15 Surprising Plot-Holes From Grey’s Anatomy That Are Unforgivable

It's no secret that we all love Grey's Anatomy. Sure, we might be the only person that we know still watching, but hey, we don't care. Okay, we care because we don't want to get teased, but we don't care THAT much. It's the guiltiest of guilty pleasures and makes us happy (when it's not making us totally and utterly miserable, that is). We just can't help but want to find out what's happening in the lives of Meredith and Alex and Bailey and Richard, and although we hate that certain characters are no longer around, we're not going to give up this show.

That being said... we can't even with this show sometimes. There are certain storylines every single season that drive us crazy and make us ask, "WTF?!" And don't even get us started on why Derek had to leave us. We're still not over that and will never be able to think about him without sobbing. It's not a pretty picture. Even though we adore this show, we have to admit that there are some plot holes and some of them are really confusing. We found a whole bunch on Reddit (aka the best place on the Internet) and they're making us shake our heads for sure. Read on to find out 15 surprising plot holes on Grey's Anatomy that are unforgivable!

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15 Everything About Derek's Death

There's a whole thread on Reddit about how weird Derek's death was and how it just made zero sense at all. We have to admit that we were probably too shocked at the time to really think long and hard about the storyline. Okay, and we were crying too much, too. But that kind of goes without saying.

Derek's cell phone apparently wasn't working... and yet later on in the episode, someone phoned him and, well, his phone rang. People have also pointed out that the doctors seemed to take forever to take a CT scan of his head. Wasn't it super obvious that something was wrong and that he needed to be checked out super soon? Ugh. We hate even just thinking about it.

14 Meredith Seems To Be Okay After Derek's Death

This is definitely a plot hole that we all noticed, right? When Derek sadly and horribly passes away, everyone is super devastated. The entire hospital just can't even believe it. How does Meredith deal with it?

Well, Meredith doesn't really seem to deal with his death very well... because it seems like she doesn't even react at all. Seriously, she's strangely unemotional. It's not the way that we would ever expect her to act after something like this happened, and it's still something that confuses us. Yup, even all these years and seasons later. We just don't think that this adds up. The only way that Meredith should have reacted is to literally sob and sob and sob. And talk about how terrible it was. But that didn't happen.

13 Meredith Couldn't Really Get A Harper Avery Award Nom

No one at the hospital can win the prestigious AF Harper Avery awards because of the whole conflict of interest thing (aka the fact that the Avery family totally runs the hospital). That seems like a real shame since everyone is so talented and would deserve it, but hey, that's how these things work, right? Life isn't always (or usually) fair.

But... Meredith got nominated for this award. Someone pointed this out on a Reddit forum and got a whole bunch of comments. Some fans said that this made no sense and others said, well, technically she could get nominated, but she couldn't really win. It still doesn't make sense. If you can't win something, then you shouldn't be nominated for it. End of story. This is something that bugs a whole lot of fans because it seems like a pretty glaring plot hole.

12 The Flashbacks About Meredith's Mom Don't Add Up

Ellis Grey is a divisive figure on Grey's Anatomy. You can't really say that you like her, but then again, you don't really feel like you know her. Even though she is in a whole bunch of episodes thanks to the use of flashbacks, you still feel like she's a mystery. And since she was a mystery to Meredith, that does make sense.

The thing that doesn't make sense? She always looks like she's a different age and never really looks like the same person. Or at least that's what a lot of fans believe when they chat about this issue on Reddit. It seems like this is because different actresses are playing her, but it would be better if the same actress was her, right? Then it would seem more logical and more consistent.

11 Alex Was In Debt Because Izzie Had Cancer

When Izzie left Seattle, she left Alex behind, and oh yeah, she also left behind a whole bunch of medical bills. You know, because she had cancer. Yup. Makes sense...

What doesn't make sense is the fact that no one ever talked about this again on the show. A lot of fans are annoyed and frustrated about this and it's super easy to see why. This would be a pretty big deal for Alex, wouldn't it? He would be stressed AF about it and talking about it all the time. He might even need to take on a part-time job or something to pay off that debt (even though, of course, that would be tough with his already nuts work schedule). It just seems strange not to talk about something like this.

10 Maggie Seems Too Young

Another thing that bugs fans about Grey's Anatomy? Maggie's whole background doesn't seem as logical and consistent as it should be.

Fans have brought up the fact that the timing of her education doesn't make sense. She's fairly young and a few years younger than Meredith, and yet she was still able to go to medical school and her internship and make it to her job, which is a big deal? She's the Chief of Cardio, after all. That's a super high position. It's not something that she could just walk into right out of school or even right out of her internship. Hmmm... This is something that happens on a lot of shows since characters can be added later on, but it's always confusing.

9 No One Is Sure If Jo Changed Her Name Legally Or Not

Fans on Reddit brought up a really great point: Jo was really upset about testifying in the whole Alex vs. DeLuca case. She thought that she couldn't since she changed her name and is trying to hide from her abusive ex-husband. But... did she change her name legally? Or is she hiding and using a different name illegally?

Fans have pointed out that these are two super different things with very different meanings and consequences. She would be able to testify in any case if her name change was legal. This whole storyline is not only full of plot holes but also confusing. It's just a lot to deal with... and, honestly, this show has been going on for so long, there's already been so much to handle.

