15 Sweet Nothings You Should Whisper In His Ear, Based On His Sign

When’s the last time you showed your man how much you appreciated him? It’s important to let him know how much he means to you every now and then.

You’ve been in a relationship with your man for a while now, and it seems like the relationship might come to an end because of various reasons. He doesn’t give you the time of day like he used to, or he doesn’t say, “I love you,” anymore. Basically, he’s been acting strange, and you think he might be falling out of love with you. We all know that communication, respect, trust, and love are all important when it comes to a happy relationship. But when’s the last time you showed your man how much you appreciated him? It’s important to let him know how much he means to you every now and then. You should tell him how you fall more in love with him when he does all these little things for you. It shows that you notice everything he does for you and that you’re very thankful for them. Otherwise, he might stop doing anything for you and think you don’t care about him.

Take a look at the list below to see what you should say to him that will make it hard for him to walk away, based on his sign. Watch him fall back in love with you or fall even more in love with you.


15 Aries Man: "You're the strongest man I've ever met. Is there anything you can't do?"


An Aries man never backs down from a challenge because he’s fearless, and he’s confident he’ll come out on top. He’s also known to have a great physique. He probably hits the gym every chance he gets to get stronger. Because he’s such a macho man, you should tell him that he’s the strongest man you’ve ever met when he fixes things like the broken garage that requires tools or lifts heavy stuff by himself. He takes pride in everything he does. Even if he doesn’t know how to fix something, he’ll take it as a challenge, and he’s confident he’ll fix it because he gets things done. So, when you compliment him on how great he is at everything, he might even wrap his strong arms around you and lift you up. He loves that you noticed it.

14 Taurus Man: "You look so handsome in that outfit. You have impeccable taste."


A Taurus man loves the finer things. When he goes out to eat, it’s likely that he would pick an expensive five-star restaurant, because that’s how he rolls. He’s the same when it comes to clothes shopping. He tends to reach for designer clothes because he’d rather splurge on luxury items than on something cheap that he can only wear a couple of times before he has to throw it out. Anyways, he chooses his outfit very carefully when he’s feeling down because depending on what he wears, it makes him feel better. He might not wear something out of his comfort zone, but he’ll appreciate it when you compliment him on his choice of style. You should also tell him how handsome he looks and that he has impeccable taste.

13 Taurus Man BONUS: "Let's stay home, watch our favorite Netflix show, and cuddle."


A Taurus man is known to be lazy because he takes his sweet time in everything he does. He’s also a homebody, so he prefers staying home to going out to crowded places like the bar or other events. He wants to be where he’s comfortable, and that’s home. So, if you don’t want him to let you go ever, then you should suggest cuddling at home while watching Netflix shows and with popcorn as a date night. He definitely won’t say no to that. It’s cozy, and it’s sweet that it’s just the two of you in a quiet place. It’s intimate. Also, he might love you more when you say, “Let’s stay inside today,” because you get him. It makes him happy when you know what he wants without him telling you.

12 Gemini Man: "There's never a dull moment when I'm with you."


A Gemini man is spontaneous. He can’t stay in one place for long. He gets bored way too easily, so he’s always on the move looking for new and exciting things to do. A lot could happen in one day like you’re out biking with him, but he wants to go swimming out of the blue. It’s hard to keep up with him. He’s known to have short-term relationships because when the excitement dies down like after the honeymoon phase, he’s likely to lose interest. But when you tell him you like how he keeps you on your toes, and everything with him is fun because you enjoy his company, he’ll be pleased. He might think you’re someone he’s been waiting for all this time. He likes that you’re like him.

11 Cancer Man: "All the little things you do makes me fall more in love with you."


A Cancer man is an emotional person. The sign is the mother of the zodiac, so he likes to take care of you and give you lots of love. He’ll do anything for you because your happiness is important to him. It doesn’t matter if he’s tired or busy. If you’re craving burger and fries at 10 PM, he’ll bring it over to you. When you’re feeling down, he’ll make you your favorite tea hoping it’ll make you feel a little better. Because he needs emotional security, you should tell him you fall more in love with him when he does all these little things for you if you don’t want him to let you go ever. He loves being appreciated, and he will love it even more when you express your love to him.

10 Cancer Man BONUS: "I could never stop loving you because you mean everything to me."


A Cancer man loves to give love, and he also wants to receive lots of love. If he does nice things for you, he expects you to do the same because it’s a way for him to know if he means anything to you. He’s a natural born worrier, so you can imagine the thoughts that run through his head when he feels like you don’t love him as much as he loves you because you’ve been too busy to respond to his text and calls. When he gets upset, he hides under his shell and doesn’t come out for days. If you want to make sure he knows how you feel about him so that he doesn’t leave you, then you should tell him him you could never stop loving him because he means everything to you.

9 Leo Man: "I'm so lucky because you're the sweetest guy a girl could ever ask for."


A Leo man is a narcissist. Are you surprised? He’s the king of the zodiac so go figure. He absolutely loves to be the center of attention. He’ll take forever to get dressed because he has to look his best. He’s also charming so he won’t have any problem getting the attention he wants. Oh, he loves compliments. It’s like he lives for them. If you want to keep him around, then all you really need to do is praise him. You should tell him how you’re so lucky to have him because he’s the sweetest guy a girl could ever ask for. If you add that every other girl is probably jealous of you, then he’s done. He already knows he’s great, but it boosts his ego when you know he’s great, too.

