15 Things All Single Girls Are Sick Of Hearing

If you've been single for a while (maybe longer than you wish was true -- sigh), then you've probably gone through a whole bunch of emotions. And you probably feel differently about your relationship status (or lack of one) on a daily basis. One minute you're happy because you're finally content with your life and what's going on. The next minute you're totally depressed because you just went on yet another bad first date and you don't know if you will ever meet the right person. You're pretty sick and tired of this rollercoaster of feelings but as long as you're single, you know that they're not going to go away anytime soon. It's just part of the deal when you're on your own. But along with all the emotions, you also get sick of something else, and that's being told the same stuff over and over again. Here are 15 things all single girls are sick of hearing.

15 You Need To Be Patient

Oh, thanks. Now that you have this (horrible) advice, you know what you have to do. You just have to be patient. No big deal. You can do this. Okay, you think this is really an awful thing for people to say to single women and you wish people would just stop saying it already. You get that love doesn't happen when you want it to -- if it did, you'd be in a serious relationship by now and that would be pretty awesome. If only you could snap your fingers and magically have a potential boyfriend appear in front of you. You've been super patient for a long time now. You go on as many dates as you can, you try to keep your mind open, you try to not be too picky, and you know that love takes time and you need to go on a whole lot of dates before you meet someone that you like. But being patient really has nothing to do with trying to find love.

14 You'll Find Love When You're Not Looking For It

OMG is that really all that it takes?! Because you don't really think so. You think that you've stopped searching for love several times before. You've taken dating breaks, you've deleted your dating apps and then re-installed them, you've decided not to look for love... and nothing has happened. Absolutely nothing. You're still single whether or not you actively look for love and whether or not you try to find dates or not. You're not really sure why people keep telling you to stop trying so hard because you know that you should try. The problem is that you don't meet that many cool or even nice guys on a regular basis or in your daily life, so if you want to go on dates, you do have to try to look for them. So sorry people, that doesn't work out too well. You don't have love in your life whether you look for it or not. It's just the way that it has happened for you.

13 You Have To Be Less Picky

Okay, the problem with this is that if you were less picky, you would date just anyone. And you really, really don't want to do that. Why should you? You're "picky" because you want to actually like the person that you choose to date. You want to be physically attracted to them. You want to get along with them. You want to be able to talk to them about your life and thoughts and feelings, and that means being comfortable being around them. You don't care what someone's job is as long as they're ambitious and not super lazy. Oh yeah, and if a guy has some form of maturity and a sense of humor, that's pretty cool, too. No, you're not picky at all, you just know what kind of person you're looking for. So to all the people who won't stop talking about you being less picky: thanks for the free advice but you're not really that picky at all.

12 You Have To Put Yourself Out There

Yup, being single is annoying... because not only do you have to deal with the frustrating world of dating but you also have to hear people tell you to "put yourself out there." You are honestly trying your very best to meet people. You are on the dating sites. You have downloaded the apps. You have tried speed dating (never again) and you have been set up by friends, family and coworkers alike. So yes, you really have put yourself out there, and you do try to meet people on a regular basis. You are not sure why you keep being told this strange thing. Are the people in your life under the impression that you never go on dates? Have they suddenly and magically forgotten all the bad date stories that you keep sharing with them? Do they have amnesia? It is really confusing. And why is it their business anyway?

11 You Need To Care About Your Appearance

Sorry, are people under the impression that you don't care about your appearance?! Don't they see that you always wear cute outfits, you put the right amount of makeup (as in enough makeup to look great but not too much so you look like a clown), and your hair always looks pretty good? Are you walking around like a total bum in sweatpants and with your hair going in all kinds of directions? No, you're not. You look pretty good. You know that you do. It's not that you're vain or even kind of conceited, you just put the time and effort in to look pretty good and so you know that it works. So when you hear this, you're really sick and tired of it because it feels like a ton of unfair judgment. It's like people are saying that you have to look a certain way in order for guys to find you attractive. And really, that's pretty rude and unfair.

10 You're Smart Not To Settle

On the other hand, people love to tell you that it's great that you haven't settled for just any guy. This is also pretty confusing because you know that they're really just being condescending and they're actually trying to tell you that you should think about settling. You get that you're smart not to settle. Of course, you get that. That's why you're not settling. You want to feel something for the person that you call your boyfriend and you're single for a reason: because you haven't met anyone that really gets you or that you feel a connection to yet. This is just your regular daily life and something that you're always reminded of, so you don't get why people feel the need to remind you that you haven't settled yet. This is also really annoying since it's basically saying that other people you know have settled and hey, whether or not they have, that's kind of mean.

9 Do You Have A Boyfriend Yet?

Your family members (especially ones that you rarely see) absolutely love to ask you this during holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and major family events. You only see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter, and yet these people think it is totally fine and even polite to ask you if you have a boyfriend. They ask you this every single time you see them. So year after year, you do not have a boyfriend, and in case you did not realize that you have to be reminded yet again. Fun times. You want to ask them if they have learned how to be polite yet because they clearly don't have any conception of normal manners. But since you are a good person, you smile and shake your head while trying your very best to change the subject away from your (boring) love life. There must be someone else to focus on, right?

