize, especially when those laws involve your actions and behavior and activities with another person. Here you are minding your own business with your boyfriend and suddenly you discover that you are actually breaking some laws going about your daily life and hooking up. Here are 15 things that couples do pretty regularly that can be considered illegal. Depending on where you live, of course.  You won't believe hat's on this list, but do not worry, not all of them are super likely to land you behind bars.

15 Living Together

The concept of "living in sin" is pretty outdated for the most part and these days, most people probably would not even think about getting married without shacking up with their significant other for a while to even figure out if they should be getting married. It is often seen as the step before getting engaged and something that is totally reasonable. However, in a couple states, living with your boyfriend when you're not married yet is still actually considered to be illegal. Michigan and Mississippi still both technically consider this a crime, with a punishment that could include a misdemeanor penalty of up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. However, no one has been cracking on down on this in over ten years and they know it needs to get thrown out the window soon, so don't worry about it if you happen to live there.

14 Adultery

Adultery is still considered a crime in 21 different states, although the punishment for it varies pretty widely. Would anyone be mad about a law on adultery (we don't think at least). Adultery is generally defined as the act of cheating as a physical relationship between a married person and a person other than their spouse. In some states like New York, adultery is actually considered a misdemeanor which can get you fined $500 or sentenced to 90 days in jail, but this isn't likely to happen. Generally, adultery is punished in work situations where an "inappropriate" relationship comes to light, and in the military, for example, it's considered a legit reason to discharge a soldier. However, the laws don't have a lot to do with the choices that people make. Around 19 to 23 percent of me, and 14 to 19 percent of women admit to cheating in their marriage, so it definitely does happen.

13 Using BedroomToys

For some reason, it's actually considered illegal to use adult toys in certain states like Alabama. In Arizona, it's legal to own these toys, but households are limited to a single solo toy, otherwise you're entering into law breaking territory. Yes, really. Over in Texas, you're allowed to own up to six of these items, but no more than that. Question: do these crazy laws also apply to visitors?! As to why this is the case, it's really hard to imagine. These adult toys are generally kept in the bedroom for private moments, it's not like people are running around trying to harass strangers with them or something. Probably not too often, that is. So what can the harm might be in owning them is anyone's best guess. Too much fun? It's unlikely that anyone is going to catch you stocking up on these toys, though, so this is probably one law that doesn't usually get enforced too often.

12 Skinny Dipping

Skinny dipping is illegal since being naked in public is also illegal. So that does make sense. If you're skinny dipping in public you can be fined, and even if you're skinny dipping in your own backyard, your neighbors can turn you in if they have an unobstructed view and they're a real mood killer. If for some reason some of your neighbors decided to press charges over your skinny dip, you could be charged with indecent exposure. However, if they happen to be spying on you to notice and then try to turn you in, you might be able to turn around and charge them with invasion of privacy. Because you're not supposed to be spying on your neighbors people. Keep your sleuthing confined to Instagram where it's safe. But not on those new and trendy Instagram stories because people can see who is viewing them... just FYI, fellow stalkers.

11 Sharing Netflix Passwords

Most of us are pretty honest people in general and aren't out there robbing banks and stuff, but that doesn't mean that we're entirely innocent when it comes to breaking the law. Just this year it was announced that it is technically a crime to share Netflix passwords. This is technically a federal crime under the 9th circuit ruling. Basically, if only one person is paying for the subscription and someone else is using it, that's a crime. However, this isn't likely to affect the average person because no one is stalking your online behavior that deeply unless you're already in trouble for something else and the feds are watching your every move. This law came to light in a situation where a former employee was using a company's password for something when they shouldn't have been. Maybe don't advertise that you're doing it, but odds are good that you won't be going to jail for it.

10 Being Intimate In Public

Being intimate in public is generally illegal in a couple different ways. It's illegal to be naked in public for one thing, as this is a misdemeanor called indecent exposure. You can be charged with this even for just having your boobs showing. For another thing, the actual act of engagement in a physical act in a public place is considered its own misdemeanor in many states. Even in the states where this isn't explicitly stated there tend to be plenty of laws in place about lewd conduct that make it easy to charge people anyway. As for what is considered a public place, that varies by state as well. In many states being intimate in a car is illegal in general, but New York has a more specific allowance that it's legal to do it as long as no one can see you. So bascially, don't get caught. But let's be honest, if we're talking New York City, you're generally pretty visible.

9 Kissing For Too Long

In Iowa, there is actually a law in place that makes it illegal to kiss for over five minutes. I feel bad for the person that thought this was a good idea, because boring. Here are some reasons why you should consider breaking this law if you happen to live in Iowa. For one thing, kissing does give your metabolism a little boost. It is not like the same boost as being intimate, but it will rev things up a bit more than if you were just sitting there. Kissing can help reduce blood pressure, fix headaches and other pains, helps your mouth fight cavities, increases the flow of your feel good hormones, boosts the self-esteem, and can even give your face muscles a workout. Some people claim that deep kissing can help to firm up the neckline and jawline area. As if kissing was not already incredibly appealing, right?

