15 Surefire Ways He’ll Never Leave, Based On Astrology

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15 Surefire Ways He’ll Never Leave, Based On Astrology

There are a variety of different, creative, and unique ways to make a guy never want to leave. From the fact that we are all just mammals who just can’t help themselves, there are a few things that women can do to ensure that their guy doesn’t leave them for someone else. In fact, while it can be overwhelming to find different and creative ways to make your guy never want to leave you, his zodiac sign might just give you the insight that you need to keep in with you for the long haul. When you feel like you’ve finally found the missing puzzle piece to your life, it can be hard to think that he could go away. As a result, we’ve consulted the stars to shed some light on how to get your guy to never even want to leave the relationship, all based on his zodiac sign.

For many years, men and women have looked toward the stars to learn the best ways to make their love lives reach their most real and most significant potential. Knowing and genuinely understanding the ins and outs of your man’s sign can bring you some much-needed insight into what he wants out of a relationship to make sure that he wants to stay with you and never leave.


15. Take Your Sagittarius Guy On A Risky Adventure To Make Sure He Doesn’t Leave


Fallen in love with a Sagittarius man? Your Sagittarius man greets you with a contagious grin and seems to always be happy! It can be quite annoying, just kidding! A Sagittarius man is known to be playful, funny, flirty, and fun, The Sagittarius guy, wants to get to know you, the real you. In fact, he will instantly fall for someone who can maintain a spirited conversation with him about everything and anything. As a result, the way to keep this guy in a long-term relationship is to feed his adventurous side. Spontaneity for a Sagittarius man is key to a long-lasting romantic relationship. If you allow him to experience life through a bold lens, there is no reason why your Sagittarius guy would ever want to leave.

14. A Capricorn Man Thrives On Boundaries And Routines


Have you finally fallen head over heels in love with a Capricorn guy who happens to be inflexible when it comes to compromising within your relationship? There are a few ways to ensure that he never leaves you! A Capricorn man thrives on boundaries and routines. He can love you to death, but still feel frustrated if you always want to have an impromptu get-together regularly. By respecting his limitations and being flexible, you’ll make sure that your Capricorn dude never leaves you for someone else. In fact, your Capricorn guy will appreciate the simple act that you see what he needs and that you are willing to bend and compromise within your relationship in ways that your Capricorn guy is just incapable of doing.

13. The Way To Keep An Aquarius Guy In Love With You Is To Actually Let Him Please You


Is your guy born under the sign of Aquarius? Then you are quite the lucky lady. Why is that you may wonder? Because the way to keep him in love with you is to let him please you in every possible way! Yes, you read that correctly. Your Aquarius man is happy to take you to that cheesy movie you’ve been dying to see. The Aquarius man would love to go down on you for hours and hours. In fact, your Aquarius dude wants nothing more than being sure that he is doing everything and anything he can to ensure that you are pleased and satisfied in the relationship. As a result, let your Aquarius dude know that you are satisfied and let him do whatever he wants to ensure you are happy in the relationship if you want him to stay and never leave.

12. Go On A Spiritual Quest With Your Pisces Man To Ensure He Never Leaves


Have you fallen in love with a Pisces guy who can’t get enough of yoga and meditation? Concerned about him leaving you for some else? For a man born under the sign of Pisces, your guys spiritual and emotional needs run deep. Making sure that your Pisces guy doesn’t leave you is to open yourself up to go on his spiritual quest with him. Therefore, when he suggests checking out a new meditation group, instead of just encouraging him to go by himself, go with him and be ready to talk about what you learned there together. All your Pisces guy wants is to have a constant companion who is unafraid to join him on his spiritual journey. In the end, your Pisces guy really wants a partner who understands his spiritual path and is unafraid to join him on that adventure.

11. Give Your Aries Guy All The Control That He Wants


Do you find yourself in love with an Aries dude? An Aries guy needs to feel like he is in control all the time. This is especially true for his romantic relationships. In fact, your Aries guy will most likely demand that you give him all of your attention when you two are together. The best way to make him never want to leave you is to allow him to be the dominant one in the relationship. Letting him come after you instead of making the first move is a surefire way to get an Aries guy all hot and bothered. Keeping him interested by showing your passionate side more often is definitely one way to never have your Aries dude leave you for someone else.

10. Be Vulnerable And Show Your Emotions If You Want A Taurus Guy To Stay


It is common knowledge that if you want a Taurus guy to stay, open up! The average Taurus man is strong yet silent. He will be masculine but not aggressive. This combination is definitely attractive, so who wouldn’t want to keep this guy all to themselves? Well, if you have landed yourself a Taurus guy, making sure that they don’t leave becomes a priority. Being vulnerable in your romantic relationship is essential to a Taurus guy who tends to be a man of few words. Showing that you are comfortable enough to open up to him is a surefire way to get any Taurus guy to stay in a romantic relationship for the long haul! Therefore, be aware of intimate moments and the best times for showing your Taurus dude your vulnerable side, so he never leaves you.

9. Consider Surprising Your Gemini Guy With Something New If You Want Him To Stick Around


Gemini men are renowned for their incredibly gentle nature, loving demeanor, and curious intellect. It should come as no surprise that Gemini guys need excitement and surprises in their romantic relationships if they are to last the test of time. In fact, being willing to change things up whether in the bedroom or outside the bedroom is a surefire way to make any Gemini an never want to leave the relationship. Ask any Gemini guy what their biggest pet peeve is, and they will all say a routine. Switching things up on the regular will make him feel like he is falling in love day after day. This feeling is what Gemini guys crave in their romantic relationships. With a Gemini guy being able to live in the moment is utterly critical if you want your Gemini man to stay with you forever.

