15 Things All Guys Hate When Kissing

Kissing is great! What better way to show your affection and love for someone than kissing each other! Both guys and girls enjoy kissing, but there are sometimes differences between the two. Guys sometimes like or don’t like certain things that girls do when kissing. This could be something personal to the guy, but other times, it is when girls think they know what they are doing and it actually doesn’t work out so well. Not everything that Hollywood shows us is accurate, and most times, it is unrealistic. Don’t get yourself in the mindset that when you kiss, trumpets will go off in the background. If you stay realistic, you will be able to understand and learn what your man likes best! Remember, kissing isn’t all about you!

When learning what guys like when kissing, it is important to keep in mind that what seem natural to you might not be enjoyable for him. That doesn’t mean you have to do anything extreme like role-playing – don’t ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable. But if you can change your tactic a little so that you aren’t making him dread kissing you each time, then what harm could that do?

Be sure you are on the same page and figure out what he doesn’t like so that you can focus on the things he does! Learn what not to do and make your kissing relationship top notch! Here are 15 things guys don’t like when kissing.

15 Hot And Cold Flirting

Some girls often think that playing hard to get is the best way to approach any aspect of a relationship. Sure, in the beginning, playing hard to get might get the guy running after you a bit and caught up in the game, but that doesn’t always apply to kissing. If you are playing the game where you lean in to kiss him then turn away (the “I want you – come get me” game), he is easily going to get confused and exhausted. He will be unsure every time you go to kiss him if you are going to run away or stay there. This back and forth, bi-polar flirting will give him a headache and he will begin to wonder if it is worth the effort. Be sure your flirting isn’t all over the place. This is something that guys definitely don’t like when kissing, no matter how fun it is for you.

14 When He Has To Do All the Work

Getting held by a guy and kissed is one of the things girls love best. They love the feeling of him taking the reins and loving on her. Letting him kiss you is fun for the most part, but if you are making him kiss you and pull you in closer all the time, he probably won’t enjoy your kissing sessions nearly as much. Be sure to change it up and take control yourself. Instead of letting him grab your hand and pull you towards him, you should do it instead. Be the one to surprise him with a kiss as he is sitting down or put your arms around his waist and pull him in for a kiss. He will love the reciprocated effort that you are putting in to your kissing life. It will make him feel loved and not feel like he is always left to do all the work.

13 Talking While Kissing

Sometimes, as we all know, girls can get chatty! For many, it is so much fun to be in a relationship where you can share everything and anything with your partner. He is always around, understands, and loves you. Why wouldn’t you want to talk to him all the time? For guys though, when it comes to kissing, they would prefer not to have you breaking apart the kiss to tell them something. Let them share in the moment of kissing with you and hold your stories till the end. Guys don’t like it when a girl begins to talk in the middle of a kiss either. It gives the guy the feeling that he can’t share this physical moment with you and you would rather hear the sound of your own voice then be with him. Let your guy enjoy kissing, and then you can too! Put your stories aside and live in the moment!

12 Tease Way Too Much

Teasing your man with a quick kiss and then backing away is fun. It means he has to chase you and try to fight to get what he wants. It is a fun game of cat and mouse that many couples enjoy. The problem is when a girl continues to tease by sending dirty texts and then following up with “just kidding!” or leaning in for a kiss and then backing out and walking away last second. Teasing is fun, but it comes to a point where it can be just downright mean. This is something that guys definitely don’t like when kissing. Some gentle teasing is great, but when it becomes too much, he can get frustrated and angry at being led on all the time. Don’t make your guy annoyed and don’t let your teasing become too much. Be sure to give kisses and affection without running away and leaving him stunned.

11 Pause To Text

Our society is filled with so many visual things that demand our attention that we often find ourselves distracted. Phones are one of the biggest distractions that exist. People are constantly able to get a hold of us, we can access the Internet, and play games on our phones. Many times, when we are on the phone, it is not a life or death situation and it can take our attention off of the ones we love. When kissing, guys don’t like it when you get distracted and pause to text. It gives them the feeling that there is someone more important that you would rather be spending your time talking to instead of being intimate with him. Don’t let your man feel rejected and alone. Put your phone aside and give him your full attention! He deserves it! When kissing, make the effort not to reply to that text because ultimately living in the moment will be so much more rewarding and fulfilling.

10 Loose Lips

Kissing is a technique that takes some practice to learn, but it is good to know that when your lips are loose and not working very hard to reciprocate a kiss, guys don’t like it. If you are sitting there and letting him kiss you while you keep your lips still, it will make it seem like he is kissing a corpse who has no movement. Get your lips moving and active! Responding to his kiss by moving your lips will let him know that you are into it and are involved. It is similar to talking! If you are the only one talking and the other person is just staring at you, it would be uncomfortable. You would feel weird not having someone talking back to you, and it is the exact same for kissing. Don’t be a dead fish and instead get kissing! Kiss him back and keep the conversation going!

9 When Biting Becomes Too Hard

Playing rough is fun sometimes to amp up the passion of the moment. Some like to push each other a bit, pull the hair a little bit, or bite the lips. Most commonly when kissing, lips get nibbled. This can be good for the guy except when the nibbling becomes hard biting. It is okay to give them a little bite in the heat of the kissing but be careful not to bite so hard that you leave a bruise, or worse, draw blood. That is when guys come to realize that the kissing has become something different and they usually will be turned off by it. When people start to get hurt and feel pain when showing affection, you should watch that it doesn’t go too far. If you did give a bit of a hard bite, just check on him afterward and ensure that he is okay. He may not have felt it – everyone’s pain tolerances are different! Be careful with your guy’s lips, as this is one of the things that guys do not like when kissing.

