15 Surprising Beauty Trends Guys Love But Women Don't

Men are all over the place when it comes to what they like in women. Some guys like totally natural girls who dye their hair with henna, others only date girls who look like Kylie Jenner. When men online discuss trends in women that they like, they are often trends from a time long ago (or like 2 years ago), and are no longer common. Of course, this differs between generations – dudes more active on Instagram and Snapchat might be more up-to-date, but these guys pose their own set of issues.

What a lot of these trends have in common is that they’re uncomfortable, unrealistic, and difficult to maintain. Some are contradictory, but that’s because not all men enjoy the same things. Arguably, women participate in a lot of trends for themselves and for each other, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s probably healthier. You can’t ignore, however, the consumers who exercise influence on the beauty industry and the people behind great campaigns. It’s mostly men.

Disclaimer! You’re allowed to like any of these things – none of these trends are inherently bad or wrong, and partaking in them doesn’t make you a bad person... except for bangs because you’re going to regret it even if it’s cute.

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15 That Super Sticky Lipgloss Nobody Wears Anymore

Another holdover from a bygone era, sticky lip gloss hasn’t really been popular in the last 10 years. My theory is that because a lot of guys remember lip gloss from their formative years (remember the Lil Mama hit?), they associate it with girls looking made-up and beautiful. Of course, some guys don’t like it – and that’s perfect, thanks – but the ones who do are going to be disappointed when they realize that women don’t love lip gloss as much as they do. While Kylie Jenner released a line of glosses in 2016, recalling our early 2000s nostalgia, they didn’t have staying power in a market full of matte liquid lipsticks. They might look good in certain photos, but the fact they never really dry means your lips are always sticking together. Do we even need to mention what happens when your hair sticks to your lips and nobody says anything?

14 Strapless Dresses That Don't Stay Up

Just when we all thought strapless dresses were going to disappear, the off-the-shoulder top exploded in popularity, the sequel to the lace-up bodysuits that seemingly came from nowhere but were suddenly in everybody and their mothers’ closets. Yet, the off-the-shoulder top is slightly more flattering and current, with ruffles or pleats, playing into the current trend of clothing being looser and flowy. So why do guys like these strapless clubbing dresses so much? They were popular for a good 10 years, making a splash everywhere from the most expensive wedding dresses to $5 spandex numbers you buy from a market stall. The problem is that they just don’t stay up. Cue flashbacks to trying to dance while pulling your top up. Even Mean Girls’ Cady Heron can be spotted pulling her strapless dress up constantly during the house party scene. It’s not surprising that men like revealing clothing, but these need to be retired.

13 A Woman Invented Spanx But Men Keep The Industry Alive

Guys love tight, form-fitting dresses, but don’t realize that the reason these dresses look perfect on many women is that many of these women are wearing Spanx. It’s sort of like an open secret. While not all women wear shapewear, a decent amount do; usually people who appear on camera are under pressure to look their absolute best, and that frequently means wearing restricting clothing to appear thinner. While men might decry a woman wearing certain clothing because “she doesn’t have the body to pull it off,” what they don’t realize is that more often than not, most women are in the same boat. Looking perfect, especially when clothing becomes skin-tight, isn’t easy. By themselves, however, Spanx aren’t very cute. There’s something medical about them. When celebrities are photographed with a hint of their Spanx showing at their hemlines, people laugh. Even then, while shapewear might inspire confidence, they are extremely uncomfortable.

12 Guys Want Girls To Have A Perfect Yet Impossible Shape

Sometimes what guys want in a girl is something that doesn’t really exist. When your ideal image of a woman comes from Victoria’s Secret models or girls you see on Instagram, your perception of regular girls might be a little bit warped. This is difficult for women who might feel a lot of pressure to achieve a perfect body. While men suffer from issues related to body image too, women are more likely to develop eating disorders. The pursuit of the perfect body manifests itself in many ways, which could involve heavy and strenuous exercise, dieting, surgery – but also Photoshop, lighting, and strategic poses. Nothing is what it seems, and trying to achieve something next to impossible is exhausting, mentally and physically.