8 Callie Couldn't Really Win Custody Of Her Daughter For One Year Only

Another gem from Reddit. Would a judge really say that it was totally cool for Callie to take her daughter and move to New York for a period of one year only? Wouldn't they say that the kid would have to stay with Arizona since it was such a short period of time? It wouldn't make sense to totally uproot a child's whole life. If it was for more than a year, then sure, this wouldn't have been a plot hole. But it definitely seems like one.

This whole custody battle was not only confusing but also pretty horrible to watch. You definitely don't want Penny and Callie to date because you're still shipping Callie and Arizona. It's so hard to believe that they'll never get back together and it's harder and harder to watch them be apart.

7 The Way That Meredith Disappears After Derek's Death

Would Meredith really disappear after her one true love passed away? Would she leave everything and everyone that she knew behind and never talk to anyone? If she did need to get out of town, wouldn't she tell people so they wouldn't have to worry? And even so, wouldn't she leave for a month and not what seemed to be an entire year?

Yeah, these are all questions that every Grey's Anatomy fan had after this plotline, and it feels like a giant gaping plot hole that just isn't going away. Meredith and her fellow doctors aren't just coworkers, they're family. She wouldn't leave them, especially not when she needed them the most. Meredith has changed so much since the beginning of the show and she's not such a lone wolf anymore without feelings. It doesn't seem like she would run away.

6 Cristina Says Meredith Has Been Ignoring Her

When Meredith disappears after Derek's death, everyone wonders if Cristina has been in touch with her, and the answer is no. What?! How?!

Cristina and Meredith are the ultimate BFFs. They love each other. They're each other's people. They talk about everything and dance it out and figure out the hard times. It's hard to believe that she wouldn't talk to Cristina after something so horrible happened in her life. It seems like if you would ever need your best friend, this would be one of those times. Why wouldn't she be talking to Cristina? It's also confusing that no one ever mentions Cristina (like ever...) but, well, that's another story (and it's a sad story for sure). And that's probably another plot hole if you think about it...

5 Izzie Couldn't Really Hook Up With A Ghost

Did you really think that it made sense when Izzie literally slept with Denny when he was a ghost?! Not everyone believes in ghosts, but even if you think that some spiritual and supernatural things do happen, you probably don't think that this storyline was logical or even necessary.

Yeah, Izzie and Denny were a super cute couple... and yet this was a plot hole for sure. She couldn't really hook up with him once he passed away. Because he was a ghost. And that's just not possible. This was when people felt that the show kind of went off the rails and it was definitely when fans stopped being big fans of Izzie's whole character. It was probably one of the silliest storylines that ever happened on the show.

4 A Lot Of The Medical Stuff Is Unrealistic

It's nothing new to say that not everything medically-related that happens on Grey's Anatomy is realistic. Fans and critics alike have been saying for years that this show doesn't get this stuff right all the time.

So, really, this is a whole bunch of plot holes, not just one. It's definitely easy to believe that if a show is set in a hospital but is mostly about soap opera stuff like who's in love with who and who's hooking up and who's keeping it all a big secret, the medical stuff wouldn't be totally correct and accurate. It seems like there are a bunch of consultants on the show who make sure that this stuff is right, but a lot of people still think that it doesn't all add up.

3 Jo Wouldn't Really Break Up With Alex Because Of Her Abusive Ex-Husband

When you think about it, this storyline doesn't make all that much sense. It doesn't seem logical that Jo would feel that she couldn't be with Alex thanks to her sad, dark past. Alex definitely understands that she had a rough time before meeting him. He did, too. That's kind of how they hooked up in the first place: they bonded over their awful childhoods and teenage years.

If Jo really loves Alex and wants to be with him, which is what you think is going on, then she would come clean and be fine with marrying him. It just doesn't seem that after all this time, she would honestly think that Alex couldn't handle learning the truth about herself and her past. Come on, Jo...

2 April Wouldn't Really Lose Her V-Card Right Before An Important Exam

This doesn't seem logical for her character, does it? Wasn't this a massive surprise? What if it was more than just a surprise but also a plot hole?

April is a pretty organized, Type A kind of person. The fact that she was a virgin when she first started working at the hospital proves that she wasn't going to sleep with just anyone for the first time and that she took it really seriously. It meant something to her and she wanted her first time to be special. So why would she just randomly lose her V-card... and right before a super important exam that decided her entire future? She wouldn't. She just wouldn't do this. If she had slept with Jackson just a few episodes later, after she had passed the exam, this would have made a lot more sense.

1 Callie Dating The Doctor Who Was Responsible For Derek's Death

Do you think that Callie and Penny should have been a thing, let alone such a serious thing that they moved to NYC together? No, right? Of course you didn't want them to hook up... and not only because you think that Callie and Arizona should still be madly in love.

This doesn't seem like something that would actually happen. Callie is a very loyal, caring, stubborn character. It seems like she would be there for Meredith and not want to be with Penny. She's also pretty hot-headed so it seems like she would get mad at Penny. It just doesn't really make sense as a storyline. Maybe now that some time has passed, Callie will come back to Seattle and declare her love for Arizona. Here's hoping!

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