15 Things And What They Would Cost For Your Wedding

So, you meet the perfect partner and begin to date. You both do everything that most couples do. You go to the movies, fab restaurants and every once in awhile, get away from everything by going on a romantic trip.

You meet their family and they meet yours. And then out of the blue, it happens. He proposes. You are floored and extremely happy at the thought of spending the rest of your life with this person.

You become an excited bride to be. You buy up every wedding magazine and try to figure out with your guy the best wedding scenario for the both of you. Where do you begin? How much do you want to spend? Where are we having the wedding? What are some of the things you need to know?

Well, have no fear, let’s take a look at 13 things what we they would cost for your wedding.

15 To Hire A Wedding Planner Or Not, That Is The Question

When looking over potential venues, photographers, caterers and other items that will make your wedding one of the most memorable days of your life, try hiring a Wedding Planner.

A Wedding Planner can not only help you set up a realistic budget, but they can help you with every detail of your wedding. Most will even assist you in booking and planning your honeymoon. To avoid stress, this option is one of the best options on this list. A typical cost for a planner according to theweddingplannerbook.com is about $3200.

14 That Venue Though

Gone are the days of picking out a place in your city and checking it off of the list. These days there an array of places throughout the country to choose from that are beautiful and affordable.

However, when choosing that perfect venue make sure you have considered your guest list. Will it be a large or small list? Does anyone on your list need special accommodations ? Finally, does the venue offer full service or will you have to transport items to the venue? All of this can be costly. To take a look at some venues throughout the country what they offer, take a look at Rustic Wedding Chic. The site has a state by state guide of venue and the prices they offer.

13 The Officiant

Besides the venue, there is the ceremony you have to consider. This is another important item because it’s so personal to you and your future spouse. According to The Knot, a wedding officiant fee is normally around $800. An officiant can be anyone from a priest, pastor, minister, rabbi or simply a random friend or a relative that performs the ceremony for your special day.

12 What To Wear, What To Wear

Is this a casual wedding, formal or semi-formal? The attire sets the vibe for the entire event. From the wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses right on down to the tux, make sure you find a bridal boutique that you like and don’t be afraid to ask questions. What is their average price on dresses? What are some of the trends? Also, tell them about your budget. You may want that Vera Wang, but if you can find something that has a similar look without breaking your budget, go for it. A typical dress not including alterations can range in price from $650 to several thousands of dollars. (Most however, are in the $1000-$2000 range). Bridesmaid’s dresses are less expensive usually minus alterations. They are between $150-$200. And the tuxedos can be rented or bought. The hairstylist and makeup artists can cost you about $150 for the day that’s including, hair, mani/pedi.

11 Flowers, Please!

You wouldn’t think that flowers would be so expensive for a wedding…Wrong. Let’s run this down shall we? There’s the bridal bouquet, the grooms boutonniere, bouquets for bridesmaids, corsages for the mother of the bride and groom, then there’s the flower girl’s pedals and of course the ceremony arrangements at the venue.

Then, there is the reception. There are centerpieces for the table, and it takes money to design all of this. A lot of it. Not to mention there are people that have to set everything up and when the event is over, have to take it down. An average cost of flowers? According to The Knot, it can go from $2000 and up.

10 Entertain Me

Bands vs. a DJ. To be honest, it depends on what your budget is, the space and what your musical tastes are.

Music is one of the most important parts of a wedding. It sets the tone for the rest of the night. The wrong playlist can ruin a wedding. If you and your friends love a popular band from town that can play your faves, go for it. If you want your favorite music played to perfection, then a DJ is for you. Note: There are some weddings that even have both. If you decide on a DJ, ask around and get some referrals for them. If all is well, then you have the right person. A great DJ is literally the master of ceremonies for the night. Prices can range from $600 to over a $1000 for a night.

9 Photography/Videographers

As great as your wedding day will be, there will be some small details that you won’t be able to remember. That’s why a videographer along with the wedding photographer’s job is so important. According to The Knot, most couples spend on average $2500 for a photographer and for a videographer around $1800.

Chronicling one of the most memorable days of your life is money well spent. Photography is the third biggest expense for a wedding after securing the venue and the reception.