11 Do Guys Realize How Much Makeup Goes Into Making It Look Like You're Not Wearing Any?

This is a scam. When guys say they prefer girls with a natural look and not too much makeup, what they really mean is that they like girls with a little bit of concealer under the eyes, even skin, maybe a little bit of mascara and color on the lips. At the very least. Guys just don’t know how to articulate this. For a selfie, this probably means a filter and little bit of retouching. In a study cited by Cosmopolitan, 91 men were shown the headshots of 25 women, some wearing makeup and some without. The women wearing makeup – even light, natural looking makeup – were judged to be more professional and likable. Any woman will tell you how she looks when she wakes up in the morning and how she looks when she’s done even her most minimal routine can feel like totally different people.

10 Is Anyone Else Over Revealing Halloween Costumes?

While having a revealing Halloween costume can be totally fun, it really doesn’t seem like there’s much input from women in the Halloween costume industry. It’s amazing how far a dude’s imagination can take him when he thinks “pumpkin costume” or “astronaut”. For many people, Halloween is always pretty cold. Nobody wants to stand in line outside wearing basically nothing made out of garbage polyester, shivering and second-guessing their decision to dress like a scanty cop. Conversely, a lot of girls enjoy wearing these kinds of costumes, and that’s totally okay. As Mean Girls taught us, Halloween is the one day of the year you can dress like that and no girls can say anything about it – but for all the girls who are tired and just want to wear something genuinely creepy or nerdy or crazy, we hear you.

9 High Ponytails Are Cute But Hurt & Make Girls Bald

9-1-1! Police! Your ponytail is making you bald!

The man-bun trend of recent years gained a lot of attention because studies began to reveal that when men pulled their hair back, they were actually making themselves go bald quicker due to the strain on their follicles. Every girl who has ever worn her hair in a too-tight pony screamed in unison “we already knew that, but sure.” Guys will never understand women’s hair. Like pigtails, the reason why men like ponytails is because it probably reminds them of innocence or youth, or of sportiness and fun. It’s hard to say. The problem is that these hairstyles can strain the hair follicles, causing hair-loss and other lovely things like headaches. Nothing like coming home at the end of the day and taking off your ponytail.

8 Ridiculously High Heels That Hurt

Here’s the thing. Nobody is saying that these aren’t cute. Nobody is saying that these aren’t in style. Nobody is saying that some of us don’t have shoes exactly like this in a closet somewhere. The issue is that they’re actually the worst. There’s a reason why girls will take their shoes off and walk barefoot home at the end of a night out. They hurt. They’re bad for your feet. While they look great in photos, which is how most men seem to experience them, in real life they’re so impractical! High heels are often part of some kind of fantasy men have involving how women should dress. Victoria’s Secret models walk down the runway in heels and almost nothing. They’re just not fun for women to wear for anything longer than a few minutes. If only men felt the same way about low-chunky ankle boots as they did about platform stilettos that haven’t been in style since 2008.

7 Heavy Eyeshadow Is A Part Of Some Men's Fantasies

Men who like their women made-up really like their women made-up. In the previously mentioned study cited by Cosmopolitan, the context was around whether or not it was advantageous for women to wear makeup in the workplace. When the results were overwhelmingly in favor of made-up women as opposed to bare-faced women, it was a depressing wakeup call for working women everywhere. Yet the emphasis on the makeup in the study was on natural makeup. Heavy eye shadow is another holdover from the early-to-mid 2000s, with crazy frosted smoky eyes gracing models in music videos, film, and ads, but never functionally crossing over into real life. When women are wrapped up for male consumption, they are often heavily made-up with intense eyeshadow. It’s all part of the fantasy. It just doesn’t really look great anywhere in real-life that isn’t a nightclub.

