15 Stupid Gym Fails You Have To See

The gym is a great place to people watch if you are ever bored. You will see people all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. However, you will encounter people that aren't always very smart. Some people just don't belong in a gym, and some people spend way too much time there. For some reason when you put people in a gym, so many of them seem to lose all inhibitions and common sense. They will use equipment wrong, wear ridiculous clothes, sweat profusely all over everything (and not wipe it off which is my biggest pet peeve), act like they are super models and just generally be annoying while you are trying to get in an actual workout. For all that annoyance, there are sometimes when it is hilarious to see just how ridiculous and dumb people are when they are in the gym. Seriously, if you are ever bored just go to the gym and watch the people that come and go. You are bound to see something funny happen. Here are some of the more outrageous and stupid gym fails floating around out there. See if you have encountered any gym fails that are worse than these ones. 

15 Safety First

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When going to a gym, safety is a major priority. So many novices step into a gym and immediately get injured when they lift things that are too heavy or use equipment improperly. However, it is safe to use some common sense (as long as you have standard common sense) when it comes to safety and how to use the equipment. Take for instance, this woman wearing a bike helmet while riding a stationary bike. Maybe this was an innocent mistake in which she didn't think it through. She just saw bike and thought a helmet was appropriate. Or maybe worse yet was that she felt she truly needed to wear a helmet while on a stationary bike either from lack of coordination or a fear of falling. Regardless of the reason she decided to wear the helmet, it is safe to say a helmet isn't necessary on a stationary bike.

14 Boys Will Be Boys

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Why is it that men seem to be in constant competition with basically the world? Men in a gym seem to be the worst. They are forever trying to one up each other, and that is what leads to things like whatever is happening in this picture. Maybe a friend dared him to do this or he just really thought this was a great way to show off and get a good workout. Either way, these guys are idiots. I only wish there was a photo of what happened when he crashed to the ground and undoubtedly injured himself. Anytime you are lifting weights, it is best to stay on flat safe ground so you don't fall and smash those weights on your head or somewhere else life threatening. Just imagine the obituary that describes how some dumb-dumb died when goofing around at the gym. That is pretty embarrassing.

13 PhotoShop Fail

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Men lie about their bodies just like women lie. Women will lie about their weight, height, age and basically everything to make them seem more attractive. The only problem is a lot of those lies can be spotted just by looking at them. Men lie about a lot too, but about other things (most often one of those major lies isn't so easy to identify, if you know what I mean). However, you can usually spot the lies. When they talk about how fast their car goes or how good they are at sports or how much they can bench, you can pick those lies out pretty easily. Then, there are those guys that use photoshop to support those lies, and they think they are real clever. This kid clearly photoshopped a lot more weight onto the bar. If you couldn't tell just by looking at him that he isn't strong enough to pick up that much weight, you can certainly tell by the unmatched mirror image behind him. Busted!

12 Not So Bootylicious

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We encounter them everyday...People in ill fitting clothes. They walk the streets, arrive at the office and go about their day as if they are the hottest thing ever. Yet, when the rest of the world sees them, they see something totally different. I don't know if some people just have fun house mirrors in their home or if they really think they look good, but there are too many people in the world that wear ridiculous clothes in public. It is especially bad at the gym. Just because you are working out doesn't mean you need to be half naked! For the woman that wore this little number, I don't see how this is practical, comfortable, or attractive. A simple tank top would have been a more effective top. Before you step out at the gym check to make sure no skin is popping out that shouldn't be or bulges poking out from fabric that is too tight. Most importantly, make sure you don't have an epic wedgie that everyone can see. 

11 You Need A Trainer

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If you have never been to a gym, than a lot of that equipment can be pretty confusing. However, a few simple tips can help you avoid some major embarrassment. Watch other gym goers to see how they use the equipment. Read the machines before using. There is often labels with the name of the machine that will give away its purpose and sometimes there is even pictures on how to use it. If you have no idea, ask someone at the desk. They do work there and should be able to help you since it is their job. Or if you have no idea and no one can help, how about just avoiding the confusing equipment until you can figure it out. Don't start lying on the equipment in crazy positions in attempt to figure it out or you will end up looking like this guy who clearly has no idea what he is doing. 

10 The Show Off

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There comes a point in time when your physical fitness might move beyond the constraints of a regular gym. If that happens, don't continue to show up at the gym and make a ridiculous display of strength. Clearly, this guy is looking to show off, and he wants an audience. If you can move the weight of a car on the leg press, you might want to just work out in the parking lot. Not only is it an obnoxious display of strength, but again, they are moving into the territory of dangerous. When you start thinking that moving a mountain of weights is a good idea, you probably aren't in the right frame of mind for safety. Before you know it, you will be trying to bench press all that weight while balancing on one foot on top of medicine ball. That is how people end up critically hurt from what should have been a routine workout.

9 No Common Sense

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I am not sure where to start with this photo. Does this man not know how to properly use this machine or is he trying to workout his back with the leg press? I am not sure which is worse. This machine isn't very complicated and they do make other machines specifically to strengthen the back. Then, there is the problem with his clothes. Is that his Army shirt? I would hope that someone serving in the Army would be familiar with working out and have a little more common sense. Finally, those pajama pants! If you are going to drag yourself to the gym and do a workout, put on some regular clothes. Don't ever wear pajama pants out in public as a grown man even if it is to work out at the gym. Be a big boy and put on some real pants. Then, try not to embarrass yourself. 

