15 Teachers That Shacked Up With Students... And Liked It

We’re all aware of the fantasy that is the source of several books and movies: teacher student relationships. The taboo concept is practically forbidden fruit, often having tales of intimacy, lies and video tape. Where do these bad apples come from? Female teachers that seduce their prey, any and all ages, are often time guaranteed media sensations. Or is it the students that seduce the teachers, as most who get caught, claim. What convinces these people to commit such acts? These must be some of the many questions we have when reading about such student/teacher cases.

Why does this phenomenon not occur only rarely, but in fact quite often? Much more often than we think. Why are these predatory females drawn to the profession of teaching? Are they already into minors before they become teachers and become teachers to find prey? Or is something dark awoken in them once they are surrounded by teenage boys? Either way the stories of these bad teachers is riveting, and we’re here to take you through the top 15 most salacious “oh no she didn’t” teacher/ student scandals of all time.

15 Amber Jennings: You've Got Mail

In July of 2004, a then 16-year-old student’s mother stumbled upon steamy chats on the boy’s computer, the story went from awkward to horrifying when the mother found out the chats were with the boy’s 32-year-old teacher. Amber Jennings met the boy when teaching English at Shepard Hill Regional High School in Massachusetts, the intimate relationship started several months prior in late 2003. The police investigated the mother’s claims, but were unprepared for what they would find. They found several emails between Jennings and the 16-year-old that contained nude photos of each of them, and sexually explicit messages to come with. Even more shocking, when police looked further they found several naughty tapes between Jennings and the student. Though the student claimed the sex was consensual, Jennings was still charged, however she accepted a plea bargain where she would only be charged with “disseminating harmful materials to a minor.” She managed to avoid jail time and only received 2 years probation.

14 Brianne Altice: Not 1, but All 3!

Former English teacher, Brianne Altice, from Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah was convicted in April of 2015 for not only being intimate with 1, but 3 students. Altice was arrested in October 2013, after one of her victim’s admitted to having an intimate relationship with the teacher, shortly after 2 more students came forward with similar stories. The boys were all between 16 and 17 years old at the time of the, Altice attempted to excuse her misconduct by saying the boys were no longer her students by the time the intimate relationships began. One student even told officials that he had considered Altice his girlfriend, as their intimate relationship continued over the course of a year. Altice pleaded guilty to 3 counts of forcible abuse in order to avoid 11 counts of felony rape. Though Altice tearfully pleaded at sentencing that her inexcusable behavior was due to “severe self-esteem issues” she was still sentenced to 30 years in prison. When Altice was out on bail during criminal proceedings, she admitted to being intimate with one of the victims again….. in a church parking lot. Parents even alleged that the school had knowledge of the sexual relationships, but allowed the abuse to continue.

13 Brittni Colleps: Intimacy, Lies and Video Tape

The notion that everything is bigger in Texas is especially true in this case, a bigger story that is. The story began when Colleps texted one of her victims, a student athlete, inquiring about the time of an on campus baseball game. However, the messages escalated and police found over 300 messages between Colleps, as you can guess the messages turned sexual. In April of 2011, Colleps invited the student to her suburban home to watch a movie and they ended up being intimate, returning several times after that. However, the story somehow managed to get even more salacious when the following May the student was allowed to bring 3 friends, they had dinner and then engaged in a full three-way at the teacher’s home, one student even brought out a camera phone and filmed the event. The video was soon distributed amongst students and became the topic of every conversation. She was arrested 5 days later and in a following interview with 20/20 Colleps said she in fact was the victim, because the recordings happened without her knowledge.

12 Deanna Higgins: Extra Credit Biology

Yet another proud Texan, this time Deanna Higgins was a science teacher at Spring High School in Texas. Higgins had an intimate relationship with her 16-year-old biology student on at least 2 occasions, once at her home and the other in the student’s truck. In the Spring of 2009 the naughty teacher’s dirty laundry was aired out by her own husband. Her husband at the time saw the messages after Higgins gave her phone to her 8-year-old son, the sexually explicit messages could at first only be linked to the mysterious contact name “T”. Later, the messages were linked to the student, and after being questioned the student confirmed the relationship. Even more shocking, the student kept a pair of the teacher’s panties in his truck as a reminder from their previously mentioned car romp. The panties in question were still in the truck when police began their investigation and successfully linked them to the teacher.

