15 Shady Things About The Kardashian Pregnancies (We All Choose To Ignore)

The life of a Kardashian can be pretty shady, and that's especially true when the sisters are having babies. There are definitely a few very public scandals in their past, and people witnessed most of them on their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Between the 72-day marriage and the Blac Chyna/Tyga debacle, it's hard to rate the shadiest parts of the Kardashian saga, so people have chosen to ignore some of the weirdest and most dramatic episodes, especially when there are kids involved. Lest people forget, Kim was only divorced from Kris for a matter of weeks when North was born, and there have been a few paternity tests for the other sisters. No one could forget the cheating scandal that erupted just days before one baby's birth, but there is so much more tea to spill when it comes to our favorite reality show family and their pregnancies.

Here are 15 shady things about the Kardashian pregnancies (we all choose to ignore).

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15 Kylie's Pregnancy Was The Worst Kept Secret


There was speculation for nine months that the youngest KarJenner was having her first baby at 20. While no one confirmed the news until Kylie released a video a couple of days after the birth of Stormi, her pregnancy was the worst kept secret. We had to wonder if she was ashamed or nervous or what. It's just not normal to keep that kind of news private. To each her own, we guess.

14 Kim's Divorce Wasn't Final Until Just Before North's Birth


Kim K nearly gave birth to Kanye's first kid while she was married to someone else. While Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries was effectively over in 72 days, it took 20 months — nearly two years — for the divorce to be final. In fact, the two decided on a settlement in April, and the divorce was final just weeks before North was born in June.

13 Shady Travel Plans For Koko While Pregnant


Traveling while pregnant can be risky, but the Kardashians are jet-setters. Khloe, especially, flew across the globe during her pregnancy with her daughter True. She spent a lot of time traveling between Los Angeles and Cleveland, where baby daddy Tristan Thompson was based for his basketball team. Even more, she flew all the way to Japan when she was eight months pregnant, which meant the baby could have been born over international waters, while Koko was at risk for blood clots.

12 Scott Took A Paternity Test For Mason


Kourtney's baby daddy Scott Disick is super close to his three kids, and he even calls his oldest Mason his best friend. But back in the day, he had to take a paternity test to prove that Kourtney's firstborn was his. A model claimed that he might be the father since Kourtney and Scott were on a break around the time the baby was conceived, but the test put the rumors to rest, according to E! Online.

11 Kim Was Going To Do Fertility Treatments Before North


Before Kim K got pregnant, her reality show was documenting some fertility concerns. She got herself evaluated and was apparently in the process of starting to freeze her eggs because she wasn't sure she could have a baby without help. Kim admitted when she announced her pregnancy that she was surprised that things happened naturally. It turns out after her first two kids she would go through egg retrieval for surrogacy, but she didn't need to go through with it for the first two.

10 Khloe's Baby Daddy Caught Cheating When She Was Nine Months Pregnant


We all knew that Khloe met Tristan when his girlfriend was pregnant, but we never imagined the shade that would occur just days before Koko gave birth. Tristan was caught on camera making out with a woman outside a club, and it appears she went back to his place. We watched the entire scandal play out on Keeping Up, including the delivery room drama where Khloe had to ignore the stress while welcoming her baby into the world.

9 Kim's Surrogate Had To Play Kanye's Music Every Day


According to Star Magazine, Kim and Kanye had strict rules for their surrogate. The woman who gave birth to little Chicago apparently was given access to a personal trainer and a cook to help her be healthy before the birth, but that wasn't all. Kanye wanted the baby to recognize his voice, so he reportedly insisted that the surrogate play his music every day. We don't know if that was true for Baby No. 4, but it's a pretty good playlist, so we're sure she didn't mind.

8 Kylie Shut Herself Off From The World While Pregnant


For a family that lives their lives in front of cameras and documenting every outfit on social media, it was surprising when Kylie dropped off the radar for months. It was in the middle of building her makeup empire, and yet Kylie didn't appear in public for months. While we understand the desire for privacy, it's not healthy to shut yourself off from the world.

7 Kourtney's Health Obsession Started During Pregnancy


The Kardashians have been all about keeping it cute for a while, but things really kicked into high gear a decade ago, especially for Kourtney. And that's all because of pregnancy. The oldest sister worked out throughout all three of her pregnancies, and she switched to organic with Mason. The word is that Kourtney won't use a microwave because of concerns for the kids. Her hyper-healthy choices are all about doing the best for her babies.

6 Kim's Poor Swollen Feet Showed She Should Have Skipped The Heels


If you are a Kardashian, your maternity fashion has to be on point. But sometimes it's a better idea to stick with something safer, and Kim's feet showed us that she should have ditched her heels long before the third trimester. Paparazzi photos captured her poor swollen feet and legs several times, and it looked super painful. Swelling happens to all pregnant women, but the heels can make it an even worse situation, so Kim should have left her highest shoes in her closet.

5 Khloe Lied About Fertility Issues With Lamar


On her reality show, Khloe talked about wanting to have a baby for a long time, but according to Hollywood Scoop, it turns out that she was lying about having fertility problems when she was married to Lamar Odom. We found after they separated that Lamar had some major substance abuse issues, and Khloe said on Keeping Up that she didn't want to bring a baby into that situation and she decided to fake trying to have a baby.

4 Kylie's Ex Thought He Was The Daddy


While no one was exactly sure how far Kylie was along in her pregnancy — since she didn't confirm it until after the birth — so that meant a lot of speculation. The timing was key, since she broke up with her ex Tyga and started dating her current boyfriend Travis Scott right after. In fact, Tyga reached out to tabloids to tell them he wanted a paternity test since Kylie wasn't talking.

3 Kim's Births Were Really Complicated


While her mom and her sisters had a bunch of healthy babies and all said that they loved being pregnant, that hasn't been true for Kim. The reality star had a lot of problems, and the births of North and Saint were very complicated. North came five weeks early, after Kim had preeclampsia. And her placenta didn't detach properly, which was painful and could have lead to excessive bleeding. The same was true after Saint's birth. Kim body just didn't do well, and that is why she turned to surrogacy for her two younger kids.

2 Kourtney's Third Pregnancy Wasn't Good News To Scott


As much as Kourtney and Scott love their kids, that doesn't mean it was always good news that there was a baby on the way. Scott was going through a really trying time when Kourtney got pregnant with their third child Reign in 2014, and he said on Keeping Up that he was angry. Scott had lost both of his parents in the previous year, and he was struggling with alcoholism. In fact, he entered rehab just a month or so before the baby was born, although he didn't stay long and it was a while before he sobered up.

1 Kylie Might Be Pregnant Again Already


The worst thing about keeping a rumor alive for, oh, say, nine months is that no one will know what to believe for the rest of your life. That's true for Kylie, as the speculation about baby No. 2 has been around since long before Stormi's first birthday. We will never know if we should trust any of Kylie's denials, so we guess we'll find out the news for sure sometime after the baby's birth, whether that's this year or next or what.

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