15 ‘The Hills’ Stars: Where Are They Now?

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15 ‘The Hills’ Stars: Where Are They Now?

In 2006, MTV made the genius decision to get a bunch of young, good-looking people together in Los Angeles, California, and film them for a reality television series called The Hills – the rest is pop culture history. There were fights, tears (who can forget Lauren Conrad’s iconic mascara tear running down her face), breakups, and makeups, a show so insanely watchable that even now eleven years on we are still talking about it.

Back in those days, there were no huge endorsement deals when it came to being a reality TV star and all cast members had to supply their own wardrobe. Heidi Montag revealed to Buzzfeed, “We were not allowed to wear outfits twice, so I asked them to supply me with a wardrobe, but apparently I had to buy it all myself.” Nowadays, reality TV is a whole different story but these guys really were the pioneers that put the format on the map.

Like all good things – The Hills had to come to an end. In 2010, we finally waved goodbye to the cast members and all we are left wondering is – what are they up to now? Luckily thanks to the internet and their desire to still be in the spotlight, we have tracked them down and can give you a life update on the most popular characters from the show.

15. Stephanie Pratt


To remember how Stephanie Pratt came on to show means rewinding back to season three; Lauren Conrad was no longer on speaking terms with Heidi Montag, as she accused Montag’s boyfriend Spencer Pratt (Stephanie’s brother) for starting rumors of a sex tape involving her and her former boyfriend Jason Wahler. Cue the following season where Stephanie confronts LC in a club about the incident. Then when Stephanie realized that she attended the same college as LC – the two became friends. Their new friendship put a lot of strain on the relationship of the Pratt siblings.

There was also a major focus throughout other seasons on Stephanie’s past struggles with drug addiction. She revealed to Now! magazine just how out of control her crystal meth was, stating, “I was on the extreme level, and addiction developed instantly. (I smoked) probably four times before school, then at snack … probably 12 or 13 times a day.” She kept her meth kit in a Hello Kitty backpack that she took to school. After attending rehab she finally got clean.

Since 2013, she has joined the cast of London-based reality television show Made In Chelsea and is now happier and healthier than ever before.

14. Jason Wahler


Another cast member who really struggled with addiction was cast member Jason Wahler who appeared on the show as Lauren Conrad’s boyfriend – their emotional breakup was aired on the show. On the reunion show, LC revealed, “I felt a responsibility to take care of him and I felt like when we broke up I was abandoning him. There was a lot of nights I was getting 2 a.m. calls and I had to go pick him up passed out in a club.”

Last year, Wahler opened up to US Weekly about his battle with alcoholism that started after he appeared on the show and how his addiction almost drove him to suicide. He revealed, “A lot of things that came overnight that were very glamorous and that’s when that downward spiral happened for me. It ignited my addiction and things started to domino effect right before my own eyes, and before you knew it, it got out of control and I couldn’t handle it,” he added, “My addiction drove me to suicide. Not contemplation. Actually attempting suicide. And somebody found me and that’s why I’m still here today. I’m very grateful for that.”

Wahler has since entered rehab and 11 months since the beginning of his sobriety he met his wife, Ashley Slack, and the couple plan to start a family together this year.

13. Kristin Cavallari



Kristin Cavallari, who joined The Hills during the fifth season, was one of Lauren Conrad’s main rivals as they both were involved in a twisted love triangle that also involved Stephen Colletti. The love story became a major plot line for the spin-off show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

When it came to spilling the beans about the show – the mother-of-three did not hold back. She told US Weekly, “One of the producers bribed Lo (Bosworth), Audrina (Patridge) and Stephanie (Pratt) and promised them he would buy them presents if they called me out on camera for doing drugs.” She also revealed that she was only playing the villain and that character wasn’t anything like the real her as she explained, “I looked at it strictly as a job and I knew the character they wanted to play, and so I went into it with a completely different attitude and I had the time of my life. I thought it was a ton of fun to play up the villain character.”

Last year she released a new book, Balancing In Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness and Making It All Work which made it’s way onto the NY Times Bestsellers list and she is now a full-time lifestyle guru – showing the world how to be just perfect like as she is.

12. Lo Bosworth



There were no two ways about it – you were either Team Kristin or Team Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth was Team LC right through till the end. She acted as LC’s sidekick and spokesperson since the very first season and her sarcastic one-liners won over fans – but did Lo really know what she was getting herself into?

She told The Wire, “When we signed up to do the show, we thought we were doing a show called True Life. We didn’t expect anything more than that. I participated in the show because they asked me to. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. During the production, I was totally in the dark and totally naïve. Only once the shows were aired on TV did I really understand the role I was hired to play.”

Bosworth has since relocated from California to New York and she now runs her own lifestyle channel named The Lo Down. The channel has more than 122,000 subscribers and see’s her mostly cooking up wholesome meals. Scrappy sidekick turned master chef!

