15 Techniques All Girls Use To Manipulate Guys

There really is no denying that we have our own special ways of getting guys to do just what we want. We may claim innocence and tell people that our boyfriends just love us so much, they would do absolutely anything for us. But in reality, they do these things because, well, we pretty much make them. No, we don’t demand they do stuff for us “or else." That would be super immature and kind of crazy. Instead, we have a way of making them actually want to do these things for us. There will be a lot of girls out there who say they’ve never manipulated a guy before. And maybe they think they’re telling the truth. However, it’s more than likely they definitely have done it before without even realizing that they were. Manipulation is a great tool to use when you have to give your man a little more motivation to do something he normally wouldn’t. If you’re curious about how girls are making this happen, it’s because they’ve mastered these 15 techniques.

15 Crying

We all saw this one coming, right? Talk about an old-school thing. It’s no secret that girls like to cry in order to get out of doing something or in order to get a guy to do what we want. There’s a reason there’s a cliché of women getting out of a speeding ticket because she cried in front of the male cop. But why does this work so well? Because guys get uncomfortable and feel bad when they see a woman crying. It's basically engraved in a guy's DNA to want to protect and help women. And since crying is a form of submission and defeat, guys aren’t really driven to try and put them down any more. In fact, they usually do everything they can in order to get us to stop crying. So we use it as a manipulation technique when in reality, we wouldn’t actually cry over that thing in the first place.

14 Pretending To Be Helpless

What’s the one thing all guys usually feel great about doing for their girlfriends? Helping them. When a guy feels like he’s needed because a girl can’t do things for herself, it makes his ego huge and he feels accomplished in some way. That being said, there are so many times that girls use this to their advantage. If we pretend to be completely helpless about doing something, like fixing the garbage disposal, our boyfriend will feel like it’s his job to do it. Of course, in reality, we could definitely fix it, we just don't want it to get full of old rotten food and nasty water. Basically, we just don't want to do it so we pretend that we're a damsel in distress and that we need our knight in shining armor to come to the rescue. It’s pretty brilliant and it's something that is pretty foolproof so we totally use this method often.

13 Intimacy

If you think we aren't going to use sleeping with a guy as a means to get what we want, then you’re sorely mistaken. Sure, with feminism at its peak and women believing they shouldn’t be objectified, you’d think that we wouldn’t use our boobs and lady bits in order to get what we want from our boyfriends. But that way of thinking is still wrong because there are tons of us who still do this. How? Well, it’s actually really easy. All we have to do is put on a tight outfit that exposes a lot of cleavage and get really close to the guy. Then tell them that we love to relax a bit but we just can’t with all the dishes that need to be done. Funny enough, our boyfriends will get right up and do those dishes as if their life depended on it. When this is a motivator for guys, we definitely have the upper hand and we know how to use it.

12 Excessive Compliments

We've all tried to get our boyfriends to do the dishes or even put their dirty clothes in the hamper... and we know just how infuriating it can be. That being said, when a guy finally does something that we have wanted him to since forever and has been asking him about, we will shower him with compliments and build up his ego so big that it’ll almost burst. Why? Because he’ll want to repeat that behavior. If a guy gets so much praise for doing something, he’ll easily become addicted to hearing those things and when he stops hearing them, he’ll go back to doing whatever it is he was when he got so many compliments. Believe me when I say girls use this one far more often than you’d expect. The fact of the matter is that guys love compliments just as much (if not more) than girls do. So it’s a solid technique girls use to manipulate guys.

11 Using Pet Names

We all have little pet names for our significant others. It just so happens that we use these pet names in a bit of a different way than guys do. How you ask? Well, guys usually just call their girls by whatever cute name just so happens to pop into their mind at that time. Girls use theirs very carefully. When a girl only calls you by a certain pet name when you’re getting frisky, she’s bound to use that same pet name as a means to get you to do something she wants. She’ll also have certain “cute” names that she’ll use when she’s mad but doesn’t want to say so. That’s so you do something nice for her because you’ll think she’s upset about something. It’s a very sneaky technique, but it’s often one that guys don’t even realize she’s using because to him, they’re just pet names. But subconsciously, there’s a deeper meaning.

10 Our Touch

There really is a lot of power in someone’s touch. It can tell you if they’re mad, sad, lonely, excited, or even bored. So, naturally, we definitely know all of this and we use it to our advantage... and, yes, that means that we use the power of our touch to manipulate the guys in our lives. If we want our boyfriend to do something for us, we’ll encourage him by touching him in all the right places. This doesn’t necessarily mean in a naughty way, either. We can even just give them a little back rub and then simply suggest how nice it would be if the laundry all got put away that day or if dinner was made when we got home later. It may not seem like much, but guys have a much harder time thinking about these domestic duties and are far more willing to do things for their girlfriends if they’re being touched in just the right way.

9 A Friendly Competition

It’s no secret that guys are extremely competitive by nature. That's all thanks to a little thing called evolution since they have been conditioned to protect and fight for what’s theirs. If a guy feels as though their “property”, in this case, their girlfriend, is in danger of being lost, they’ll work harder in order to keep her. That being said, some of us subtly mention how our ex-boyfriend or some other guy they know always does the dishes for his girl and it’s absolutely amazing. That’s enough for any guy’s sensors to go on high alert and they feel the need to “beat out” the competitor. So basically, any offhand comment like this is enough to make a guy want to do that very thing in order to prove that, they too, are awesome. It's especially useful when we do this in a quiet, almost distant way so the guy is left to think about it and digest it on his own.

