15 Surprising Rules The Duggar Daughters Have To Follow

The Duggar family has fascinated viewers for years now. When we first met them, we could not get enough of their super-sized family, their frumpy, matching frocks, and unconventional way of life.

Over the years we have grown to appreciate their devotion to their values and their families, but there are some aspects of Duggar life that we cannot get down with, no matter how hard we try. One of those aspects is how the Duggar daughters seem to have double standards when it comes to rules. There are a whole lot of things that these ladies are not allowed to do all because they were born female.

15 No Pants Please

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Now that the Duggar daughters are grown women, living lives outside of their father's rule, we occasionally see them sporting pants. Such rebels they have become. While residing with their parents, however, it was skirts only as far as fashion was concerned. Per intouchweekly.com, this was because of the family's conservative Christain values and Michelle's personal fashion preferences.

14 Beaches Are A No Go

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Sure we occasionally see the Duggars frolicking across sandy coastal beaches, but their beach attire is where the odd rules come into play. Per intouchweekly.com, the Duggar ladies are required to wear wholesome bodysuits when taking a dip. This practice is to safeguard them from any wandering eyes and impure minds.

13 Baby Making Is A Number One Priority

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Duggars daughters have one sole mission on this earth, and that is to produce more little Duggars. Once one of these ladies gets hitched, it's off to the races! Very rarely does a Duggar wedding not precede a nearly immediate pregnancy. Per romper.com, Jinger caused quite a stir when she didn't announce a bun in the oven in the months following her wedding.

12 Meet Your Man's Needs At All Costs

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Michelle Duggar has instilled one wifely rule in her daughters that we have to question. According to the pious mama, wives are to remain, "readily available" for their husbands' whims. Per intouchweekly.com, there is never an excuse for not being in the mood. According to Mrs. Duggar, anyone can make a man lunch, but only his wife can attend to specific needs.

11 Dancing Days Are Forbidden

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This is about as playful as this family gets. They might give a hop and a step for a promotional video, but rest assure, the Duggars do NOT dance. Per intouchweekly.com, Jill Duggar explained that dancing can often stir up particular desires in people, and that is the last thing that the Duggars want.

10 Television and Movies Are Limited

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The Duggars are NOT allowed to sit around glued to the TV, nor are they permitted to catch the latest blockbuster flick when it comes out at the nearest theater. It's strange considering the Duggars have been made famous because of television. Per intouchweekly.com, magazines, tabloids, and other materials are also significant no-nos.

9 Freely Dating Isn't Possible

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Eharmony? Match.com? Yeah, those will never be possibilities for any of the Duggar daughters. Per romper.com, when it comes time for them to meet their beloved, daddy Jim Bob steps in and meets any guys remotely interested in dating the gals. Once Mr. Maybe meets JB's criteria, strict courting under supervision begins.

8 And Once Courting Occurs, There Are A LOT Of Rules

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No hand-holding until major commitment, no kissing, no front hugging, none of it is allowed by Duggar daughters. Oh yeah, also patriarch Jim Bob has the final say in who gets even to consider courting his dear daughters. Per cheatsheet.com, there is no physical contact between Duggar daughters and their prospective husbands until the deal is sealed.

7 Bottoms Up? We Think Not

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Duggars don't unwind with a stiff drink at the end of the day. They turn to other means of decompressing because consuming grown-up beverages is also not permitted for any Duggars. Per intouchweekly.com, the girls have tried adult beverages, but they continue to keep them out of their everyday life.

6 Group Texting Only

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Social media before marriage is something that the Duggars do not approve of. If texting is allowed, for instance, if a courtship has already been accepted and the betrothed want to communicate, then it is group texting all the way. Per thehollywoodgossip.com, Jim Bob even inserted himself into a group text chain of his children as they discussed their upcoming nuptials. Weird.

5 Play An Innocent Childhood Game

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Card games and board games between siblings of opposite genders are encouraged, but activities such as hide and seek is a rule that Duggars do not go against. Per RadarOnline, this rule, as well as some other ones regarding interactions between brothers and sisters, stems from big brother Josh's past mistakes.

4 Partake In Halloween Fun

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This rule goes for all of the Duggar children, boys and girls alike. There is no dress-up, no candy, and no mayhem happening on October 31st for any Duggar kiddos. The Duggars do not do Halloween. Per thecheatsheet.com the Duggars and others in their belief system believe that supporting Halloween means supporting evil practices associated with the day.

3 No Social Media Before Marriage

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Social media before marriage is a rule that Duggars are encouraged to follow. This family is all about keeping their spawn as pure as possible and limiting access to the outside world. Poor Jana Duggar is creeping up on thirty years old and is still not allowed to have "the 'Gram!" Per intouchweekly.com, it is only after getting hitched that Duggars can access the web.

2 No Keeping Company With Unwed Mothers

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The Duggars are so strict with their rules; they won't even allow their kids to fraternize with unwed mothers. Per the hollywoodgossip.com, when Anna Duggar's own sister Susanna was expecting her child, Jill Duggar was prevented from helping her out during her labor. The reason? Susanna was an unwed mother! And Susanna was family! There are no exceptions to this rule it seems.

1 Marriage Is Forever. Literally. Divorce Is NOT An Option

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If anyone ever had a good enough reason to pack their bags and leave, it was Anna Duggar. If she couldn't manage it, it's safe to say no Duggar daughters will ever be able to divorce their men even under the direst of circumstances. When Josh made his string of transgressions against his wife, Anna chose to stay by his side rather than pack up their children and run for the hills. Per the cheatsheet.com, because of both Anna and Josh's religious backgrounds, divorce is one rule that must never be crossed.

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