8 Just Don't Care

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The elderly are a unique subset of humanity. Everyone seems to reach a point in life where they just don't give a f*** anymore. They are too old, too tired and have lived too long. There is no reason to concern themselves with the superficialities of appearances. Therefore, you don't often see them at the gym. They are weak and tired, and the gym is the last place they should be. However, this old lady for some reason decided to head to the gym for the day. I am not sure why she went to the gym since she could have done martini lifts at home or the bar down the street. Maybe she wanted to people watch and make fun of all the idiots using the equipment improperly. If that is the case, this old lady is awesome. Some days, all I want to do is sit around and drink. The gym might be a pretty entertaining place to do just that. 

7 Distracted to Death

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If men aren't distracted by their own muscles and trying to make themselves look cool, then they are checking out hotties. It only makes sense considering the gym is like a modern day mating ground. Everyone is showing off their strength and prowess while prancing around in skimpy clothes. If we know anything about men aside from their need to check out hotties, it is their incredibly short attention span. One minute they are making sure their friend doesn't kill themselves by dropping hundreds of pounds onto their chest, and in a split second they have forgotten all about it when a hot girl walks by. Safety first is probably the most important rule in the gym. So if you are going to check out the person with the sick bod, be sure you are still being a good spotter, paying attention to what you are doing and be subtle about checking people out. 

6 Is That...Yep, It Is Batman

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We all need a little courage from time to time, and we each have our own way of finding strength and bravery when we have to face a difficult task. However, when we become adults those things that gave us courage as a child should have evolved into more adult practices. If you feel the need to wear a super hero costume out in public when it isn't Halloween or Comic Con, maybe you should see a therapist. I am hoping this man jogging in a Batman suit has some really clever reason or had to do it on a dare. If this is just a regular occurrence, and he can be found frequently wearing this little getup around town, he needs some serious help. This is not normal for an adult. If you have to disguise yourself like this to go to the gym, you probably shouldn't be at the gym. 

5 What Happened To Your Legs

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If you are going to dedicate time and effort into going to the gym and working out your upper body like a mad man, you need to work out your entire body too. If you neglect the other parts of your body they are going to look weird in comparison to those beefed up biceps. Then, you end up looking like this guy. He looks like he has the wrong bottom half attached to his body. This is not sexy. Don't become so obsessed with one area on your body that you end up looking deformed. You don't look as strong as you think you look when your legs look like little needles. If you are like one of the other people on this list that can't figure out the leg press machine, for the love of god just ask someone before you turn into the man in this photo.

4 Gym or Strip Club

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Ok ladies...I get it. When we workout we all want to look good. There are plenty of cute guys there, and you don't want to look like a complete sweaty mess. Let me just say this, if you are thinking about wearing high heels while you work out - Don't! Not only is it not good for your feet, but it can potentially cause a major injury if you roll your ankle or fall. Athletic shoes are made for a reason. Now, if you are taking it a step further and wearing a get up like this. You are just plain out of your mind. Not only is it uncomfortable, impractical, and ridiculous, but you are going to get pit stains on your nice clothes. If you are trying to attract a mate at the gym, this whole look is going to attract the wrong person. You can make standard gym clothes look sexy. You don't need to look like you are going to the club. 

3 Put The Phone Down

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I know it is difficult in this world today to get away from our phones. Our lives are basically contained on that tiny rectangle that conveniently fits in our pocket. When you go to the gym, it is probably tempting to talk, text, snapchat, whatever you do on your phone to make the time go by faster. It feels less like a workout if you are distracted. It also makes it less of a workout. If you have the coordination to text and can talk on the phone without panting, your workout isn't doing much of anything. If you are working out to actually lose weight or get in better shape, you have got to get off the phone. No one has ever run marathons or won gold medals while they are texting. If you actually want results focus on that workout not what emoji best fits the tone of your text.

2 I Think I Can

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Working out is a chance to make yourself better. It is the opportunity to step up and really get the sculpted body you want. This means pushing yourself. It means doing things that are hard and that you aren't sure if you can do at first. It will be difficult, but it does not mean pushing yourself to the point of injury, danger or outright stupidity. This photo right here is what not to do at the gym. If you get to the point where you literally can't go any further without dropping weights, falling down or harming yourself, you need to stop. Have reasonable expectations at the gym and don't do things that go against the natural laws of gravity or physics. Besides, pushing yourself to the point of injury is really only going to derail your progress and ultimately keep you out of the gym. Use some common sense and a spotter.  

1 Get A Babysitter

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What in the heck is this man thinking? The gym is no place for children. Adults get severely injured at the gym. Why would he think it is a good idea to bring a child to the gym? My next question is why did he think it would be a good idea to wear said baby while he was working out? This is so incredibly dangerous! Even if you know what you are doing when you are working out something can still go wrong. It is one kind of stupid to bring a baby and let them hang out in a jumpy chair or playpen at the gym, it is a whole other kind of stupid to wear them while they are doing things like lifting weights. No one else at the gym said anything to this guy? Someone had to have the sense to tell him that wasn't a good idea. Don't ever bring a baby to the gym and never wear them while you lift weights.

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