15 Stunning Pics Of Celebs Who Are Pregnant Right Now

Pregnancy is one of the most important times of a woman’s life, after all, none of us would be here now if it was not for our mother who carried us in her stomach for nine long months. And it seems as though 2017 was the year that celebrities got babyfever because there are quite a few famous babies due in the near future.

We all know the Kardashian clan were ovulating in 2017, but they were not the only ones. Many of the world’s favorite female celebs are now sporting baby bumps, and for some of them, it's not their first -- they’re getting close to being able to start their own professional sports team! The fact that this year a lot of celebrity couples managed to find time alone despite their busy schedules may seem surprising, but what is even more shocking is how these women make pregnancy look so effortless. How do they never appear to be flustered or have a single hair out of place, while other pregnant women are probably secretly cursing them because they feel swollen or uncomfortable?

Below are 15 celebs who are proving that being pregnant is one of the most beautiful times in not only a woman’s life but also her body's.

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15 Bryiana Dyrdek Is Enjoying A Magical Pregnancy

Via Bryiana Dydrek/Instagram

Bryiana Dyrdek is making every woman jealous again of her incredible pregnancy body! Rob Dyrdek and his wife are not wasting any time when it comes to baby making, and they either want to have their children close in age, or Bryiana just wants to be pregnant again because it looks really good on her.

The couple made their announcement via Instagram in June of 2017, and confessed to feeling excited to be expanding their little family, and they're fast shaping up to be one of the most adorable families in Hollywood. The couple's first child was a son, Kodah, but this time around they changing things up and will be welcoming a tiny female human into the world, who will probably have no interest in her daddy's skateboarding. This is however incredible news for Bryiana who can't wait for their little princess to arrive.

Via Bryiana Dyrdek/Instagram

14 Chrissy Teigen’s Bump Is Not A Food Baby

Via Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen may be a supermodel, but she loves to eat and she’s forever making me hungry with her amazing food posts. So, I guess it makes sense that some of the first photos of her baby bump would be of her surrounded by food. Yes, that’s right, Teigen is pregnant for the second time and she and husband John Legend are extremely excited about the news.

And as if this couple was not the most adorable pair in Hollywood already, they made everyone envious of them once again with their pregnancy announcement. In November of 2017, Teigen revealed that she was pregnant with her second child and she enlisted the help of her daughter, Luna, to make the reveal truly memorable. Pointing to her belly, she asked her daughter what was inside, to which Luna replied “baby.”

13 Jessie James Decker Is Building Up A Football Team

Via Jessie James Decker/Instagram

Jessie James Decker and husband Eric Decker are taking the baby making seriously, because the pair are already expecting their third child. Which has me thinking, maybe Eric has hopes of creating his own NFL football team?

The couple already has two toddlers, Vivianne, and Eric Jr., and while for most of us this would be enough to handle for a while, the Deckers are ready for a new addition. They revealed as much during an announcement on Twitter when Jessie James posted a video and captioned it with a short but sweet message about how they were excited about the latest pregnancy. And, Jessie James looks absolutely gorgeous the third time around, and luckily for fans (and men who may be ogling over her), her social media is filled with pictures of her growing belly.

12 Lauren Parsekian Is Already In Love With Her Fetus

Via Aaron Paul/Instagram

Lauren Parsekian and Aaron Paul are a Hollywood couple with one of the most romantic love stories, and that love story recently got a new chapter. The couple revealed in September of 2017 that they would be expanding their duo to a trio, because Parsekian is pregnant with their first child.

Paul, who is an incredibly proud daddy-to-be announced the news via Instagram, and he did this by posting a photo of his beautiful pregnant wife and her growing baby bump, accompanied by a bit of a cheeky caption. He wrote, “Hey everyone. Look what I did.” Although he did go on to gush about their excitement and how pleased they were that their little one had entered their lives. Cue collective Awwws now!