6 It's Actually Crazy How Much Money Women Spend On Hair Removal

Hair removal is probably a bazillion dollar industry. Women all over the English speaking world know the famous Bananarama song “Venus” for its ubiquitous presence in the shaving ads. The message to women is clear: You need to be a soft, hairless baby 100% of the time. Even the women in the shaving commercials have no hair, to begin with. Waxing and shaving are expensive and exhausting. Not everybody has the luxury of having light regrowth or eyebrows that don’t need too much attention. Not to mention the entire day you have to spend indoors after having your brows waxed because of the redness on your face. It hurts. It’s not fun. Nobody feels like doing it, yet the social repercussions of having body hair as a woman are great. Then again, maybe my eyebrows are growing a little too close together…

5 Guys Love When Girls Can Eat Whatever They Want, But Only If They're Already Skinny

The Jennifer Lawrence renaissance promoted the image of a beautiful woman who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and eat anything she wants. She can wear a Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit, trip at the Oscars, and eat whatever she wants at the Cheesecake Factory. This is actually a carefully constructed lie created by her PR team in order to make her likable. Not that she isn’t lovely. It’s not like she didn’t give them anything to work with. For a lot of guys, they want to see women be able to eat whatever they want will also express a strong preference for girls who are extremely fit or skinny – and these two qualities don’t necessarily go together. Men feel that eating whatever you want can be seen as a sign of being chill or laid-back. In reality, women who look like Jennifer Lawrence probably exercise a lot of discipline when it comes to burgers.

4 Does Anyone Else Think Flawless Skin Might Just Be A Lie?

For everyone who has ever suffered from acne, this is for you. Acne is extremely hard to get rid of, and most people suffer from it for years. Suffering from acne can actually lead to depression and severe self-esteem issues, especially in young people who might see their acne as a reason to shirk social interactions. It’s very rare to see blemished skin in the public eye, with great care being taken to hide acne with makeup, photoshop, and other tricks. Acne is, however, the most common skin disease in North America. Because acne is often caused by genetics, there isn’t really a way for most people to avoid it without seeking treatment, which is often not accessible. Having perfect skin is not an easy feat, but the desire for it has created a billion dollar industry.

3 Chokers Are Cute In Photos But Make Girls Feel A Little Too Claustrophobic

Kudos to anyone who can wear a choker without feeling like they’re going to choke. You know, because it’s a choker. Chokers come in and out of fashion every few years, but the most recent trend has probably been the most enduring in a long time. You can buy simple chokers made from stretchy nylon, elaborate chokers made from metal, or junky chokers made from pieces of plastic. It’s the ones made from hard materials that are the most difficult to contend with because they’re uncomfortable and difficult to wear for a long time. It’s one thing to put one on for a photo, but wearing one all day long can be a nightmare. Why do guys like chokers? Because they’re psychotic. Why do girls like chokers? Because they’re cute. It’s different.

2 Men Love Women With Body Mods, & They're Lying If They Say They Don't

On the opposite spectrum of guys who prefer women sport a natural look, there are men who love women who look a little bit fake. The popularity of plastic surgery and body mods is a testament to this. In some countries, like South Korea, plastic surgery has become a right of passage for many women entering the workforce so that they may resemble an idealized feminine form. Stateside, operations like the Brazilian butt lift, lip fillers, and implants are commonly sought after in order to create a curvier and more voluptuous appearance. Addiction to plastic surgery is a problem too, with some people going tens of thousands of dollars into debt because of body dysmorphia. While some women might enjoy the plastic look, it is a look popularized by guys – and the road to get there is paved with expensive and painful surgery.

1 Don't Ever Let A Guy Convince You To Get Bangs

If a guy ever tells you that you’d look good with bangs, run away and change your name. Like ponytails and pigtails, men like bangs because it reminds them of youth and innocence, but also anime. There’s a reason why celebrities almost never cut their hair into bangs, either for roles in film or in real life – the regrowth is a nightmare. Nicole Kidman wore a wig for her role in Big Little Lies, after all. Most of the time when women in the public eye have bangs, it’s a wig. Remember when Zooey Deschanel appeared without bangs and nobody recognized her? Dakota Johnson, a great actress, suffers from having bangs because no matter what movie she’s in until her bangs grow out, she’s still Anastasia Steele. Anastasia had bangs because it made her seem innocent. Don’t be like her. You’ll regret it. It’s a scam.

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