15 Tattoos These Teens Will Probably One Day Regret

There's something legitimately wrong with teenagers. Seriously, it feels like half of them are just a bunch of refrigerator box-dwelling transients with a series of really dumb ideas that they're convinced are Albert Einstein worthy. This is especially true when it comes to getting tattoos; something so many teens desire. So many teenagers decide to permanently mark their bodies with meaningless, often poorly designed, and inane tattoos. This list will dive deep into some of the worst tattoos that teenagers have ever put on themselves. Seriously, brace yourself because some of these are just downright atrocious. They'll probably make you want to reconsider getting a tattoo or having children, for that matter. Without further ado, here are 15 tattoos these teens will probably one day regret.

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15 Always Remember That 4 AM Trip For Scottish Food

Runt of the Web

Remember when this terrible tattoo made the news? We have to give this UK teen some props for creativity, as well as for a tattoo that clearly makes him stand out. It's just a shame that it makes him stand out as a total twit. Seriously, in a few years time, he'll be really regretting that McDonald's order. Especially when he discovers that it's the reason he has an alarmingly high cholesterol.

14 This Is Nobody's Heritage Except Maybe That Spirit From The Grudge

Runt of the Web

Many teens think they're really deep when they get a tattoo that honors their heritage in some way. But this tattoo is far more like an insult. It looks like it was drawn by someone playing a mean joke on the kid. This geisha actually looks like the ghoul from The Grudge.

13 We Get It, You're Not A "Good Girl"

Runt of the Web

Either this is a girl who has her entire closet organized but color and season or she's someone who likes a very specific kind of fun. Either way, she's likely to regret getting this tattoo when she has to get a job as Walmart greeter. There's literally nobody who would hire anyone who has the poor judgment to get this tattoo.

12 What The Heck Happened To Pikachu!?

Runt of the Web

This version of Pikachu looks like he would be friends with Zendaya's character on HBO's Euphoria. He's certainly not the cute and cuddly Pokemon from the T.V. show most of us grew up with. It's like the artist's interpretation of this electric rodent was that of an aged Pokemon with a deep affection for booger sugar and Mountain Dew. That or he's really trying to hold in a fart.

11 Nobody Wants To Taste That Rainbow

The Things

If there's anything that will get you to give up eating candy, this tattoo is it. There's literally nothing less appealing than this tattoo. All around, it's poorly done. The idea of it. The placement. Even the Skittles aren't the right shape. Heck, it's not even spelled correctly. We're pretty sure the makers of Skittles wouldn't even want to have anything to do with this chic.

10 Not Sure This Is What Walt Disney Had In Mind

Runt of the Web

We all know that Walt Disney was not nearly as good of a guy as to how he's been portrayed by his hugely successful company, but this is still an insult to his name. We're pretty sure that this is the version of Tinkerbell that only exists within our nightmares. There's nothing cute and lovable about her. Instead, we see a monster from a horror film.

9 ...But Born Yesterday...

Runt of the Web

This may not look like a phallic symbol, but it almost certainly is. Anyone who has to draw this kind of attention to themselves is compensating for something. And one look at this guy and we already know what it is. He may be established in 1995, but he was absolutely born yesterday.

8 Onion Pits For The Win!

The Things

Tyrion Lannister once said, "Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you." We can only imagine this is what this girl was thinking after years of being called "onion pits". But instead of purchasing a better deodorant, she made this stupid decision.

7 What Did This Kid's Parents Do To Him?

Runt of the Web

A baby eating a sock. It's likely that only one tattoo parlor has heard that request. And it was whatever unlicensed hole in the wall that okayed this piece of trash. But this isn't the tattoo artists fault. It's not even the person who ordered it. The fault lies at the doormat of his parents. Because they clearly did something to mess him up severely.

6 Too Bad Nobody Cares About Snapchat Anymore

The Things

Even Evan Speigel, the creator of Snapchat and perhaps one of the biggest schmucks on planet Earth, wouldn't get this tattoo. He's a smart guy and knows that Snapchat isn't going to be around forever. In fact, it's hardly used anymore. Most people have gone onto better social media apps. But this kid decided to go all in. The only thing we can do to help his intellectual evolution is find a way to ban his user name so he'll be forced to change it.

5 "Mom, I'm Not Going To Kollege"

The Things

Not everybody is fit for college or university. Some find a different path in life. But everybody should go to high school. This is what happens when you don't. You think you're on top of the world but you get a tattoo with two misspelled words and a school bus that looks like it's just been in a five-car pile-up.

4 New Glasses But Still Blind As Can Be

Runt of the Web

Okay, let's put aside the neck tattoo for a second. It's hard, we know. Because anyone with a neck tattoo is likely to be marching outside of a university with a lit tiki torch, but we have more important things to discuss. Permanent glasses that don't actually have a function is probably the stupidest idea for a tattoo ever. And frankly, this kid looks too inept to ever realize what a total prat he looks like.

3 This Is What Happens When You Peak In Highschool

Runt of the Web

Remember that group of gorgeous cool girls in high school that you wished you were apart of? Well, this is what happened to them. Not just one.... all of them. They peaked in high school, which is pretty much the last place you want to experience the height of your worth. Want evidence of that? Just look at this tattoo.

2 All The "Cool" Kids Are Doing It

Runt of the Web

We all felt the pressure to get on that tobacco as a teen. But this is taking it to a new level. Clearly, this girl wants everyone to know that she's part of the cool kids who are wrecking their lungs while giving a massive corporation all of their parents' money. Once she's on the waiting list for Sloan Kettering, she'll be regretting her choices. Especially getting this tattoo.

1 Legends Of What Exactly?

Runt of the Web

Anyone who declares themselves to be a "legend" is no true legend. Especially when they tattoo it to their bodies. Oh, and when those tattoos are incorrectly spelled. But it'll likely take a few years for this teen to figure that out. Only when his future father-in-law sees that for the first time will he truly start to regret it.

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