11. Justin Bobby Brescia 



Justin “Wear My Boots To The Beach” Bobby Brescia found a place on the show after he cut the hair of Audrina Patridge – who he always had a complicated relationship with. The producers liked his look and offered him three times what he was earning as a hair stylist to be a cast member. He told In Style, “At the time, I was touring with Maroon 5 and doing their hair, so I didn’t really need a job. It took a couple of pasta dinners and the almighty dollar.”

Now he has gone full circle and since his time on the show ended he has returned to his main passion. He owns three chain salons in California, Nicaragua, and New York called Brush Your Hair, and he has his own line of hair products. He revealed to US Weekly, “My passion is cutting. I love to cut one-on-one, no big salon atmosphere. I’m all about kitchen cuts, but structurally done.”

According to Justin Bobby, he would have been more into the show if the producers had hired better writers. He revealed, “It wasn’t for me. It was hard to get me to shoot after a while because it was repetition and there wasn’t anything artistically happening and I wasn’t growing. So I said, ‘If you guys get some real writers in on this, I’d be all about it and we could build characters,’ but it never went to that.”

10. Frankie Delgado



Frankie Delgado became a cast member during season 3 when he was introduced as Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner’s friend. Before there was Scott Disick, Delgado was the ultimate party animal and playboy – only appearing in episodes to escort cast members to the next awesome party. But have his wild days finally come to an end?

In 2013, he married his long-term girlfriend Jennifer Acosta (of course Conrad and Jenner were both at the wedding) and the following year they welcomed a baby girl, Isabella Amalia, who is now a constant feature, alongside her newborn brother Francis Franco. on Delgado’s Instagram. Geldado is actually mentioned on IMDB as Jenner’s talent manager – so at least we all know what he is doing to keep himself busy when fatherhood isn’t calling.

9. Casey Reinhart


Blonde bombshell Casey Reinhart was one of the leading cast members on both The Hills and Laguna Beach – she was the ultimate gossip and could draw out dark secrets from almost any of her peers. With her sweet smile and permanently manicured nails, Reinhart soon became the face of California.

Since she has stopped dishing the dirt on others, she became the winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and has since gone on to build her own cupcake empire know as Casey’s Cupcakes. So it’s safe to say life is pretty sweet.  Last year, she married her long-term boyfriend Sean Brown and she wrote on Instagram on the day of her wedding, ”

Last year, she married her long-term boyfriend Sean Brown and she wrote on Instagram on the day of her wedding, “I became Mrs. Casey Beau Brown and I get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing man who ever walked this earth. ‘I’m so happy, so in love, and so overwhelmed with emotion just thinking about how beautiful the rest of our lives are going to be together.”

8. Trey Phillips


Trey Phillips was one of the most adorable cast members of The Hills spin-off show Laguna Beach. Everyone needs an artsy/hipster-type friend and that was Trey who lived a lifestyle that was either throwing house parties or designing hats. His hard work and dedicated to fashion paid off as he is now a designer for Vera Wang.

He still keeps in touch with Lauren Conrad and the two even hooked up in New York together. Conrad told US Weekly, “I was out to dinner last night with Trey Phillips, who I did (Laguna Beach) with, and we were talking about how it was such a unique time. It was before reality TV had become what it was today.” She added, “There was an innocence to it because none of us were doing it to get any deals or other ventures – we were just all friends and it sounded cool so we did it. We didn’t know what we were really doing, so I think it was this very interesting time where people didn’t have ulterior motives. We were just filming a documentary.”

7. Taran Torriero


It was the news that shocked us all – Laguna Beach‘s serial love rat Talan Torriero was finally engaged in 2013. The biggest player on the show finally popped the question to his girlfriend Danielle Zuroski and has left his legacy as a bed-hopper behind in the past. He announced his engagement with a tweet and the pair married the following year.

His storyline on the show was an endless cycle of him acting like a player, winning ladies over with his edgy personality, they fell for him believing he could be changed, he got up to his old tricks again and once again another heart was broken. Now he has settled down, a more adult-like job is on the cards as he is listed as the Creative Director at TMG Digital. Just goes to show you girls – bad boys can turn good…eventually.

6. Whitney Port


Whitney Port worked alongside Lauren Conrad at Teen Vogue and aged just 21-years-old she became a reality TV star. She told E Online, “I applied for an internship at Teen Vogue and they said, ‘If you want the job, you kinda have to be comfortable with a camera crew because MTV’s starting to film a TV show here.'”

It wasn’t long before the producers spotted she had the perfect look for the show and made her a regular cast member. She also admitted that her job role was made up for the cameras and she “wasn’t ever really hired by Teen Vogue. I was never really given any extra responsibility.” 

She revealed that most of the drama was real – just built up more. “The drama, and the things that happened, were really real,” she said. “It just had to really extend and have to be so drawn out, and we had to really dramatize things for the sake of a TV show.” Now she works as a fitness and lifestyle guru and keeps her 1.2 million followers on Instagram updated with her regular workouts.