8 The Cold Shoulder

We all know the memes out there about girls saying, “I’m fine” and meaning they’re “most definitely not fine" we all know how this works. This is definitely a more obvious technique all girls use to manipulate guys because a lot of guys realize when it’s happening. However, it’s still super useful because guys don’t enjoy when their girls aren’t happy. This technique is most common when a guy is doing something or is going to do something that a girl doesn’t like and she just stops talking to him. We may say “it’s fine” but then we're going to ignore our boyfriend's text messages or phone calls for a while until he decides that whatever he was going to do is a pretty bad idea. This is definitely one of the older methods of manipulating a guy, but it still is one of the most effective ways to do so by girls today and most guys fall for it.

7 Nagging

Women are known for nagging. That much we definitely know... for better or for worse. But why are we known for nagging our boyfriends so much? What about the popular saying “If you want something to get done, do it yourself?” Well, we don’t really think so. Instead, we nag our boyfriends in order to get them to do exactly what we want. Instead of trying to persuade them in other ways, we use this technique to manipulate guys into doing what they want because it’s just annoying. Guys want the nagging to end so they eventually just do whatever it is that we want. Some people may say this isn't actually manipulating because asking a guy to do something over and over and over again doesn’t really count as that. However, once she’s nagged enough times, guys will just do whatever a girl wants the first time she asks to avoid the irritation. It’s a very useful technique for longer relationships.

6 Having The Last Word

This technique all girls use to manipulate guys is a very subtle one and it takes some time to really work. But it definitely works. We all know that when two people are having an argument and one person always has to be the last to say something, that can be really effective. We love having the last word in any conversation or argument because it's another way that we can manipulate guys. This happens because depending on what a girl says as her last words, it has the power to drive a guy nuts with anger or he’ll ignore it. But the thing about having the last word in an argument is that it really determines who is dominant in the relationship. If we have the last word, then we're basically saying that we're dominant and that will transfer to many different aspects of the relationship. When someone is dominant in a relationship, they usually have the last say when it comes to everything.

5 Pretending To Agree

Just think about this for a moment. We've all had an argument and someone wouldn't give up so we pretended to agree with them in order to end the whole thing... but we made sure that our agreement sounded super sarcastic so they knew we were just faking. This is what we can also do if we want to manipulate our boyfriends. It’s super manipulative because even though a girl is verbally saying she agrees, her tone is always implying that she disagrees and what’s more is that she’s saying her opinion is right because she won’t even have the decency to argue. This is a classic way to assert dominance, once again. And as you read above, dominance can be a very powerful thing to have in a relationship. The person who has the dominance can manipulate arguments and the outcome of events much easier than the person who isn’t which makes things much easier for us, that's for sure.

4 Pretending To Be Submissive

The funny thing about dominance and submissiveness is that they can both be faked. And honestly, we love to use being submissive as a technique to manipulate guys. We do this by being soft-spoken, not starting any arguments big or small, and telling our boyfriends that they are totally right. How does this make us manipulative? Because when we suggest that a guy should do something if he thinks he’s dominant and that this was his very own decision, then he's going to do it. That's just the way that it always works. So if we always pretend to do whatever our boyfriend wants and to be submissive in the relationship, that means that when it's time to get what we want, our boyfriend is more willing to do it. After all, he thinks that we've done just so much for him so far. The funny thing about this is that the roles are actually completely reversed. So when we act very submissive yet seem to always get our way, this is why.

3 Using Our Physical Traits

The fact of the matter is that us girls have boobs, butts, and features that pretty much drive guys absolutely wild. Guys are pretty much programmed by their DNA to enjoy those things about women and when a guy sees something he likes, he’ll do whatever he can to get it. This means that girls use their own physical traits as a technique to manipulate guys. We may be rolling our eyes right about now because, well, of course, we do, but think about this a bit more. When we fight with our boyfriends, they forgive us pretty easily but if the roles were reversed, he would be in pretty big trouble. That's because when we give guys our big puppy dog eyes and bring our voice up to a higher pitch when we say that we're sorry, well, it works like a charm every single time. Guys are genetically programmed to really like the sound of high pitched voices and child-like features.

2 Acting Stupid

We’ve all seen those really smart girls who just act really dumb around guys. Are they annoying? Yes. Are they successful in getting guys to do the things they want for them? Also yes. The majority of the time, this really only works if the guy is actually the dumb one and the girl is really smart. She basically pretends to not know a thing about anything so the guy takes over and does all of the work for her. Think about, for example, when a couple puts together something like furniture. The truth is that of course most of us ladies can follow directions and put together a bookcase. Absolutely no problem. The truth is also that most of us just don't really want to. Therefore, we pretend we don’t know what we’re doing so that a guy will take over and be the “savior” we needed. This technique all girls use to manipulate guys is especially beneficial when we tell the guys how smart we think they are.

1 Bringing Up Old Baggage

Women fight dirty sometimes. It's true. Most people wouldn't think that this is the case but it honestly and truly is. Guys may like to shout and throw things around when they’re arguing with someone, but we will whip out the worst of the worst and use it against you so it stings in all the right places. Meaning, we will unearth all of your baggage, your insecurities, and your failures and we'll throw it all in your face so you feel weak and defeated. Once someone is emotionally hurt, they’re much easier to get to on a deeper level which makes them so much easier to manipulate. When girls use this technique, you know they mean business. Sure, it’s hurtful and wrong and will most likely drive a wedge into their relationship, but it does work and all girls have used it at least a time or two against a guy in order to get what they want.

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