15 Things All Guys Wish Girls Would Do Just Once

No one likes someone who is dead-set in their ways, right? We would all adore to experience things that are new, different or exciting. Well, most of us would. A lot of men love to take risks and do things that some of us may consider to be impulsive. Some of those guys may want to spend their time with a lovely lady who is willing to be impetuous and spontaneous herself.

We’re positive he is not going to ask her to go sky-diving or bungee jumping—but if he does, that could be cool. Maybe this guy just wants a girl that will step out of her comfort zone and dip her toes in the water a bit. Maybe he just wants a little more attention from her. Who knows?

The water is not going to be that cold. So, why not take some risks or do some of these little things just to make him smile? If a woman takes part in some of the things that he may be yearning for her to do—he will most likely make some changes himself and do some deeds she might be interested in, as well. Relationships are give and take, after all. Here’s a quick rundown of 15 things he wishes his girl would be up for.

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15 Get Down And Dirty

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Guys think it’s enjoyable to make messes, and a lot of men think it is an extraordinarily sexy trait when a woman decides she wants to get dirty. Do some yard work with him. Do some landscaping together.

You two could assemble a gorgeous garden shed or a treehouse in the backyard. Work on his car with him. The possibilities of what you two could do together are completely endless but give something a whirl.

We guarantee it’s not going to hurt. Don’t be apprehensive about getting a little mud on your jeans or a little smudge of oil on your pretty little face. Washing up afterwards is not hard at all and when messes are being made together—so are sweet smiles and loads of joyous laughter.

14 Quit Taking So Many Selfies

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Selfies are fun. We all know one of the most tedious things to do in life is stay off of Facebook or Instagram. Men love attention just like women do, and they love it even more when they can have a nice conversation with their lady.

Ladies, just put the phone down for a while and spend some quality time with the guy. Look into his eyes. Enjoy his company and just hang out. Social media is really delightful—but he wants to be fun for you, too.

Mute that phone, put it in your purse or even leave it at home if you are comfortable doing so. Then, take him for a walk or go see a nice movie. Nothing is more irking than starting a conversation and looking over to see your partner not paying attention with their nose in their phone.

13 Go On An Adventure

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Some guys want to experience things they have never gotten to do. He may have a bucket list or possibly just wants to get on his feet for a couple of hours or days. Would you consider going on an adventure with him? What if he wants to go hiking? Maybe he’ll ask you to go mountain climbing with him, or he could even just want to check out some museums or stores he’s never seen.

Let him pick what he wants to do one day and allow him to be decisive. It’s not him wanting to be in control—it’s just fun to be able to choose what happens every once in a while. You may even like an adventure, so go for it!

12 Wear A Little Less Makeup

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We’re not saying men don’t like you in your makeup—it’s just that some guys like the all-natural look and would like to look at “the real” you for a bit. Don’t cake on so much foundation for a change. It could be a turn on for him or maybe he just feels like by you removing your makeup around him—you would come off as more comfortable being near him.

So, take your little makeup wipe, slather all of that product off of your expensive face and lay your naked cheeks onto his without worrying about smearing your contour or blurring your eyeliner. He will really enjoy it and we promise he will be admiring every bit of you, because you’re beautiful. It’ll feel damn good to hear it, too.

11 Pig Out!

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Have you ever been on a dinner date with your knight in shining armor and you choose to order a salad … or a soup? While you ordered these tiny entrées—he ordered the steak with a baked potato and a side of fries.

You may be trying to watch your figure—or it is possible that you are just wanting to eat healthy—but some guys love a girl who can tear up a buffet. It is fun and it goes along with the idea of you being completely comfortable around him.

We say this because we know you would never stuff your face in front of someone you are trying to impress. For your next date—ditch the idea of ordering the caesar salad and take a gander at the smorgasbord of cuisines that are also available.

10 Be Decisive

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Sometimes making decisions can be difficult. We all know it is extremely frustrating when you are with your partner and you both are trying to decide where to eat, shop, etc. But let’s be honest, it’s generally the most frustrating for him, because you can’t make up your dang mind. It usually goes like this, “Hey babe, where do you want to eat?”

“I don’t care.”

I don’t care? Those three words drive us completely insane! Just take a stand one day, and be as decisive as possible. Men like women who can take control, and by making a blunt decision—it could cause an extremely positive impact on your relationship. Do not worry about how he will react to your choice, just make the choice and see where you both end up. Go with the flow!

9 Sympathize With Him

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Maybe he is the one who does most of the sympathizing, like when your friend disagrees with you or if you are just having one of those days that just does not seem to go as planned. We all have those days, so we know for a fact that he has had a couple of them too. Pay attention to him and see if he is acting a little lower than usual.

If he is—console with him and make sure he knows you understand and care. You are both partners to each other, so you’re supposed to be there when the other needs to little push that gets them going—so make sure he realizes that. Step back from being the one who gets pampered and love on him for a while.