5. Audrina Partridge


Audrina Partidge married BMX rider Corey Bohan last year and revealed that nobody from The Hills was invited to the wedding. She told Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazine, “As far as friends go, we only invited the ones who’ve been there for us in the past year and who will continue to be there for us for the next 30. So, no one from The Hills made the cut.” From that statement we are going to guess that she doesn’t really keep in touch with anyone then?

Partridge was best of buddies on the show with Lauren Conrad but they made the unfortunate error of moving in together. Conrad said on the reunion show that she became furious when she had been locked out of a room as she explained, “I was going to put something in (Audrina’s room), she had left something out, and I realized she had installed a lock. That’s what started our big fight and we just weren’t getting along when we were living together.”

Following her departure from the show she appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and finished in seventh place. In 2011, she landed her own reality series, Audrina, which followed the lives of her and family but unsuccessful ratings meant the show was cancelled after just one season.

4. Brody Jenner


Before anyone really knew what a Kardashian was, there was heartthrob Brody Jenner keeping the family fixed in the spotlight. His close friendship with Lauren Conrad soon turned into a romance but – shock – it was all faked for the cameras and it was awkward as hell.

Lauren Conrad told MTV on the reunion show, “I definitely had a crush on Brody but the funny thing was, we had zero chemistry. He was my friend, I enjoyed spending time with him, but it always felt forced.” She also revealed that when it came to their kissing scenes she had to beg the crew to let them stop, calling it “the most awkward thing ever.”

Then came along Keeping Up With The Kardashians and now Jenner’s half-sisters Kendall and Kylie, alongside his step-sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have taken over in the fame game. Nowadays he makes his cash DJ-ing at nightclubs (often with party animal Scott Disick in tow) and he is engaged to dating blogger Kaitlynn Carter. 

3. Spencer Pratt 


Spencer Pratt – love him or hate him, there is no denying that Pratt wasn’t one of the standout cast members of The Hills. His relationship deteriorated the friendship between Heidi and Lauren Conrad as he was accused of starting rumors about a sex tape featuring LC and the feud became a major plot line for the show.

Although Pratt claims that off camera he really isn’t that bad. He told People magazine, “We wanted to have a show that people watched, so we did all this stuff that made us look like the worst humans on Earth. When the cameras were off, I was a complete gentleman – opening doors and going to the movies and cuddling. There was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing going on. If I did any of that (as an actor) in an indie film, people would think I’m the new Jennifer Lawrence.”

His day job is now ‘full-time television personality’ as he has appeared on a string of reality shows including the American version of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, the British version of Celebrity Big Brother (twice!) and Wife Swap.

2. Heidi Montag


Spencer’s other half Heidi Montag shocked everyone when she decided to go under the knife and completely change her entire face. Fans of the show believed Heidi’s obsession with plastic surgery had gone too far as she underwent ten operations in just ONE DAY. In a 2010 episode, Heidi revealed her new look to shocked mother and asked if she looked good – her mother then replied, “How do I go ahead and say, of course, you were more beautiful before?”

Alongside blowing the cash on plastic surgery, Heidi also revealed that she and Spencer drained their own finances on extravagant purchases. The pair of them blew $10 million on $3,000 bottles of wine, $15,000 Hermes purses, $15,000 on bodyguards just for an evening out and $10,000 crystals. She told People magazine, “We were keeping up with the Joneses, but we were going against Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. We should have stayed in our reality TV lane.”

She added, “I felt like I was someone I wasn’t. We had business managers who told us to stop spending but we acted like we knew what we were doing.” They clearly didn’t listen to any advice and they went broke in 2011. Now Heidi also guest stars on reality TV shows so she can pay the bills and has entered the British Celebrity Big Brother House with her husband this year for the second time.

1. Lauren Conrad 


If there was one person we could pick as the ultimate star of The Hills then it would have to be Lauren Conrad. Although the show was heavily scripted, poor LC actually believed at the time that she was actually working at Teen Vogue. Her father Jim revealed, “It was cute, she was so naive. When she was going for her interview for her job with Teen Vogue, she was so nervous about whether or not she was going to get the job.” Naturally she was going to get the job – as it was all rigged to be part of her storyline.

She revealed to MTV during the ten-year reunion episode that her exit from the show was to cut herself a break. The currently pregnant star said, “It was hard on my relationships. It was hard on me. That’s when I knew it was time to go was when my heart wasn’t in it and I wasn’t living the kind of life that made me happy. I was really torn. I’d lived my life that way for five or six years so it was scary.”

LC nowadays runs her own fashion label (named LC Lauren Conrad of course) and she married former Something Corporate guitarist William Tell three years ago. She also revealed on the reunion show that her husband has never seen a single episode of the hit series. She said, “He just changes the channel like ‘Don’t wanna know that you!'”

Sources: US Weekly, MTV

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