11 Pamela Rogers Turner's Twisted Lessons in Physical Education

Ok, buckle up, because the tale of Pamela Rogers Turner is twisted. Rogers had been a physical education teacher at Centertown Elementary School in McMinnville, Tennessee when she engaged in a relationship with a 13-year-old boy. The torrid relationship began with seemingly innocent online chats between the student and Turner, however, police would later find that these same chats blossomed into an intimate relationship in which Turner took the boy’s virginity. The affair took place not only at the teacher’s home and the victim’s but police say even at school as well! The teacher began calling the 8th graders phone several times a night, a friend of the teen recalls. Even more shocking, the teacher managed to convince the parents to allow her to spend some nights at their house, claiming that her water heater was broken. The mother of the teen says the teacher was charming, and didn’t seem predatory.

10 Amy Northcutt: Threesome With Another Teacher

Amy Northcutt, a former Turlock Christian School teacher, was arrested shortly after the end of the 2008 school year. Amy and her husband Justin Northcutt were both teachers at the school but were arrested after sending lewd texts and pictures to a 16-year-old girl in order to arrange a threesome. The 16-year-old was Amy Northcutt’s student when she began to get text messages from her teacher, asking her if she was interested in a threesome with her and her husband. The pair reportedly repeatedly harassed the student with pictures and videos trying to seduce her into having a relationship with them, even after she had reportedly asked them to stop contacting her several times. Chillingly, Turlock Christian School is a private school that teaches kids K-12, it is still unclear if the pair had ever tried to engaged any other underage students in lewd acts. The police were alerted to the troublesome couple, when the mother of the victim reportedly contacted police after Justin Northcutt was seen attempting to contact the girl at a family gathering.

9 Alexandra Vera's Daughter Calls Her Teenage Victim "Dad"

What’s up with Texas? Yet another teacher from the lone star state named Alexandria Vera, admitted to being intimate with her 13-year-old 8th grade student more than 10 times. However, the twisted details of this case are like none other. In late 2016, the teacher became pregnant with her 13-year-old victims child, but had an abortion after the investigation ensued. Even more shocking, Vera claims that not only did the parents of the victim know about the relationship, but supported it. The tumultuous affair began after the teacher messaged the student on Instagram because he had missed class. This then blossomed into a sexual encounter a few days later. The teacher had also reportedly allowed the victim and his father to stay at her home, under the rouse that she was actually dating her father. Witnesses say that Vera’s 6-year-old daughter knew about the relationship and even reportedly called Vera’s teenage victim “dad”. She was indicted after nude photos of the teenage boy were found on her cell phone, prompted by school rumors, she was tried and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

8 Jaymee Wallace: "Take it to the Grave"

In 2007, former Wharton High School teacher, Jaymee Wallace became a feared predator in 2003 after engaging in a relationship with a 14-year-old female student in 2003. The relationship had initiated when the student had come to Wallace for help and guidance, when she began to feel confused about her sexuality. In response, Wallace stapled a note to the student’s math test that read “I find you attractive”. Their relationship began shortly after, even after the teacher married a man who was also a teacher at the same school. The affair continued until well into 2004. The teacher went on to convince every person who had any inkling of the affair to “take it to their grave”, even allegedly convincing the victim’s sister to keep her mouth shut. At her sentencing in 2007 Wallace pleaded for mercy, citing her behavior was due to PTSD she had suffered from a childhood of abuse. The former prom queen’s cries fell on deaf ears and she was sentenced to 3 years.

7 Kathryn Murray: Caught in the Act

The 4th tawdry Texan on the list is former Houston Memorial Middle School teacher, 30 –year-old Kathryn Murray. The 14-year-old was adopted from an impoverished community in Costa Rica when he was assigned to teacher Kathryn Murray, who was appointed to help the boy with adjusting to his new environment. The relationship between the victim and Murray began to escalate when the boy developed an infatuation with Murray, writing a letter confessing his feelings to her. However, becoming nervous he ripped the note up and threw it away, but Murray dug through the trash and taped the torn letter back together. It was then that their intimate relationship began, most of the time getting it on in the teacher’s own classroom after school and at hotels. His adoptive parents became concerned about his close relationship with Murray and requested he be transferred from her class. Not long after, the victim’s mother received a text on her phone from Murray meant for the victim’s son detailing her feelings for him, even saying “I love you”. The teacher’s fate was sealed however, when the victim’s 12-year-old brother walked in on the pair in bed together, a bra and condom lying on the floor.

6 Carrie McCandless Gives Sleep Away Camp a Whole New Meaning

The next naughty teacher on the list is former Brighton Charter School social studies teacher, Carrie McCandless from Colorado. The teacher’s 17-year-old victim had met the pretty blonde in summer school and reported that their relationship heated up immediately. Witnesses claim they exchanged text messages and phone calls feverishly. However, the shocking affair came to a whole new level of sick when the teacher chaperoned an overnight fieldtrip that the victim was also attending. The affair finally broke when other students reported that they witnessed Mrs. McCandless reportedly kissing the boy on the cabin floor and fondling him. The teen had also been overheard talking about the first time he and the teacher had sex, saying she often supplied him with marijuana and alcohol. Other reports alleged that the school’s principal, Chris McCandless—also the teacher’s husband, had heard rumors of the affair but took no action and instead dismissed the student from school.