8 But You're Such A Pretty Girl

Another annoying relative comment. At family holiday parties, your great aunt or even your grandma constantly tells you that you're so pretty, they just can't believe that you're single. More than that, though, they can't imagine why you're not married yet. Well, you would probably need to go on a second date first, or at least a good first date. So you really don't think that marriage is in the cards for you just yet. It's really not something that's on your radar because you really just want to live your life, try to forget about how totally single you are, and eventually go on a good date. That's your game plan right now. But your annoying yet well-meaning relatives love to tell you that you're so beautiful, they can't imagine why you're on your own. You thank them for the compliment and again totally try to change the subject because you're trying to enjoy your Christmas celebration. What a concept.

7 Don't You Want To Get Married?

Uh yes, you do. But again, it's not in your game plan right now. You would have to have a boyfriend to think about getting married... and as everyone who is talking to you knows, you definitely don't have one. You are pretty sick of being asked if you want to get hitched someday. It's just not something that you want to be thinking about right now since it's obviously not right on the horizon. It's not like you're not dating or deliberating trying not to meet someone so you can stop yourself from getting married. You would love to be engaged right now. You really would. Because that would mean that you were in love, that you had finally found a super supportive and lovely partner, and that you would get to stop dating once and for all (OMG yay). You really are doing whatever you can to get rid of your single status so people need to just back off.

6 It's Okay, You're Still Young

Yeah, you get that you're young. You are probably super aware of your age since it's just something that you think and worry about on a daily basis. But when someone tells you that it's okay that you're still single because of your youth, it's really frustrating. You want to scream at them and pull your hair out. You want a boyfriend because you want to fall in love and have a partner in life... and it really has nothing to do with your age. It's not like you want to wait until you're a certain age in order to fall in love. That seems kind of weird and kind of crazy. And it would have been a whole lot better if you had already met anyone by now so you could stop dating already and get on with your life. You want to share a future with someone so that's not something that changes based on your age, and it's not like you're comforted by the fact that you still have years to find a guy. That just means you have years of more stress and bad dates. Sigh.

5 You Have To Be Set Up

For some people, older people who are in relationships (and who have been for pretty much forever) tend to think that being set up is the answer to your relationship prayers. It's like you can't possibly meet someone if you're not being set up. Blind dates are the be all end all when it comes to love and romance, apparently. But really, have these people ever been set up?! Because you would like to know why they think this is such a good idea. You have been set up way too many times to count... and it was a total and complete disaster every single time. It honestly was. You can't even believe that these people thought you would like the guys that you were set up with. You couldn't have hated them any more. You can find dates on your own, thank you very much, and you don't need anyone's help.

4 You Should Know That Opposites Attract

People love to say that opposites attract. And you are not really sure if you believe this or not. The truth is that you have dated a lot of people. You have had long-term relationships, you have gone on first dates, you have gone on second dates, and you have had almost relationships and tons of different things in between. You can honestly say that you were the total and complete opposite of these people that you were dating... and that definitely caused a lot of problems. It might have even caused the break-up or stopped you from believing that you could truly be happy with this person. So no, you do not necessarily believe that opposites attract, and you do not think that it is a rule of thumb or anything like that. You do not want to believe any dating rules anyway because that just seems so old-school.

3 You Should Date My Co-Worker (Or Son)

This totally depends on who's talking to you. If it's a coworker who is older than you or your mom's friend of many decades, then they want you to date their son... despite the fact that maybe you've been set up with them before, or you've encountered them at various family gatherings and hated them every single time. Yeah, people tend to forget that part, and they never want to think that their son is really such a loser. And you don't want to point it out to them so of course you're going to smile and nod politely and hope that they stop talking about it and focus on something else. Sometimes your friends or family members want you to go out with someone that they work with, and again, that's not something that you want to hear. It's pretty much the last thing you want to hear since you know that setups rarely work and you've been on enough of them to know that you don't want to ever again.

2 You're So Lucky

For some super weird and crazy reason, people love to tell you that you are really lucky not to have a boyfriend right now. They love to complain about their own long-term relationships and they tell you that they hate sharing their bed with someone, they hate having to cook their boyfriend or husband's fave dinners all the time, and they are just generally annoyed. It is super strange to hear this from people who are in relationships because honestly, you do not think they should complain that much. Shouldn't they be happy? Haven't they found love and happiness? Aren't they living the life that everyone dreams of? Don't they know that the grass isn't really greener on the other side?You are never really sure how to respond to these types of comments and usually end up smiling and nodding politely and hoping the conversation will move in another direction.

1 You Need An Open Mind

Oh really? You shouldn't plan for your future boyfriend like you're scheduling brunch plans with your besties on Sunday? You have to keep an open mind because you never know what kind of person you will end up with? Thanks to these people for letting you know because you had no idea. The clouds have parted and the sun is out and shining and there's even a rainbow far off in the distance. Okay, you're done being sarcastic now. You hate hearing that you should keep an open mind when it comes to finding love because you already know that this is the best thing to do. You're not as picky as people tend to believe that you are, and you really do want to meet someone who is truly a good person. You don't need him to look or act a certain way. Basically, when it comes to the kind of guy that you want to be with long-term, you will know him when you see him. So to all these super annoying but well-meaning people: stop with the single women advice already. It's not going to make you feel any better. And it's definitely not going to find you a boyfriend anytime soon.

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