15 Tattoos These Celebs Don't Want You To See

Celebrities need to learn how to use spell check and think with their heads instead of their hearts, just like the rest of us! Getting a tattoo in honor of a loved one, or commemorating a wedding day, may seem like a good idea (because nothing says ‘forever' like sitting through a tattoo session), but Kaley Cuoco is living proof that it’s just not.  And she’s not the only celebrity to have regrets about getting inked.

Some celebs have got tattoos in honor of a loved one, only for the relationship to end, others have decided that they would be clever and ink a foreign phrase, except the translation was completely off, and the end result is worthy of a meme. Below are 15 celebs who don’t want anyone to see their tattoos!

15 When It Comes To Tattoos, Iggy Azalea Thinks With Her Heart, Not Her Head

Iggy Azalea hasn’t been all that lucky in love, but she clearly thought she had found “the one” when she was dating A$AP Rocky because she decided to get a tattoo in his honor. According to E! News, she tattooed her fingers with "Live Love A$AP," but when the couple split not long after, she simply crossed out his name.

14 Jessie J Needs To Learn The Difference Between 'Lose' And 'Loose'

Jessie J’s music is important to her, but she needs to use spell check before she decides to ink phrases onto her body in the future. She decided to tattoo lyrics from her own song, but what should have been “lose” turned into “loose.” So, her tattoo reads: “Don’t loose who you are in the blur of the stars…”

13 Ariana Grande Knows All About The Troubles Of Getting A Tattoo In Another Language

Via Zig/The Guardian

Getting a tattoo in a language that is not your own may seem like a wonderful idea, unless you mess it up and end up with a message that makes absolutely no sense. Ariana Grande became the subject of many memes when she left out a symbol on her foreign tattoo, and her ink then paid homage to a “small charcoal grill,” The Guardian notes. Thank you, next!

12 Jennifer Lawrence Gave In To Peer Pressure, And The Result Was A Tiny Hand Tattoo That Seriously Lacked Imagination

Jennifer Lawrence has major tattoo regret, and this is not unexpected considering zero imagination went into her tattoo. She got H2O (the symbol for water) tattooed on her hand, a decision she made when she was feeling left out because Liam Hemsworth and his family were all getting inked, Mom.me notes.

11 Britney Spears’ Marriage To Kevin Federline Didn’t Last, But Her  Dice Tattoo Is Forever

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s relationship didn’t last, but during their time together they felt it would be cute if they got matching tattoos. Spears got a pair of pink die, and Federline got blue ones. Their decision happened in 2004, and just two years later, they got divorced, Cosmopolitan reports.

10 You May Have Seen Kaley Cuoco Sporting A Giant Moth Tattoo, Which Was Used To Cover Up Her Gigantic Wedding Mistake

Fans may have seen Kaley Cuoco sporting a massive moth tattoo on the back of her neck, and this because she needed something to cover up her wedding tattoo.

When the actress married Ryan Sweeting, she decided to honor their big day by inking the date (because nothing says true love like a tattoo). When they divorced not long after, Cuoco admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (via Glamour) that her tattoo had been a “mistake.”

9 Adam Levine Tried To Look Tough, But Got Ink That Looked Like A Cauliflower (He Must Love His Veggies)

Adam Levine’s body is covered with tattoos, but there is one that he regrets — the cauliflower-looking creation he has on his shoulder. It was inspired by someone he had seen with prison tattoos, and he wanted to get a version of this, but it turned out like "cauliflower with a sun in the middle of it,” he told Anderson Cooper (via Bustle). He's since reworked it.

8 Khloé Kardashian Hated Her ‘Tramp Stamp’ So Much She Had It Lasered Off

Khloé Kardashian was once the owner of a “tramp stamp,” a little tattoo on her lower back. She explained on social media that she got it when she was 16, but later regretted her decision, and eventually had it lasered off.

“I should've listened to Kim when she told me ‘you don't put a bumper sticker on a Bentley,’” she wrote.

7 Hayden Panettiere Got A Foreign Phrase About Regrets, And The Irony Is Too Much Because It Was Misspelled

Hayden Panettiere thought it would be cute to have a foreign phrase on her body, which she had intended to be about living without regrets. The irony is too much though because it was misspelled…

According to Livingly, she laughed off the mistake, saying, "It's misspelled too, so I literally have to live by that advice!"

6 We Get It, People Fall In Love With Ariana Grande, But Pete Davidson Should Have Waited Before Getting A Tattoo In Her Honor

Via People/E! News

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were pretty serious about each other, and at one point they were even engaged. But a ring wasn’t enough to show their commitment, and Davidson decided to get a tattoo in honor of Grande; a bunny-eared mask tattooed behind his ear, People notes.

He later added “AG” to his finger.

5 It’s Hard To Believe Nick Carter And Paris Hilton Were A Couple, It’s Harder To Believe He Got Her Name Tattooed On His Wrist

It’s hard to imagine that at one point Paris Hilton and Nick Carter were a couple (and it only lasted for seven months), and apparently, Carter was so smitten that he felt the need to ink “Paris” onto his wrist. According to People, after their breakup, Carter said he didn’t regret the tattoo, but he did cover it up!

4 Apparently, Stephen Baldwin Was A Big Fan Of 'Hannah Montana,' And That’s Not The Weirdest Thing About This Story

Stephen Baldwin was apparently a fan of Hannah Montana (the show that made Miley Cyrus famous), but that is not the strangest part of this story. Apparently, he decided to get “H.M” tattoo on his arm in honor of the Disney show, and according to New York Daily News, he did it because Cyrus dared him to. Um, OK!

3 Demi Lovato’s Spur Of The Moment Decision To Get A Lip Tattoo Left Her With Major Regrets

Via Us Weekly

Who decides it’s a good idea to get their friend’s lips tattooed onto their arm? Demi Lovato, that’s who — although she did later admit that it was not her finest moment.

According to People, Lovato said her tattoo was a “spur of the moment, stupid decision," which she made in 2012.

2 Denise Richards Went From A Tattoo In Honor Of Charlie Sheen, To A Strange Fairy


Via Us Weekly/Inked Celeb

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen will always be in each other’s lives because they have children together, but there was a time, more than a decade ago, when they were in love. The year that they got married in 2002, Richards paid tribute to Sheen with a tattoo of his first name, Daily Mail reports. But when they ended their relationship in 2005, she decided to replace the ink with a fairy.

1 Remember The Time Angelina Jolie Was In Love With Billy Bob Thorton? She Even Had A Tattoo To Remind Herself Of This

Angelina Jolie was young and impulsive when she was in a relationship with Billy Bob Thornton, and she decided that the best way to declare her love was to get a tattoo in his honor. She sported his name on her bicep, but when their marriage didn’t last, she decided it was time to say goodbye to the tattoo, too.

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