5 Cara Dickey: Suicide Pact

Cara Dickey of South Buffalo Charter school in New York’s tale is so twisted, it’s borderline psychotic. In June of 2008 Dickey had been made aware that there were rumors circulating the school that she had a relationship with a 14-year-old student, what happened next would upset the small New York town for years to come. After Dickey had been made aware that people were beginning to be aware of her relationship with her teen student she did the unthinkable. Dickey was suspended without pay from the school due to the pending investigation on the rumors circulating her and the student. After the suspension Dickey and her teenage lover disappeared for an entire two days before they were found. The 14-year-old was stopped by cops after being found wandering around in the middle of the night seeming to be on drugs. The 14-year-old then told police that he had walked out of his teacher’s car in a booze and prescription fueled haze, because he and the teacher had made a suicide pact.

4 Christine McCallum Moves Her Victim In

Christine McCallum a teacher at Woodsdale Elementary in Abington, Massachusetts would take her sexual relationship with her teenage muse further than any of the women on the list before her. McCallum had begun a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy, believed to have even taken the boys virginity and even making sexual advances towards the boy’s 11-year-old brother. The affair with the child lasted for almost 3 years until the boy was 16, and retained over 300 sexual encounters. His first sexual encounter with the teacher came into fruition in February of 2006, claiming the teacher persuaded him to have sex with her with drugs and alcohol. The boy admitted that she had provided him with drugs and alcohol nearly the entire relationship, often time rendering the boy nearly unconscious before having sex with him. She even allowed the boy, his brother and his father to rent her house as tenants, where she made frequent visits. The abuse came to light shortly after the boy broke up with McCallum and his father found love notes in his room from the tumultuous teacher.

3 Debra LaFave: Deemed "Too Pretty" for Jail

Finally, number 3 on the list is the infamous Angelo L. Greco Middle School teacher, Debra LaFave. The relationship between LaFave and her 14-year-old boy would finally explode after LaFave took her victim to see his cousin, when LaFave’s presence alarmed his aunt, and she called his mother. LaFave was later found to be in an intimate relationship with the boy, performing acts on him in her portable classroom on campus. On one occasion his cousin recalls LaFave and the 14-year-old getting it on in the back seat of the car as he drove. LaFave pleaded not guilty due to reason of insanity, citing that she had bipolar disorder. LaFave faced up to 15 years for each of her counts, however, before her trial the boy’s mother found that the trial would be aired on Court TV—including her son’s testimony. Court TV refused to conceal the victim’s identity, and the identity of his cousin who would testify, so the parents fearing media backlash and their children always being connected to LaFave chose to avoid trial. This meant that LaFave would be offered a plea deal, in which she served no jail time.

2 Pamela Smart: Intimacy, lies and Murder

The case of Pamela Smart and her teenage lover would make a huge splash in the media when their tale was finally told. A tale of sex, lies and murder. The former teacher at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, New Hampshire known as Pamela Smart by all accounts captivated her male students. The 20 something teacher shared a love for heavy metal music with her students, capturing the attention of 15-year-old Billy Flynn. Soon the pair began to engage in an intimate relationship that would soon turn deadly for Pamela’s husband, Greggory Smart. On May 1st, 1990 Greggory Smart was found murdered with a gunshot wound to the head by Pamela, in an apparent home invasion robbery. However, police knew right away the break-in was staged and began to investigate. The trail finally led to Billy Flynn and 3 accomplices who said that they had been propositioned by Pamela to kill her husband. Billy said Pamela threatened to stop getting it on with him, and that she promised the others a piece of her husband’s life insurance policy.

1 Mary Kay Letourneau Marries Her Former Victim

Finally, the mother of all teacher student sex scandals (no pun intended), Mary Kay Letourneau. Letourneau’s victim was her former 2nd grade student at Shorewood Elementary School in Burien Washington, his name was Vili Faulaau. She began to have relations with the 12-year-old while being his tutor after their continuous flirtation. The pair were soon found out and Letourneau was put on trial, while on trial she admitted that she was pregnant with Faulaau’s child. She was sentenced to 6 months after submitting to a plea deal. After serving her prison sentence she was let out with the condition that she would not need to register as a sex offender as long as she made no contact with Vili Faulaau. However, just a few short days later she was found getting it on with Faulaau in her car. She was indicted yet again and in 1998 gave birth to her second child by Faulaau in prison. She maintained a secret relationship with the boy, who was still a minor, until her release in 2004. Her and Faualaau married not long after the boy turned 18, and they are still together today.

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