Via Lauren Paul/Instagram

11 Behati Prinsloo Is All Set For Round 2

Via Behati Prinsloo

The women of the world cried a little when Adam Levine became a tamed man, but his wife, Behati Prinsloo, was a worthy contender, and the couple appears to be insanely happy together. And what’s not to be happy about, because while everything in their life is already rosy, they can now also look forward to the arrival of their second child.

Prinsloo revealed the news in true supermodel style, by posting a photo on Instagram of herself in a bikini, while flaunting a baby bump. The Namibian model kept the announcement simple, since her bump speaks for itself (and, unsurprisingly she looks amazing) and captioned the image with “round 2” -- just in case we all forgot that she already gave birth to a daughter, Dusty Rose Levine.

Via Behati Prinsloo

10 Natasha Bedingfield Is Putting Everyone To Shame With Her Fit Pregnancy Bod

Via Natasha Bedingfield/Instagram

Natasha Bedingfield keeps a bit of a low profile these days, but it was impossible not to take note of her during her pregnancy because she looks better than ever. Seriously, it's clear that she's been working out and staying fit, and we can't help but be envious of her maternity style, too!

This is the first child for the singer, and she is "thrilled." Bedingfield announced in November of 2017 that she and husband Matt Robinson were expecting a baby boy via an Instagram post. And since all eyes were on the couple, Bedingfield decided to be smart about the gender reveal and used the music video for her song "Hey Boy" to do it. This girl has beauty and brains, and she's no doubt going to sing her child to sleep with the greatest lullabies!

Via Natasha Bedingfield/Instagram

9 Angela Lanter Is Bumping Around The House

Via Angela Lanter/Instagram

Finally, there is a baby on the way for Matt and Angela Lanter, and another ridiculously good-looking human is going to join the world! Unlike a lot of other celebrities on this list, Matt and Angela Lanter took their sweet sweet time before adding to their family, and after being married for five years, they are now expecting their first child.

They announced their happy news in August, with Angela telling People magazine that she was looking forward to experiencing so many firsts. Including first steps and first words. But for fans, this first pregnancy has been exciting enough and Angela has been very open about sharing her journey. Angela is definitely tech-savvy, and social media is filled with drool-worthy pregnancy photos which show off her growing bump.

Via Angela Lanter/Instagram

8 Tyler And Hayley Hubbard Can't Wait For The Next Chapter

Via Hayley Hubbard/Instagram

For some 2017 has been a year that they can't wait to finish so that they can say goodbye to a lot of bad memories, but that was definitely not the case for Tyler and Hayley Hubbard who are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in their life.

The couple are expecting a baby girl -- and Tyler will have to learn how to do martial arts to keep the boys away from her when she enters her teen years -- but the news came as a surprise to the Hubbards, who had previously stated that they were geared up for a boy. Then in August they put their tails between their legs and told the world that God had other plans and threw them a bit of a curveball.

Via Hayley Hubbard/Instagram

7 Third Time's A Charm For Jessica Alba

Via Jessica Alba/Instagram

When a celebrity as beautiful and as popular as Jessica Alba does anything in her life, it becomes big news. So, long before she announced that she and husband Cash Warren would be growing their brood and welcoming baby number three, there was speculation about whether or not she was sporting a baby bump.

Alba did finally confirm the news, and when she did, she did it in one of the most creative ways possible. She took to Instagram to reveal that she and Warren would officially be outnumbered by the children in the household, and she enlisted their two daughters to help make the announcement by holding up huge balloon numbers: 1 for eldest daughter Honor Marie, 2 for Haven Garner, and 3 for Alba and the unnamed baby in her belly. Could this family get any more adorable?

6 Ali Fedotowsky Is Ready For More Sleepless Nights


Via Ali Fedotowsky/Instagram

Bring on the sleepless nights for Ali Fedotowsky and her husband Kevin Mano, although that’s nothing that they are not already used to. When the pair learned they were pregnant with their first child, a daughter, Molly, among their feelings of joy, they also admitted to feeling a bit nervous. But now that their second child is on the way, that nervous feeling has been replaced, because the couple is getting confident in their abilities as parents. And with this second baby announcement all they wanted to say was how much sweeter life has become.