8 Correcting Him

If you are the more experienced of the two, you may be the one noticing when he uses too much tongue or isn’t giving enough effort in the kiss. You may be the one to sort of teach him about kissing. That being said, be warned that if you are correcting him, don’t act like a teacher. Don’t approach it like “that was pretty good!” and use condescending tones with him. This is something guys do not like when kissing! If you start treating him like he is the student and you are the teacher (and therefore have more power over him), he will feel his ego shrink and your relationship may be in trouble. When guys look to their girlfriends, they look to them for support, love and understanding. They don’t need another teacher or another mother. Be the person he needs and just suggest a few things or teach him through your body language. Another way to approach it is to mention a few things that you don’t like as much. Don’t bring it up so much to make him self-conscious, but there is no harm in talking about it.

7 Have Your Hair All Over The Place

Some girls have extremely long hair and this can be something that guys don’t like when kissing. If you are a girl who has crazy long hair, and it seems to get in your face a lot, it may be a good idea to bring a hair tie when getting some serious kissing in. Hair in your face means that your man is probably going to be eating some of it. No one likes having hair in their mouth, especially when they are trying to get some kissing in! That being said, this doesn’t mean you have to go and shave your head! Guys do like putting their fingers through your hair, but just be sure that it is out of your face when you want to use your lips! Consider hair ties or even blow-drying your hair out of your face, but one thing guys don’t like is eating your hair while kissing!

6 Don’t Assume He Wants To Do the Deed Right Away

Many girls will assume that as soon as a guy wants to kiss you for longer than a quick peck, he is looking to get busy. You think that just because there is a physical aspect of your relationship that he instantly is going to want to take advantage of you. Give guys some slack. Just because they are kissing you doesn’t mean that their expectations are high now. Kissing is a form of physical affection, just like holding hands and hugging. Just because he holds your hand doesn’t mean he wants to do the deed. It is in our human nature to want to be touched and we all want that physical affection of some sort! That is one thing guys don’t like when kissing is that girls instantly assume that they want to get in their pants. As long as you both know your boundaries and stick to those, there is nothing wrong with some smooching!

5 Heavy Breathing

Gasping for air, your breath is taken away, and your heart is beating fast! In passionate kissing sessions, you may feel short of breath because your hormones and heart are racing from the kisses. It is good to be aware of just how hard you are breathing. Guys don’t like it when girls start heavy breathing when kissing. Now this doesn’t mean that because you are out of shape, you shouldn’t go kissing people. No. Just be sure that your inner drama queen doesn’t come out and you are panting with the amount of love you are receiving. This isn’t a harlequin romance show. Be real and don’t ever fake anything with your guy! Being honest and real with them is what will make them love you and not the other way around. Breathe the way you need to to stay oxygenated but then leave it there. Avoid the panting and making your man uncomfortable and you are already a step closer to a good kissing relationship!

4 When Bad Girl Gets Too Bad

Some girls like to play tough and take control of things. They like the roughhousing aspect of a physical relationship and will seek it out even when kissing. This can be very attractive to guys (depending on their personal interests) but when the bad girl gets too bad, they don’t like that when kissing. This means that the girl is throwing him around, using her nails too much, and actually causing physical pain to his body. Playing it rough is fine, but don’t go so far that he is actually getting hurt. Keep your bad girl under control and know when too much is too much. If you start seeing your guy looking worried or unsure and holding his hands up to keep you away, you can take that as a good sign that he is probably not enjoying himself. Look for these cues so you know whether or not your partner is enjoying the kissing!

3 Don't Stick To the Same Things

Guys don’t like it when girls do the same thing over and over when kissing. They do the same pucker up. They lightly rest their hand on one arm while the other one is rested lightly on the back of his head. Every time, the same thing. Keep your kissing life interesting and keep your man interested in it too! Shake it up a bit! One day you could play with his bicep, another day you could trace the veins in his arm. By alternating where your hands are as well as the speed of your kissing, you will keep him entertained and on his toes. Change it up for him! If you do the same things while kissing, he will get bored. It’s fun to make your kisses different! Maybe it might even be worth it to look up some different types of kisses and kissing techniques! Who knows, maybe there is something that really excites him!

2 Loud Kissers

Smooch! Kisses sometimes make little sounds because of how kissing happens. One thing guys do not like is when girls make their kissing excessively loud. This doesn’t mean that the sound their lips make is the problem. Usually it is the girls smacking, moaning and shouting. All of these things can be fine, but when they are in excess, it can be annoying and embarrassing for your partner. If you are being obnoxious and making “mmm”ing noises the whole time through, your man is probably looking over your shoulder to make sure no one is nearby. Kissing is not always in private so it is good to have a man who is proud to kiss you in public and not worried that you will make weird sounds and embarrass him. Keep your kissing noises to a minimum to ensure you are doing something that your guy likes!

1 You Don't Use Your Hands

Humans are physical beings. No matter if it is a loving relationship or not, we love to be touched (some of us more than others). When you are kissing your loved one, it is important to keep in mind that some do want to be touched. Don’t be afraid to touch them! If you leave your hands lying beside you, you will make him feel as though you are not into the kissing session as well as make him not feel loved. This doesn’t mean you have to rub your hands all over his body. Simply a light touch on the knee, having your arm wrapped around him or resting on his back will make him  feel embraced and wanted. You wouldn’t want someone kissing you from afar and not making any physical contact. Break those barriers and touch each other! Guys don’t like it when you don’t use your hands, so get moving and make him feel loved!

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