8 The Reception

If your venue includes the reception hall, one of the things to consider is the rental fee for the rooms along with a per person food cost. The more people you have, the more money is spent. In some cases, a catering hall can average $1,244 according to The Bridal Association of America. However, if you have the reception in a Hotel, museum or a ballroom, that price can be as high as $10,000 with a per cost person of $250-$300. Also, those prices may not include an on site caterer or their staff.

7 Invites

This is the creative part of the process. You can save yourself some money by doing the invitations and Thank You Notes yourself or go traditional. Recently, companies such as Vistaprint offer creative and inexpensive solutions for as low as $18 or $19. Choose your own design, fonts and different color of card stock. Lea Poppy of Lady Poppy Designs, whose company gives couples the option of customizing and printing out their wedding invitations, told Brides Magazine not long ago that if couples, decided on going with the printable route to be patient because the process “can be complicated.”

6 Bling, Bling!

The engagement ring is only the initial part of the component. The ring is a beautiful way of symbolizing intent to marry the person of your dreams. But now, the search is on for the wedding rings.

Much like the engagement ring, the wedding ring is a symbol of your union. Eternal and infinite. Some jewelers sell the engagement and wedding rings as a set, but if you want them separate it’s up to you. Depending on the metal, platinum, silver, gold, etc., the gemstone or gemstones and the weight, the prices can vary. Bridal jewelry is similar.

5 Wedding Favors

Favors can be simple as a single flower or as complicated as a photobook detailing how you and your future spouse met. It should be creative, fun and personalized. FYI, always make more than you need. Some people may love them so much that they may take more than one. Also, if there are family members that aren’t able to make your nuptials, making extra will ensure they get one. Favors are something that if you prefer to do things yourself can be a huge money saver. Fun ideas are wine glasses, cake lids, magnets, labels, boxes and candies.

4 Let Them Eat Cake

According to The Knot, wedding cakes are price by the slice. They can range from $1.50 to up to $12 a slice. Also, the more complicated the cake, i.e. different shapes, colors, etc., the more expensive it can be. Buttercream is a lot less expensive than fondant icing.

Here’s a couple of cost cutting tips, if you have 300 guests, order a cake for 150 people and have half-servings cut. Another way is to order your cake in the way you want and can afford and then have sheet cakes of the same flavor made and cut for your guests.

3 Honeymoon

Typically, the cost of a Honeymoon is around $5000. But the secret of planning your honeymoon is to shop around. There are plenty of deals out there that will save you money and fit within your budget.

Plan ahead is another key. If you are working with a wedding planner, a lot of them will assist you in booking your honeymoon. If you don’t have a planner, try working with a travel agent. They will help you find deals on flights, hotels, car rents and more. They are there to make sure you have as less stress as possible.

2 The Rehearsal Dinner

Since you’ve taken into account the cost for the wedding ceremony, reception and other items, let’s discuss the rehearsal dinner.

According to Brides Magazine, the average costs of the dinner is around $1330. Sometimes, the in-laws will foot the bill, but more and more we are seeing that the couples will pay for this themselves.

Want to make it fun and budget friendly? Your wedding should be thought of as a three part event. So if you have a theme going on for the ceremony, try a themed night for your rehearsal dinner. Why not go for a Mexican or an Italian themed dinner? In fact, they are two of the most inexpensive food themes to go for. Another way to keep costs low is to only invite immediate family and the bridal party. Trust me, your bank account will thank you later and your other attendants will still talk to you after the ceremony is over.

1 The Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party

This is the one thing you as the bride doesn’t have to be concerned about. Usually, whomever is hosting the shower or bachelorette party is the one to pay the way. But also, there are times when the maid of honor along with help from the bridesmaids help host the party of a lifetime.

To future hosts of this memorable event, it doesn’t have to be a huge, expense. If you’re hosting on a budget, try to go with the bride’s personal style. That can be taking her to a dinner and a concert or if you really want to go upscale, there are weekend trips you can take or lately, the trend is hosting a high tea.

The cost of being bridesmaid including hosting the bridal shower and bachelorette party is around $1300 to $1800. So budget, plan, but most of all, make it creative, fun and have a blast. Hopefully, these two events are two of the best events in a brides life.

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