Fedotowsky shared a photo of herself, Mano, and their daughter Molly who was pointing up at her belly. She captioned it with, “And just like that, life became a whole lot sweeter.”

5 Crystal Smith Is One Hot Mama

Via Crystal Smith

When Crystal Smith and Ne-Yo got together they became one of the world’s most beautiful couples, but it’s not just good looks that this couple share, but also a passion for making babies.

In October of 2017, Ne-Yo was bursting with happiness and took to Instagram to announce the news that his wife was pregnant with their second child (and his fourth) and from the amount of baby and heart emojis that the singer used on his post, there is no mistaking that this is one happy father-to-be. There’s no word yet on the gender of the baby, but what I do know is that this baby is not only going to be loved but also really good looking -- so I guess some do get it all.

Via Crystal Smith

4 Jamie Lynn Sigler’s Belly Is Not The Only Thing Expanding

Via Jamie Lynn Sigler/Instagram

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is another celebrity who is joining the long list of celebs who will be giving birth in 2018, because there was obviously a lot of one-on-one time happening between her and her husband Cutter Dykstra this year.

Although Sigler is already a mom to son Beau Kyle, she wanted to be dead sure that she was, in fact, pregnant the second time, so she took five Clearblue tests, which all came back with the same message: "pregnant” -- she later shared the evidence on Instagram. And as if this wasn’t exciting enough, Sigler learned that she and Dykstra were going to be parents for the second time on Mother's Day. Turns out Beau is getting a little brother, and Dykstra is one step closer to getting that professional baseball team of his own -- he’s already started training Beau.

3 Alexandra Breckenridge is Thrilled She's Made Another One

Via Alexandra Breckenridge/Instagram

Some moms have a tough time during pregnancy, but Alexandra Breckenridge does not appear to be one of them. It seems as though she’s really enjoyed her second pregnancy, and her social media is filled with incredible pictures of her belly (which is now bursting), and she looks impossibly beautiful in every single shot -- seriously, sometimes I wonder how these celebs make pregnancy look so effortless.

Breckenridge was a natural born mom, and she previously gushed to People magazine about how, when her son Jack was born, she experienced a love like she had never felt before. This time around, she is just as happy with the tiny human she has made, who is going to be a little girl, something which she couldn’t be happier about, because she apparently “really wanted to have a girl.”

2 Kym Johnson’s Bump Is Small Now, But Just Wait

Via Kym Johnson/Instagram

Is a tiny dancer on the way? Things in Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Johnson's life just keep getting better and better. In 2015, she met the love of her life, Robert Herjavec, and now two years on and they’ve announced that they are going to be parents.

Their Christmas present definitely came early this year, because in December of 2017, the couple announced that Johnson is pregnant with twins. This will be another first in Johnson’s life, and the baby bump photos that she has started to share certainly suggest that she’s embracing this new chapter in her life. And for the rest of us, we will be patiently watching and waiting to see if one of those gorgeous babies follows in their mom's footsteps and becomes a professional dancer.


1 April Love Is Getting Creative With Her Pregnancy

Via aprillovegeary/Instagram

For those people who thought April Love Geary’s relationship with Robin Thicke was just a fling and that the couple were going to break up within months, their pregnancy announcement served as a gigantic middle finger to the world, and proof that they are not only happy together, but they are thinking about the future.

And one thing that I know their future will include is a baby, because in August of 2017, the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child together. Geary revealed the news on Instagram and expressed how excited she and Thicke were, but the most special thing about this announcement is that their baby is reportedly due on March 1, which means it will share the same birthday as Thicke’s late father, Alan.

Via aprillovegeary/Instagram

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