8. The Emotional Cancer Man Needs Sensual Touches To Keep Him Around


Are you in love with a Cancer dude? Cancer men love strong and aggressive women! In fact, being able to please them in bed is one surefire way to keep him from leaving you. Making a Cancer guy want to be in a committed relationship is really not that big of a challenge. However, ensuring that they stay and never leave you can be a lot more difficult than it may appear. Remembering his favorite food and then making it for him on his birthday is one way to show that you have a sentimental side as well. Since Cancer dudes are such sensual creatures, they expect passion in their romantic relationships. Touching him often and showing him affection is another excellent way to have your Cancer guy stick around.

7. Tell Your Leo Man That You Find Him Amazing If You Want Him To Stick Around


If you’ve landed a Leo man, congratulations are in order! Leo men are one of the hardest to get signs in the entire zodiac. Leo guys don’t settle for anything less than the best! A Leo man is at his best when you stroke his massive ego! Since he is wholly and utterly engrossed with himself, he needs a partner who feels the same way about him. Letting him know that you appreciate how amazing he is, will be a surefire way to get your Leo guy to never want to leave. Once you tell him that you are enthralled by him, you’ll have a loving shoulder to cry on and a massive support system right by your side. Being mindful to take his ego into consideration more often will go a long way towards solidifying a healthy romantic relationship with a Leo guy.

6. Check In With Your Virgo Guy To Know What He Wants So He Doesn’t Leave


Yes, it is true, Virgo men are precious men that everyone wants to date. In fact, they are some of the hottest guys out there. However, when you land yourself a Virgo dude, it really is no wonder that you want him all for yourself, forever! Getting to know your Virgo man and his deep desires is a surefire way to get him to never want to leave you for someone else. While a Virgo man will not be so willing to share his emotions with just anyone, it will take some determination to get him to open up to you. Patience is going to be essential if you really want to uncover what he wants in and outside the bedroom. As a result, being patient with a Virgo man’s emotions is a great way to get him to open up and share more of himself with you. By doing so, you will glean valuable insight into how to keep your guy from ever leaving you.

5. Make Your Libra Guy Feel Adored And They Will Stay With You Forever


Are you madly in love with a Libra guy but worried he might leave you for someone else? You have nothing to fear if you let him know how much you adore him. Libra men are known for straying in romantic relationships. However, there are certain things that you can do to keep your Libra dude from leaving you in the dust. One surefire way to get any Libra guy to commit to someone for life is to remind him of how much you love on the regular. Think about it: who doesn’t like to be reminded of how much they mean to the person that they are in a relationship with? In fact, Libra guys are notorious for continually needing attention from their partners because they are known to get bored very quickly in a relationship.

4. Let Your Scorpio Man Lead The Way So He Doesn’t Stray


Scorpio guys want to be the best, have the best, and will always look for the best. Since Scorpio guys are notoriously jealous creatures, he will need you to be loving, caring, supportive, and utterly committed to the relationship. In fact, being able to give him the space to be the man in the relationship is critical to him staying with you. If your Scorpio guy ever feels like he’s not the one wearing the pants in the relationship, you can be sure that he will leave you for someone else soon enough. Instead, let him choose the restaurant you’ll go to for dinner on date night or what movie you guys will watch. Whatever you do, always make it a priority to allow him to make the decisions, no matter how small they may be.

3. BONUS: For Gemini Guys, Authenticity Is Essential For A Relationship To Last


Gemini guys are renowned for their gentle, affectionate, and curious nature. In fact, as an air sign, Gemini men are sociable, communicative, and fun. However, they can also be earnest, thoughtful, and reckless. You never know what to expect when it comes to the Gemini man. Gemini men crave mental stimulation and variety. Often Gemini dudes struggle with routine and repetition in all aspects of their life, including work, relationships, and travel. Gemini guys have unique needs which can make them almost unbearable to date. While it can be challenging to be in a romantic relationship with a Gemini guy, if you have already fallen for a Gemini man, being authentic and learning to live in the moment is a fantastic way to ensure that your Gemini guy never leaves you for someone else.

2. BONUS: A Cancer Guy Needs To Have Trust In His Romantic Relationships


Love a Cancer man? You really need to know that there is a reason they are the sign of the crab. With the first sign of complication or confrontations, a Cancer man will slide back into their shells. That is why when you are in a relationship with a Cancer man you have to bite your tongue a lot or at least be a little more gentle before erupting into a messy argument. However, a surefire way to have your Cancer guy never want to leave you is to establish trust with him and maintain it. Being such an emotional sign, a Cancer guy needs to know that he can depend on you when he needs it most. Cancer men are so in tune with everyone that they are aware of how vital trust and honesty is in any relationship, especially their romantic ones.

1. BONUS: An Aries Guy Wants To Explore His Dominant Side And His Partners Submissive Side In Any Romantic Relationship


Have you fallen madly in love with an Aries guy? Concerned that your Aries guy might leave you? As previously discussed, Aries guys want to feel like they are wearing the pants in the relationship. In fact, for the Aries guy, being a man is critical to their happiness. As a result, allowing your Aries guy to be the dominant man that he wants to be is essential to ensuring that your Aries guy never wants to leave you for someone else. Romantic relationships blossom when you aren’t doing anything. Without much effort, you can keep your Aries man for the long-haul. Being a tiny bit submissive in the bedroom can really solidify to your Aries guy that the relationship itself is worth being in.

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