8 Being Cousins

Generally these days it's frowned upon to date your relatives, although it happens. If you live in Utah and happen to be in love with your cousin you can rest with the knowing that at the age of 65 you'll finally be allowed to wed. That's right, as soon as you two love birds enter the stage of life where you're considered infertile you will be allowed to get married, but not before that. Utah doesn't want you having any babies with your first cousin because, you know, it's thought that this can cause some issues. However, the obvious thing here that doesn't make a lot of sense is that people sometimes have physical relationships even if they aren't married, so first cousins might still be popping out children from time to time even if they aren't allowed to get married and make it an official family. It's kind of surprising that this does happen though.

7 Marrying The Same Person Four Times

In Kentucky, it's illegal to marry the same man four different times. This is an incredibly weird law and also a super fun one to think about. For this law to get enacted in the first place, you have to assume that there was an issue with this. To marry the same guy four different times you have to also have been divorced from him a few times, and while I've heard of this happening maybe once because people change their minds, I have never heard of someone wanting to get remarried to the same person this many times. But it must have happened, at least in Kentucky, for this to be a law. The other question here is why does the state care if you want to have a really weird marriage history? Does this have something to do with taxes or something? Are they worried that you're scamming the system? It's a lot to digest and possibly more drama than an episode of The Real Housewives.

6 Downstairs Fun

Most of the laws about sodomy have been dropped since they were considered unconstitutional, but in Michigan the ban against this type of act still stands. The state's anti-sodomy law also includes bestiality, which means that you can't go down on or be physical with an animal. Why these are included within the same law is a bit of a mystery. The law basically makes these different acts into felonies that are punishable by 15 years in prison. Seems a little extreme for some downstairs fun between consenting adults now doesn't it. But the only reason why this law still exists is that they wanted to make sure that the anti-bestiality one continued to pass, and they were worried if they split it out they would have some difficulty repassing that law based on language alone. So the cops probably won't some knocking on your bedroom door if you're in there with your human boyfriend.

5 Kissing On Sunday

In Hartford, Connecticut, it's actually still illegal to kiss in public on a Sunday. You know, because it's the Lord's day and all of that good stuff. No word on what the official punishment is for smooching under the watchful eyes of God and other people, however. Imagine the awkward citizen's arrests that you could get into running around town looking out for PDA. Good times. Why though does this law apply to kissing in public but not kissing in private? Wouldn't couples just stay inside their apartments or whatever and kiss, then? Would it really be such a problem to kiss in public on a Sunday -- you would be tempting other people to go down the same path? Yeah, we don't totally get this sone. And why is it just one town in the whole of the U.S. that has this law? Way harsh, Hartford, way harsh.

4 Using Enhancers

Mary Jane is getting pretty legal in a lot of places and situations, but it isn't totally legal everywhere. But that might not be stopping you and your boo from lighting up and watching some quality TV every now and again if you two are that type of couple. For some people, smoking is a part of their lifestyle, which means that dating someone who's on the same page is key. Therefore, it can become a pretty strong couples activity. Some research done by Yale University and University of Buffalo and Rutgers has even suggested that couples who smoke together might have longer lasting marriages than those who don't. Apparently, when looking at long term marriages, frequent MJ users are less likely to have episodes of Intimate Partner Violence than those couples who do not smoke. However, this is because MJ users have a blunted emotional reaction to threat stimuli, which isn't always a great thing in life.

3 Trying To Get Married While Intoxicated

In Tennessee or Mississippi, if you go ahead and try and get your marriage license, the clerk can actually turn you away if they consider you to be drunk, insane, or an "imbecile." Yup, truly. That is a nice word we do not hear too often. Luckily most people probably only attempt this move in Las Vegas where it is super legal to get married while drunk, and might even be encouraged who knows. If there is anywhere that is relaxed about the laws it's Las Vegas, making it a perfect place to get drunk and get a shotgun wedding if you need to. Technically an imbecile is defined as "a stupid person" so those county clerks really have a lot of power over who gets their marriage licenses in Tennessee and Mississippi now don't they. You have to wonder what the very weirdest reason they turned someone down for.

2 Disrespecting The In-Laws

It is pretty common that you or your partner are not exactly going be best friends with their in-laws, for a lot of different reasons. Hopefully, that will not be the case with you, but it happens. Normally it is best to avoid disrespecting them whenever possible since they are the parents of your lover, after all, but in Kansas, if you mistreat your mother-in-law it can actually be considered grounds for a divorce. Aye caramba. One slip of the tongue and the man gains some legal rights against you? Intense. Although generally if a guy was already trying to leave you he wouldn't have to wait for you to mistreat his mom to get the divorce, but I suppose in a situation where the woman was refusing to sign the divorce papers, this would make it all possible. No word on what is technically considered "mistreatment" in this situation.

1 Sleeping In Your Birthday Suit

In Salem, Massachusetts, it's still considered illegal for a married couple to sleep naked in a rented room. Why was this law even created in the first place? Well, that's a bit puzzling. For one thing, married couples are, you know, married so it's expected that they might be getting physical, what are they supposed to do put their clothes back on after the act? Make sure they have some full coverage PJ's to rock in that hotel room? It's hard to imagine. Generally, other people don't walk into rented rooms while a married couple is busy sleeping in one, so how would anyone know? Also, why is this law targeted at married people in general and not to everyone else who might be sleeping naked in a rented room? Does this apply to all types of rented rooms? So many questions. It's pretty safe to say that no one is enforcing this thought so if you happen to be in Salem, don't worry too much.

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