8 Make Him Laugh

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According to hundreds of surveys, tons of men think the sexiest characteristic a woman can have is the ability to make him laugh. If you aren’t the humorous type—at least try to make him giggle. An attempt is better than not trying at all.

If you were to try to make him laugh at least one time—you are sure to make him ecstatic. So, make an effort and take the extra steps to make him perk up in disbelief that such a dirty joke just came out of your tasteful lips.

Take some funny lessons if you need to. Just try your best to bring a playful smile to your favorite guy’s face. If all else fails—make yourself laugh. There is no sense in holding in all that laughter we know you have inside of yourself. Be silly! Have fun!

7 Wear Something Comfortable

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Too often we are worried about looking our best and dressing up. On certain occasions, this may seem necessary. But if it is going to be a slow day with just you and him, why take the time to get all dolled up? If you can’t do it more than once, just do this for a day.

Dress in the most comfortable clothes you have and leave your wardrobe you use for the public eye in the closet. Guys like a girl who can chill and be as comfortable as possible. Use your girlfriend skills and throw on some pajama bottoms and the biggest baggy t-shirt you can find—put on one of his if you’d like—and chillax. Lay on couch together, cuddle and watch a bunch of movies.

6 Let Go And Act Like One Of The Dudes

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We’re not saying be one of the guys … but be one of the guys! Let go of all the properness that comes with being a lady and make him understand that you know how to hang just as well as his bros do. Ways you can do this are—talk like a guy, drink a couple of beers if you like and make the kind of jokes they do.

Don’t go around acting like a pervert and cussing up a storm. Just be yourself and have fun. Relationships are supposed to be enjoyable so keep it all as fun as possible. Turn on the game, pour some chips and dip and party! Have a good time! We know he’ll get a kick out of it.

5 Show Passion For Something

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Having passion for a certain hobby or job is a remarkably attractive feature. If you are not really passionate about something, do some looking and see if you can find something that tickles your fancy. Dedication is something amazing to have. If you can find an activity that you develop an intense devotion for, you are automatically going to become 20 times more enticing than you already are.

If you’re a girly girl—try getting into makeup artistry or sewing. If you’re the artsy and creative type—try painting, drawing, sculpting, building, etc. It’s totally worth looking into—and not just for him either! You could possibly even make a career out of whatever you find. Maybe you’ll both find something to do together as well.

4 Give Him A Foot Rub

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He has had a really rough day at work. He’s sore. He’s tired. He just wants to relax, take a breather and watch one of the television programs he gets into. Girl, let him. Don’t whine about his binge watching of Top Gear because you’d rather be watching the Real Housewives.

Be considerate and give up your foot rub to give him a little massage. It’s just a genuinely kind thing to do. It helps relieve his stress. He’ll be super surprised if you tell him you want to do it for him, and it will most likely make him grin ear to ear. If you have a fear of feet … rub his back. If he isn’t into massages, just rub him arm and cuddle him. Just be that stress-reliever that makes the end of his hard work day great.

3 Hold Him

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You know that feeling you get when you’re both in bed and he wraps his arms around you? You get butterflies, you blush, and you feel so safe and warm. Let him experience that feeling, too. Just don’t tell anyone he enjoys it more than you do.

Hold him in your arms. Give him a huge bear hug and make him feel secure. You are most likely used to being the little spoon that gets held and gets all the warmth but becoming the big spoon for a night could be just the thing he needs at the moment.

Little things like this can shift someone’s entire mood so it’s worth a try. A partnership is a support system. Be the support your baby needs and give him cuddles like it’s zero degrees outside.

2 Talk To Him, Don’t Gossip

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You may have noticed that a lot of men tend to avoid conversation. Have you ever wondered why? Men love to chit-chat just as much as women, do but they just do not care to hear about how Jenny’s dress did not match her shoes today or that Tamara is starting to put on some weight. They want to have intelligent conversations or long talks that are about your future.

Pull him aside and gabble about an interesting topic for both of you. You have to have some sort of similarities that can be used in conversation. Just please—for the love of God— do not pick up your phone once you start talking. Then it won’t feel genuine and he’ll probably get flustered, thereby defeating the whole purpose.

1 Take Him Shopping

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Every girl’s favorite thing to do in their spare time is to spend all the money they can at stores like Victoria’s Secret, Sephora and Forever 21. He’s most likely taken you on shopping sprees before, and he’s spent hordes of his time just following you around while you pick out items to place in bags for him to hold.

Have you ever asked where he’d want to go? Maybe he wants to do some shopping himself. Take him out on a little spree of his own and make a day out of it. Check out the sporting goods stores, go to GameStop, or just hang out in the food court all day. By doing this—it shows that you appreciate him. At the end of the day, that’s all a man really wants to feel.

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