15 Text Messages From Women That Prove Ex-Girlfriends Are Psychos

Most of us have dealt with a crazy ex at some point in our lives. Who knows, maybe you're the crazy ex. It happens. Tensions and emotions run high in relationships, and if there's anything that's capable of making someone act crazy, it's love. And when that loving relationship falls apart, it can make people do some pretty bizarre things. Sometimes that means begging an ex to get back together. Sometimes that means stalking them. And sometimes that means burning their possessions and acting like a complete psycho. But whether exes are out for revenge, or they're simply trying to get back together in their own weird way, it can be pretty unsettling for those on the receiving end.

Texting has become a huge part of most relationships in this day and age, and that also means that it's become a huge part of breaking up. And even after the breakup, the remnants of the relationship live on in text message history. Sometimes, these texts sent back and forth between psycho exes are so insane that they're hardly even believable. And luckily for those of us who want some entertainment, the best of these texts have been posted online...

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15 Can I Come Pick Up My Stuff Later?

Some breakups just don't go well. We've all either experienced these breakups or seen the aftermath, and it's not pretty. Physical fighting on the streets, vandalization, or public shaming on social media can all occur after a nasty breakup. But perhaps the most common breakup incident involves one of the partner's personal clothing - namely the clothing they leave behind at the apartment. Things can get pretty heated, and partners can get so caught up in the moment that they end up destroying their ex's personal possessions.

This one guy thought he would get a normal response when he texted his girlfriend asking when he could come pick up his stuff. To his horror, he didn't actually get a worded response - only a picture. And that picture was his clothes, burning in a pile. You can understand his response to this obviously psycho ex.

14 April Fools!


Sometimes, psycho exes can be cruel. For whatever reason, they just can't let it slide that the relationship is over. Truth be told, sometimes they have pretty good reasons for this. Many relationships can end in absolute hatred, and sometimes these feelings are totally justified. If one partner cheats on the other, for example, it can be hard to ever truly forgive them. But sometimes exes make it their life's purpose to make their old partner's life as miserable as possible.

In this example, the psycho ex texts his ex-girlfriend, pretending to miss her. That's when she admits that she still has feelings for him, and that she has been thinking about him constantly. Unfortunately for her, she fell right into his trap, and he taunts her, reminding her that it's April Fool's and she just got totally played. If you doubt this is real, check the time of the message - it really was sent on April Fool's!

13 Drunk Texting And Crazy Exes Don't Mix

We all know about drunk texting, and many of us have been guilty of this at some point in the past. It's definitely one of the worst things you can do, and it can fill you with regret in the morning, especially if you don't even remember sending those texts in the first place. Many relationships have been ruined this way, and people seem to have a real problem with it in this day and age. But one thing's for sure - drunk texting your ex is never going to go well. Especially if you're a crazy ex to begin with, and you still have feelings for your partner...

This drunk ex is a clear example of why drunk and crazy don't mix, especially when it comes to texting. Her texts are totally cringeworthy, and it begins with simply "Stop thinking I'm ugly." Judging by her ex's reaction, these texts must be a regular occurrence, seeing as he already knows that she's drunk just by reading her texts...

12 Best. Present. Ever.


When you've got a crazy ex on your tail, the last thing you want is to be constantly texted or nagged by them. But that's exactly what psycho exes do best. These individuals will stop at nothing to contact you, even when you change your number. For the people who just can't seem to escape their exes, it can be quite a nasty situation. They end up praying for something, anything to take their exes away and stop them from constantly texting them. Well, sometimes you get exactly what you ask for.

That was the case with this person whose ex couldn't stop texting them. Then, out of nowhere, this psycho ex sent him a text explaining that she was never talking to him again! Obviously she had seen that he was getting engaged, and that was just too much for her to handle. But if she was hoping for him to be hurt at being cut off, she was sorely mistaken. He actually thanked her for leaving her alone!

11 Why Aren't You Feeling Any Pain, Damn It?


Breakups are always hard. And people take the shock of an ended relationship in different ways. Some spend weeks, months, even years getting over someone. Others move on very quickly. Others pretend to be okay, when really they're hurting on the inside. But whatever the case, most people feel that breaking up is at least a slightly stressful or traumatic experience. Unless, of course, one of the people wants nothing more than to break up with someone they absolutely hate...

That was the case with this couple, and one of them clearly was unhappy at how casual their partner was taking the breakup. This psycho ex first broke up with her partner, and then got offended when he didn't even care! It got to the point where she was actually begging him to feel some pain at the situation!

10 Not The Xbox...


Some breakups go down without a hitch. Both partners part ways on mutually agreeable terms. They might even stay friends later on in life. But some people are not so lucky. Some breakups end in huge fights, screaming matches, or even more turbulent experiences. And yes, some exes even resort to burning their partner's possessions for revenge. This is obviously not the mark of a level-headed individual, and "psycho" is a great term to describe these crazy exes.

If there's one thing in life that a lot of men hold dear in this current day and age, it's video games. Guys love their gaming consoles almost as much as their girlfriends these days... maybe even more. Perhaps that's why this couple broke up. Either way, it's obvious that this guy's psycho ex knew exactly where to hurt this guy where it stung the most - by burning his precious Xbox...

9 Blocked Ex Won't Give Up


It's not hard to figure out what to do when you do have a psycho ex on your hands. Change all your numbers, block them on social media, and cut all ties. But while that might stop most psycho exes, a few will be able to find a way through to you, whatever you do. These situations can get very weird, very fast, and it's easy to freak out when someone somehow manages to contact you even though you've taken steps to prevent that. The fact that they're so determined can seem very creepy indeed.