8 Virgo Man: "I find your intelligence attractive. I can always count on you for good advice."


A Virgo man is known for his intelligence. He has an analytical mind, which can be a good and a bad thing. It’s bad because he overwhelms himself when he analyzes every little detail on everything. He’s a perfectionist, so it’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s good because he’s great at problem-solving and that makes him the perfect person to turn to for advice. He likes it when you praise his skills, so you should tell him you find his intelligence attractive, and you can always count on him for good advice. It’s what he needs to hear sometimes because he’s hard on himself. His perfectionism is to blame. Anyways, it makes him feel good when you let him know how much you appreciate the advice he gives you.

7 Libra Man: "I love spending time with you because every moment with you is magical."


A Libra man believes in fairness, and he’s famous for his indecisiveness, but he’s also a hopeless romantic. He loves to be in love. Because he hates being alone, he's likely to jump from one relationship to another when he feels like he’s not getting enough love from you. He’s all about that give and take in a relationship. It’s pretty obvious because he’s the scales of the zodiac. If you don’t want him to walk away, then you should tell him you love spending time with him because every moment with him is magical. He’ll be happy to hear that because he loves spending time with you, and if you let him know you also enjoy being around him, then you’ll be fine. All he really wants is to be loved and appreciated.

6 Scorpio Man: "You treat me like a queen, so I want to make you my king."


A Scorpio man is intense. When he’s in love, he loves hard. When he hates you, he hates you with passion. You don’t ever want to get on his bad side because he’s known to hold grudges. It’s best you’re always honest with him because he despises dishonesty. When you compliment him, make sure you don’t over do it. Anyways, he’s not much of a talker when it comes to his feelings but his actions make up for it. If you want to keep him around, then you should tell him that you know he treats you like a queen, so you want to make him your king. It’s important to let him know you’re committed to him because he’s a long-term kind of guy. When he thinks you’re not serious about him, he’ll leave you and there’s no turning back.

5 Sagittarius Man: "There's no one else I'd rather take an adventure with."


A Sagittarius man is a restless wanderer. He loves to travel because he craves knowledge. He’s curious, and there’s so much for him to learn. He wants to visit different places, try all kinds of food, maybe even learn to speak different languages, etc. He’s rarely bored because he’s always on the move. It’s no wonder his sign is not the committed type. He thinks there’s a chance that being in a relationship might limit him from doing the things he’s passionate about. If you don’t want him to walk away, then you should tell him he’s the only person you want to take spontaneous adventures with because you love traveling with him. You should also let him know that you, too, crave knowledge. He’ll see that you’re compatible with him.

4 Sagittarius Man BONUS: "You always know how to put a smile on my face and make me laugh."


A Sagittarius man is optimistic by nature. He encourages you to see the best side of things every time you’re upset about something. He also tries his best to make you laugh every chance he gets. He’s the type of guy who can break the tension with his humor, so he’s pretty funny. Overall, he just really wants you to be happy. He doesn’t like Debbie Downers, so it’s best you’re not always negative around him. Otherwise, he might get annoyed and leave you. If you want to make it hard for him to walk away, then you should tell him he always knows how to put a smile on your face and make you laugh because it will make his day. It’ll mean a lot to him when he knows he makes you happy.

3 Capricorn Man: "Whatever you want to achieve, I know you can do it. You always have."


A Capricorn man is ambitious. He works way too hard that people call him a workaholic. He’s not the type to go out and socialize with people because he’s too busy achieving his goals, which is why he’s known to be boring. His only focus is to make his dream come true. He really wants to be successful, and because he’s intelligent, he will be. Sometimes he needs support from you because it’ll give him the strength to work even harder. You should tell him that he can achieve anything he puts his mind on because you believe in him. You should also remind him of the other times he succeeded. He’ll be very thankful. He might even think you’re his rock because you’re always there making him feel better whenever he needs you.

2 Aquarius Man: "I like that you're interesting and different. I've never met anyone like you."


An Aquarius man is interesting. He doesn’t like being told what to do or how to act in a certain way. He’ll be rebellious and do exactly the opposite to make a point. He does what he wants, and he makes up his own rules. He likes to be alone most of the time because he loves his freedom. If you thought Sagittarius man wasn’t the committed type, you’re wrong. It’s the Aquarius man who has a higher chance of being forever single. He doesn’t care too much about falling in love, but he might have a change of heart when you tell him you like that he’s interesting and different. You also have to mention that you’ve never met anyone like him because he craves to be the one and only.

1 Pisces Man: "I didn't know what true love was until I met you."


A Pisces man is a hopeless romantic. He’s always in the search for his soulmate. Every time he’s in a relationship, he feels like he found the one until he realizes he didn’t. He falls in love easily, but he’ll break up with you if he feels like you didn’t fulfill his needs. He lives in a fantasy world, so his expectation’s pretty high. Because he’s always looking for the love of his life, he jumps from one relationship to another. It’s not to say he never loved any of them, but if you want to make it hard for him to walk away, then you should tell him you didn’t know what true love was until you met him. It will work because he believes in true love, and he might think he found his match.

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