That's exactly what this girl experienced when she blocked her crazy ex boyfriend on social media and changed her numbers. But somehow, he still managed to get through to her and speak his piece. Trouble is, he sent her the cheesiest apology message ever, which seems like it was taken straight from a movie. She rejects him, and you almost feel bad for the guy.

8 She Maxed Out Her Credit Cards On Online Psychics


Some exes are crazy because they just won't leave their partners alone, but others take it to a whole new level. There's crazy, and then there's psycho. While crazy might be a little frustrating, or even funny at times, psycho is something people react to very differently. When you hear about the antics of truly psycho exes, all you can do is stare with wide eyes and try to comprehend what you just heard. Some exes go to ridiculous lengths to try and get back with their partners. There's not many things that can cause a person to act so strangely, but love is definitely one of them.

This psycho ex actually admitted to maxing out her credit cards on online psychics. Why? In order to find out if she was ever going to get back together with her old partner. What I don't understand is why she kept paying for these services. Presumably she got one answer and she just didn't like what she heard. Either that, or online psychics are really good at conning people out of their money. Probably a little bit of both...

7 Happy National Text Your Ex Day


Is national "text your ex day" even a thing? Turns out it is. A quick google search will tell you that National Text Your Ex Day is on Tuesday, October 30th in 2018, and this might be good or bad news to you, depending on what your exes are like. Presumably this day was invented to help people get back in touch with past loved ones. If the split was on good terms, this might be a nice thing. But there are plenty of cases where people definitely don't want to hear back from their exes...

One case was this person, who clearly did not want to hear what her ex had to say. But her strong reaction is hardly surprising, given the way this guy chooses to wish her a "happy text your ex day." He explains in no uncertain terms that he doesn't like her or miss her. Something tells me this guy is a little sore about the breakup. Maybe he still has feelings...

6 When You Have No Life...


While exes can sometimes be pretty psycho, other times they can just be downright sad and depressing. It's easy to forget that behind each one of these texts, there was a lasting, significant relationship involving two people who had at least semi-serious feelings about each other. And most of these relationships were probably ones which were hard to get over, at least for one of the two people. Sometimes, people can get pretty depressed after a breakup, and this can lead them to do strange things...

For example, this ex boyfriend decided to show his ex girlfriend his Sims game. The only thing weirder than this would be if he actually recreated their relationship using the Sims. Now that would be creepy. But this guy just seems lonely and sad, and that makes the rejection by his ex girlfriend all the more crushing.

5 No Response... 


One of the worst ways to be dumped is by "ghosting." For those who don't know, ghosting is when people just stop talking to you. They don't even do you the common courtesy of letting you know the relationship is over - they merely cut you off from all communication and just hope everything blows over eventually. This is one of the most painful ways to be dumped, because it makes you feel like you're not even worth the effort of a simple conversation. Many people are familiar with ghosting, and have even experienced it firsthand.

When most people get ghosted, they get the picture pretty quickly, and stop texting. But the more desperate people keep texting again and again, even though it's painfully obvious that it's over. This person didn't get the message, and kept texting every two days like a complete psycho. Sad, but crazy.

4 She's Trying Too Hard

Different people have different ways of dealing with a breakup, and some can get pretty confrontational. But it's often the case that the people who are most aggressive are the ones who are most hurt by the relationship ending. These people put anger onto their exes because secretly they want them back. The anger and the aggression is a way to make them feel like they have control, and the relationship ended under their terms. But in actual fact, they're just scared, desperate individuals.

The desperation was easy to see with this ex, who is putting all her insecurities and frustrations onto the other person. She brags that breaking up with her ex was easy and "fun," and that it was the best decision she ever made. It comes off as strongly insecure, and her ex doesn't really seem to care.

3 Her Nightmare Comes True

Sometimes, it's hard to get your ex out of your head. This can go on for weeks, months, years, or maybe even the rest of your life. Some people make a really strong impact on our lives, and we never truly get over them. Sometimes the best thing to do is to talk it out, with people who care. But the worst thing you can do is to suppress those feelings, and fail to ever accept that you care about that person. When you do this, anger and aggression can result, and you can end up blaming others for your sadness.

In this case, this crazy ex boyfriend decided to blame his ex for his sad life after their split. He accuses this girl of "ruining him," and states that he hopes she has terrible dreams. Obviously this is a reference to the fact that he himself is having terrible dreams about her, and he wants her to feel her pain. He still cares about her, because he follows up with another text. And that's when she brutally rejects this crazy ex...

2 The Definition Of Crazy

Many people claim that crazy people are sometimes the funnest to date. Obviously it's a stupid decision for anyone with even an ounce of common sense, and it usually ends badly. But those who have been in relationships with crazy people say that it's fun while it lasts - especially in the bedroom. But when you commit to a relationship with a crazy person, you are risking a lifetime of insane texts, stalking, and even more bizarre incidents - even after you've broken up with them. This is why many people regret ever dating their crazy exes.

In this situation, it's clear to see that this ex is completely nuts. The most bizarre thing about this is that nobody is even responding to her. She's completely in her own world, and seems to think the relationship is still alive and well... Even when he's calling the cops on her...

1 I'm Watching You...


There's nothing more creepy than a stalker. People get stalked for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's because they're famous, or they have pictures up on the internet which a lot of people see. Sometimes they just get stalked randomly by people they haven't even met. But probably the most common case of stalking happens when an ex becomes obsessed with someone, and just can't let them go. Many restraining orders have been obtained for this specific reason, and it can get pretty weird sometimes...

That's exactly what happened in this situation, where a psycho ex texts her partner and tells him that she's been watching him... But his reaction to the situation is what makes this situation seriously weird. It turns out that he's been watching her too! Both of these people seem to be psycho exes, and they should really still be together, seeing as they both have so much in common - their love for stalking people, that is.

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